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Chapter List 1034 Can't Take A Step Back
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    There is no foreshadowing, no temptation. When the two characters meet, they make a move, and Ability is strangling each other, and instantly violent.
    The audience was completely unprepared for this kind of psychological preparation. No one thought that the two sides would play so splendidly as soon as they met. For a while, they would forget the cheers and applause.
    Berserker and Battle Mage are both highly aggressive professions.
    Greatsword and Battle Lance, both of which belong to the extremely heavy weapon of Physical Attack.
    But at this time, under the high-speed utilization of the two players, the funeral flower in the hands of ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms and the Dancing Fire Spreading Flame in the hands of Soft Mist have turned into two groups of lights and shadows, gorgeous, colliding, and fast. Many viewers can't even see what Ability the two characters are using.
    Yu Feng is a top player at All Star level and should have a top performance. At this time, Tang Rou, who can parry this top performance, is even more eye-catching.
    It is indeed the Battle Mage taught by Ye Xiu!
    Countless people watching this showdown were thinking about it at this time. Although there is no clear statement that Tang Rou is a teacher of Ye Xiu, but a Battle Mage player who was discovered by Ye Xiu and grown up will not dismiss his relationship with Ye Xiu in any way.
    In fact, it is exactly the same.

    Ye Xiu unreservedly taught Tang Rou the experience and skills of Battle Mage, as long as Tang Rou needs it. Then on top of this, he helped Tang Rou establish her own style.
    Tang Rou is a rookie, a fearless rookie, in the end formed such a fierce style on the court, so that many people can't believe that such a sturdy Battle Mage is actually made by such a beautiful girl.
    Ye Xiu's Battle Mage is also very fierce. Otherwise, it won't be called Battle God. But his fierceness is different from Tang Rou, his fierceness is something Tang Rou cannot replicate. Because Ye Xiu is an all-professional master besides Battle Mage. His fierceness is based on his solid and comprehensive Glory skills. His technique may make people feel very ordinary, but actual combat will make people feel difficult to parry. Because you will find that no matter how you respond, the result is in the grasp of its offensive. Afterwards, he attacked to the end and achieved his title of Battle God.
    It can be said that Ye Xiu chose Battle Mage as the main profession in the past, so in the end, One Autumn Leaf became Battle God. But if you change to another profession. Maybe now the name of Battle God will belong to another character.

    In its own way, Tang Rou attracts everyone's attention. Because his opponent is Yu Feng. A top expert of All Star level, a rookie can compete with the top expert to two armies have equivalent banners and drums. Is there any reason not to applaud her?
    But, is it just two armies have equivalent banners and drums?
    The super fast pace made the audience a little unclear about the situation, but at this time Yu Feng himself was secretly surprised because he found that he was actually suppressed.
    In Berserker's profession, countless wild players have emerged. From the former Number One Berserker Sun Zheping to many people now. But Yu Feng is an outlier among them. His Berserker is also very aggressive. But it's not as simple and rough as the traditional Berserker, in his wildness. The construction has his special ingenuity. It can be said that Yu Feng has created a new way in Berserker's original fixed style. Although he has not yet become a genre, at least he is now the genuine Berserker Number One Player.
    At this time, Tang Rou and him played fast and used brute force to decide the outcome. To be honest, this is not the way Yu Feng is good at. However, Tang Rou is a rookie, and he, the Captain and core of Hundred BloBoss oms, the top player of the All Star level, faced a rookie such a positive and positive invitation, withdrawing and avoiding, Yu Feng felt a little unacceptable. After all, he is not playing wretchedness.

    So he decided to take the impact of this rookie head-on, and after a collision, he suddenly discovered that the morale of this rookie was beyond his imagination. If he continued to fight like this, he might be killed in a confused manner.
    Need to get back the rhythm.
    Yu Feng grasped the key to the problem in an instant.
    In order to maintain his identity in front of rookie and the morale of Hundred BloBoss oms, he went directly to Tang Rou's rhythm to beat her. Now under the beat, he found it was not so easy. He had to drag the game into his rhythm before entering. In any case, if you really lose, that would be the most detrimental to the image, the face and the morale.
    With a certain idea, Yu Feng immediately switched from fighting against Tang Rou to Defense first.
    Dragon Tooth stabbed, Yu Feng no longer allowed ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms pathing to evade and directly counterattack with swords, but instead used the exploit that attacked parry to knock towards this Dragon Tooth.
    Who wants Dragon Tooth to stop suddenly, followed by one and two stabs, turning into Ability Double Stab. The change is too fast, Battle Lance is too close, Yu Feng has no time to attack parry, and hastily Ability Guard.
    There were two rapid blasts that followed. Double Stab’s two-stage attack was all blocked by Guard. ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms slid backwards. Yu Feng took advantage of the situation and gave a backwards leap to utilize. He wanted to increase the distance and lower. Some rhythm.

