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Chapter List 996 What Lineup Is This
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The battle between Misty Rain and Royal Style is approaching. It seems that the two are preparing for a fake paralysis Happy battle, taking the opportunity to approach and then join forces to besiege. However, the Ye Xiu paralysis status is now lifted, and they have basically guessed their intentions. Of course, it is impossible to sit and wait for death.
    It's just that Happy was caught between the three Guilds, so passive that he could no longer be passive. If Ye Xiu is Tyranny's person, at this time, seeing the intentions of Misty Rain and Royal Style, he will definitely not hesitate, and he will join hands with them resolutely and decisively, and solve Happy first. .
    How to do?
    Ye Xiu's brain is thinking at a high speed, while observing the situation from the perspective of movement, he suddenly discovered that Tyranny's five characters seemed to faintly retreat after discovering that there was a battle ahead.
    Avoid it first? Turn your head and pick advantage?
    So naive! They are all exposed under Happy's eyelids. How could Happy allow them to watch safely? At this time, this kind of behavior can only squeeze them into Happy's situation: being suppressed by several other companies.
    With such a simple truth, how could Tyranny not understand so many old foxes?
    In an instant, a possibility emerged in Ye Xiu's mind: These guys, don't you still have not figured out what the dungeon is in this Hundred Ghost Lair?

    Because of this, Tyranny doesn't know exactly what Teams should do in dungeon, so he is still more willing to adopt an evasive stance like when he met Happy before, because they have not found a reason to fight.
    In this regard, Ye Xiu can only express regret, although this is the regret that made him burst with joy. Luck is really unclear. The condition of the Hundred Ghosts' Lair. After getting the fragments, it is basically obvious at a glance. Happy Wind Howl Royal Style Misty Rain is so desperate, obviously they have fully understood this, indicating that all four of them have already got a fragment. But Tyranny... It seems that they have not encountered mini BoBoss to get the fragment, so they still don't know anything at all about the status of this dungeon.
    "How did Misty Rain and Royal Style fight!" Ye Xiu didn't miss the opportunity, playing a fool while also testing Tyranny. Of course, their own Tang Rou Steamed Bun Mo Fan does not have such a rich struggle experience, and there will definitely be some reaction for a while. Ye Xiu also reminded it in the rush channel. So as not to expose their flaws.
    "I don't know." Zhang Xinjie replied from Tyranny's side.
    "There must be some special reason." Ye Xiu said.
    "Nonsense." Zhang Jiale said.
    "Dodge first, move faster." Ye Xiu called.

    Tyranny and the others retreated without hesitation, and it seemed that this was indeed what they planned in the beginning. Ye Xiu let out a sigh. Lucky! Now they Happy has also successfully become the same ignorant as Tyranny. You can take a break with them for a while.
    Two teams of ten people left together in the opposite direction and quickly moved away from the battle between Royal Style and Misty Rain.
    "Let them fight first. Then we..." Ye Xiu sent a cheerful Expression.
    "Despicable!" Zhang Jiale said.
    "Insignificant!" Lin Jingyan said.
    "You are not going?" Ye Xiu asked.
    Tyranny, everyone is silent collectively. This question is not easy to answer, how can they not go! I haven't figured out what this dungeon is doing. The battle between Misty Rain and Royal Style should give them the answer. It's just that showing up now will inevitably cause some trouble, so waiting for the endgame over there to clean up, it is indeed the best plan.
    So Tyranny simply avoided Ye Xiu's question.
    "How come it seems that they are still approaching here, how did these two fights?" Lin Jingyan said, listening to the sound of fighting over there.
    "Did you find us?" Ye Xiu said pretendingly.

    In fact, he knew very well that it would be so, precisely because the two families did not find them. Royal Style and Misty Rain received Fang Rui's message. Know where Happy is waiting for the opportunity. So they pretended to fight fiercely, and inadvertently approached here, preparing to do sth when least expected to block Happy. As a result, the two teams were blocked, but there was no sign of Happy at all.
    Fang Rui is lying?
    Although this guy is very trivial, but let Misty Rain and Royal Style make a splash. Such lies are totally meaningless. So they can conclude that the message sent by Fang Rui in the end is true.
    Then there is only one explanation: Happy was aware of their intentions, so they avoided it.
    This makes the two families uncomfortable.
    Happy avoided it, but would he avoid it completely? Knowing that the two are going to fight sooner or later, will they always wait for the right time? The two teams couldn't make up their minds for a while, and without new instructions, the players could only continue to pretend to fight. Wait till you reach the Happy hideout provided by Fang Rui. The two teams saw that Happy's avoidance route seemed to be the only one.
    The two families are combined, this is not sure about Happy's situation, they really can't fight with peace of mind. It's just that it's all here, and it seems meaningless to pretend to play against each other. The two teams stopped attacking each other and rushed towards this side simultaneously.
    "Huh, stopped?"

