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Chapter List 1115 Peaceful Single Event
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The commentator Happy competition is really full of opportunities and challenges! Pan Lin couldn't sigh with emotion. There seems to be no shortage of the topic Happy, but the traps are always full.
    Of course, this time it cannot be said to be Happy. Mi Xiuyuan is from Thunderclap, but the opponent of Thunderclap is Happy. Pan Lin’s first aggro is habitually positioned on Happy first. Fortunately, this kind of conjecture is just an expectation. It is not the Tactic commentator that is firmly established in the game. It is not too embarrassing that the situation mentioned by the commentator has not occurred, but Pan Lin has a shadow in his mind.
    The game broadcast still gave Mi Xiuyuan enough shots.
    IndivID ual Competition loses within one minute, which is embarrassing for Pro-player. However, Mi Xiuyuan on the camera seemed to be emotionally stable. After returning to the Team Thunderclap player's seat, he even got an overall standing and high-five from Thunderclap teammates. Dai Yanqi is just a third-year player who has just finished the rookie period, but he looks like a big sister and rubs Mi Xiuyuan's head fiercely.
    "It seems...Thunderclap gave up this game against Ye Xiu, and simply sent a rookie up to absorb some game experience." The guest Li Yibo cautious and solemn observed for a long time and finally spoke.

    "Uh, I don't know what kind of growth this failure of less than one minute will bring to the players." Pan Lin said, with a slight sting in his words. Obviously he is a little dissatisfied with Thunderclap's approach, so he is unhappy. This arrangement, or because he did not present a secret weapon as he wished, is unknown.
    The game continued, Su Mucheng played after Ye Xiu, and Fang Xuecai played Thunderclap. Another Assassin player, in the end Fang Xuecai lost to Su Mucheng, Happy scored another point.
    It was 2 to 0, and the scene was excited, and shouts like 10 to 0 reverberated in the stadium.
    In the third round, the Thunderclap player turned out to be Xiao Shiqin, and Happy’s side was Mo Fan.
    Xiao Shiqin is known as the Master Tacticians, but duel is not weak, and is often a defender in the Thunderclap lineup. However, in this round, the IndivID ual Competition came out. What kind of rhythm is the arrangement of Thunderclap?
    "Xiao Shiqin vs. Mo Fan... The two actually met in the Season Challenge Tournament. At that time, it was in the new Arena Match. The Xiao Shiqin's ring performance was very good. 1 vs. 3 succeeded. Let’s look at today. These two people meet again, what will happen?” commentator Pan Lin set off the atmosphere of the game.
    As a result, the tortuous atmosphere he instigated did not appear in this duel, and Xiao Shiqin was on the ground. It defeated Mo Fan.

    Neither Pan Lin nor Li Yibo knows how to comment, this scene is too warm. What's the matter, what's the matter, it seems that's what it is.
    However, the mood of the loser will not be as calm as the scene.
    Mo Fan, who came off the court, was not as expressionless as he usually did. His eyes stayed on Xiao Shiqin at that end, and his face showed a clearly thinking look.
    After losing to the same person twice, Mo Fan is also actively looking for the problem. Even if there is a difference in strength, the competition is not just about calculating strength. The method of using strength is the place where the winner is determined in the end.
    Looking at Mo Fan's intentions. Ye Xiu didn't say much. When you reach a certain level, you need to understand more by yourself. After all, it is yourself who really knows and understands yourself. Others often only play the role of making insinuations.
    How to defeat Xiao Shiqin?
    If Ye Xiu in a few words can do this kind of proposition by one person under the guidance of Ye Xiu in a few words, the level of Pro-player would be too worthless.

    After the IndivID ual Competition, Happy is 2 to 1. 10 to 0 is no longer possible. The scene suddenly showed some emotional depression. The appetites of Happy fans are all fed by Happy's continuous gorgeous performance, not 10 to 0 can make them feel dissatisfied. Happy, who is not Giant, has the expected value that Giants fans have.
    Then proceed to Arena Match, Pan Lin and Li Yibo agree. Happy has certain advantages. After all, the reputation and strength of Thunderclap players are not very top-notch. Happy has at least Fang Rui oversee and Tang Rou's image has been destroyed, but explosive power still exists on the court.
    "If not unexpected, there should be a greater chance of Happy." Li Yibo has been cautious in his words. I dare not use words like winning. I only dare to say "the chance is bigger." A bigger chance doesn't mean you will win. Li Yibo is really cunning.
    As a result, Arena Match let Happy win if not unexpected.
    Pan Lin announced the result as they expected, and found that he was actually a little bit disappointed.
    what happened? Commentator Happy’s game hasn’t been face smacking yet not used to it? Are you shaking m? Taking advantage of the long rest period before Team Match, Pan Lin deeply reviewed himself.
    At the competition stage, the players of the two teams are all planning for the next Team Match.

