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Chapter List 1010 More Monks And Less Porridge
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Glory equipment level is based on 5, but the gamers character is not, so the element that reduces the equipment level requirement is of course not necessarily 5. Judging from the existing equipment of this Element, 1 to 5 are possible.
    But Guan Rongfei wants to get Thousand Chance Umbrella to level 80, so everything except minus 5 is meaningless and all means failure.
    "What is wrong?" Guan Rongfei muttered to himself. All forms of Thousand Chance Umbrella have been walked through. Each form has this Element, but all of them are minus 4.
    At this time, Chen Guo and others had also surrounded them, and they were all inquiring about what had happened.
    Ye Xiu said so and so, everyone was disappointed that the experiment failed. In the 75-level capped game, you actually want to make 80-level equipment. What kind of imagination does this have?
    "Look at my Death's Hand!" This was the first sentence Wei Chen said after he had finished marveling.
    "No. Nothing except Thousand Chance Umbrella." Guan Rongfei didn't even look back. After that, he didn't respond to everyone's discussion, and he had entered the study with a focus on his face.
    Ye Xiu silently exited the room with everyone. Everyone was amazed enough, and only then began to regret the failure of this experiment.
    "Thousand Chance Umbrella is not broken, right?" Chen Guo asked.

    "No." Ye Xiu said. This can be said to be fortunate in misfortune. Although the experiment failed, the inherent function of Thousand Chance Umbrella has not been damaged, but a useless element has been added.
    "It's too dangerous, why just use Thousand Chance Umbrella to experiment? First, use other equipment to study how to make an element with a level requirement minus 5!" Chen Guo said.
    "He has already completed that step. The focus now is to make all forms of Thousand Chance Umbrella have this Element, and this point has actually been completed, but there is a problem with the Element data." Xiu said.
    "What about level 80, can he definitely do this?" Chen Guo said.
    "This... it is not convenient to try before making this Element. Otherwise, it will get to level 80, but the level requirement is only reduced by 4. How can I use it?" Ye Xiu said.
    The experiment failed.
    Ye Xiu and Guan Rongfei were also very angry when they saw that the in the end data was Level demand minus 4. But the mentality of the two people quickly calmed down. After all, there are many positive things in failure.
    No one can help with this research. So soon I asked about Qi Master.

    "Wu Xuefeng? I haven't been in contact since retirement, I don't know!" Ye Xiu completely dispelled Chen Guo's suspicion, as expected, he was not looking for this veteran to come out.
    "Then who will use BoundleBoss Sea after getting it?" Chen Guo asked.
    "This requires careful identification. Do you have any recommendations?" Ye Xiu asked.
    Chen Guo cough up blood: "Didn't you already have an idea!"
    "Did I say it?" Ye Xiu wondered.
    "Don't make up for it!" Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.
    "The existing Qi Master players in the circle, let's analyze them carefully." Ye Xiu said.
    Chen Guo understands, this time co-authoring is really a zero-based transfer operation, from character to player. All will be like this.
    "But you have to take down BoundleBoss Sea first." Ye Xiu said.
    "What if I get BoundleBoss Sea but can't find someone?" Chen Guo couldn't help asking.
    "Shouldn't it?" Ye Xiu said. "All Stars-level characters should be very attractive to players. Looking at the current pro scene situation, we want to win an excellent Qi Master player. It shouldn't be too difficult."
    "What's the situation in the pro scene?" Chen Guo puzzled.
    "More monks and less meat." Ye Xiu said.

    Chen Guo was stunned, and did not keep asking endlessly. She is also now cultivating her own strength with Awareness. She wants to be a more capable Owner.
    The pro scene situation with more monks and less meat?
    Chen Guo figured it out for herself. Gradually, she understood what Ye Xiu meant.
    In the quarter-finals of Season, there are only two Qi Master players, and Guo Yang from the Wind Howl team is not yet reused. Counting down, on the high-end competition field like Playoffs, the only active Qi Master is Blue Rain. Song Xiao alone.
    Fight Playoffs and fight for the championship. This is the pursuit of every Pro-player. But for Qi Master players, the current situation is not wonderful. Including Zhao Yang of All Star level, they are all the hopeless relative underdogs of Playoffs, and the strong team does not have the position of Qi Master.
    Zhao Yang has been fighting at Seaside for seven years. Of course, there is his persistence in it, but it cannot be ignored that he does not have a good choice.
    This. This is the status quo faced by all Qi Master players. Even though they are good, they are dragged down by the weakness of Team. They want to join the strong team, but they lack space because the strong team does not have the position of Qi Master.

