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Chapter List 1106 Dark And Light
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The first thousand two hundred and twenty-five chapters dark and light
    What are the qualities Fang Rui possesses?
    This requires a hundred Glory players, and about a hundred answers are trivial and without the slightest hesitation.
    This answer is certainly not wrong, but the so-called expert analysis is of course not so general. They will deduct from many mechanical skill details what qualities Fang Rui possesses. In short, the conclusion is: This kind of strategy, Fang Rui is just right. Others may not be suitable.
    Those who agree with this statement even include former Qi Master All Stars player Zhao Yang. Zhao Yang, who has been retired, did not say goodbye to his attention to Glory. A reporter familiar with him easily got his views on Fang Rui Qi Master. Zhao Yang believed that even he could not play Fang Rui's special style. Qi Master, this is indeed a unique strategy based on people.
    And what will happen to the results of this strategy?
    At present, Happy's recent strength and Fang Rui's increasingly proficient new strategy are definitely one of the factors that cannot be ignored. After being tossed by Ye Xiu’s Unspecialized Lord Grim, when facing Happy, everyone in the alliance now has another tricky strategy that they can’t fully understand for a while, which will also let them at a loss to know what to do .

    Losing is not terrible; but we don’t know how to lose, which is terrible. This means that there is no way to learn from experience and seek progress.
    And the feeling that Happy brings to the alliance is too strong. The strange Unspecialized, Steamed Bun with divergent thinking, now, there is another Fang Rui with a new strategy.
    This new team is really new, with new people, new characters, and new strategies.
    How to solve these brand new elements? Teams has to spend time to research and figure out. But the opponent in the league is 19, not just a Happy. After all, no team will do too much research and practice for a particular team. It still has to follow the rhythm of the schedule and focus on which team to guide. So Happy took advantage of the situation, and after stabilizing the style, they began to score wildly. By the fourteenth round, their footsteps still didn't mean to stop at all. Ge Zhaolan, the first player to play in the Void Arena Match, was beaten by two. Fang Rui BoundleBoss Sea's HP only consumed 37.
    A pretty good start, and the applause from the scene sent Ge Zhaolan who was hanging one's head dispiritedly.
    Li Xuan sighed and shook his head, his eyes fell to his side. His best friend, best partner, but at the same time Wu Yuce who has a dispute with him about "Who is the first Ghostblade".
    "It's up to you." Li Xuan said.

    After Team VoID, Wu Yuce and him will take turns to defend. There is still someone on Happy's side, and a lot of them are behind.
    Wu Yuce slight nod, did not say much, got up and walked on the court resolutely.
    The supporters of Happy at the scene made a big splash for the home team, and it is inevitable to boo and obstruction the Void players. However, Wu Yuce seems to have the function of automatically shielding hiss. He and his pace are very stable. When he met Ge Zhaolan on the way, he stopped and exchanged a few simple words, and he was not affected by the atmosphere of the scene at all.
    Wu Yuce quickly arrived on the court, entered the game bench, and logged into his character.
    Ghostblade, Carved Ghost, one of the only two female characters in All Stars characters in recent years.
    "Come on, Ms. Wu!" So after the game started, Fang Rui immediately trash talked on this point.
    Wu Yuce did not respond, and Carved Ghost moved on the map. What about Fang Rui? He didn't seem to expect Wu Yuce to respond, and while trash talked for a while, BoundleBoss Sea rushed out.
    To Wu Yuce, Fang Rui is actually not new, they were born in the same year. However, although the two people showed their heads in their respective Teams at the beginning, they couldn't compare with the season and their other students of the same year.

    Zhou Zekai was on the professional stage in that season. The first Season sent the mediocre soy sauce team like Samsara into Playoffs.
    What are Fang Rui and Wu Yuce doing at this time?
    Fang Rui went to Wind Howl and was initially positioned as the successor of Lin Jingyan Three Hits. As a result, at the beginning of Season, Fang Rui showed his talent in Thief. As a result, he was positioned as a Thief player in the end and then set foot on All Stars. the road.
    What about Wu Yuce? When I first arrived at Void, in fact, Team wanted to reshape his career at the time. He didn't want Wu Yuce but refused to obey. He insisted on Ghostblade as a career. But at that time Team VoID already had Li Xuan, a golden generation Ghostblade player, Wu Yuce's behavior, which was regarded as extremely unwise and Provoke. At first, he was coldly received, until the opportunity coincidence, got the chance to play, and the First World War started, Team began to re-examine his positioning, and felt that... two Ghostblade, it seems that it is not infeasible, the combination of twin Ghosts, so far Start to erect slowly.
    In the beginning of the two people, none of them were as brilliant as Zhou Zekai, and they all had their own twists and turns, but the two people's attitudes were different.

