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Chapter List 1113 Fifteenth Round
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Reports and comments from various parties after the fourteenth round soon appeared within a day or two. For example, events like Tang Hao kicking mineral water bottles after the game have been caught, but they have not yet become the headlines.
    Losing is also the protagonist, Tang Hao has no such status yet. The headlines on the front page are undoubtedly an eulogy to those victors.
    Happy's fifth 10 to 0, Thunderclap's Team Match record, of course, Samsara, who also scored 10 to 0, will never be forgotten. On the whole, 14 rounds led by 123 points and 24 points ahead of the second-placed Team. This is definitely a perverted grade. This kind of strength is destined to be the true protagonists of this Season, although there are currently some scramblers. , But the most conspicuous position on the front page of e-sports Magazine is the 10 to 0 of Samsara, Happy, and you have to stand aside. Even Team Thunderclap's Team Match record is slightly worse than Samsara.
    Team Samsara, Team Match won the 14th round, but Thunderclap missed Team Royal Style in the ninth round. Team Match's win was missing for such a while, which makes people very sigh.

    The front page has given the leaders enough respect, but the content of Happy and Thunderclap still occupy more content in the detailed reports and comments on the inner page. After all, the opponent that Samsara swept this round is just Heavenly Sword. In everyone's opinion, the game is without surprises and dangers. What's more to say? But Happy and Thunderclap are different. One defeated Void and the other reversed Wind Howl. How much higher level is the content of this game?
    After discussing the performance of the two teams in this round, everyone agree by chance should pay attention to when they will be strong.
    Sweeping to the next round, Happy away game challenges the light cut Team, Thunderclap is home game vs Misty Rain.
    Happy’s strength will no longer be questioned. It’s right against the current 16th-ranked team with 46 points. Victory has been regarded as a sure thing. People are concerned about whether Happy can make another 10 to 0. . In the Thunderclap home game against Misty Rain, Team Misty Rain's recent performance has been ups and downs, and the innovation strategy has been questioned. Now I have encountered Thunderclap, who played extremely well in Team Match, and people’s expectations for Misty Rain have also been low.
    In fact, more people's eyes have passed the fifteenth round, because in the sixteenth round, Happy and Thunderclap, the two most surprising teams of this season, will have a direct conversation in Happy's home game.
    The fifteen rounds are over quickly!

    Many people have such thoughts.
    It's just that the days have to pass day by day, and of course the game is played round after round. Fifteen rounds cannot be skipped in a blink of an eye, on the evening of December 13. The fifteenth round of the match started on time, and the TV station chose to broadcast this round. It was a match between Hundred BloBoss oms home game and Void.
    In the end, Team Hundred BloBoss oms defeated Team VoID with a 6-4 score, and there was no change in the ranking of the two teams on the points list. The eighth and ninth are neighbors. But this is the difference between heaven and earth.
    In the same round of the game, in the end, what was surprising was that the Team Blue Rain away game lost 4 to 6 to Parade Team. In the situation where the IndivID ual Competition is so good, Team Match accidentally made a mistake. This mistake caused Team Blue Rain, who was currently No. 2 on the points list, to slip to fifth place. And below Blue Rain is Team Happy, who has moved up one more level after this round.
    Happy in the end was a 9 to 1 victory over a minor referee in the away game. People are particularly sorry that there is no more 10 to 0. Coincidentally, Team Samsara's in the end of this round is also fixed at 9 to 1, and their opponent is Team 301.

    Tyranny and Tiny Herb both defeated the not-so-strong opponent 8-2, yet another surprising match. It was Team Wind Howl. After being reversed by Thunderclap last round, they were embarrassed again this round. They were defeated by Team Royal Style 7-3 in the home game.
    This time Tang Hao didn't play any more mineral water bottles, and he simply did not appear as a Captain at the press conference after the game. This shows how dissatisfied he is with Wind Howl's performance in recent rounds.
    Wind Howl, has experienced three consecutive defeats, the ranking has been declining, and now ranks 7th. He has even exceeded 5 points by Happy.
    But to be objective. Wind Howl faced Hundred BloBoss oms, Thunderclap, and Royal Style in these three rounds. All have a certain strength, and can even be called a strong team. In the case that Team Match can decide where to go with 5 points in one game, Wind Howl scored 3, 4, and 3 points in these three rounds. For example, the scores of 8 to 2, 7 to 3 seem to have a big difference, but because Team Match can determine the whereabouts of 5 points, these two points are actually the most likely to appear in the game.
    In the 8-2 match, Team Match fell to the other side and it became 3-7; in the same way as the 7-3 match, Team Match fell in the opposite direction and it became 2-8 again.
    The disparity in the score is actually determined by the Glory game's format. It is not a concept at all to be 7-3 and 8-2 with football.

