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Chapter List 1078 Influences
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The 1 vs 3 turmoil did not end with the end of the game, or for reporters, this is the real high chao.
    A group of reporters, headed by Ruan Cheng, were completely irritated by Tang Rou's attitude, and started writing various condemning articles when they returned. Ruan Cheng’s E-Sports Era is a semi-monthly publication. There is still a week away from the next publication. How could he endure that long? The impatient publicly published the crusade against Tang Rou on his personal blog, and this incident Call it a scandal, which caused a huge response. In addition to major media portals, there are also related reports on targeted attacks from different angles.
    But in this, many reporters also gave an understanding of Tang Rou. For example, Chang Xian stood on Tang Rou's side at show one's colors, and looked down on Ruan Cheng's reporters. But the problem is that E-Sports Home, where Chang Xian works, has strict requirements on its reporters. Manuscripts received by appointment can be marked as "does not represent the views of this newspaper," but the manuscripts of my own reporters may be subject to constraints.

    E-Sports Home is not incapable of taking a stand, but this time, Tang Rou’s actions are extremely controversial. Self-destructing promises cannot be taken into account in any way. E-Sports Home has always valued their fair authority in the circle. In this event, the conclusion of the discussions in the end is not to express too clear a stand, and to fight each other. As a result, Chang Xian made it clear that the manuscript supporting Happy and Tang Rou was naturally undesirable and was killed by the editor-in-chief three times in a row. Chang Xian is also a young man with passion. He was so tossed that he almost wanted to peach peaches without writing. But then he thought about it again. He wanted to poke him. Wouldn't the sound to help Happy and Tang Rou be weaker?
    So Chang Xian pulled out a lot of manuscripts from his predecessors to study and learn how to guide in this situation, so in the end when he hits each stick, although it is not obvious, the strength of the brush still shows the weight. This kind of trick is not hidden from the experienced editor-in-chief, but as long as it is not too explicit, a slight tendency is not a big problem. After all, mechanical comments that have no standpoint will appear to have no judgment and influence.
    On the one hand, E-Sports Home strictly restrains its own manuscripts. On the other hand, they are also using this topic to attract attention. E-Sports Home has invited an external draft, one is an article posted by Ruan Cheng's personal blog, and the other is an article. I found the famous commentator Cha Xiaoxia.

    Ruan Cheng’s position does not need to dwell on, and Cha Xiaoxia is a commentator who has publicly declared that he is Happy Fangirl. This kind of commentator would normally not go to make appointments with the related manuscripts of the Team he fanned, but at this time E-Sports Home asked him to make an appointment. Undoubtedly, it was precisely to use his pen to fight Ruan Cheng.
    Cha Xiaoxia is also not disappointed. Various tolerant understandings of Tang Rou, various frigid irony and scorching satire of Ruan Cheng Nabo people.
    There are all kinds of voices, but in general, the indisputable fact of ruining promises still leads to the overwhelming majority of comments that are not conducive to Tang Rou. E-Sports Home Chang Xian's efforts to show the ambiguous position, the understanding of Cha Xiaoxia show one's colors, and the understanding expressed by some other homes, in the end, none of them have the upper hand. after all. Even they have to admit that Tang Rou's behavior is improper. What they can express can only be understanding, but they cannot completely describe this as a situation of justice that is completely infallible.

    Amidst the scolding, the substantial influence soon appeared. Several companies that were originally interested in Tang Rou have withdrawn their intention to cooperate. There are even sponsors that have already cooperated with Happy, expressing high dissatisfaction with Tang Rou’s words and deeds this time, giving the possibility of future cooperation. , Marked with numerous question marks. Happy ……Because it is the first time to join the league, no sponsor will directly sign a long-term contract for them. It is generally a one-year contract. Then look at their performance and achievements this year before making plans. And now this kind of negative attention is obviously something they don't like.
    Then, the league also expressed concern about the turmoil. In the end, Happy and Tang Rou were issued a ticket for "improper words and deeds". The league is very sensitive to images. After all, video games were originally called "electronic heroin". Although the concept has been greatly improved now, the league dare not take the slightest care.
    Although everything was expected, Chen Guo was surprised by the intensity of the coming. In particular, the league's ticket is more like burning oil on the fire, making the condemnation louder.
    Chen Guo was depressed, but when he arrived at the training room, he saw Ye Xiu and Wei Chen leaning together in front of a computer, seriously talking about something.

    Fortunately, they were not affected. Chen Guo was very pleased and admired the mental quality of these elders more and more. With their attitude of honor and disgrace, other people's emotions can be quickly stabilized. This kind of function of the sea god needle is really indispensable for a team!
    While thinking about it, Chen Guo walked over to hear what the two were discussing.
    "Zé Zé Zé, these idiots, do they really not investigate the background at all before they write something?" Wei Chen said.
    "There is no public information! More importantly, they don't have this kind of imagination!" Ye Xiu sighed.
    "That's... Oh wow this... this is so harsh." Wei Chen said.
    "This is poison!" Ye Xiu said.
    "I really don't know how to write dead words!" Wei Chen said.
    "Never mind the minor player, the more you have a head and a face, the better I will see it." Ye Xiu said.
    "The first one to be done must be Ruan Cheng." Wei Chen said confidently.
    "He is diligent enough." Ye Xiu said.
    "Is going to be unemployed soon?" Wei Chen said.
    "Who knows!"
    "Will it be killed directly?" Wei Chen said.
    "Exaggerated! People are serious entrepreneurs." Ye Xiu said.

