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Chapter List 1056 Tyranny Fan Club
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    On September 27th, the fourth round of the Glory Pro League 10th Season kicked off, Happy oversee home game against Tyranny.
    The influence of the Giants Team really is not trivial. Although Team Happy now has a certain popularity, the audience it attracts is not enough to fill the entire Xiaoshan Sports Stadium. Compared with the previous Excellent Era box office, when the stadium was full of tickets, it was hard to find. The gap between Happy is still very big. of.
    But this time Tyranny is here, and the attraction to neutral audiences is considerable. Coupled with Tyranny's own wide group of fans, the seats of Xiaoshan Sports Stadium have been filled a lot.
    For weak teams, this is really a blessing trouble. Come to Giants, you can drive the box office and get a lot of benefits. But at the same time, the arrival of Giants also means that the game may be lost.
    For Happy, this is their second home game, and there is no systematic concept of the box office. With so many audiences, Chen Guo is not too excited. Her focus is basically on the game.
    There were a lot of things to watch in this game. There was a matchup between Ye Xiu and Han Wenqing, a pair of old enemies, Fang Rui and Lin Jingyan, a pair of old friends, and Tang Rou's five-round vow of 1 vs. 3. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are so many things to watch, this matchup is not the most gorgeous matchup in this round. At the same time, the home game of City S Team Samsara ushered in Team Blue Rain.

    This kind of confrontation between Giants is the key point that TV broadcast will definitely not miss. Happy and Tyranny, those who want to watch the live broadcast have to live or go to the internet for live broadcast.
    At Xiaoshan Gymnasium, the visiting team Tyranny played first. When the official match. Team players wear their team uniforms. The influence of Giants like Tyranny is indeed extraordinary. They have fan groups spontaneously organized by fans everywhere. Whenever they go to play a game, those fans who will fight with the team will contact the local fans group, and then they will be organized. At the scene is Team Tyranny try harder. At this time, on the west side of the stadium, many of the Tyranny fans gathered here were wearing Team Tyranny uniforms when the Team players played. Frantically shouting and cheering, various banners and slogans spread out openly, compared to the Hundred BloBoss oms who came as a guest in the second round. The starting momentum is simply too strong.
    And Happy, although there are many fans now, it has not yet formed such an organized fan group. Try harder on the spot is all spontaneous. Under such organized and powerful momentum of the opponent, it suddenly appeared very scattered and smashed. Happy's home game is about to be captured by Tyranny fans.

    The Tyranny players waved to the fans who supported them and set off the scene after another. It was not until the home team came out and the happy fans screamed and applauded that Tyranny's momentum was temporarily overwhelmed. However, it was only for the time being, unorganized fragmentation. In the ongoing competition, it was not the opponent of the Tyranny fans group at all, and the Happy fans were defeated first.
    It is necessary to support a fan group.
    Chen Guo, who saw this scene, remembered that when he was still an Excellent Era fan, he had dealt with Excellent Era fans. Although these fan groups started out spontaneously. But after gathering a certain scale and influence, Club officials will also give some support behind the scenes. Happy, you can also refer to this model, but Happy has just started, and no powerful Group has been found for the time being. At the Challenge Tournament, the Guild brothers from Seven Fields gathered together quite violently, but unfortunately they were not on City H's side. Home game fans Legion, or local fans are the most convenient.
    The noise of the fans reached its peak when the players from both sides greeted each other after they played. Teams fans, at this time, will act as a strong backing for their own Team, adding all kinds of momentum behind them. Experience Rich and well-trained Tyranny fan, the momentum given to Team at this time is really Overpowered.

    After the players shook hands and greeted each other, they returned to their respective players' seats. The official match was about to begin, and the scene had begun to broadcast the IndivID ual Match number, which players were about to enter the battle.
    Team Tyranny, player Lin Jingyan, character Brawler Terrifying Dark Cold.
    Team Happy, player Su Mucheng, character Launcher Dancing Rain.
    The opening match was a duel of top players, and the scene suddenly turned high. The two players stood up from the players stand, greeted each other casually, and then walked to the competition stage.
    Players with a wealth of experience entered the game quickly, and the first duel started quickly.
    1 to 1 map, the countryside at dusk, a map that is not like a battle, but more like a landscape painting, slowly presented through Holographic projection at dusk. This is a piece of rain that Su Mucheng is very familiar with. I first loved the scenery in this picture. Because I like it, I gradually become familiar with it, and when I am familiar, I can naturally use it in the professional competition field.
    What about Lin Jingyan?

