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Chapter List 1107 It's Wonderful Even If You Lose
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The power of Ghosts brought by the full moon of the flaming bite invaded the Nen Guard of BoundleBoss Sea, but it was still unable to suppress the brilliance of this light Element. The protective power of the Nen Guard could obviously withstand the damage of this blow.
    Who would think that at this moment, a wave of Ghosts' power suddenly rose up under the feet of Carved Ghost, and it instantly gathered on the blade. In an instant, the ghosts' power of the full moon was more abundant!
    Cut the formation?
    Everyone was taken aback, and no one found out when Wu Yuce Summon had Sword Soul.
    Although this Ghost Formation level is low, the auxiliary effect is not bad at all. Not to mention that Carved Ghost is a Ghostblade that cuts twin cultivation, it is a pure Sword Demon, and it often fills up the Ghost Formation of Sword Soul. This low-level Ghost Formation sings very quickly, and it can be worthwhile to attack, the sudden buff damage.
    Wu Yuce did exactly this, but he, the ghost of Sword Soul Summon, did not know that the full moon of Yan Chuan had been smashed out, and the power of Sword Soul was truly condensed. The assistance of Ghost Formation is instant. The full moon of Yan Bite is originally the dual damage ability of physics and mana. With the dual promotion of Strength and Intelligence, the power soars more thoroughly.
    The brilliance of Nen Guard dimmed in an instant.

    Nen Guard's mind was exhausted in an instant, but the full moon burned away after that, any remaining energy (idiom from Analects) towards the BoundleBoss Sea. Fang Rui hurriedly utilized BoundleBoss Sea to avoid it, but another blow from Wu Yuce had already followed.
    Moonlight Slash!
    This time I finally arrived at the make a move. What kind of Ghosts power is attached to it?
    There is no ice, no fire, this Moonlight Slash cut out only endless darkness.
    Dark Moonlight Slash, this time, Wu Yuce Summon's is a dark soul, depriving all light, bringing complete darkness to the power of the dark demon god in the world.
    Can't get out of it!
    Fang Rui made a judgment instantly. Wu Yuce's Carved Ghost slashed like a slash, and even Nen Guard was forcibly broken. This blow finally avoided him to a point where he could no longer dodge.
    Since it is impossible to dodge, then exchange it!
    When the dark moonlight slash's black knife hit the front of BoundleBoss Sea, BoundleBoss Sea had also raised his hand and played a Sand Toss.
    The damage of Sand Toss is incomparable to the dark Moonlight Slash under the blessing of Sword Formation, but at least it has the effect of Blinding as the power of the dark demon.

    BoundleBoss Sea hit the knife first, and the black light spread out. In an instant, the display frequency in front of Fang Rui was completely swallowed up by the darkness, as if a black screen of crash had disappeared. But in his ears, all the voices were still so clear, letting him know that everything was still going on, and it hadn't stopped yet, BoundleBoss Sea's Sand Toss was shot, and then there was a ticking crash.
    Have you hit it? Blinding?
    Fang Rui didn't know, he couldn't see everything, he could only utilize BoundleBoss Sea back desperately, waved a Qi Bullet, and didn't see the target at all, he just played Awareness to do nothing more.
    But soon Fang Rui found that his BoundleBoss Sea was flying.
    Hasn't this guy been blinded? BoundleBoss Sea immediately received another blow. It was so coherent and compact. Obviously, it was not a good rhythm that a blind person could control. Fang Rui knew that Carved Ghost was not given to Blinding by the Sand Toss.
    All of this, the audience can see clearly, not only there is no Blinding, Sand Toss's meager damage, and Carved Ghost did not eat. After darkening the Moonlight Slash, the Carved Ghost immediately circled around the ghost shadow, blocking all the flying sand.
    Ghostblade Ability: Shadow Image.

    Unaffected by Wu Yuce, utilize Carved Ghost to attack. After Ghost Claw threw BoundleBoss Sea into the air, the slash with Ghost Formation began immediately, until the Blinding effect on BoundleBoss Sea disappeared. Floating in the air without falling.
    "I said, don't be too rampant!" The line of sight brightened, and Fang Rui was also Spirit shaken. Although this wave of damage was not low, it was still far from damaging his morale.
    BoundleBoss Sea, with his back to the ground, facing the blade of the Carved Ghost, his hands held the ball and stopped in front of his chest, his thoughts floating.
    Secretly accumulating an attack again!
    People who had little understanding of Fang Rui's fighting methods suddenly began to discuss.
    Wu Yuce is also completely careless. He knows how long his Dark Moon Ghost Slash can be blinded. He knows that the effect has passed, and the BoundleBoss Sea arms suddenly raised to his chest...
    Carved Ghost immediately slid to the side, walked first, and then the knife came out, it was necessary to block the angle of BoundleBoss Sea and make a move.
    Who thinks, BoundleBoss Sea does not have this kind of action at all. As soon as the holding hands come out, it actually makes a move like this.
    Sky Blast Cannon!
    It was really Sky Blast Cannon, a thought gas flew out strongly, rushing to the sky, leaving traces of rotation and condensation in the air.

