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Chapter List 1048 Bun's Review
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Zuo Chenrui's comments are quite sharp. It just so happens. Let's take a look at our last round of competition today based on his comments!" Ye Xiu took the newspaper from Fang Rui, Yang Yang said.
    Afterwards, whether they appeared in the last round of the game, they all walked towards Happy's Tactic room. Mo Fan, who has always been indifferent, coming and going alone, seems to be much more active this time. The first one entered the Tactic room, although his expression is still that indifferent.
    In the Tactic room, everyone now has a fixed position and took their seats one after another. After Ye Xiu came in, no one would chat anymore.
    The projection screen was put down, and Ye Xiu sat aside in front of the computer and began to call up the video of the previous game.
    "The first game of IndivID ual Competition... Well, there is nothing to say about this. The child Hundred BloBoss oms is too nervous. This question..." Ye Xiu looked at the Happy teammates, nervous about this thing. If you say Happy will Yes, there is only one person. Ye Xiu's gaze turned, but in the end it fell on a laptop.

    The new season starts in September, and the school starts in September as well. Luo Ji, a high-achieving student of mathematics major in a key university, made him give up his studies to specialize in the Glory pro scene, which is really unwilling; but in the past year or so, Luo Ji has also fallen in love with Glory deeply. He gave up and couldn't bear it. Luo Ji, who is in a dilemma, is at school for the time being. If necessary on the competition day, fly to the competition field by yourself.
    Fortunately, Glory is e-sports. Even if Luo Ji is not in Team, he can train with everyone as long as he is on the internet. However, since Luo Ji is in school, of course he still has a lot of time to spend on his studies, and he cannot keep up with Happy completely. Happy can only arrange some of the more important things as far as possible when Luo Ji can participate, and then communicate through the internet. For example, now, although Luo Ji is not there, there is a laptop in the place, but he is attending the meeting through internet video, which is a bit weird.
    "There is not much that can be said about this problem. The main thing is to overcome it by yourself. Based on my experience, concentrate as much as possible during the game, don't think too much, there will be some help." Ye Xiu said.
    "Yes, yes..." Luo Ji in the notebook made a sound, and everyone looked at them with weird expressions.

    "The second game was Steamed Bun. Steamed Bun, you see how people rate you and gave you 10 to 0 points. Do you know what that means?" Ye Xiu said.
    "What do you mean?" Steamed Bun asked.
    "It means that it was very good at the beginning. But then it was not good." Ye Xiu said.
    "No wonder I will lose!" Steamed Bun looked stunned. With a fist from his right hand, he gave the palm of his left hand.
    "Um... let's take a look at the Steamed Bun game video!" Ye Xiu said, opening the Steamed Bun game against Zhang Wei.
    A huge picture of the Steamed Bun game appeared on the projection screen. And this is not a video playback, but a file recorded by the built-in video level in Glory. Now open it with a special player. You can change the angle of view and speed at will.
    Ye Xiu dragged the game directly to Steamed Bun and Zhang Wei.
    Zhang Wei started with the lava bottle, Steamed Bun flew directly Powerful Knee Strike...
    In the first half, Zuo Chenrui scored 10 points for Steamed Bun. What is 10 points? Perfect performance without flaws is called 10 points. This is for anyone to score, 10 points are extremely difficult to appear. But as Zuo Chenrui who can score 10,000 points for beauty, 10 points doesn't really matter? In this regard, he is not stingy, as thorough as he is black.
    10 points……

    Ye Xiu was holding the newspaper, and for a moment he didn't know where to speak. Steamed Bun, like Tang Rou, started contacting Glory's rookie from the tenth server. Two pieces of white paper, Ye Xiu watched them draw full content on them with his own eyes. Tang Rou's pictures have clear lines and clear thinking. With each stroke, Ye Xiu can see the logic and Tang Rou's thoughts. But Steamed Bun, the picture of Steamed Bun is the legendary abstract painting. His strategy, his logic, and a normal Glory player have little or no similarities, but sometimes they can have unexpected effects.
    With the continuous improvement of Steamed Bun level. In practicing with him, even Ye Xiu accidentally preached. And Ye Xiu has been trying hard to understand the ideas of Steamed Bun. For example, after practicing with him, he often analyzes the game and watch the video. For some things that don't understand the logic, let Steamed Bun explain it himself.
    Steamed Bun also scratched his head in many places. Obviously I have forgotten the thoughts and thoughts at the time. This is not Steamed Bun disconnection, Glory duel has a fast pace. In many cases, utilize is a reaction and judgment made without thinking and under Awareness. There are not many players who can remember every detail in a duel. In Happy, the player who can do this is Luo Ji, not Steamed Bun.

