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Chapter List 1016 A New Future
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    "Ah I?"
    Such a serious and far-reaching issue was suddenly handed over to Chen Guo, and Chen Guo panicked all of a sudden. She hadn't thought about this problem. She has been working hard to enrich herself, just to share Ye Xiu's affairs, and to manage the team even when Ye Xiu is away. But let her answer this question now, she is really not ready at all.
    But now, she has no time.
    Her Awareness has reached the key to this question, and Fang Rui is asking about Happy's future. And what the future of Happy is, it will be in the end to determine whether he will entrust himself to this team.
    If you don’t even have a firm belief in being an Owner, how can you make the players in your team feel at ease?
    It's time to be firm, Chen Guo took a deep breath.
    "Ye Xiu is not here, but Happy will keep going." She said.
    "Oh? How to go on?" Fang Rui asked.
    "If he is willing, we will of course continue to hire him as a mechanical skill consultant, or any position he is interested in." Chen Guo first made arrangements for Ye Xiu.
    "As for the others, I believe that they were fully mature at that time, enough to support our team." Chen Guo said.

    "Oh? How can you guarantee that they will not leave?" Fang Rui, a wretched master, suddenly became very sharp at this time, very rigorous schemes and deep foresight, "In the pro scene, there are many Tempting. I know that you have come into contact with some invitations now, and you have all refused. However, your identity is still just rookie after all. If you grow up for another year or two, you will become an All Star level player. When you reach the championship, your value will reach its peak. At that time, the temptation you will face will be beyond your imagination. Are you sure you will not be tempted by money, status, and even some other things?"
    Fang Rui felt that his remarks hit the depths of people's souls. I am afraid that no one will dare to respond easily. As soon as I thought that, I heard someone on the table say very positively: "No."
    Fang Rui saw Tang Rou.
    What a beautiful girl. But at this time, Fang Rui seemed to be full of hypocrisy, or naive. Without even thinking about it, he opened his mouth and said "no". Isn't this overestimating yourself?
    "Beautiful women are really confident." Fang Rui said haha, not to accept as correct. He was going to let this proud beauty get to know the real world, "Do you know..."
    "Then what!"

    As a result, Fang Rui was about to give an example, but Chen Guo immediately spoke to Interrupt. Of course, Chen Guo knew that Fang Rui wanted to make a face smacking, and she also knew that he would definitely be beaten if he failed face smacking. In order to avoid Fang Rui being too embarrassed by the time, it would be better to confess in advance.
    "She really won't be tempted. Really." Chen Guo said.
    "Her father's name is Tang Shusen. If you don't know, please click on Baidu." Chen Guo patted Fang Rui, who was sitting next to Fang Rui.
    This kind of business celebrity is obviously not a special understood by everyone. Fang Rui really didn't know. But he at least heard that this might be an extraordinary background, so he didn't continue to hold on to it, and decisively hid his hand under the table and searched for the cell phone. Sit back upright again, raised his head, the complexion did not change, just raised his chopsticks: "Everyone is eating. Why are the two new dishes not moving?"
    Everyone laughed, but they didn't order anything.
    Talking about money and status in front of Tang Rou is the same as showing off the Glory mechanical skill in front of Ye Xiu. Isn't it hitting a rock by yourself? It is rare that Fang Rui can still be so calm at this time, let him calm down for a while!

    Everyone eats food in silence without much talk. Fang Rui, who had already said that he was full and stopped chopsticks, obviously ate the most at this time. He seems to need food energy to digest such information. When he searched, he was aware of the origins of this beauty. I am afraid it is not easy, but at the last look at the answer in the end, his eyes still almost flew out.
    "Eat food, eat food."
    When Fang Rui said this, he really wanted to eat the plate.
    So after that, Fang Rui could no longer talk about the topic of temptation. What if Miss Tang bought the entire Glory Alliance with a wave of her hand? At that time, Teams’ bonus share will be paid by others, and it is a temptation for you to talk to people about the treatment of the players, tempt your sister!
    "Ahem, Happy is...too much potential..." Fang Rui said.
    When Chen Guo heard it, he knew that this person was also misunderstanding. Obviously, he equated Tang Rou's background with Happy's background, but in fact this is not the same thing at all. Tang Rou is also like an ordinary player, signing player contracts here to receive wages, and he has not exerted much power in areas other than players.
    However, this feeling of the fox exploits the tiger's might is pretty good!