    "Daughter! You can't get rid of the hatred of being sprayed like this," Wei Chen said.
    "I think it's probably..."
    "Cough!!!" Chen Guo coughed heavily, and spitting anger interrupted the discussion between the two shameleBoss. Unfortunately, I thought they were discussing something serious, and co-authoring the two of them is imagining how Tang Rou's family background will help her make a powerful counterattack.
    "BoBoss is coming?" Wei Chen turned around after hearing the sound, greeted casually, and continued to read those articles and remarks that denounce Tang Rou without consciously becoming exhilarated.
    "Let me see what you two are up to!" Chen Guo said.
    "Oh, Little Tang was sprayed so badly! How do you think her father would make a move and teach these things?" Wei Chen actually wanted to bring Chen Guo in to discuss.
    "I despise you! Little Tang had said that she would bear it alone. When did she talk about her family background?" Chen Guo said.
    "You can't say that, we know Little Tang's domineering, but you have to do his part when you are a father! How come you have to pack a few to show warning?" Wei Chen said very confidently.
    After saying this, Chen Guo couldn't refute it for a while. She can only believe that Tang Rou will never turn her head and ask for help at home, but as Wei Chen said, although Tang Rou doesn't need it, the Tang family may not do nothing.

    As soon as he was stunned, Tang Rou walked in as soon as the door behind him opened, while still answering the phone.
    "Well, I'm fine, don't worry about me, so be it!"
    Call die, and the three in the room look at each other in dismay. This call, it sounds like it was from Tang Rou's house, and it was probably the current matter. What does the Tang family want?
    Tang Rou looked at the three in a daze, and shook his cell phone: "My dad, I'm also concerned about this!"
    "What did his old man say?" Wei Chen asked respectfully, "Let E-Sports Era go bankrupt first?"
    "The new E-Sports Era issue hasn't been published yet!" Ye Xiu said.
    "You can't run away from the monk, but you must demolish the temple first," Wei Chen said.
    "Everything in disorder." Chen Guo said.
    Just after speaking, the cell phone rang, Chen Guo picked it up, speaking with anger: "Hey!"
    "Owner Chen?" a male voice asked.
    "It's me, who?" Chen Guo cell phone glanced in front of him, unfamiliar number.
    "I'm Tang Shusen." The opposite person said.
    "Huh?" Chen Guo thought about the name quickly, with a little impression in the strangeness!
    "Tang Rou is giving you trouble, I'm really sorry, my daughter has such a personality, so strong!" said the opposite person.
    Oh wow!

    Chen Guo shivered in an instant, and then he realized which one of them was, and he quickly replied, "Uncle Tang, don't say that, we..."
    "Dad, what are you doing!" Tang Rou said loudly, with an extremely rare embarrassment on his face.
    I don’t know what was said on the phone, Tang Rou immediately said: “I know, I will take care of it myself. You go to the meeting now!”
    "Oh Wow said how many times, my profession is called Battle Mage, Battle Mage! Battle God is a nickname, which refers specifically to a particularly powerful character in this profession."
    "Hmm, the author of cao is more important, you are right."
    "Yes, now in our team."
    "Well, Unspecialized Lord Grim, you are very clear!"
    "What are you talking about! People don't have a common language with you." Tang Rou shouted.
    Ye Xiu three people look at each other in dismay. Listening to this, Tang Rou's father has already studied Glory, and would like to exchange a few words with Ye Xiu Great God?
    "Dad, stop making trouble, Frost Forest can't beat you and ask Secretary Wang to find a guide for you."
    sweat! The three of them wiped sweat, this level of communication is indeed a bit low.

    "I can live it!"
    "Can't bring it! You are on the eleventh server, even if my account returns to the normal servers, you can only go to the tenth server. We are not together."
    "Don't don't, you don't need to come over, can't I go there and find you when I have time! We need to train, I die."
    "Hmm, goodbye, goodbye!" Tang Rou finally killed off the phone, took a breath, looked at the three of them, the embarrassment on his face could not go away for a while. .
    "Uh... he also got a Glory number recently, it's okay to fool around." Tang Rou explained helplessly.
    "I heard it." Ye Xiu slight nod.
    "What's your name? I say hello to Wu Chen, take care of it?" Chen Guo tried to be serious.
    "If your uncle is interested in being an experience baby, just leave it to me!" Wei Chen had a dogged look on his face.
    "Shall we train?" Tang Rou almost cried.
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