    Although I can't get all the answers, but only from some points that Steamed Bun can say, Ye Xiu gradually began to feel at ease after listening to it.
    Steamed Bun is not without logic, but his logic is more like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies. This is the innate imagination and observation ability, which is really like Wang Jiexi back then. The difference is that Steamed Bun has only been in contact with Glory for more than a year, and Wang Jiexi has been in contact with Glory for much longer than Steamed Bun before becoming a Pro-player. His Glory foundation is far more solid than Steamed Bun.
    Therefore, Wang Jiexi's like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies is accurate, sharp, and unpredictable, and is called Magician.
    And Steamed Bun, limited by his own skills, his imagination sometimes gets into the horns, and finally makes some very naive mistakes.
    Thoroughly figure out the status of Steamed Bun, so Ye Xiu can't bear to sigh. If Steamed Bun can contact Glory earlier and have a longer period of growth, it will definitely be more terrifying today. But only now, I still suffer from the late start. Steamed Bun certainly has a good talent, but this is no longer an online game. Compared to the online game Glory, all of the Pro Alliance are talented talents. And those players called gods are the best among these talented people.

    Happy Every rookie found by Ye Xiu has a certain potential. But for Glory, there were some delays due to their own reasons. Sun Xiang and Tang Hao, the new generation of top Great Gods in these alliances, are now only 20 years old, younger than Tang Rou and Steamed Bun, but they are already the protagonists of this Era.
    Ye Xiu has not only thought about it once, if they could find these people earlier, or if they became interested in Glory earlier. Starting to practice the scientific system, will they also be a member of the top of the pyramid nowadays?
    Unfortunately, there is no if, everything can only be thought of. Ye Xiu can only do his best to help these latecomers accelerate their growth. But for Steamed Bun, Ye Xiu can give more and more limited help. The strategy of Steamed Bun is special, this is his unique talent. If Ye Xiu used Glory's usual mechanical skill logic to demand him, it would be an obliteration of his talent. Let Steamed Bun display his uniqueness. This is something Ye Xiu can't give a point. Say it with a common saying. The next thing to look at is Steamed Bun's personal good fortune.
    So for Steamed Bun, what Ye Xiu often does now is to help him make fewer mistakes as much as possible. Those situations that are obviously pierced. Will help him remind them so as not to commit the crime again next time.

    In this matchup with Zhang Wei, Steamed Bun like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies in the first half. In the second half, he returned to the ordinary and confronted Zhang Wei head-on. When asked why, the answer given by Steamed Bun is really irrefutable.
    "I have a lot of blood!" Steamed Bun said.
    The whole room was stunned. I want to laugh, but I don't think it's funny. The first half is dominant and the HP gap is opened. In the second half, no more methods are used, and direct exchange is directly. This is a very scientific and orthodox idea. Even play dirty master Fang Rui. Playing against Zhou Guangyi in Arena Match is actually the same idea: Cooldown Ultimate Skill won the HP advantage after two passes, and immediately went head-to-head with Zhou Guangyi.
    "Well, this..." Ye Xiu also hesitated for a while, dragging the game to the middle, "Well, let's see if you have a lot of blood, then we will see you and his duel."
    He had a lot of blood, but he still lost to Zhang Wei. It can be imagined that there are still many problems with Steamed Bun at this stage. Tactic seminars are not lectures by Ye Xiu, they are all free to speak at this time. A few rookie and Qiao Yifan were relatively silent. Su Mucheng listened more often and found that they were overlooked together. I just mentioned that there is no such opportunity today. Ye Xiu is not currently the keynote speaker. After starting the analysis in the second half of the game, it became a cross talk between Wei Chen and Fang Rui.

    "Here, here, there, 2 minutes and 41 seconds, hesitate! Go straight to the forehead, right?" Wei Chen pointed to the game on the projection screen, the tone, the look, and it did not seem to be discussing Skill Tactic, alive and well, is instructing how to conduct Brawler fights.
    "That's right!" Steamed Bun punched his left palm with his right fist again, which he loved recently.
    "Never hesitate, shouldn't the backwards leap give in, and a Tiger Flipping Mountain directly?" Fang Rui said.
    "That's not necessarily true. After the backwards leap, a Powerful Knee Strike should be taken. It is also very powerful." Wei Chen said.
    "Powerful Knee Strike? A Shadow Cloak took you down." Fang Rui said.
    "So we need a backwards leap first, avoid Shadow Cloak, and then counterattack." Wei Chen said.
    Fang Rui froze for a while, then quickly reacted: "Damn, there is no Powerful Knee Strike, where is the Shadow Cloak?"
    "Young man, do you understand the enemy plane first?" Wei Chen said.
    "My sister!" Fang Rui was obviously not very polite to the old shameleBoss. "Steamed Bun don't listen to him, go directly to Tiger Flipping Mountain, and turn him over properly."
    "Bah!" Wei Chen tweeted, "Steamed Bun, I believe the old man, here first backwards leap and then a Powerful Knee Strike, I am optimistic about the opponent's make a move, it is just a time difference, and it can definitely give the opponent the biggest surprise."

    "Surprise, I like it!" Steamed Bun said with joy.
    "Yeah." Wei Chen nodded his head with a teachable expression, "Rhythm, what you need to pay attention to is rhythm."
    "Steamed Bun." At this moment, Ye Xiu called out.
    "Huh?" Steamed Bun looked at the boss.
    "Hesitated here, don't hesitate next time, react quickly." Ye Xiu said.
    "Okay." Steamed Bun said.
    "Well, that's all right." Ye Xiu nodded.
    The chapter number is correct, right? I have confirmed it many times, but there are always doubts in my heart. Have I already got the scariest chapter number phobia in the world?
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