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Chapter List 1006 Confirm
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    These on Weibo are purely nonsense...
    Cheng Siyan watched for a long time, and finally came back to his senses. I'm basically playing off here, where can I find what she needs? However, this is a good reason. If it’s just Fang Rui’s seven characters on Weibo, I’m really embarrassed to ask Wind Howl Club for verification, but now the Pro-players are making a fuss, and the matter has spread across the board. There are thousands of Glory fans and they are now discussing this matter. . If this is not verified by Wind Howl, it seems that he has no professional sense as a reporter.
    So Cheng Siyan called Wind Howl Club directly, but Wind Howl denied it all at once. Regarding Fang Rui's Weibo, they said they did not know and needed to communicate.
    It looks a bit like an evasive response, but it is indeed the truth about Wind Howl Club at this time.
    Fang Rui's Weibo was posted late at night. It was this morning that such a large area of noise occurred, and Wind Howl officials only then began to intervene to understand.
    Things are progressing very quickly with Wind Howl. First, Fang Rui was asked to find out about the situation, and his current situation with Team is no secret, so you can know it just by asking.

    Then, I went to Captain Tang Hao for advice. Tang Hao did not compromise at all. He did not intend to force Fang Rui away, but he would never compromise his style because of this. Fang Rui hopes to give more play to his abilities, and Tang Hao does the same. In his opinion, catering to Fang Rui's style will prevent his ability to fully play, which is the main reason why he refuses to give up.
    Club looked at it, it couldn't be done, Tang Hao and Fang Rui were incompatible with life and death. Then only one can be sacrificed. And this choice, Wind Howl made in a second. Tang Hao is the core they will rely on in the next few years. Of course he cannot leave. And Fang Rui, although he has been in the team for many years, he is playing well, but he also wants to revolve around Tang Hao. Since he can't play such a role, then I can only say sorry to him.
    In the end, Wind Howl Owner personally talked to Fang Rui and told him that he was allowed to leave. As the second Shot-caller of Team for five years, Wind Howl still gave him enough respect.
    Fang Rui was not surprised by this result. After all, this problem didn't just broke out today, but there was a whole Season. This entire Season, neither side can use it at the same time. And this time, it's probably the so-called in the end showdown.

    "I understand. I understand. I don't need to say any more." Fang Rui smiled, but did not listen to the Owner's explanation. He knew that Club was actually helpless.
    "Okay!" Wind Howl Owner did not insist, "Where do you want to go, we will make it as convenient as possible for you."
    "Um... let me think about it!" Fang Rui said.
    "It doesn't matter, there is still time." Wind Howl Owner said.
    Yes, there is still time. The transfer window has just opened for half a month. So far, apart from the large-scale raid on Excellent Era, no re-listing transfers have occurred.
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