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Chapter List 1114 Thunder Secret Weapon
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    After the beginning of the Season, the game has experienced various ups and downs.
    The strong teams Blue Rain, Wind Howl, Misty Rain, and Void all suffered setbacks of varying degrees. In contrast, Team Tyranny, who had a poor start and disappointing, was persevering in the battlefield full of smoke.
    In the first eight rounds, Tyranny scored only 47 points, ranking seven or eight with Team Hundred BloBoss oms, at the edge of the Playoffs area. But in the next seven rounds, Team Tyranny scored 58 points and his performance did not drop but rose instead.
    Of course, this and the opponent that Tyranny faced in these seven rounds are not too strong. But in these opponents who are not strong enemies, Tyranny has scored a lot of 10 points and 9 points. The points that deserve to be won are not many. They showed such a temperament. The points ranking also quietly rose to third after fifteen rounds.
    Leading them is Team Tiny Herb with 106 points. They also have the same stability as Tyranny and rarely drop points on weak teams. But Tiny Herb's record is a bit embarrassing when facing a strong team. Samsara, Blue Rain, Tyranny, Thunderclap, which are currently the top five teams on the points list, can be said to be Tiny Herb’s direct competition opponent, regardless of the regular season, Playoffs, or even in Finals, there may be collisions.
    But in these fifteen rounds, the encounter between Tiny Herb and the four teams ended in a complete defeat, regardless of the host or the guest.

    To say that Tiny Herb is not top-notch, but after paying attention, people will always find that in the four rounds, the score in the end is 4-6, Tiny Herb 4, and opponent 6.
    This means, for example, that Tiny Herb always wins two Individual ID ual Competition and Arena Match. But lost the big score of Team Match. Once Team Match wins, then Tiny Herb will face these four teams with a strong score of 9 to 1.
    Team Match ……
    Tiny Herb's problem seems to be obvious. At present, they have encountered some obstacles in Team Match. In the process of statistics, people discovered another fact, Team Tiny Herb, so far Arena Match has won, even in the 2-8 loss to Team VoID, they also rely on Team Match to win. 2 minutes.
    Get rid of them. Even the toughest Team Samsara has never done this.
    The advantages and problems of Teams seem to have been exposed so far. While people talk about it, they cannot ignore the phenomenon-level existence of Team Happy.
    Samsara has an undefeated group, Tiny Herb has an undefeated ring, what about Happy? There are undefeated individuals!

    Ye Xiu, retirement, comeback from retirement, career transition, performance on the court is still attracting attention. After being swept 10-0 by Samsara from the first round. Ye Xiu began to compete in the IndivID ual Competition and has since become Happy's Dinghai Shenzhen. No matter how you lose since then. This 1 point has never left Happy's pocket again. Ye Xiu, who has always been a mysterious and never an actual person in his previous career, can't say that he cooperates with the media after coming back from retirement, but at least, it's not like those who avoided it completely. It's just that it's not easy to say whether the reporters feel happy about this.
    Another week passed quickly. On December 20th, the 16th round of the Glory Pro League was ushered in. The most concerned about this round is undoubtedly Happy and Thunderclap, the most unexpected collision of the two teams in this season, so they were unsurprisingly selected for live TV.
    Points Thunderclap 104 ranked fourth on the list. Happy 98 ranked sixth, with a 6-point difference between the two sides. In this round of Happy home game, if you win beautifully, it is entirely possible to surpass it in one round. But if you want to win beautifully, it is necessary to conquer the Thunderclap Group. So far, Thunderclap's Team Match has only lost in the game against Royal Style, and on other occasions. Even if it is 0 to 5 behind, they can win with tenacity, and they are so tied, but Team Blue Rain. Owns another Master Tacticians Yu Wenzhou's Team.

    What is the mystery of Thunderclap's Group Tactic? This is of course a lot of curiosity, concern, and even research questions. At present, each sticks to his own version and opinions differ. When facing the relevant interview, Xiao Shiqin only smiled and answered four words: Believe in yourself.
    what is this? idealism? Spirit victory method?
    The party’s answer was not recognized by everyone, so everyone continued to try to figure out the meaning of Thunderclap’s Tactic, and it was always the best research material to fight against the Team with Master Tacticians. This round brought another match like this . Happy's Ye Xiu, now overhead is duel Wang Halo, who is unbeaten in 14 rounds of duel, but no one will forget that this veteran is also one of the four Master Tacticians.
    "Good performance!"
    "You too."