    The sound of the battle suddenly stopped, which surprised all of Tyranny who was listening.
    "It's finished? It shouldn't be!" Zhang Jiale said. Just before, there were a variety of mixed sound effects. There are obviously a lot of characters alive. Is it possible that a wave of fire will take away all the characters of a family? This unscientific.
    "Find us, chase after us!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Who runs so slowly and is seen?" Lin Jingyan said, Tyranny still keep inside a drum!
    "What are you doing nonsense? How do you do it? Then flash?" Ye Xiu said.
    "There will be a battle sooner or later." Tyranny Captain Han Wenqing stated. Although they still don't know the purpose of the battle, since Misty Rain and Royal Style are both fighting, they must be unable to get away from this arrangement. Since they are going to fight sooner or later, for Tyranny, shrinking is not their style.
    "In this case, we will go together, because they are not in good condition!" Ye Xiu called.
    When Tyranny heard it, it was true. Since you want to fight, let's seize this opportunity to fight quickly!
    So the ten characters turned around together, and suddenly returned their carbine. Royal Style and Misty Rain also joined forces to catch up at this time. Happy and Tyranny are like a rainbow, but Royal Style and Misty Rain are instantly stunned.
    "Oops! It's a trap!"

    This is the two thoughts at the same time.
    Obviously chasing Happy, but why suddenly another Tyranny came out? Originally it was going to be ten to five, which made the two families feel no pressure, but now, ten to ten is so abrupt. They have performed a good combination of attacks again... even if these are not counted, look at the opponent's current lineup.
    Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Han Wenqing, Lin Jingyan, Zhang Jiale, Zhang Xinjie...
    What lineup is this? It's almost like making people cry, okay? In contrast, Royal Style and Misty Rain, which were not weak in Pro Team, suddenly became weak.
    Can this fight?
    The two teams are still palpitating because of the opposing lineup, but Happy and Tyranny pay attention to speed is a crucial asset in war. It fired without saying hello. Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain, a Stinger MiBoss ile hit the air, and the exploded small artillery shell fell like rain. On the left, Tang Rou's Soft Mist opened the way directly to Dragon Breaks the Ranks. On the right, Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms from Zhang Jiale was first covered with light and shadow, and then desert Dust from Han Wenqing disappeared. When he came out again, he drove the Ferocious Tiger Flurry and swept the army in Royal Style and Misty Rain.
    Happy and Tyranny's combined attack is too fierce, too fast, and too fierce. I thought it was their own pursuit of the Royal Style and Misty Rain teams that took the initiative, but they didn't find the rhythm for a long time.

    Ye Xiu's Lord Grim also rushed into the short shot at this time, but his gaze angle did not lock his goal, but kept spinning around, looking at the whole situation. In this passive situation, Ye Xiu believes in which character the fragments of the two teams are located, which is easier to detect. This is definitely the focus of the two teams' adjustments at this time.
    Soon, Ye Xiu has seen the clues.
    Although I was called no time to deal with it, it was a pro team after all, and there was order in the chaos, Misty Rain. Trying to increase the combat distance, the three SharpshoOT er and Chu Yunxiu's Windy Rain are all retreating unceasingly. The cross fire formed by the three SharpshoOT er is quite obvious to Windy Rain's protective intention. As for Royal Style, there is no such targeted change, but it protects Heal Gentle Angel. It is just as in the past.
    The answer is ready to appear at the call. And this is a clue in Ye Xiu's eyes, at least Tyranny... It's a pity that they still don't know about the fragments, so from their point of view, Royal Style's protection of Heal is a normal and reasonable move, and In Misty Rain, SharpshoOT er is also unobtrusive about Windy Rain's cover. SharpshoOT er's mobility is much stronger than Elementalist stronger. Of course, SharpshoOT er takes more care of Elementalist for this kind of retreat.

    Ye Xiu made a judgment and immediately informed the five people of his side on the Team channel, but did not make any Tactic adjustments as a result. He still cooperated with Tyranny and took the annihilation of the opponent army as the primary goal, but in addition, Strengthened the guardianship of the two key targets.
    Misty Rain without Heal, the situation at this time is much more dangerous than Royal Style. Moreover, the 20-person melee did not allow their long-range attackers to have enough Event space to keep their distance for movement. Ye Xiu saw that they had retired, and quickly instructed Happy to take a detour to stop them, and at the same time yelled to remind Tyranny not to have a fish that escaped the net.
    These words made Misty Rain and Royal Style exasperated.
    At present, they are at a disadvantage, but no character has fallen so far. The battle can only be said to be in a stalemate, and it is far from the point where the victory or defeat is conspicuous, right?
    a fish that escaped the net? What a fish that escaped the net? Who is the net and who is the fish?
    Dissatisfaction with Ye Xiu's wording caused the two companies to be highly spirited, and several of them performed super-standard performance, which stabilized the situation a lot at once.

    "Can you shut up!" Tyranny looked angry, this trash talk was put on, which had a counterproductive effect! Misty Rain and Royal Style were a bit hesitant when they were at a disadvantage. They didn't know which one should advance or retreat. Ye Xiu said so, but they both had the idea of either the fish dies or the net splits. Because both of them know that Wind Howl is over, there are just four of them fighting right now. Relying on this battle to directly determine the victory or defeat, it would be simply.
    With such thoughts together, both companies have the thought to counterattack, and each player has a small burst of super-level performance. As a result, in the transition of such a rhythm, the two agree by chance both neglected to take precautions against the character they had originally focused on.
    Cloud Seizing Hand!
    Ye Xiu released his Ultimate Skill very sinisterly at this moment.
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