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Chapter List 1108 Shuanggang Grabbing A Building
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Of course Team VoID's mood will not be good.
    Arena Match, Li Xuan boosted the morale of the players, but he couldn't get a foothold when he went up. Even Happy's defending general was bombarded by Su Mucheng without seeing him. It was embarrassing to say. Fortunately, the Void team are all veteran players. Rookie such as He Caijie is also a mature and stable person. Knowing that Su Mucheng has always been the bitter owner of Vice-Captain in the team, there is no slander.
    Behind 0 to 5, a direct confrontation between two competitive opponents, Void is now fully behind. If Team Match loses again, there will be a 10-point gap between the two teams on the points list this round. This gap is in double digits, even if it is the difference between 10 points and 9 points, there will be subtle differences in mentality. Double digits will always make people have a particularly difficult chase Chapter 1227 Shuanggang robbed the building.
    "I think no one wants to be thrown away by Happy by 10 points, right?" So, Li Xuan said to his teammates like this.
    "Team Match, lose, be thrown away; if you win, continue to divide evenly, what should be done, I won’t say much, everyone started Spirit, now is not the time to hang one's head dispiritedly. Think about the last round, think about it In the eleventh round, we have the ability to beat any Team!" Li Xuan said.

    In the last round, Void defeated Misty Rain 8-2; in the eleventh round, the 8-2 victory of Tiny Herb was the biggest highlight of Void this season. Li Xuan hoped to arouse the confidence of the players by recalling the battle of defeating the strong team.
    "Try harder, score these five points!" Li Xuan said, looking back, Happy's side, the player who is about to play in Team Match has got up and started walking towards the stage.
    Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, the duo of twin Ghosts.
    Fang Rui, played the murky play dirty master of Qi Master of Light.
    Tang Rou, Arena Match did not have a turn to play, it has been a long time.
    An Wenyi has always been regarded as the weakness of Team Happy, but 13 rounds have passed. Has anyone formed a breakthrough in this weakness and threatened Happy? No, not at all, Happy’s Tactic has always been very cautious and solemn to protect it. This kind of protection is not only the protection of the HP safety of Chapter 1227, Shuanggang's looting of buildings, but also the protection of him. Try to avoid the situation that An Wenyi can't control as much as possible. This is a link that has been implemented in Happy Tactic, which has been interpreted by many professionals.
    After five people, the 6th Member, Steamed Bun, and the incredible rookie, this round has miraculous good luck. Will this good luck be brought to Team Match by him?

    "Go!" Li Xuan said in a deep voice when he saw that the opponent was already out.
    Team VoID, Li Xuan and Wu Yuce’s twin Ghosts combination is of course a must-have, and then it is the Heal profession that is indispensable for Team Match. The Heal player of Void is named Tang Lisheng, and the character is Paladin, the guardian. For the remaining three candidates, Li Xun's position is generally unshakable, and He Caijie's position is becoming more and more fixed after his appearance, and even has a faint tendency to become the axis of Team VoID Tactic. After another, Void sent Yang Haoxuan, who had previously played in the IndivID ual Competition.
    This season Team VoID is still mostly due to Spitfire Ge Zhaolan as the 6th Member of Team Match, but this round has made special adjustments to Happy. Launcher Yang Haoxuan played and appeared in the lineup instead of Li Xun. The intention of this adjustment is very obvious. Void is really scrupulous about Su Mucheng, so the Launcher players are also placed in the battlefield, so that the two sides can form an equal limit on long-range firepower.
    The top players are on the field one after another. This Team Match is the highlight of each round, in which there is more preparation time, and the players often greet each other on the stage.
    "Why don't you reply to my text message?" Then Wu Yuce of Team VoID received a greeting from Fang Rui.
    "The cell phone is not turned on." Wu Yuce replied.

    "Oh, when are you going back?" Fang Rui asked. Team VoID is in city x, which is quite a distance from City H. Although Glory is developing rapidly, no team is so rich as to have its own charter flights. Due to the uncertain time of the Glory game, the itinerary after the game is not easy to arrange in advance. In order to steadily play the game, the visiting team usually chooses to spend the night in the home team city before leaving if the distance between the two cities is not very close.
    "Tomorrow." Sure enough, Team VoID is such an arrangement.
    "Let's go back and finish playing spar spar!" Fang Rui did not send a text message, and publicly made an appointment.
    Others stared blankly, watching the two official match before the official match, the person who had engaged in a private fight first. The referee listened and felt that it was not right, but couldn't find any rules to restrict it, so he could only stare at the two.
    Fang Rui proposed the fight unilaterally. Wu Yuce was involved in the referee's aggro because he was the target of the fight. The aggro's eyes were really wrong. The players from Team VoID entered their respective competition seats.
    Soon, the two parties are ready, and the count down time starts. Five seconds later, Team Match officially opened.
    map Shuanggang.

