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Chapter List 1017 Re-listing Transfer
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    After everything was negotiated, the atmosphere suddenly overflowed. Everyone seemed to have a great appetite, and suddenly added a few more dishes and had a lively meal. Fang Rui left the next day, and then negotiated with the Wind Howl Club contact.
    With players’ active intentions, deal negotiation will not be too difficult. However, Fang Rui's in the end choice really made Wind Howl Club dumbstruck. However, they are still prepared to respect the players' wishes, but after communicating with Happy, they learned that Happy is not planning to acquire Doubtful Demon, which immediately made Wind Howl a little depressed.
    Their original plan was that Fang Rui was packaged and sold together with Doubtful Demon. From then on, they completely used Tang Hao and Zhao Yuzhe rookie styles as the team, and completely abandoned the wretchedness. How can I think that Fang Rui left without a character? This guy actually wants to transform to play Qi Master?
    "Did you... think about it clearly?" Wind Howl has been in friendship with Fang Rui for many years. A well-known All Stars player, actually playing transformation, this is not necessary and unreliable for everyone. Now that Fang Rui is going to do this, Wind Howl will inevitably have to communicate, whether it is for Fang Rui or their package sale plan.
    "I have decided." Fang Rui was determined after returning from Happy.

    This guy, what kind of ecstasy was poured by Happy, how could he accept such a condition? Wind Howl’s plan was disrupted, a bit at a loss to know what to do. But the wishes of the players, especially the wishes of Fang Rui, a big-name player and meritorious person, need to be respected, which involves the image of Team.
    Wind Howl tried to negotiate with Happy again. As a result, they also set one's heart on sth and did not want Doubtful Demon. In the end, Wind Howl had no choice but to dismantle it and sell it. In terms of price, this kind of actively seeking transfers and selling prices are generally not high, and Fang Rui runs around from it, Wind Howl does not want to make a lot of money on this, symbolically pulled a few After going back and forth, a transfer agreement was quickly signed at a price of 4 million yuan.
    The transfer is sent to the alliance for approval. Even the league felt that it was wrong. Fang Rui, choose Happy? This is as surprising as Excellent Era, who chose to be out on Season Xiao Shiqin! Now All Stars player, are all of them so unusual?
    But no matter what, the transfer is in full compliance. Fang Rui’s transfer was officially reached. From this moment, Fang Rui officially became a member of Happy.
    Because there is not much ridicule, the transfer operation is super fast. The media is still looking around who is more interested in Fang Rui. The signing here has been completed quickly, and the media received the wind. It’s already Happy to have a press conference!

    Happy does not have a dedicated public relations department. The press conference is arranged for the help of the public relations company. After hearing this message, the major e-sports media came uninvited, the press conference was full, and the request for private interviews was continuously.
    The press conference was attended by Chen Guo, Ye Xiu and Fang Rui. Follow the prescribed order was completed. The interview was undoubtedly handed over to Chang Xian of E-Sports Home City H reporter station.
    Chang Xian is so excited!
    When I was paying attention to Happy, I didn't have any intention of betting on it. He is just half rookie, how can he have so many stand tall and see far mentality. He was only reporting on the grassroots team with a bit of attention professionally. How could I think of it, just picking up treasure like this. After Happy won the Challenge Tournament championship, Chang Xian was aware of how lucky he was. He clearly felt that his status in E-Sports Home was elevated, and the editor-in-chief had a lot of conversations with him in person.
    And this time, Fang Rui moved to Happy! The summer transfer window opened, except for the interview with the first re-listed transfer player after the Excellent Era supermarket sale. There is no doubt that this will be an interview on the front page of the next issue of e-sports Magazine.

    Facing Fang Rui, Chang Xian was a little bit cramped. He and the Happy group are acquainted with each other. But the problem is that Happy Caotai is a member of the team, and Chang Xian doesn't actually feel too much professional atmosphere in them. But Fang Rui is different, facing an interview. The aura of pro God reminded Chang Xian of the atmosphere he felt when he first entered the industry and was carrying bags behind others. Now, he needs to face it alone.
    "Fang Rui Great God, can you start?" Fang Rui calmed down. He knew that after today, he will need to face such interviews countless times.
    Fang Rui's transfer was the biggest news.
    Fang Rui wants to transform, this is the second biggest news.
    When it was learned at the press conference that the character Fang Rui was going to use was BoundleBoss Sea, the whole pro scene was crazy.
    What is the reason?
    At the press conference, Fang Rui said with a smile: "Because Happy has no money and can't buy Doubtful Demon, I have to use BoundleBoss Sea."
    Who would believe it?
    The first Thief, an All Star level player, will get the treatment after buying it. Even if Happy is willing to waste talents so much, Fang Rui can't agree to be accepted!
    Compared to Fang Rui's transfer, his transformation to Qi Master has suddenly become a hot topic.

    "This is really an unprecedented decision. If I remember correctly, it seems that you have never had such a top player transitioning to a career before, right?" a reporter said excitedly.
    "Why not? Am I?" Ye Xiu said dissatisfiedly at the table.
    The audience was silent.
    How do you say this? Although Unspecialized is not a normal profession, at least it is definitely not the Battle Mage originally used by Ye Xiu. This is indeed a transitioner, and sitting in front of everyone like this, why is it ignored? I felt that the reporter had no place to show himself, but the others were asking themselves, because they didn't seem to have Awareness. Ye Xiu is also a transition player. Why?
    A more diligent reporter noticed another point at this time: "I remember that Qiao Yifan in the Happy team, originally like an Assassin controller in Tiny Herb, turned into Ghostblade in Happy."
    "You are right." Ye Xiu nodded.
    The reporters look at each other in dismay. Happy team, there will be three transformations, this, is it Happy's style, what hides the Element?

    The press conference is mainly to release the message. The reporters don’t have a long time to ask questions. Everyone has no chance to dig up roots and inquire at the base. And the one who had this opportunity was obviously Chang Xian who got the interview. At this moment, Chang Xian was already very proud of one's success to ask what happened.
    "Why did you decide to transform Qi Master?"
    "Because of Happy's invitation."
    "What kind of invitation can you make such an important decision?"
    "A very sincere invitation."
    "How sincere is it...?"
    "It's very sincere, look at my eyes." Fang Rui said.
    Chang Xian ran in tears. No, I'm still too young and immature! The character known as the play dirty master can't hold it!
    To get up early and go out tomorrow, I wrote 2000 first, so go to bed! see you tomorrow!
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