    "It's a bit unusual." Fang Rui said.
    "Say." Ye Xiu said.
    "Unspeakable, it is an intuition." Fang Rui said.
    "The old man also feels something is wrong, too calm." Wei Chen said.
    "Team Match won't stop." Ye Xiu said.
    "You mean, they are staying?" Wei Chen said.
    "It's not enough to stay, but for the IndivID ual Competition, their strength is really not too strong. But the peaceful loss of points shows that they have great confidence in Team Match." Ye Xiu said.
    "Believe in yourself? Is this really the strong meaning of their current Team Match?" Fang Rui obviously watched the interview with Xiao Shiqin about why Thunderclap this season is so good.
    "If you are not confident, there will be many choices in Tactic that you dare not make. The more confident you are, the more choices you can make and the more changes you have." Ye Xiu said.
    "What you said sounds like Xiao Shiqin? He has always been quite confident, right?" Fang Rui said.
    "Now his self-confidence is not just about himself." Ye Xiu said.
    Fang Rui understood a bit, and others understood a bit. Everyone looked back at Thunderclap under Awareness. As a result, the Thunderclap players were also looking at them. The eyes of the two sides contacted, and Xiao Shiqin waved at them in a friendly manner. Wave.

    "This game is really shortcomings of gunpowder..." This scene was also captured by the live camera, and the broadcast is now being inserted into the advertisement. This is just a private complaint by Pan Lin after seeing the screen. If it's a live broadcast, it's hard to say that. You have to comment on the positive aspects of the two teams' harmony and friendship.
    "It's not easy to play this time, everyone pays attention, let's slow down the initial rhythm a little bit." Ye Xiu said.
    Of course, he will study every opponent he has to face. He will study the opponent player's style and the Group's Tactic style. However, Team Thunderclap, this season's Team Match is very eye-catching team, it is really difficult to target.
    They are not like Samsara, the strength of Samsara Team Match is inseparable from the strength of their Player and Character. The Battle God halo on One Autumn Leaf is now being washed away by Samsara bit by bit. In Samsara, One Autumn Leaf is no longer the unique and unmatched "one". Here, they also have another "one", Cloud Piercer.
    Sun Xiang and Samsara did not have the incompatibility problem that many people have guessed and worried about. Therefore, with such a strong record of Samsara, this powerful combination of him and Zhou Zekai was given the title of "" by reporters in this season. . Two firsts means the two strongest players, the character with one in both names.

    With such a powerful figure, such a pair of sturdy combination, Samsara played an unbeaten record in Team Match. But what about Thunderclap? Their players, as seen in the IndivID ual Competition, do not have top-notch combat power, but their Team Match can maintain 14 wins. Why? Tactic!
    Thunderclap has always been a Team that relied on Tactic to gain a foothold, but it has never relied on Tactic to gain a foothold in such a sturdy position. At present, public opinion in the circle has said that if Thunderclap this season can maintain such a sturdy Group performance, then, once Warlock in the league four wars, it may be changed. Xiao Shiqin should be picked out of it and become a higher level existence than the others.
    After all, Ye Xiu, Yu Wenzhou, Zhang Xinjie, no matter in the past or now, they have a lot stronger chips than Xiao Shiqin. Their team, like Samsara, is a single existence with super-powerful combat power.
    This is like a chef cooking.
    Ye Xiu, Yu Wenzhou, and Zhang Xinjie took good ingredients and cooked one after another good dishes, with a high level.
    But Xiao Shiqin, he is a person who has not as good as the above three ingredients, but he has made the same excellent and perhaps even more delicious dishes. In such a comparison, who is better, seems obvious at a glance.

    When this was first spoken, the respondent gathered, but soon someone pointed out sharply: Ye Xiu, with super rotten ingredients, defeated Xiao Shiqin, who had gorgeous Excellent Era ingredients, at the Challenge Tournament of Season. This, what? Say it?
    So the other side took the direct dialogue between Xiao Shiqin and Yu Wenzhou and Zhang Xinjie in this season as an example. Team Match, both of which were the Thunderclap of Xiao Shiqin's victory, is also a very solid example.
    So, Ye Xiu is the only suspense.
    This time, the ingredients in Ye Xiu's hands are much better than those in the Challenge Tournament. Rookie has grown up. Players have joined Su Mucheng and Fang Rui at the level. Character also has the All Stars character of these two men. Other characters have also improved significantly.
    On the other hand, the Thunderclap lineup is compared with Su Mucheng and Fang Rui. The stars are suddenly dimmed. In terms of character, they still have the accumulation style of in sequence, step by step that their not rich Team has over the years.
    Ye Xiu's ingredients have been greatly improved, but Xiao Shiqin's ingredients have fallen a lot compared to Excellent Era. What will happen if the two people meet again this time?
    Near the start of the game, the on-site commentator has pinpointed the highlight of this round of Team Match's confrontation, which is the Tactic dialogue between the two masters.
    Whoever wins may be the one above the four Master Tacticians.

    Pan Lin didn't say this directly, but many people thought of it. Everyone's eyes were already fixed on the screen, and the game started.
    Victory, success before 12 o'clock!
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