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Chapter List 1100 Lord Grim's Nemesis
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    On December 6, ushered in the fourteenth round of the Glory ProfeBoss ional Alliance 10th Season, Happy oversee home game, to meet Team VoID who came to challenge.
    This is a dialogue before the direct competition opponent. In the twelfth round, for this reason, the live TV selected the Happy and Misty Rain game, but this time, the live TV in the end chose the current round of Wind Howl vs. Thunderclap. game. It is said that in the discussion meeting inside the E-Sports channel, commentator Pan Lin actively expressed his opposition to the re-transfer to the Happy game, and said exactly that the guest commentator teacher Li Yibo also thinks so.
    The reason is very high-sounding, but the fact is, even though Pan Lin didn't say it, everyone seems to be "I understand". Isn’t it just afraid of being face smacking after seeing the wrong situation in the commentator Happy game?
    But having said that, Team Thunderclap's Tactic is as high-end! Just like the complicated and changeable round of the game, Tactic forced Yu Wenzhou's meaning, can this pair of partners be seen in the game? At least in the post-match interviews, the experienced Glory reporters did not notice this. They were not prompted until Yu Wenzhou's reluctant comment. Only then did the interview with Xiao Shiqin be confirmed.
    The level of commentator needs to be improved...

    There are always face smacking incidents, and the channel is also very embarrassing. However, there is really no better candidate now. After all, being a commentator and guest does not mean that you just know how to do it, you have to be suitable for this, and you can say a good game with a rhythm. Zhou Zekai and Huang ShaOTian are not low in Tactic literacy, definitely higher than the current two, but. Can the two of them be commentators and guests? Can it be?
    Suitable is the best.
    So far, Pan Lin and Li Yibo are already the best commentator partners.
    So this time against Void, Happy started without a live broadcast.
    Team VoID is still the twin Ghosts partner at the core. A rookie appeared on Season, and Exorcist player He Caijie is in a more stable position this season. Hidden has become the most reliable combat power around twin Ghosts. In terms of Void, we must also step up the promotion of He Caijie's Exorcist character.
    Team VoID was particularly excited when hearing about the changes in the characters of Team Royal Style and the promotion of staff in the mechanical skill research department. Team Royal Style. Although their strength is now stable at mid-stream, their mechanical skill research department is undoubtedly at the leading level in building Exorcist. Peaceful Hermit Although this Season has not entered All Stars so far, it is mainly dragged down by Team's results and performance. Only on character Element data. Peaceful Hermit is still fully deserving, without any reservations.

    Void did not have the arrogance to directly earn Peaceful Hermit, but it was also very good to get the other two mechanical skill staff with experience in this area.
    As a result, when Void made a move again, dumbstruck learned that these two mechanical skill personnel had gone to Happy and the other to Heavenly Sword. The slower Void missed the long-awaited support, cheeks streaming with tears. I can only continue to study the production of Exorcist equipment with my own mechanical skill group.
    The character is a bit weaker, but player He Caijie has not complained. This is rare today when rookie is mostly impetuous. He Caijie has a maturity and stability beyond his age.
    IndivID ual Match number, Void sent the second-year rookie from their team. His record in this season's IndivID ual Competition is also quite extraordinary. 12 times played, 10 wins and 2 losses.
    Had it not been for Ye Xiu's abnormal record of 13 games and 12 consecutive victories, He Caijie would be like the player with the highest winning rate on the duel battlefield so far. Now, duel's strongest and second-strongest two collided, and the game was full of topics from the start. In contrast. Thunderclap live on TV to Wind Howl, the opening was really flat and flat. Team Thunderclap did not have too many bursts in the IndivID ual Competition.
    "Senior, please advise." He Caijie, a steady rookie, will never forget the etiquette he should have.

    "Well, let's see if we can modify the opponent's winning percentage." Ye Xiu replied. As you can see, he pays a lot of attention to this second-year rookie. At least know that the opponent is the only strongman in the IndivID ual Competition.
    The game counts down and loads.
    Happy home game, Ye Xiu map pick, the style remains the same. The characters of the two parties do not stop, and the map center directly finds the other party and starts the fight.
    Lord Grim used long-range firepower to launch an attack first. He Caijie's Green evaded him, and with a wave of his arm, War Scythe flew out.
    It's just an ordinary Soul Control, without adding any talisman paper. The sense of temptation is still very obvious. He Caijie lives up to the reputation of being stable and didn't rush to grab the initiative from the beginning, although the current consensus is that, I think Exorcist will be the bane of Unspecialized Lord Grim, but what about when Royal Style meets Happy? Tian Sen anxiously wanted Peaceful Hermit to complete a bane mission. As a result, the Royal Style in the end game was still won by Happy 9-1. In the IndivID ual Competition, the two people did not meet, Team Match, the Peaceful Hermit who wanted to be bane seemed to be the first to be sent away.