    Wind Howl lost in these three rounds, it is such a score, it can be said that their strength still has a foundation. However, three consecutive rounds were not won, and there were still some doubts, but in comparison, Team Wind Howl's own reaction was already large enough. Captain Tang Hao couldn't accept the second game losing streak, and he didn't even care about the press conference for the third game losing streak.
    "I think, losing three rounds in a row should end here..." Captain didn't come, Wind Howl Vice-Captain Liu Hao said at the press conference.
    Yes, Liu Hao.
    Once Excellent Era's Vice-Captain, after switching to Thunderclap, he served as Thunderclap Captain. In the summer, he freely transferred to Team Wind Howl. After gradually establishing his position, Fang Hao was appointed Vice-Captain by Wind Howl after the departure of the original Vice-Captain Fang Rui. Captain.
    After all, Liu Hao has the strength and certain qualifications. He has served in Vice-Captain, Captain and the like, and has experience in this area. In Team Wind Howl's opinion, he can be a good helper by Tang Hao.
    For example, now, Tang Hao can't come to the press conference when he is angry. Liu Hao seems to be accustomed to talking at the table, as if the Captain has never existed.

    Everyone was a little surprised at his temperament, but after another thought, yes, of course Liu Hao is very used to this kind of thing. Because as early as Excellent Era, Excellent Era Captain Ye Xiu never attended the press conference. It was always his Vice-Captain who dealt with the media in the absence of Captain. Captain put pigeons at the press conference, Liu Hao veteran of a hundred battles, can you not take it easy?
    Familiar with the media, and firmly showed that Wind Howl will win the next round. The reporters flipped through the schedule, the next round of Wind Howl home game against Heavenly Sword. Originally, the scores of these three rounds may not be able to explain how weak Wind Howl is. In the next round, as long as there is no problem with the mentality, winning Heavenly Sword should not be a problem for Wind Howl. But now, Wind Howl's Captain, Wind Howl's core, The new replace the old Tang Hao, seems a bit unbearable for the current setbacks!
    "I'm not worried at all." Liu Hao continued calmly, "Captain, he is eager to win more than anyone, so he is more ashamed of failure than anyone. As long as it's time for the game, he will still I firmly believe in this for the man who is not afraid of all pursuit of victory."
    Good answer!

    The Wind Howl press officer on the side was really pleased, and was particularly touched by the appointment of the team's deputy team. Think about the Vice-Captain and Fang Rui of Wind Howl for so many years before this...That's really an inferior fellow! Often babbling nonsense at press conferences, it has no dignity as Vice-Captain. Many times the press officer himself wanted to rush upwards and hit him.
    As a press officer, from the perspective of what he needs to undertake, Wind Howl really feels that there is a 10,000 light-year gap between Fang Rui and Liu Hao. As for All Stars or non-All Stars or something, will it help this kind of thing? Not at all!
    Under Liu Hao's decent response, Wind Howl Captain Tang Hao's gaffe under the losing streak finally did not have any special impact. At the end of the conference and leaving, the Wind Howl press officer gave Liu Hao a thumbs up, and moved forward to talk to Wind Howl's new Vice-Captain.
    The losing streak Wind Howl is such a sight, but what about the accidentally mistaken Team Blue Rain?
    Team Blue Rain's performance at the beginning of Season was quite strong. Except for the away game being defeated by Samsara 7-3, whether it was facing Tiny Herb, Tyranny, or Wind Howl, they could all laugh in the end.

    But just after this initial stage has passed, Blue Rain is a relatively obvious Team that has ended the honeymoon period. Lost to Team Hundred BloBoss oms in the eleventh round 3 to 7 away game. In the twelfth round home game IndivID ual Competition, after finishing the game, with a beautiful lead of 5 to 0, it was tied with Team Thunderclap 5 to 5, 13th. Round, the away game was knocked-down by Royal Style 4-6, and then in this round, Blue Rain would also lose in front of Parade Team.
    This is the performance in these rounds. Blue Rain was originally ranked second in the points list. It can be seen that in the opening stage, Blue Rain bit the top Samsara very tightly. However, in an instant, there was a gap of 24 points, and by the end of the fifteenth round, Blue Rain simply dropped from second in the points list to third in a row and fell to fifth, only 5 points away from Happy who was sixth. 5 points, this is often a round in the Glory League.
    The unfavorable situation of Blue Rain is not only in this one, but in this stage. But Team Blue Rain did not show Tang Hao's performance of kicking the bottle and disappearing. At the press conference after the game, their Captain, their core, still calmly answered reporters' questions.
    Where is the problem with Blue Rain?
    This is what everyone wants to know.
    "I think it's just not good luck, nothing more." Blue Rain Team Captain Yu Wenzhou said with a smile.

    "If you can save characters in this way and give us good luck in Playoffs, then I think it would be a good thing!" Yu Wenzhou continued.
    Save character...
    Reporters not to know whether to laugh or cry, this is really an unscientific explanation! However, Yu Wenzhou just talked about Playoffs. Speaking of the recent rhythm of Blue Rain, people are worried about their Playoffs seats. However, people didn't deliberately emphasized the inevitability, they just brought out Playoffs so casually, as if it was time to eat.
    This is also a very powerful self-confidence!
    It's late again. . After a round of writing, I have to sort out points and so on. I always write slowly.
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