    This battle started in such a greeting between the players on both sides. As the two most surprising Teams, both sides have the intention of cherishing each other. And Thunderclap Captain Xiao Shiqin, can be regarded as Happy's impressive Pro-player before Pro League. I visited Happy and had a tragic matchup in the Challenge Tournament, especially the 1 vs 3 on Arena Match at the time. Happy's heart was almost chilled at the time. But in the end, the one who laughs in the end is Happy. Excellent Era was defeated in the Challenge Tournament, and he did not hesitate to surrender to the Challenge Tournament just to get a promising Xiao Shiqin in Excellent Era. It seems to be a joke, and I have to bear rumors.
    Xiao Shiqin should be very hostile to Happy, right?
    This is also a hot topic before the game, so this broadcast game, from the beginning, the camera always gave Xiao Shiqin close-ups, hoping to capture what. Especially when the two players were greeting and communicating on the stage before the game, they gave 70% of the time to Xiao Shiqin's face. Especially when Xiao Shiqin and Ye Xiu shook hands, the camera was locked tightly and the host The man stared with breathlessness.
    murderous look!
    Be murderous!
    The good deeds are all looking forward to it.
    As a result, what they saw was just a very ordinary expression with a smile enquire solicitously about sb's well-being.
    It's so good to hide!

    The good deeds always refused to believe that Xiao Shiqin had no objection to Happy, and could not find the murderous aura they were expecting, so they claimed that Xiao Shiqin was deliberately covering up. After that, even if Xiao Shiqin held his glasses, he would be interpreted in various meanings. Everyone was an expert in body language.
    In the IndivID ual Competition, Happy is the first one to play...
    Ye Xiu, Ye Xiu again.
    The formation of troops has never changed. Everyone knows that Ye Xiu is the first one to play in Happy. Then, all kinds of targeted counterpoints can be made.
    But is it useful?
    The 14-round winning streak is the best answer to this.
    It's no use, even if you know that Happy is Ye Xiu first, even if you make the arrangement of oppose each other with equal harshness, but it's useless, Ye Xiu is still the winner.
    That's because the Trump card players of Teams will keep guard in Arena Match and strive for those 2 points. Who will play the IndivID ual Competition?
    Such a voice is inevitable, and of course this is also a fact. However, the formation of troops is the freedom of each team. Since you want to put your own trump card in Arena Match to defend, you can't score the 1 point of IndivID ual Competition, who can you blame? This kind of statement still has some sour grape psychology in it.
    What about Thunderclap? Who will Thunderclap send?

    Thunderclap’s Team Match is very good, but when it comes to IndivID ual Competition, their performance is not worth boasting too much. In their team, there are no particularly eye-catching stars except Xiao Shiqin. They seem to be unable to produce anything. Especially for Ye Xiu's candidates, right?
    The subtitles were turned on the electronic screen, IndivID ual Competition, the first Thunderclap contestant was...
    Mi Xiuyuan.
    not a sound to be heard, just like the moment when one's attention completely observed Xiao Shiqin Expression, many people started to whisper.
    Mi Xiuyuan? Who is that?
    The audience was discussing, and the reporters hurriedly searched for the information in their hands. In the TV broadcast, commentator Pan Lin, after setting off for a long time who Thunderclap would send against Ye Xiu, saw the players "Ah, it's Mi Xiuyuan" After that, there is no more post. He is also catching the blind. Who the hell is this?
    "Mi Xiuyuan...Is it the rookie of Thunderclap this season?" Guest commentator Li Yibo, turning over the information, said very calmly, "Sure enough, there is nothing I can hide from Lao Tzu".
    "Ah...before, it seemed..." Pan Lin was also looking through the information, "has never played before." He finally confirmed this.
    "Yes." Li Yibo said.
    "But this game, against Happy, duel's undefeated Ye Xiu, Thunderclap put him on the court!" Pan Lin began to raise his pitch.

    "Why is this? Is it a secret weapon?" Pan Lin said, and the camera was handed over to the rookie on the sidelines, and then he saw Thunderclap Captain Xiao Shiqin pulling him to his side and whispering, the two people flashed The gaze pointed in the same direction, the camera cut across, it was the silhouette of Ye Xiu who was already walking on the court.
    "Xiao Shiqin is giving direct instructions on the way to deal with a matter, what exactly did he think of and how to deal with Ye Xiu? Well, let's see, Mi Xiuyuan, his profession is... an Assassin, ah , Do you want to find the opportunity to One Hit Kill directly?" Pan Lin began to use his imagination.
    At this time, Xiao Shiqin finally finished teaching Mi Xiuyuan, and the young player embarked on his journey to the first game of this season.
    This was really a pretty gorgeous appearance. The broadcast lens gave him a lot of close-ups, and everyone remembered the face of Thunderclap rookie who made his debut in the game in an instant.
    This is the secret weapon against Ye Xiu! Everyone was thinking, taking a deep breath, and looking forward to it.
    After 5 minutes and 42 seconds, at the same location, the same person, Mi Xiuyuan was walking in the opposite direction.
    Excluding the more than 2 minutes of walking on the stage from this position and entering the game stand, and removing the more than 1 minute of walking out of the game stand and walking off the stage to this position after the game, the accurate time for this game is 58 seconds. Less than a minute.

    Mi Xiuyuan lost.
    No killer moves, no One Hit Kill. On the duel mini map selected by the Ye Xiu home game, two characters quickly met, and Mi Xiuyuan’s Assassin was beaten.
    Secret weapon?
    Special killer?
    The whole world laughed.
    New week, good morning! I slept well last night and got up early to write update. This chapter is from yesterday.
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