    bane, theoretically speaking, it is true, but there is a real need to raise the power of action to turn theory into reality. Exorcist's restraint on Lord Grim, He Caijie believes that Ye Xiu knows better than anyone, and it is impossible for him not to take any precautions. A bane who has been blatantly called out must be prepared to deal with an opponent who can play a twelve-point Spirit before he overcomes the opponent.
    The War Scythe Lord Grim that Soul Control flew out was also easy to avoid, but He Caijie immediately became a Soul Control utility again, and War Scythe flew back abruptly and attacked Lord Grim. Lord Grim was chopped into a fog without turning his head.
    Shadow Clone Technique!
    The real body has already sent several figures forward, and the cold light has followed, and Shining Cut has actually been in front of him.
    Soul Control flies out of War Scythe's Blue Drive. At this time, there is no weapon in his hand. You can't use the parry attack, but Exorcist is not a profession that requires weapon to perform Ability. With a pinch empty-handed, a talisman paper has been condensed. , With a trace of icy air, Blue Drive posted towards Lord Grim while backwards leap.
    The Ice Talisman, the Ice Element Ability of the freezing effect, must not be ignored, and Lord Grim had to shrink back so fiercely.
    The ice talisman that missed the target shattered and disappeared in the air, but the Blue Drive had already slapped it again, and a new talisman paper was pinched again.
    Raging Flames symbol!

    When the ice is over, it is fire. The Blue Drive attacked two consecutive talisman papers. There is no opening(s) left in the middle, and the rhythm connection is extremely accurate.
    Retire again?
    No, that would hit the War Scythe who was flying back behind him, Ye Xiu didn't suddenly see this at all. Flashing to the left seems to be a logical player, but...Looking at the bluffing right hand of the Blue Drive, I am afraid that as long as I give in to that side, I will immediately see another rune on my right hand. In this way, it can be pressed in the middle.
    So in the end, Ye Xiu went on to move on!
    CollID ing Stab!
    Lord Grim suddenly used the Berserker's Ability and rushed forward. Attack of Raging Flames. Unlike the ice talisman, there is a state that cannot be ignored. If you eat it hard, you can still endure it. He Caijie was obviously not prepared for Ye Xiu's head-on. Lord Grim made a hit, and continued to rush forward against the Blue Drive, pulling the distance from the War Scythe flying behind him, and then flipping to the right.
    Lord Grim was affixed by the flame talisman, and the flames all over his body burst into flames, which was a continuous damage in time.
    War Scythe flew back to the hands of the Blue Drive. What Ye Xiu got was only a damage of CollID ing Stab, without the attack weight of the Flame Charm. However, it is better than nothing.
    Sky Strike!
    Thousand Chance Umbrella changed its shape and picked it out.

    He Caijie moved his heart, but he still didn't change much. War Scythe, who had just flown back, was pulled back in front of him and held up the Sky Strike. Then it was launched with one hand, and another talisman paper was delivered, this time it was Thunderfall Talisman.
    Lord Grim backwards leap stepped away, and the Blue Drive knocked War Scythe along. The blue light on the ground floated, and the Ascending array immediately lifted Lord Grim into the air.
    Lord Grim in the air quickly adjusted the stature, and facing the Blue Drive is an Anti-Tank MiBoss ile. The Blue Drive was about to come up for an additional attack, but was forced to do so. Lord Grim used his recoil to bounce away, but he threw another Grenade back.
    With the ups and downs, the two people fought each other in an instant, no one suffered a big loss, and no one had a big advantage. It's not unusual to be able to compete with Ye Xiu's Lord Grim so closely. But now, many people have higher expectations for He Caijie.
    Exorcist is known as Lord Grim bane because of the new update’s Level 75 Ability, but He Caijie is still useless.
    Do you want to wait for a more mature opportunity?
    Everyone can take care of this little thought, but he doesn't have the same patience as He Caijie, and just hopes to see the Blue Drive succeed.

    it's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter, such an opportunity, easier said than done? A sloppy make a move will not be effective, it can only waste Ability, and lose the deterrence of Ability in the next Ability Cooldown. And now, He Caijie can clearly feel that Ye Xiu really has scruples about this Ability, and some utilities obviously take this kind of precaution. The power of bane has actually been revealed! It's not only when the Ultimate Skill is blasted to make the opponent kneel.
    "I'm so patient!" Even Ye Xiu couldn't help but sigh.
    "I'm looking for an opportunity." He Caijie didn't seem to resist the conversation during the game.
    "There won't be." Ye Xiu said.
    "No one can be sure of this." He Caijie said.
    When I said this, War Scythe swept from top to bottom, while the other hand Void was about to pinch a talisman paper. As expected by He Caijie, in this situation, Ye Xiu dared not use the simple and casual response of attacking parry, and Lord Grim jumped back.
    Soul Control!
    The War Scythe that swept down suddenly took off and flew out at this moment, and the distance of Lord Grim backwards leap suddenly seemed not enough.
    But Ye Xiu, who moved a little distance away, seemed a little relieved at this time. Thousand Chance Umbrella picked up and parry went up. As a result, the moment the weapons were about to collide, Ye Xiu saw the left hand of Qingzhizuo, snapping quickly. Got War Scythe.

    not good!
    Ye Xiu knew it for a while, but it was too late to change the trick. Thousand Chance Umbrella and War Scythe collided. A string of talisman paper energy quickly rushed up from the end of the War Scythe, from where the two weapons met, to Thousand Chance. On Umbrella, when it suddenly bloomed, a letter flashed faintly.
    Exorcist Level 75 Ultimate Skill: Forbidden symbol.
    Effect: The target equipment attached to the ban can not be used for 1 minute.
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