    He retreats fast enough, who wants Soft Mist to push it faster, she seems to be rushing forward all the time, she is already moving forward without confirming what effect the Dragon Tooth and Double Stab attacks will produce. Rush.
    Phantom Dragon Tooth!
    Another Ability has been handed over immediately, Soft Mist wrist is trembling, the assassination attack is the same as Dragon Tooth, but this blow Battle Lance disguised several phantoms.
    Yu Feng's eyes widened...
    one two three four five six seven eight!
    Eight phantoms?
    Phantom Dragon Tooth is like Blade Master's Shadow Steps. It needs to rely on utilization to maintain the generation of phantoms. The number depends on the accuracy of hand speed and utilization.
    Phantom Dragon Tooth of eight phantoms?
    Is an only rookie utilize already so sturdy?
    Phantom Dragon Tooth, let alone attacking parry, even with the ability of Guard, it can't be accurately resisted. Yu Feng didn't want to sell blood to attack, because he wanted to regain his rhythm, so he could only continue to dodge.

    The eight phantoms bring up eight clearly visible air currents, making it even more difficult to tell where the real sting is. Yu Feng can only dodge all the eight phantoms as entities. He can't even use ordinary movement to evade. With a wave of the Greatsword, ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms slams out of the sword. It is the Ability that Blade Master has. Triple Slash.
    Triple Slash is not a low-level skill shared by the sword system, but ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms can use it. There is only one explanation. The Ability marked by his Greatsword is Triple Slash. It can also be seen that Yu Feng's style does differ to some extent from the general Berserker. In the Ability selection, they all favor this Ability which is regarded as a movement technique by the Blade Master, which makes the attack more flexible and changeable.
    Under Ability drag, ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms chased after Jianguang to complete pathing instantly, and the eight assassinations of Phantom Dragon Tooth that were not true or false all failed. Yu Feng is still thinking about whether to take advantage of the trend and turn the Triple Slash back to start the counterattack. Who knows that Tang Rou ended the Phantom Dragon Tooth early, Battle Lance mentioned, Dragon Breaks the Ranks, chasing ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms Triple Slash The left stature rushed over.
    Yu Feng turn pale with fright, hurriedly split the sword and then turned, but this time the distance is too close, Dragon Breaks the Ranks speed, coupled with the impact is fierce, although it does not hinder the right position, but also ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms The stature is directly turned over.

    Yu Feng hurriedly made a Quick Recover utilize, ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms rolled and stood up, but when Huā Lā made a sound, when I looked up, Soft Mist came again. This time it’s a volley. The splash-like magic vindictiveness that shook out instantly locked ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms.
    This time, Yu Feng didn't have time to dodge, Dragon Rises from the Sea hit the front of ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms. Tang Rou didn't wait for Soft Mist to land at all. The second move has arrived, a Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart, and then it hits the chest of ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms. That vigor, visibly penetrates ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms with the naked eye. ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms suddenly flew out, Soft Mist swiftly catches up, Dragon Tooth, Sky Strike, the magic pattern produced by it also began to fly towards ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms, the audience dumbstruck.
    The audience saw Tang Rou bravely confronting a top expert who was several paragraphs higher than her, so they were quite satisfied with her. For rookie, people will always be more tolerant and value the process of the game more than the result. Even if Tang Rou loses to Yu Feng in the end, no one will say anything. Just like Mo Fan's two yellows changed to one red, and such an inappropriate mistake, the scene was abruptly resisted and not too much Provoke happened.
    But now, at this moment, even a person who doesn't understand Glory can see which of the two fighting on the field has the upper hand.
    Tang Rou actually defeated Yu Feng?

    After a moment in the stadium, there was an astonishing shout. I am afraid that even if Happy wins in the end, it will not be enough to create such a shock. This drives up not only the morale of the Team, but even the audience at this moment are infected by Happy's fighting power, and will never underestimate their determination and prospects.
    The Hundred BloBoss oms players were all dumbfounded. Their Captain was overwhelmed by a rookie in aura?
    Yes, this is the fact.
    Yu Feng was also frightened at this time. He really didn't expect the explosive power of this rookie to be so powerful. He backed down and tried to bring the game to his rhythm, but he didn't expect this to happen. It was like a river dam bursting. The opponent's offensive rolled in. Yu Feng was in chaos and was completely disrupted.
    It was originally just a rhythm that he didn't like and was not good at, but he could at least play. Although it was slightly suppressed, the outcome is still two. But this step backed down, but was forced by the opponent's hundred steps. Build your own rhythm? Yu Feng had no such opportunity at all, and the opponent's attack made him unable to breathe.
    To lose!
    In an instant, this thought had clearly jumped into Yu Feng's mind. Pro-player, how can you not have a clear understanding and judgment of the scene?

    But even if you know so, what can you do? Yu Feng worked hard and parry, no longer looking for any rhythm he likes, first can keep up with the opponent's rhythm, and stand firm.
    But... can't keep up!
    Yu Feng surprisingly discovered that Tang Rou's rhythm was faster and more fierce than at the opening, and this rhythm was given to the opponent by his step back...
    In front of this opponent, you can't take a step back!
    In the end, with this realization, ChaOT ic Falling BloBoss oms fell...Today the firecrackers were set off too hard! Seriously obstruction, update is late, sorry!
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