    There was nothing in the sky. This Sky Blast Cannon, of course, could not hit any target. However, with this push, BoundleBoss Sea suddenly accelerated and fell towards the ground. Carved Ghost's cut this time was finally cut off.
    But just before BoundleBoss Sea landed, his palms regained their strength, the angle of view did not change, and the hands landed one step before the body.
    Ability came out, and the mind walked down the ground, hitting all the corners in the range, and the Carved Ghost was no exception. The Strength transmitted from the center of the earth bounced him directly off the ground and threw him to the side.
    Quick Recover!
    Wu Yuce hurriedly utilized Carved Ghost Roll and landed, but the BoundleBoss Sea, which hands shot the land, rolled the land faster! Who can be more adept and quicker with this kind of cruelty movement than the wretched body of Thief?
    The Carved Ghost flies horizontally in mid-air, and BoundleBoss Sea has already rolled to his side.
    Pulse Break: Break Intelligence!
    With one finger, Carved Ghost Intelligence dropped sharply.
    Then, Flash Hundred Split, Qi Annihilation!
    After two Ultimate Skills in a row, they hit the Carved Ghost who was flying in this way. Nian Qi circulated wildly on the Carved Ghost body, driving the surrounding air currents, setting off dust and flying around. The appearance of the Carved Ghost really didn't seem to be a trick, as if he was exploding in a small universe.

    Fang Rui wanted to take another attack, but Wu Yuce also picked it up. He was suddenly hit by Heavy Hit, and he didn't shake the player's will in the slightest.
    What a wonderful matchup of opponent!
    Many spectators stood up and applauded the match. Fans hope that their Team will win, but they will not begrudge their respect for opponent's outstanding performance. At any time, a high-level matchup is always love to hear and see. In such a matchup, even the one who loses will leave with the least regret.
    Fang Rui just walked off the stage with such intentions. In the end, he lost the duel, but he won the applause as if he was a winner. Although he failed to win, a strong enemy like Wu Yuce also inspired Fang Rui's performance to a higher level.
    In the discussion about Fang Rui's Qi Master strategy, some people have discussed whether this new strategy can really stand the test.

    New strategy, because everyone is unfamiliar, there will always be some brighter results when it first debuts. But to truly test whether a strategy can be spread, time is the most effective way. In the more than ten years since Glory was born, countless strategies have been born, spread, or eliminated. So far, in a relatively mature and balanced situation, the new strategy is often the night-blooming cactus shows once, and there are fewer and fewer ones that can stand on for a long time.
    Fang Rui’s Qi Master strategy, after all, has only appeared in ten rounds, can it really become a genre? The more conservative people are not too optimistic. But right now, in the game that just ended, Fang Rui's strategy is still shining with all kinds of lights in the high-level opponent matchup against Wu Yuce, which is considered to have passed a very solid test.
    "Happy!" Fang Rui obviously also attaches great importance to the value of this duel. At the moment it seems to be a loss, but it is of great significance to his future development. Besides, even looking at it right now, it can't be said that he loses! He has already beaten Void alone. Wu Yuce’s Carved Ghost has also lost 50% of his HP, 1.5 in 1 pick. Fang Rui’s performance is actually very impressive. This is Arena Match. You can’t win from a single game. Consider negatively.
    "Yeah, well played." Ye Xiu said.
    "I really want to go up and call again!" Fang Rui held the account card in his hand, his expression still unfinished.

    "You can ask him to fight all night after the game." Ye Xiu said.
    "Okay, that's a good idea. I'll send him a text message." Fang Rui said, digging out the cell phone, all kinds of impatient. Happy, Arena Match’s second appearance is Su Mucheng, who has already appeared on stage with a smile.
    Dancing Rain has 100% HP, and Carved Ghost has only 50% HP. Launcher’s ultra-long range. For Ghostblade, who has little high-speed movement skills, there is still some restraint. In the end, an equally exciting duel. Later, Dancing Rain killed the Carved Ghost at the cost of 33% of the HP.
    Li Xuan, the defender of Void Arena Match in the end, is unfortunately another Ghostblade. The suppression of Launcher still exists. Su Mucheng previously played in the IndivID ual Competition, but this round was specially transferred to Arena Match, which obviously meant to target the two Ghostblades of Team VoID.
    One third, Wu Yuce was sent away; two thirds, Li Xuan was ushered in.
    Li Xuan is Phantom Demon. For Launcher, who doesn't need to attack and can't be close to him, Phantom Demon doesn't have much use for the protection of his body. He must take the initiative and actively seek opportunities to put the Launcher in the circle. But how could it be so easy...

    The twin Ghosts partners are competing with Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng in several Seasons of Best Coordination, losing their competitiveness in various overwhelmed ways. Ye Xiu? It's not yet their turn, but Su Mucheng's Launcher has repeatedly defeated them. Su Mucheng even has the title of twin Ghosts bane.
    This twin Ghosts is not a general reference, or specifically refers to the two of Void. Su Mucheng, he seems to have a special experience in dealing with Ghostblade. They are these two full sufferers.
    It now appears that there is no confrontation in Season, but the suffering master is still the suffering master. One-third of the HP sent away half the blood of the Carved Ghost, and two-thirds of the HP made Li Xuan helpless. Team Happy, the Arena Match has ended when two people played.
    "Oh no..." Fang Rui took a look at his cell phone from time to time. He won the Arena Match, but he still looked depressed: "I didn't reply to my text message, it seems that I am in a bad mood!"
    0 is behind 5, who can be in a good mood?
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