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Chapter List 999 Split The Pawn In Two Ways
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Happy wants to run. This is their willingness and attitude at this time, but Misty Rain still has three players, which is not so easy to get rid of. It is a pity that the remaining three players of Misty Rain have some conditions outside the game.
    Lu Yining, the Best 6th Member of the Eighth Season of Pro Alliance, is very reliable. But now, his position in Misty Rain is more awkward, and he is likely to leave this summer. And it was the sisters of Shu Keyi and Shu Kexin that pushed him to such a situation.
    If Lu Yining has no emotions, it is absolutely impossible. In addition, the sisters Shu Keyi and Shu Kexin do not look like rookie, but they are quite confident and arrogant. Lu Yining can say that they don't even like one in ten thousand.
    At this time, fighting in the online game is to strive to strengthen the hardware strength of Team. Lu Yining is a person who is about to leave the team, this kind of thing is hard-headed. He just didn't want to be too emotional to ruin his reputation. Misty Rain is now in a difficult situation. It is really difficult to expect Lu Yining, Shu Keyi and Shu Kexin to cooperate sincerely to reverse the situation.

    As soon as Happy withdrew, Shu Keyi and Shu Kexin worked very hard, so they rushed up with their guns. For the sisters, this dungeon mistake and the Happy mistake, this is really a kind of frustration like deja vu. In the Christmas quest last year, the two girls wanted to use the leaderboard to make a name for themselves, but they made mistakes in front of Ye Xiu. In the end, although it was regarded as being valued and excavated by the pro scene, the two people always felt that the expected results were not achieved.
    This time, fight for a strong Team. Misty Rain was lucky. He met mini BoBoss and got two pieces. He was the leader of the five teams. In the end, he was disrupted by Happy again.
    Right now there are only three of them. In addition to Happy, there is also a powerful opponent glare like a tiger watching his prey like Tyranny. The two sisters have also been in the pro scene for half a year, knowing how powerful the pro team is. They will no longer have two people to challenge the exaggerated self-confidence of a Tyranny, and even two people to challenge Happy, they are not sure, but they can't swallow it, anyway, they must fight hard.
    The bullets fly wildly.
    The two sisters SharpshoOT er ran all the way and shot. Keep chasing Happy. Lu Yining has no fighting spirit, but soy sauce still has to fight. So he ran along all the way. Shooting is also non-stop, but obviously not too careful at all, just use it casually.
    His dispirited and downcast sisters quickly noticed.

    "Is it okay to be careful!" Sister Shu Keyi expressed dissatisfaction.
    "Yeah." Lu Yining replied with his nose, and then he really focused, leech more intently.
    When the two sisters saw it, this was a deliberate antagonism to the two people! There is really no way for the two people to do this, some gossip in the Club. They have also heard of it, knowing that Lu Yining would definitely not want to see them. The two people are also very helpless. They didn't make a special trip to run Lu Yining, everyone is the same ClaBoss. It is inevitable that there will be competition, and some people will have to leave. Lu Yining is unhappy with the two people. From the perspective of the two people, this is an unprofessional attitude.
    Of course, the two people will not have any compromises for this. Their character will only work harder and make Team feel gratified for the choice of in the end. At this time Shu Keyi complained to Lu Yining, but when he saw that the guy was more passive, he just stopped talking.
    Ignore this guy, let's go on our own!
    The two sisters bravely left Lu Yining and launched a fierce attack on Happy. As for Happy, under the command of a veteran like Ye Xiu, he retreats and fights, while maintaining the movement, while constantly consuming Misty Rain players.
    To him, Misty Rain is no longer a threat. The only threat at this time, it can also be said that the biggest threat in this dungeon trip, Team Tyranny, has probably been forced over.

    Tyranny's misfortune is Happy's luck. Because of this, they have not been threatened by the strongest competition opponent. But now, this kind of luck is gone, Ye Xiu believes that Tyranny will not fail to react until now. Even if he didn't react, after defeating Royal Style, Tyranny's actions should be chasing them.
    So you can't stop, you must run!
    As for Misty Rain chasing behind, Ye Xiu didn't care at all, because they ran, it was not Misty Rain that they wanted to avoid. It's just that Misty Rain has three SharpshoOT er, which is very disgusting. The gunshots of in unbroken succession reverberated very loudly in this dungeon. If Tyranny gets closer, he can find it by voice.
    After all, Happy is still Tyranny in Defense at this time, and only Tyranny.
    So in the process of running, Ye Xiu is still seizing every opportunity to launch a counterattack. If these three tails can be eliminated, it is better to eliminate them soon.

    However, the IQs of the two sisters Shu Kecha are obviously not low, and they soon realized what was wrong with their current situation. The two people now have a clearer understanding of their own strengths, relying on her two to fight hard, it is difficult to get the fragments to the sky. At this time, it is necessary to use the strength of Team Tyranny to create the possibility of fish in troubled water. And Happy ran so fast, and he definitely didn't care about the two of them and the soy sauce, they were afraid of Tyranny.
    The more the opponent is afraid of something, of course the more they have to offer them. The two sisters immediately adjusted their policy. They started to chase less quickly and started to care about protecting themselves, but they were not ready to be thrown away by Happy.
    Ye Xiu immediately noticed this change, so he also made prompt decisions: "Steamed Bun stay with me, the three of you go to Ghost King, speed!"
    Happy has two soldiers.
    Su Mucheng took Tang Rou and Mo Fan with five fragments to study how to find Ghost King. Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun together, two characters are stuck in the channel.
    Fortunately, it is the underground city, the space is not so vast, it is much easier to block and intercept. The two people left the team and stayed, took the initiative to attack, and the SharpshoOT er, who was facing the two sisters, killed them head-on.

