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Chapter List 935 Excellent Era's Silence
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The final of the Challenge Tournament ended on Friday night. The next Saturday night was the 37th round of the Glory ProfeBoss ional Alliance ninth Season regular season, which is the second to last round. Part of the team's performance has become a fixed number at this time, and there can be no changes. But there are also individual teams who are still fighting for you die, I live for playoff spOT, or for remaining seats in the league.
    As a result, it is such a crucial match day, but hiding the sky and covering the earth are all discussions and reports about the results of Challenge Tournament in the end.
    Happy really did a miracle.
    The entire Glory circle is talking about it.
    Then on Sunday, Ye Xiu's poor experience after retirement was exposed by the media, which triggered a round of attention and discussion. The top of streets and bottom of alleys in the Glory circle were discussing spiritedly about this. This time the media is leaning towards Ye Xiu one-sidedly, besieging Excellent Era especially righteously, asking for an explanation. Among the vast group of gamers, Excellent Era is even more spurned.
    The pro scene itself also paid close attention to this matter. Many media interviewed several Pro-players via telephone, QQ, etc., and asked them to discuss their views on the matter.
    "This is a shame." Team Tyranny Captain Han Wenqing, who has already been determined to win the regular season one round in advance, said angrily.

    "With Ye Xiu's position in the Glory circle, it will fall into such a field. I think all Pro-players will feel chill with Team Excellent Era." Team Blue Rain Captain Yu Wenzhou said.
    "There is no doubt that Ye Xiu has been treated unfairly." Team Tiny Herb Captain Wang Jiexi said.
    "No." Team Samsara Zhou Zekai said.
    The Pro-players interviewed by the major teams, as if they had previously discussed it, severely condemned Excellent Era.
    Team Excellent Era is facing an unprecedented crisis of trust!
    As the most authoritative E-Sports Home in the circle, it was reported as a major news report on the Monday edition of e-sports Magazine without mercy. It was an important game in the 37th round of the Pro League that just ended. It was just a casual announcement on the front page of the result, nothing more. The detailed content of the game will be seen after several pages. Occupying a conspicuous page, it is all about Challenge Tournament, Ye Xiu, Excellent Era related reports.

    The E-Sports Home report is by no means frightening words to scare people. After announcing the news hastily, Excellent Era, who hid after silence, is now in people's eyes the tortoise of feel guilty as a thief. From the media to gamers, all parties are constantly putting pressure on them. But this time, Excellent Era was extremely tenacious and did not do any crisis public relations. The door of Club Excellent Era was closed all day long, and the gamers gathered outside the Club could not catch anyone related to Excellent Era. No one knows what Excellent Era is thinking about now.
    The negativeness of Excellent Era has made many people read an unusual taste from it.
    The uproar lasted for two more days. On Wednesday night, a message circulated on the Internet. Some people claimed to have seen a meeting between the senior teams of Excellent Era and Samsara in City S.
    What is Excellent Era?
    This unproven message quickly aroused people's associations. At this moment, Team Excellent Era's contact with other teams is very subtle, Excellent Era. It is ready to give up. Is there a big sale?
    The message spread quickly, and a reporter immediately asked the Samsara Club to verify the truth of the matter. As a result, Team Samsara was refreshed, and confessed that they did engage with Excellent Era. However, Samsara did not reveal the substantive content.

    Until the publication of the e-sports Magazine on Friday, June 6, Excellent Era still did not release the news silence. The fans’ calls and requests were completely ignored.
    June 7th is the last day of this season's regular season. As a result, on this day, Excellent Era lifted the news silence, and then the first message released was a heavy list bomb: Club Excellent Era, which was listed for sale.
    Excellent Era Owner Tao Xuan commissioned his spokesperson to claim that he felt exhausted physically and mentally after running Excellent Era up and down for so many years. He felt that it was time to change his way of life, so he decided to sell Club Excellent Era, hoping that the receiver could lead Excellent Era to make greater achievements, and he himself will always be the number one fan of Team Excellent Era.
    It's high-sounding, but a discerning person knows what's going on at a glance. This time the crisis. Excellent Era can't support it, and doesn't plan to support it anymore. Owner Tao Xuan is ready to abandon Excellent Era and run away on his own.
    But now Excellent Era, is it so easy to get it done?

    Excellent Era, who has not conducted any crisis public relations at all, is expected to dig more and more. Today's Excellent Era is already known as On the Ground, and the aura of the dynasty of the past cannot save them. The spurned label on them. And there is no Pro League qualification yet. But apart from these words, in terms of various hardware facilities alone, Excellent Era is still the first-class in the Glory circle, and this adds to the complexity of selling Excellent Era.
    To put it simply, Excellent Era's hardware is still gorgeous, but the software has been muddled and completely collapsing.
    The software really represents the value of the two words "Excellent Era". Now that the software has been destroyed, no one will need it anymore. As for the hardware settings, all parties can take what he needs each takes. Excellent Era and Samsara's proven contact happened to illustrate this point. Team Samsara, it is impossible to buy another Excellent Era and go back anyway. They approached Excellent Era, what are they interested in Excellent Era? Player? character?
    When Awareness came to this possibility, the fans of Excellent Era were a little frightened.
    Where is this listed for sale. This is obviously a big sale after disbanding Team! After such processing, the title of Excellent Era, in the end, can survive?

    This is something that Excellent Era fans cannot accept anyway. Excellent Era, whether it is good or bad, bears their countless sustenance, which will never change. This happened, which made them feel terrified. After all, no one wants the Team they support to look like this. Some people left because of this, but there were still others who stayed. They hope to see Team stand up again and they can stay with them forever.
    But now, Excellent Era is facing dissolution, and the name of Excellent Era may disappear. The team that they have devoted so many years of hard work to support and shouting for, will it cease to exist in this way?
    Do not! !
    Not long after the message was released, a large number of people gathered outside Club Excellent Era. They were far more crazy than the fans who asked the Club to talk to. Time is in a hurry, and they have no time to prepare too much, so they can only express their feelings at this time with one shout after another.
    They don't want Club to be sold. No matter what, they want to go with Team.
    The 2,000-word chapter was written all night, so it was very difficult...
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