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Chapter List 1018 Happy Suddenly Became A Dark Horse
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    He would agree to an interview. Of course, it was impossible to call the reporter to tease him. Fang Rui finished his joke and answered Chang Xian's question very seriously. From the individual to the group, he explained the reasons for his choice of transformation.
    In the subsequent issue of e-sports Magazine, Chang Xian's exclusive interview was naturally on the front page. And this so-called Fang Rui interview is actually borrowing Fang Rui to announce and introduce the team structure and policy of Team Happy. This detailed explanation even aroused the attention of the pro scene. After watching many of them, suddenly the current professional combination of Awareness Team Happy has many changes.
    In terms of Fang Rui’s participation, which is the most familiar partner, what kind of occupation is Fang Rui’s most familiar partner? Brawler! So not alone but in pairs (idiom, usually derog.), in Team Happy, there happens to be a Brawler. Even if Fang Rui is now transitioning to Qi Master, the Awareness that he and Brawler cooperate with will not disappear because of the transition.
    Let’s talk about Fang Rui’s career transformation, Qi Master. That was the most reliable helper around Ye Xiu when Excellent Era founded the dynasty. After that, he has always been the main character of Team Excellent Era. In cooperation with Qi Master, Ye Xiu is completely proficient, and Su Mucheng is also It's definitely not unfamiliar.
    And the original core profession of Team Excellent Era, Battle Mage, unfortunately has Happy. Unlike imagination, the classic cooperation strategy in the history of Excellent Era will probably be reproduced in Happy.

    After finishing the analysis in this way, everyone is thoroughly aware of the fit of Fang Rui's transfer to Happy, and what kind of bonding is to get a Qi Master to Happy. Now Fang Rui has added Qi Master, which seems to be the axis of Happy Tactic, which connects several professional characters.
    And what plays such a role is not the core of Happy at all. Who is at the core of Happy? Any fool knows it must be Ye Xiu. And what is Ye Xiu's occupation now? Unspecialized! This profession lacks high-end practical research, and what role it can play in the group is really unclear. Obviously it is the foundation that Happy has built, but so far it has turned out to be the most mysterious one. Although Ye Xiu started bubbling very early with Lord Grim, but before he interfered with the pro scene, the pro scene was at most curious about this Unspecialized, who would be so before it rains, bind around with silk. Start a thorough research on Unspecialized?
    but now. Ye Xiu really came back, with his Unspecialized, and a team that doesn't seem to be weak.
    If there were people who didn't pay much attention to Happy before, then after Fang Rui's transfer. Everyone needs to change. Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Fang Rui, a team with three All Stars players, don’t pay attention to it. What kind of team do you want to attach importance to?

    It is true that Happy’s character will be weaker, the facilities will be rudimentary, and the financial aspect may also be more constrained. But in the game. As long as there are these three top players, no one dares to take it lightly.
    Grassroots with three All Stars players? People can no longer continue to call it that way. Is it a dark horse? Happy, will be another dark horse of this Season, right? Like Heavenly Sword on Season?
    No... Heavenly Sword would never be so dark. The strength of Heavenly Sword, most of it is speculated. Various topics within a range have increased people's attention to him. When the attention is high, the expectations are naturally high. Their hacking was pushed out by public opinion.
    But what about Happy? With three All Stars players, no one is ashamed to say that they are not black!
    Major Glory forums. Noobs circles, expert circles, and even Pro-player circles are all talking about how the Happy Season will impact people. Compared to the Challenge Tournament, Happy suddenly became much stronger. And all of this comes from Fang Rui's joining, from Happy's daring to make such a big transfer.
    This is an attitude, from the players to the attitude on the Team.
    All Stars players, value Happy, join Happy.
    Happy. Dare to introduce the characters of All Stars and the players of All Stars in a big way.

    Happy’s goal is Winning a Championship?
    There don’t seem to be too many people who are still laughing. There are three All Stars player teams. In the eyes of average players, that is the first-line strong team, that is, the team that is qualified to compete for the Winning a Championship army. Only sane people are still observing the deficiencies of Happy from all aspects. And most of them. All of them have gotten hot because of Fang Rui's transfer.
    Happy, champion!
    Some people really dare to shout such slogans. Before this, even Seven Fields, who were absolutely diehard Happy who followed Ye Xiu from the tenth server, were not embarrassed to face Happy's goal of hitting the championship.
    And now, any Glory player can explain to you how strong Happy is.
    After a transfer, Happy was once again exposed. At this time, the Glory game party and the Pro Alliance found Happy together. This is to start implementing the peripherals related to Happy, the character model, the account card of the Happy version, and so on. The development of this kind of related products has been agreed from the beginning of joining the alliance that the three parties will jointly control the copyright, so there is no need to think about other partners. As for revenue, all teams share the same amount. The team has very little to do, which is to provide image nothing more, and then, I am afraid it is to hit the score, hit the popularity, and stimulate the sales of various peripherals.