    Ordinary players may not appreciate Happy, a new team that is new to the league and lacks resources. but. Qi Master players, they have no better choice. For them, Happy may really become a temptation.
    Thinking about this, Chen Guo feels that he has made great progress. At least she understands that transferring to utilize is not about buying groceries in the vegetable market, she has great knowledge in it.
    Three days later, while everyone was still concerned about Fang Rui's stay, the message of Seaside All Stars character BoundleBoss Sea transferred to Happy for 5.5 million was announced, and the circle was shocked.
    It's no surprise that Happy is able to put out such a sum of money. After all, the Challenge Tournament champion can also get a lot of benefits. The 5.5 million All Stars character feels quite cheap, but considering the marginal status of Qi Master and the current situation of the Seaside Team, it is not difficult to understand.
    After Zhao Yang's retirement, the situation regarding Seaside was quickly exposed.
    Fans will be proud of having an All Stars player and All Stars character in the team, but what they don't expect is that sometimes, the Player and Character of All Star level will become a burden to the Team.

    This is the case with Seaside. They are a small team, whether it is to undertake an All Star player contract or to build an All Star level character, it requires considerable investment for them. And they have been desperately maintaining this investment since the Alliance Third Season.
    They were also proud of having such a Player and Character, but gradually they found that in order to maintain this pride, the development of Team is becoming more and more uneven. The strength of a person and a character cannot help them win more victories. When they want to strengthen other Player and Characters, they find that after Zhao Yang and BoundleBoss Sea, they have no more resources to invest in other areas. Up.
    In short, Seaside is a small team, but in the end they are the business ideas of Giants. They persisted in this unsuitable business method for seven years. They hesitated and hesitated. Until this summer, Seaside's new Manager took office, which thoroughly helped Seaside make up his mind. They are determined to get rid of this burden and honestly follow the path that a small team should take.
    Zhao Yang will be given up, so he simply chooses retirement.

    BoundleBoss Sea will be sold. In order to maintain the strength of this character, Seaside has paid too much, and now they are not ready to continue to do so. And a BoundleBoss Sea that can't maintain a strong team does not make much sense. It is better to convert it into more resources to buff the team.
    Zhao Yang’s retirement and the sale of BoundleBoss Sea are behind the changes in Seaside Team’s business thinking. Ye Xiu did not fully see this, but at least, he perceives the possible situation of Seaside from Zhao Yang's retirement. So at this moment, I made a move and took the BoundleBoss Sea happily.
    Of course, Seaside also wants to sell BoundleBoss Sea at a high price as much as possible, but no strong team in the league is interested in Qi Master, and other small and medium-sized teams are hesitant. The unwavering Happy suddenly appeared to be only one branch of the tree is thriving, and after a few counter-offers, the transaction was quickly concluded.
    BoundleBoss Sea, transfer to Happy!
    Happy a make a move is directly the All Stars character. For fans, it is of course very exciting to make people. But soon, some comments questioned Happy's business method with the topic "Happy, the next Seaside".

    Two All Stars players, a large number of characters need to be improved. Happy as a grassroots, the original burden is already very heavy. In this case, they even introduced the All Stars character. Do they have the resources to maintain the power of such a cutting-edge character? Team Happy, would it be like Seaside, where grassroots didn't take the upper-level route, and ended up running poorly on their own?
    As a result, on the second day after BoundleBoss Sea joined Happy, Happy announced that BoundleBoss Sea’s Silver Weapon mirrored the moon and was upgraded to level 75.
    Surprised again in the circle!
    This is something that Seaside Team hasn't accomplished for most of Season, but Happy only took one day.
    Those who question Happy obviously have not been thoroughly investigated. For example, the guild leaders of major Club Guilds will never make such naive comments. Because no one knows better than them, Happy's resources as a whole must be scarce, but they are quite rich in cutting-edge resources. They are the biggest victor in the Wild BOSS battle since the level 75 update.
    The situation of Happy is completely different from Seaside. In their current situation, it can even be said that taking the cutting-edge route is the most appropriate. Characters like BoundleBoss Sea allow them to avoid early investment, which is where they are lacking. After that, they are directly promoted to the cutting edge, which is the aspect of their abundance of resources.

    However, increasing the level 70 Silver Weapon to 75 in one day seems to be more than a problem of sufficient resources. In the Happy team, it seems that there are talents in Silver Equipment production!
    Is it Ye Xiu?
    Just when everyone was so guessing, it was reported that Great God, the mechanical skill department of Excellent Era, was dug out by Happy after Excellent Era was disbanded.
    So everything is clear.
    The mechanical skills department of Excellent Era, of course, is also very professional for Qi Master ClaBoss. This is their main occupation. BoundleBoss Sea in Happy has all kinds of blessed by heaven conditions. What is lacking at present seems to be just an advantageous controller nothing more. Suddenly, the entire Glory circle began to help Happy find Qi Master players.
    Not at home these days!
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