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Chapter List 1055 Hello
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Ye Xiu, someone is looking for!" Chen Guo pushed open the door of the training room, with a little anticipation, what expression will Ye Xiu have after these four Great Gods suddenly visited.
    "Who?" Chen Guo was disappointed in the end, Ye Xiu didn't say he looked up.
    "I." Han Wenqing didn't let Chen Guo introduce him, and said directly by himself.
    "What are you doing?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "Competition." Han Wenqing said.
    "Go to the other side of the road for the game." Ye Xiu said.
    Instantly cold.
    The match day is tomorrow, and Tyranny obviously arrived at City H one day earlier, stayed here overnight to adjust the state, and then compete.
    "A few, let's sit down first!" Chen Guo had to come over to solve the cold field and let the four of them onto the rest sandbags on the wall of the training room.
    "Practicing?" Lin Jingyan didn't sit there, and leaned over to watch Happy training.
    "Is there any quality, take a peek at the training?" Ye Xiu finally looked up and gave Lin Jingyan a look with contempt.
    "Is this a peek?" Lin Jingyan ignored it and looked stubbornly.
    As a result, Fang Rui happened to make a utilize mistake.
    "Haha, do you feel the pressure from behind?" Lin Jingyan laughed.
    Fang Rui turned around and raised two middle fingers to Lin Jingyan.

    "The transformation is good!" Lin Jingyan put away his joking tone at this time, and said seriously.
    "It's okay!" Fang Rui said.
    The two people were silent immediately.
    Former teammates, Number One Brawler and Thief, a very important criminal combination, were abandoned by Team. No matter how decent they walk, I am afraid that they will not be able to make up for their disappointment. Nowadays, one goes to Tyranny and insists on playing with the little brilliance left. The other came to the newborn Team Happy and transformed his career to reinforce the Team. Although they are no longer teammates, their goal of fighting for Bo is still the same. Next, they will face off on the field. The common goal is now unable to be captured shoulder to shoulder, and one person is destined to lose.
    Fang Rui's training was Interrupt. The training of the group cooperation had to stop. Ye Xiu stood up and looked at the four: "Something is all right?"
    "It's okay, live nearby, come and have a look when you walk around." Zhang Jiale said to walk away. It was indeed walking, walking around the Happy circle around the training computer, and finally stopped next to Ye Xiu who had already stood up. Looking at Ye Xiu's unretired character, Lord Grim, let the pro scene no matter the Lord Grim in the Great God.
    "Hey, let me try this broken toy." Zhang Jiale said as he was about to squeeze into Ye Xiu's seat.

    "Is there any quality? What if I want to take a peek at the equipment Element?" Ye Xiu certainly refused.
    "Haha, what's the secret of your element that is broken? It has been fully deduced long ago." Zhang Jiale said.
    The Element of Silver Equipment is not displayed, but for a long period of time, Lord Grim's equipment is a silver twelve orange. Character Element is a display, Orange Equipment Element is also a display, only Thousand Chance Umbrella is an x. It is not difficult to evaluate.
    "That was before, now it's upgraded again, should I tell you too?" Ye Xiu said.
    "Really? 75? It's so sharp, let me see." Zhang Jiale was still robbing. In terms of rules, he is absolutely very, very inappropriate. Silver Equipment are all secrets of Teams, how can they be forced to look at them like this. Zhang Jiale just relied on his familiarity, plus the grass team on Happy's side, there is no rigorous aura, so he is tossing around here.
    "Go, go and play." Zhang Jiale expel completely aside. This one had no choice but to leave angrily. Ye Xiu looked at this various speechless: "Don't say you are here to investigate intelligence! We are going to call the police in this way."
    "Call the police! That's so shameless!" When Steamed Bun jumped up, his hand was already taken from under the table, a bag of canned beverage was carried in his hand, and it was tightened in the hand instantly, and suddenly a simple meteor hammer was born. Tigers and tigers live in power.

    "Don't make trouble!" Chen Guo shouted, really having a headache. These Great Gods usually set up on high with various golden flashes, and sometimes they can’t help but worship. But when I think about it carefully, none of them are older than me.
    Under Chen Guo's scolding, the training room became quiet.
    "Why are you here?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "Long time no see, come here and have a look." Zhang Xinjie answered. Chen Guo just let it out on the sofa, and finally Zhang Xinjie sat on it properly, and now he answered the question properly, making Chen Guo suddenly feel that this one is the only good person.
    "How about, we nOT bad? Do you want to come over? We can take our Owner here to be the master. I beg for it, maybe we can come over to take the last bus of the championship in the winter transfer." Ye Xiu said.
    "You really want to win another championship." Zhang Jiale said.
    "Who isn't it?" Ye Xiu said, and at the end of resolve added another sentence, "Oh, you are not, you have to go'again'."
    "You f*cker!" Zhang Jiale scolded. In this room, there are too many people without champions. There are no Su Mucheng Fang Rui Lin Jingyan, but Ye Xiu refers specifically to himself, and of course he still maliciously mocks his Siya.