    Fang Rui is very casual, from being a Qi Master when he was in Blue Rain, to being trained on Brawler by Wind Howl. When he finally became a Pro-player, he found that Thief was quite suitable, so he positioned him as Thief...this It may be said that Fang Rui is constantly compromising, but in the current professional environment, an unfamous player wants to be reused by Team, I am afraid that most players will obey and compromise like this. As for Fang Rui, his obedience and compromise were a little bit more. There were so many twists and turns on the way from training camp to becoming a Pro-player, but in the end, he finally succeeded, but this guy, after success, he again Transformation, but with his actual status and status, will the transformation still be regarded as obedience and compromise? But in Fang Rui's view, he didn't think it was much different from the beginning.
    Compared with Fang Rui, Wu Yuce happens to be the tiny part. He did not obey the team’s needs, but insisted on his choice. Such a player might be abandoned by the team from the beginning, but Wu Yuce had good luck. He just joined the team and continued his persistence. Then, he waited for the opportunity, grasped the opportunity, his persistence had meaning, and in the end also embarked on the road of All Stars.

    Two completely different journeys, in the end, created two equally outstanding All Stars players. At this moment, the two people met. Fang Rui’s strategy, like his people, is casual, so in the end he became a master of wretchedness. Wu Yuce is tough and unyielding, so his Ghostblade also has a toughness that oozes from his bones.
    Fang Rui’s trash talk, only said one sentence when Wu Yuce debuted on the stage, did not appear again, because he knew very well that this was a person who would not be obstruction of trash talk, his temper was so tough, rookie At times, I dare to insist on my team's disobedience to Team's arrangements. This is not something that any player dares to do.
    The two sides met in the middle of the map soon, and there was no exchange, and the fight started directly. BoundleBoss Sea started Fang Rui's signature Thief movement posture. When the opponent didn't notice the move, a Qi Bullet had already blasted out.
    Ghost Slash!
    The result was a Ghost Slash by Carved Ghost. The power of the devil is permeating the knife, passing directly through the Qi Bullet.
    Qi Bullet will not be cleared by the judgment of this kind of attack. It is still flying towards the Carved Ghost, but the knife of the Carved Ghost is also slashed at the BoundleBoss Sea.
    With a bang, Qi Bullet blasted onto the Carved Ghost. He didn't hide at all, but desperately delivered his Ghost Slash to BoundleBoss Sea.

    This guy!
    Fang Rui gnashing one's teeth, with a head-on, Ghostblade is obviously not a high-blood-proof occupation, but Wu Yuce just likes this way, this is due to his personality.
    But Fang Rui didn't expect this kid to be so hot when he got started.
    With this blow, he can hide, but with this hide, the second strike of the Carved Ghost will arrive soon, and the initiative will drop Wu Yuce's hand in an instant.
    I will not let you do what you want
    Fang Rui went down with a utilize, and BoundleBoss Sea stature had a meal, but he opened Striker’s Ability Reinforced Iron Bones, which stiffened the Ghost Slash of Carved Ghost.
    Qi Edge!
    When BoundleBoss Sea was hitting the knife, the Qi Edge flew out with one hand. But at this time, the power of Ghosts associated with the Ghost Slash, Carved Ghost, was still permeating, a thin layer of purple, this Qi Edge flew by, and immediately brought out an incomparably clear trace.
    Carved Ghost leaned to the left.
    Hey, how easy it is. Fang Rui sneered, Qi Edge suddenly turned to the right at this time, and cut to the Carved Ghost.
    However, this blow did not make Wu Yuce give up the offensive. While Carved Ghost stature was hit by Qi Edge, the knife in his hand was still stubbornly sent out.
    Frozen Ghost Slash!

    The difference between Sword Demon and Phantom Demon is that Phantom Demon is the power of Summon Ghosts, forming various magic circles to control or kill opponent. Sword Demon, on the other hand, attaches the power of Summon's Ghosts directly to the sword to increase the lethality of his slash.
    Ghost Slash, Moonlight Slash, Full Moon Slash, these are the three slashing skills that Ghostblade will have at level 20 and below, and Sword Demon can attach any kind of Ghosts power to these three slashing skills.
    Carved Ghost's blow was Summon's Ice Soul force attached to the blade, and it became an ice-bound Ghost Slash. A light blue icy air filled the body of the knife. In this slash, several figures were delivered. Although BoundleBoss Sea was already in Roll, it was swept by the ice air, and the speed suddenly dropped a lot.
    Yan bite the full moon!
    Carved Ghost's slash again, at this moment, he boldly made a move, and the character slid forward. This time, Summon's power was the power of the fire soul, attached to the blade, and came a Full Moon Slash. The enchanting power of the fire soul, in the shape of a full moon, does not appear to burn the eyes. This flame, which symbolizes the power of the devil, is always not pure red, but with a dark purple in it, but its power , But it will be bigger because of it, because it is not a simple fire element damage. In addition to the fire element, there will always be Ghostblade’s natural dark element.
    Yan bite the full moon, fall!
    Nen Guard!

    A tangible protective cover abruptly expanded around BoundleBoss Sea, blocking the full moon of Yan Qi.
    If Ghostblade is an inherently dark Element, then Qi Master is an inherently light Element. But what about the controllers of the two professions at this time...
    The Ghostblade of Dark Element is a tyrannical and positive way; the Qi Master of Light Element is the representative master of the wretched stream. (To be continued.
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