    Chen Guo glanced at Tang Rou, and Tang Rou was also looking at her! Chen Guo laughed, this is what she likes Tang Rou very much. Her background is very strong, and people like Happy will inevitably have some sense of distance when they get along. Even if Chen Guo has the strongest friendship with her, she is a little uncomfortable for a while.
    But with this strangeness, Tang Rou faced it calmly. Although she was not arrogant about her identity, she never deliberately avoided it, and she did not insist that others treat her as an ordinary person like many hypocritical young ladies. She is still her, the Tang Rou that has always been, and never escapes from anything. So gradually, the estrangement brought by identity disappeared. Everyone can see that Tang Rou is still Tang Rou, it hasn't changed! The estrangement is just the brain supplement from everyone. When everyone has no brain supplement, everything remains the same.
    So on the other hand, the guys around her were looking forward to and watching the frightening situation of her sudden exposure. For example, when Fang Rui is immersed in food and hasn't hummed for a long time, everyone thinks it is too cool.
    However, in the spirit of marketing, Chen Guo explained to him.
    "Little Tang is just an ordinary player for us, there is not much difference." Chen Guo said.

    "Yeah." Fang Rui nodded. This time, he didn't say it directly, he hid it. Tang Rou is an ordinary player with no difference? how can that be. It seems that Owner Chen has not figured it out. This person's identity background means that she is a player that no team can control and can't control, any team, including Happy.
    Money, status, and so on can't seduce her, which means that she can't control her, she belongs to her only. When she is willing to play. You can keep playing here at Happy. When one day she doesn't want to play at all, then who can keep her? What do you use to keep her? contract? Forcibly cancel the contract. Isn't it just losing money? That's also a problem for this one?
    The strong identity background is above the contract Spirit of this society. This is a bit unfair and a bit helpless. Tang Rou can only look forward to her own character, so Fang Rui did not go on.
    So Ye Xiu chose to speak at this time.
    "Happy’s future needs to be created by hand! You just want to be an outsider, reap where one has not sown to ride a ride, it’s too trivial and cunning! Dare to create the future together, dare you? Let's endure the unimaginable money and status temptation of what you call the pro scene?" Ye Xiu said.
    Fang Rui was silent.

    Yes, he is just worried that Happy will not be able to keep people in the future. But what about himself? If he himself became a part of Happy, it would be that day. Will it also be shaken? Before doubting others, should I also strengthen my conviction? If everyone works together to create a complete Group, why worry about these many? If someone is gone, someone can make up for it.
    Yes it is. That's how it should be.
    Fang Rui slammed the table: "I'm happy!"
    "Great, welcome." Chen Guo was very excited.
    "With me, the champion didn't run away!" The wretched guy seems to have a sense of confidence that swell one's face up by slapping it to look imposing.
    "Okay, then let's talk about the contract." Ye Xiu said.
    "Damn, can't everyone move for three to five seconds together?" Fang Rui was depressed. How good the atmosphere is right now, when it comes to money, it's still somewhat disruptive.
    "What is moving! Are you rookie?" Ye Xiu said.
    "What does the contract say." Fang Rui asked.
    "You see that we are very poor now. A dozen people eat ten dishes, and we don't even have soup..."
    While talking, the private room door was knocked: "Thank you to open the door, here comes the soup!!"

    Qiao Yifan sitting by the door hurriedly went over to open the door, and the waiter came in with soup and sweating profusely: "The door is locked. Didn't you bother you?"
    "It's okay." Chen Guo greeted. The waiter put down the soup and hurriedly flashed people. Fang Rui looked at Ye Xiu: "Despicable!"
    "Anyway, there is no money!" Ye Xiu slapped the table. "A 6.5 million contract is impossible, 650,000 right!"
    "Don't go too far, Damn! Brother said that he is also an All Stars, okay, I'm not mixed up with this contract."
    "Externally you can say 65 million!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Do you think everyone is stupid?"
    "Then how much do you want!"
    "It's okay to reduce some, how can it be 5 million?" Fang Rui said.
    "Five million, do you want a face? All Stars is amazing, the number of times that brother All Stars piles up the bone discs in front of you! All the honors are taken out and you are directly buried alive! The status and status of brother, in Happy In order to get a contract, I cry outside the Owner’s door every day, and I almost have to kneel and lick it! What kind of identity are you saying 5 million in front of my brother!” Ye Xiu said.
    Fang Rui was speechless for a while, crying sadly after a while: "Don't bring such a thing!"

    "Young man, don't always figure out the money, why don't you think about how much honor you will win when you come to Happy? That's not how much money you can buy." Ye Xiu said.
    Fang Rui was speechless again. How could this man be so shameless, he said a champion like a bean paste bun at the door. If you really say 100% can win a championship, Fang Rui doesn't want a penny at all, but the problem is that the championship is so remarkable.
    Enough pester endlessly, Chen Guo finally came out to tell the truth: "At present, our funds are really tight. In addition to your contract, there is also the transfer fee with Wind Howl. I don’t know how much will be discussed this first year. , Do you see 3 million first?"
    "Compared with that guy, Owner, you are such a good person... but this..."
    "This has indeed fallen too much, but the first year has been tougher, and the situation will improve in the coming year. Let's mention it again. If you don't worry, it will be fine to write it in the contract." Chen Guo said.
    "This... okay!" Fang Rui finally nodded. He came to Happy and didn't want to take a big contract. He was mentally prepared for this. He came, and what he wanted was a brand new future.
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