    Although common saying does not reveal the shortcomings of people, but when the relationship is familiar, sometimes it becomes a specialization of shortcomings. Just like Zhang Jiale dared to do something so inconsequential to grab a look at equipment. But the problem is that he didn't look at the equipment, but Ye Xiu was forced to Provoke, and he was very depressed.
    "If you don't have anything serious, go quickly, don't delay our training." Ye Xiu directly waved to the expel four.
    "Now, still training?" Zhang Xinjie frowned. For him who absolutely follows the training system, he is still training at this time the day before the game, which is really unacceptable.
    "What do you know!" Ye Xiu threw it to one of the Glory Master Tacticians, a man who knew a lot.
    Zhang Xinjie did not refute, stood up and said, "It seems that your strength still needs improvement!"
    Chen Guo was surprised. With such a simple clue, he had already guessed this level. This only good person is obviously quite terrible!
    "Are you not used to Unspecialized?" Zhang Xinjie looked at Su Mucheng and Fang Rui.
    "I made you guess, what else to say." Ye Xiu said helplessly.
    "I hope the game will be exciting." Zhang Xinjie said.
    "Yes." Ye Xiu said.
    "See you on the court tomorrow." Han Wenqing left one last sentence, and the Tyranny four left immediately.

    "I'm dizzy, did I stop by to say hello? It's boring enough!" Ye Xiu sighed after seeing the four people go.
    "Our situation has been guessed by them." Chen Guo thought of Zhang Xinjie's not one thread loose instrument, and he shuddered when he said accurate judgments.
    "It's not hard to guess." Ye Xiu said.
    "What should I do?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Team Match, the hope of winning is really low. IndivID ual Competition is the focus of our guide." Ye Xiu said, looking at the time, "The time is almost there, let's take a look at tomorrow's opponent."
    "Go chase them back?" Steamed Bun asked.
    "Huh?" Ye Xiu didn't know why.
    "Aren't they the opponent of tomorrow?" Steamed Bun said.
    Ye Xiu countless, why did Steamed Bun get sick again...
    Afterwards, the whole team went to the Tactic room. The video of Tyranny's game, especially the first three rounds, has been collected and sorted out. Chen Guo thought of Ye Xiu's hard training with the whole team every day, and had to take the time to tidy up these things, deeply felt that this is not the way. Wei Chen can help, but he can't completely liberate Ye Xiu. Chen Guo can only be thankful now that he finally has Guan Rongfei and Wu Chen, otherwise if Ye Xiu has to do the two aspects himself, he only needs to cut him in half.

    pro team, I really don’t want to bring it! Chen Guo sighed. During this time, she is also expanding her manpower. Guild went well over there and recruited a lot of manpower to help run Guild in a semi-professional nature. Although these people are not local, the work of the online game department does not force the office to work in the same city. As long as there is an internet, things can be solved.
    In the mechanical skill department, Chen Guo also wants to add more staff. After Excellent Era was disbanded, the whereabouts of the staff of the Mechanical Skills Department became Chen Guo's first target. Rarely got the contact information of the three original colleagues from Guan Rongfei. As a result, contact knew that these people were still together, and they were still in Excellent Era, the new Excellent Era!
    The new Excellent Era signed up for this Season’s Challenge Tournament. Chen Guo took a look and moved forward smoothly. The current lineup of Excellent Era is based on Qiu Fei as the core, followed by some former Excellent Era training camp students. This Season Challenge Tournament does not have a behemoth like Excellent Era like the previous Season, and everything has returned to normal. Chen Guo looked around at random, and he actually saw the Team Immortal Execution of Season and they had done opponent. After expelling the whole team, he did not know where to find a group of people and then returned in a swirl of dust. .
    Team Immortal Execution was directly expelled from the Lin Yi group by their writer Owner. Chen Guo invited him at the time and the other party said they would consider it. Since then, there has been no message. Chen Guo contacted twice, but the other party still hesitated.

    It was not until the start of the new Season that Lin Yi called. He and the two players of Team Immortal Execution at the time decided to join Happy in the end and work in the online game Guild department.
    The message that came at this time made Chen Guo quite understand Lin Yi's mentality. He still wants to be a Pro-player. This summer, he is probably trying very hard to find such an opportunity. Until the start of the new Season, he probably failed to find Team, the dream of Pro-player. At this moment, he was drawn to the end, so he contacted Happy and became a member of the online game Guild.
    Lin Yi's level is quite high compared to ordinary players, and being able to serve as the Captain of the first team is also a bit extraordinary. After joining, he soon became Wu Chen's most effective assistant.
    Thanks to the efforts of these people, Guild Happy is now developing stably. The high-end battlefield has almost no longer dabbled in it because Ye Xiu and others have lost their strong advantage in the past. However, the Happy forces of normal servers are now actively operating, and the basic materials and Happy have finally begun to have their own harvest channels. I think that the days when tenth server sold some dungeon materials Ye Xiu to other Guilds to work as a part-time worker will never be repeated again... go for breakfast! (To be continued)
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