    With Fang Rui, a good partner in the past, he has no secrets in front of Happy. During the map picking process, the opinions of all parties were all right for reference. As far as the information provided by Fang Rui is concerned, none of the battle maps today were studied by Lin Jingyan. Of course, if you look at it from a different direction, Lin Jingyan has not studied it, and Fang Rui has almost no in-depth understanding. He grew up in exactly the same training environment as Lin Jingyan. The only change is that Lin Jingyan left first. That year.
    This year, Wind Howl has made some adjustments in all aspects to cater to the new core Tang Hao, and honed some new pictures.
    "However, since these maps cater to Tang Hao, who was born in Hundred BloBoss oms, I think they are not suitable for Tyranny. Zhang Jiale must also be familiar with these maps." Fang Rui analyzed the impact of player transfers. This can be seen. I just thought it was a person who was killed and killed in the war, and he didn't know enough about Glory.
    So IndivID ual Match number for a while, according to the preferences of player Su Mucheng, he chose Yuluo Village.
    How big a 1v1 map can be said to be a village, in fact it should be regarded as a corner of a village.
    Both characters spawned into the picture, and the game has already started. After bypassing a small hut in front of the spawned point, Su Mucheng has already seen the Terrifying Dark Cold flowing around with the help of the scene cover, seeming to want Tactic pathing.

    However, Lin Jingyan obviously also saw Dancing Rain on this end. Terrifying Dark Cold stopped running and walked out generously.
    "This picture, the cover is not strong!" Lin Jingyan said in the public chat box.
    Su Mucheng returned a smiling Expression. Of course, the long-range attacker needs the target to be within the large range of his line of sight. Of course, too much cover is something that Launcher doesn't like. Su Mucheng chooses the pictures he likes, and of course he also considers the factors of the game first.
    "It's not bad here!" Lin Jingyan suddenly said, Terrifying Dark Cold shuttled under the afterglow of the setting sun, and walked around behind a tiled house.
    Su Mucheng smiled, Dancing Rain continued pathing, and then Hand Cannon picked up, the muzzle energy gathered, but Quantum Bomb was stored.
    Terrifying Dark Cold behind the tile house is looking in all directions. Lin Jingyan is really not familiar with this picture. He is carefully observing, looking for available terrain and planning Tactic. He is not in a hurry to confront Su Mucheng. As a veteran, I always think of directly competing with Hardy Shoulders. If that is not appropriate, the veteran should give full play to his strengths and use more experience and Tactic. Hand speed work such as frontal knives should be reserved for young people as much as possible!
    Lin Jingyan was observing, and suddenly heard a "force u", short and sharp.
    Quantum Bomb!

    The Launcher’s Ability attack is huge, and the sound effects are different. Just listening to the sound can tell the Ability. Not only did Lin Jingyan recognize that this is the Quantum Bomb, but also from the sound effects, this gun is a powerful weapon.
    After being charged, the Quantum Bomb mustn't speak of two things on the same day. Lin Jingyan didn't find Dancing Rain at all, and didn't know which direction to dodge. However, crouching on Roll, reducing the area under attack, is better than standing stupidly.
    Who wants Terrifying Dark Cold? Just when it started rolling, the powerful thrust has already hit. The wall tiles of the tile house behind him suddenly flew out, and Terrifying Dark Cold was shot several times in an instant. The power of Quantum Bomb directly broke through the wall, and the rolling Terrifying Dark Cold was thrown out several somersaults.
    "I'm dizzy!" Lin Jingyan manipulated Terrifying Dark Cold and stood up, looking at the rotten wall that was directly broken by Quantum Bomb. Through this big hole, you can see the completely open door of the tiled house facing the tiled house, Dancing Rain? Lin Jingyan didn’t have time to see the silhouette clearly. A glorious light shone towards the door of the room and seemed to be swallowed, but in the end, it just passed through the door and passed through the big hole, directly towards Terrifying Dark Cold Shot from here.
    Laser Rifle!

    Across a tiled house, Su Mucheng's attacks were still continuous. Lin Jingyan, who was just somersaulted by Quantum Bomb, was obviously a little slower. This Laser Rifle could not hide either. He was hit and pushed directly into a pile of haystacks behind him.
    Fragmented grass was flying in the wind like snowflakes from Flying Upwards. Terrifying Dark Cold waved its claws on its fists and drilled out of the haystack. It was seen that Dancing Rain had approached a lot. The bright lighter crossed an arc and fell towards him.
    Do you want to talk about science? So far, so hard, the lighter flame thrown out is still so stable.
    Lin Jingyan slandered, but he also knew that hitting the lighter was not the key. The scary thing was the Heat-seeking MiBoss ile that was about to fall.
    Seeing the arc flying from the lighter, Terrifying Dark Cold stature retreated, and soon returned to the pile of haystacks.
    As a result, the pathing of the lighter did not seem to be what Lin Jingyan had expected. It seemed to fly farther down.
    Is there wind speed effect?
    At this time, it is no longer the time to consider scientific principles, and Terrifying Dark Cold will retreat.
    Terrifying Dark Cold was instantly encirclemented by the mighty fierce fire, the lighter fell to the ground, and the Heat-seeking MiBoss ile had not yet come, and the haystack was completely ignited.

    Lin Jingyan of Agni encirclement was obviously stunned. Utilize was a little slower, and Terrifying Dark Cold escaped the fire scene a little slower, and was lifted by the Shock wave when the Heat-seeking MiBoss ile landed.
    The mushroom cloud that rose up and the thick smoke that came down encircled the Terrifying Dark Cold once again.
    Start update again!
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