    The two sisters were startled, obviously they didn't expect Happy to be divided into two ways. Although there are three of them, the passage in the dungeon is so small that it is difficult to cover someone to go around. Moreover, Lu Yining is still very uncooperative now. The two people have even forgotten that they are three.
    "Steamed Bun is on the right and I am on the left." Ye Xiu called. With his vicious eyes, he had long seen that Lu Yining was trying to leech at this time. Just say that the Misty Rain team often loses the chain in difficult situations, but it will not fall to leech so unprofessional. Ye Xiu thought about it, and roughly guessed that the problem was not in the game, but outside the game. This was caused by the discord in the Misty Rain team. So when he came up, Ye Xiu didn't pay much attention to Lu Yining, and first took down the two sisters. The cooperation of the two is still quite powerful. There are even comments in the circle predicting that this will be another super partner of Glory in the future. To be honest, Ye Xiu still quite agrees with this view.
    Steamed Bun got the order, and immediately rushed forward, while chatting with Ye Xiu: "The names of these two people are a bit familiar to me."
    "You should feel familiar." Ye Xiu said.
    "Really? Have we seen the handsome guy before?" Steamed Bun happily greeted the opponent he rushed towards-Shu Kexin's NOT Dare Personally Answer.

    Unbending Will and NOT Dare Personally Answer are male characters, but the two sisters have never concealed their gender. Who knows that Steamed Bun has forgotten so cleanly, and the impression of two people seems to be basically zero.
    Shu Kexin didn't pay attention to Steamed Bun at all, and shot over with his gun.
    Steamed Bun talked about the sky, but utilize was not weak anymore. Steamed Bun Invasion writhed and dodged two shots. Suddenly, a Powerful Knee Strike ran into NOT Dare Personally Answer. The attack was actually quite similar. Strong and fierce.
    Ye Xiu's actions are not slow at all. Lord Grim started attacking with Gun Form from long range, and then at mid-range and short-range. Ability more and more emerge. The situation Shu Keyi has to face is obviously more difficult than Shu Kexin. too much.

    Continuous fierce battle, no Heal, medicine is the only recovery method Misty Rain can use. The better the drug, the longer the Cooldown, and the resistance of professionalBoss ional level can never be supported by drugs. The three Misty Rain have not had much HP for a long time. Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun no longer think about how to escape at this time, but are very aggressively attacking them. Happy has Lord Grim, the soy sauce Heal, and the situation is much better than Misty Rain. At this time, the opponent has the upper hand. Lu Yining was hit on the head like this, but he was serious about it, but the situation was really difficult, he also couldn't turn around a hopeless situation, he was hitting, he decided that he would never win, so he turned his head and ran away. But he still greeted him and yelled "Retreat first."
    This is purely a formality. He was not stuck, of course, he was withdrawn as soon as he was withdrawn. But those two sisters had been squashed by Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun one by one! Lu Yining yelled to withdraw himself and quickly withdrew. He didn't even say that he would come to help cover his teammates.
    The two sisters were half dead, but they didn't blame the gods and accuse others for their character. The two worked very hard, trying to break away from each other's offensive.

    After all, Steamed Bun is still unreliable when a Shu Kexin's NOT Dare Personally Answer who is not keeping a close eye on him and he is chasing, unexpectedly ran away. But Shu Keyi wants to get rid of Ye Xiu, and get rid of Steamed Bun is not the same level of difficulty. Shu Kexin is of course not Lu Yining, he will not run away on his own. After getting rid of Steamed Bun, he wants to save his sister. But Shu Ke, who was dealing with Lord Grim, knew better how difficult it was, and resolutely refused: "Leave me alone, go first, and look for opportunities!"
    Even though these two sisters are girls, they are simply and profitable. There is no such thing as "to die and die together". After listening to my sister's statement, my sister turned around and ran without hesitation. Kill Unbending Will.
    "Yahhhhhh!!!" Steamed Bun let go of NOT Dare Personally Answer, especially ashamed, and wanted to commit crimes and meritorious service when he shouted.
    "Recover first." Ye Xiu called out.
    Lu Yining ran away, and Shu Kexin escaped. But she did not go to Lu Yining to speak, and no matter what, she was not going to count on this person.

    The two people character ran one after the other, but they ran like a stranger. Looking behind them, Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion did not chase them. No one was chasing from behind, but there was someone in front, Tyranny's five, and finally arrived at this time. Lu Yining, who ran in the front, hadn't had time to say hello, but I heard Tyranny who was so pleased. Said: "Here it is!"
    Then, he was killed.
    Tyranny, that's a very decisive and refreshing team!
    There is one more ~ about three o'clock before!
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