    In the initial promotion plan of the alliance and the game party, Su Mucheng, who has always been popular, is of course indispensable. Even in the last Season and the fall of Excellent Era in the Challenge Tournament, the peripheral products related to Su Mucheng and her Dancing Rain are still very popular. And now Dancing Rain comes to Happy with Su Mucheng, this kind of non-separation is the most love to hear and see for the surroundings. Take the peripheral character model with the highest sales, a Dancing Rain equipment Launcher, coupled with Su Mucheng's real body proportions and appearance. This two-to-one model is the most popular.
    In contrast, Chu Yunxiu and Windy Rain are particularly embarrassing. The controller is a female, but the character is a male. This cannot be integrated at all. So in the end, I can only sell the character model of Windy Rain. As for the mannequins, the sales of this thing are relatively average. As expected, everyone still prefers the mighty appearance in the second element of the game.

    In the early days, everyone didn't pay attention to this situation, but now when Awareness arrives, Team Misty Rain is very depressed. Although based on the high-end of the pro scene and the common interests of the game party in certain aspects, it is not too big to modify the data of the character's gender and appearance that does not hinder the balance of the game, but Windy Rain has been a man for so long after all. Everyone has become accustomed to it, and I’m afraid the fans will not be able to accept the sudden change of sex to a woman. Misty Rain had no choice but to bear it. But this time, after Misty Rain's sisters signed in, after recognizing their strength and performance, Misty Rain decided not to repeat the same mistakes. Taking advantage of the fact that these two characters are not sufficiently influential, this summer finally passed the game party, modified the gender of the two characters, and made a special statement.
    Because modifying this does not disrupt the balance of the game, gamers have no problem with having such privileges in the pro scene. And to unify the gender of the controller and the character, in the eyes of gamers, it is also very good. Especially the two very beautiful girls utilize the two rough guy characters, which is quite destructive of intention ambience.

    Happy here. Su Mucheng and Cheng Yu Mufeng are undoubtedly, and the other one is Tang Rou and Soft Mist. In this way, the beauty with perfect temperament and conditions is really perfect. The alliance and the game party regard it as a treasure. They have found a particularly excellent Group to create a Soft Mist character figure with the image of Tang Rou. Then, I prayed that Tang Rou must play the level and become famous. After all, this is still a competitive circle. Powerful strength is the evergreen tree that never fades.
    On the Happy side, the first issue was to launch three hand-made three account cards, Su Mucheng and Tang Rou. That's Ye Xiu who is entangled by make people.
    To be honest, the expectations of Ye Xiu are still higher than those of Su Mucheng and Tang Rou. This is a peerless expert that has been hidden for many years. It's rare to be willing to show up now, and no longer resist this aspect. The alliance and the game side are both red eyes and want to dig hard. But when it came time to collect the actual material, the game's heart was broken.

    The Glory game is designed and produced by them, which of course includes the equipment, and the mix and match style of Lord Grim really makes the game party gasp in amazement. What kind of trade-off is this to come up with such an ugly equipment collocation! game design. Of course, it will not deliberately make any ugly equipment, either exquisitely exquisite, or it must have the impressive characteristics of make people. But how can Lord Grim look so awkward? For a moment, the game party even thought about cheating to modify the shape of Lord Grim's equipment. Let this body mix and match the style of class sets. But it is just such an impulse, this kind of change affects too much in the end, although the shape of the equipment does not affect the Element, theoretically, it does not destroy the balance of the game. However, the adjustment of Lord Grim's side is harmonious and beautiful. What should I do if these equipment are worn on others and become abrupt?
    After all, it is the deformed profession of Lord Grim. Wearing equipment does not conform to the aesthetic move combo designed by Glory.
    Xeon experts surrounded the current image of Lord Grim, observed for a long time, discussed for a long time, and finally shook their heads. They surrendered.

    The league is depressed, the game side is depressed, but the chip away at a task and not abandon it, they suddenly thought of another plan, they want to release the One Autumn Leaf commemorative edition, yes, it is the former One Autumn Leaf, with One Autumn Leaf in the image of Ye Xiu, this should make up for the regrets of many people?
    Does it really happen? Soon there were doubts again.
    It is not difficult to make this combination now. Although One Autumn Leaf already belongs to Samsara, it only needs to be divided into Samsara and Happy. But the problem is that One Autumn Leaf just didn't have the image of Ye Xiu before. To say that its figure has already been sold all over the sky. The current commemorative edition is nothing more than adding the image of Ye Xiu.
    Figure is dominated by the mighty image of the second element of the game, adding the image of the players is just a loving combination. The so-called Excellent Era One Autumn Leaf has actually sold a lot, just because there is no Ye Xiu face, now add an image, is it really that gimmick? After careful consideration, everyone hesitated. After all, as players in the competitive circle, their main selling point has never been their face.
    This Ye Xiu, why is it so troublesome?
    Pro Alliance, Glory game party, the two major forces cheeks streaming with tears.
    Transition chapter, this one is updated today! Do you smell the new Season!
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