    Team VoID is spawned in the northeast corner and Team Happy is in the southwest corner. The shape of the two corners is basically symmetrical. The northwest and southwest corners are more concave basins, each with a stone forest at the corner. In the middle of the map, at ten o'clock and four o'clock, there is a stone watchtower each, and one double post is named after these two landmark buildings.
    The height of the two watchtowers is one to one, and the distance between them is also within the range of Launcher. This high point, at first glance, suppresses the launcher's firepower. This picture is chosen so that Void can gnashing one's teeth. Obviously Happy also knows that Su Mucheng is the victim of their twin Ghosts, and this player wants to fully utilize Dancing Rain's firepower coverage.
    But this round, Void also sent a Launcher player to play, covering firepower, who hasn't?
    "set off!"
    Li Xuan gave an order, and the five Void moved quickly and rushed towards the center of the map, just to grab the watchtower quickly.
    The spawned points of the two watchtowers and the double teams are one to one, which reflects the principle of fairness in the game. The Void people are confident that their movement speed will never be slower than Happy, but when they rushed out of the spawned northeast corner and watched the 4 o'clock watchtower in the line of sight become clearer, suddenly, a figure appeared on the watchtower. The top.

    Dancing Rain, with one foot resting on the ground, the other on the barrier on the top of the watchtower, with heavy artillery on his shoulders, with long hair flying in his cape, how can a sassy and heroic posture be described?
    Su Mucheng's Launcher is simply one step earlier than Team VoID to the watchtower at four o'clock.
    How can it be so fast?
    Void players didn’t feel much surprised. There was only one reason why Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain did not go with the team. She single spear and horse came to grab this watchtower. Individual movement is always faster than the overall movement. For the movement speed of each character, you cannot just look at the equipment. The Ability of the movement will help the character to speed up a lot. The two Heal professions, Cleric and Paladin, do not have this ability. They are well-known short legs in the 24 professions. The movement of the whole army, in order to take care of Heal, naturally can't get up.
    For Team VoID, they can also send their Launcher individual movement. But if both parties are alone, the two people will definitely meet first. Yang Haoxuan meets Su Mucheng alone... Li Xuan is not good at saying that he does not believe his team members, but perhaps is Su Mucheng has always been the reason for his suffering. He is quite afraid of the consequences to Su Mucheng, and Yang Haoxuan’s existence in this group It's also very important. I didn't dare to let him out and play alone with Su Mucheng. The whole team acted as a whole in the end, but Su Mucheng was very heroic and came first.

    "It's so courageous, everyone!" Li Xuan exaggerated, but motioned for the team to charge.
    Since it is not surprising, it means that this situation has long been expected. If you would expect it, why not make plans? The five members of Team VoID dispersed in an instant, and came up to the watchtower encirclement at four o'clock at the fastest speed. Tang Lisheng's guardian quickly fell to the end, looking like a staggering old man on the leftmost route. But when passing through a certain point on this route, the character suddenly increased in speed and ran at an inconceivable speed.
    how come?
    After everyone was taken aback, they clearly distinguished from the close-ups given by the lens that the character at this time was no longer the guardian, and Void boldly switched the character, and the guardian tried his best to pathing to the left. It turned out that it was not avoiding Dancing Rain. Firepower range, but to pass through a Support Area here. The guards are on the stage at this time, Li Xun's Assassin's ghost lamp is shining, and Swift Run is fast, compared to Paladin's movement, is it a little bit faster?
    At this point, Void's intentions can no longer be clear. They guessed the possibility that Su Mucheng could come alone to grab some points, so they simply gave her this opportunity. Then, directly swap out Heal, and the five characters attack at the same time, trying to take away Dancing Rain first!

    Two Ghostblades are driving ghost steps, Exorcist Blue Drive has accelerators attached, Launcher translucent and constantly Aerial Cannon, Assassin ghost lights are just Swift Run and fast running is not addictive, Shining Cut is also Cooldown as soon as it is done. The five characters, with their respective methods, have reached the peak of their respective characters. They immediately rushed towards the four o'clock tower, each grabbed the position, and at first glance, it was premeditated. Su Mucheng live high and look down firepower, but For one thing, you can't attack five people at the same time.
    So Su Mucheng simply ignored the four of them, and completely concentrated the firepower to Li Xuan's Phantom Demon Sobbing Ghost among the five.
    Suppressed by heavy firepower, Sobbing Ghost was naturally unable to enjoy it, and soon fell behind the other four. But the four of them were already approaching the four o'clock tower quickly, and Yang Haosheng's translucency had already raised his cannon from time to time to fight back towards Dancing Rain at a high place.
    "Successful in place!" Assassin deserves to be the Movement Number One Player. Although Tang Lisheng's guards pulled their hind legs at the beginning, in the end they actually got to the bottom of the watchtower first. While there was a report in the channel, Li Xun was about to go up the stairs loop behind the watchtower while utilizing the ghost lamp. As a result, Li Xun suddenly stayed in a wood after this roundabout.
    This...this...doesn't there be too many people?
    Behind the watchtower, one, two, three, four... Happy four characters are waiting for him...! ! !
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