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Chapter List 1118 Treatment Symbol
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Happy Heal, An Wenyi!
    Li Yibo said if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound, but sitting in the live broadcast room, I am afraid I don’t know how many boos rang out in front of the TV when he said this.
    Happy’s shortcoming is An Wenyi, do you still need to talk about it? Who doesn't know?
    Yes, everyone knows it, including Pan Lin. He didn’t expect Li Yibo to plan in advance in advance in the end so triumphantly that what he said was such an answer as everyone knows. He just froze for a few seconds before answering. He said: "Um...An Wenyi, it is indeed Happy's shortcoming."
    "Yes." Li Yibo was still smiling confidently, "This is a thing as everyone knows, but, the opponent before Happy, is there any one that can make use of this better?"
    Pan Lin was taken aback for another moment. He heard that Li Yibo's words contained content. He was also thinking about Li Yibo with Awareness. Has any team made specific arrangements for An Wenyi before?
    "Let’s not say too far, just say that in the recent Happy winning streak, the two strong teams, Misty Rain and Void. Those who have watched these two games, may wish to recall Team Happy’s two games. The performance of the Group in the group.” Li Yibo actually sold off.

    "The two Happy performances?" Pan Lin agreed with Awareness, thinking about it. His vision was much higher than that of ordinary gamers. After thinking about it this way, he found that he really caught something.
    "In the game against Team Misty Rain, Happy used the terrain to set up a position. At that time, An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands always hid behind the rock. At that time, Misty Rain had no conditions to attack him." Li Yibo said.
    Pan Lin had already fully reacted at this time: "In the game against Void, Happy simply swapped out Cleric to start a fast break and grab points. When An Wenyi played again, Void had only four people left, and Happy's victory was set."
    "If you are interested, we can count on the previous games against Hundred BloBoss oms, and even the Season Challenge Tournament final against Excellent Era. These Happy games against strong teams can make us see more clearly."
    "Yes." Pan Lin already knew exactly what Li Yibo was going to say.
    "Happy’s Tactic idea, like Thunderclap’s, seems to be a targeted latecomer, but there is a benchmark in Happy’s Tactic idea. They are deliberately covering their shortcoming An Wenyi. An Wenyi ended the fight without a heavy burden." Li Yibo said.

    "Xiao Shiqin fully sees this, so in this game, he gained the initiative by striking first, and he got Happy's Tactic idea. He is not going to give Happy an opportunity to create a simple situation for An Wenyi." Pan Lin Said.
    "Yes, so their attack rhythm changes a lot, and as Heal, it is very important to understand the opponent's attack rhythm. He should pay attention to any possible crisis, and sometimes even need to directly judge and read Heal. However, Happy's An Wenyi has Can you handle this terribly busy scene?" Li Yibo said.
    The broadcast screen also cuts out a combatant perspective by An Wenyi very well.
    The angle of view is very changing.
    The scene is really messy, as Li Yibo said. Before Heal, Heal must at least figure out where Heal is needed. This is Awareness. Players of this profession can't just stare at the opponent in front of them. They have to look at the whole situation all the time. However, Xiao Shiqin’s Tactic layout widened the angle of the battle. An Wenyi couldn’t stay in one spot for observation. He could only pay attention to this side and that side from time to time. Coupled with the changes in the rhythm of Thunderclap, he couldn’t keep up with the rhythm. not knowing what to do, has been completely exposed in front of the camera.
    The broadcast and the on-site electronic screens gave out the health bar of the characters of the two teams in a timely manner.

    This kind of picture is often given when letting the audience understand the excellent crowd control of a certain Heal team. Everyone’s HP will be maintained above a safety line, and the fluctuations in the blood volume on this line will look like The notes played are as touching.
    But the Happy health bar given now, everyone only has confusion. The east hammered and the west rescued the field, making people unable to see where the safety line preset in his heart was.
    Without safety lines, of course, there is no stable rhythm.
    Happy's scene was silent.
    An Wenyi is a short board. This topic has been there since the beginning, but it has never been exposed at all. Because every time the Group fails, it does not seem that An Wenyi is dragging down everyone. However, after Li Yibo's analysis just now, everyone also found that there was not much An Wenyi's drag on defeat, but victory did not seem to have much of his credit. An Wenyi seems to be just a symbol for Happy, letting opponent know: We have Heal on the court. And relying on Heal to perform some tactics, has Happy ever? Never had. Although An Wenyi has occasional flashes, it is true that he is always playing in a relatively safe environment, and this is exactly what Happy has been working hard to create.

    But in this round, facing Thunderclap, Xiao Shiqin did not give them such a chance to attack from multiple directions, multiple angles, and multiple rhythms. He completely forced out An Wenyi's shortcomings at once. The Group confronted each other and Heal couldn’t handle it. Live, the whole team can't hold it. Thunderclap's offensive will not focus on a person of Happy at all. They are constantly changing, constantly letting An Wenyi look for their attack points and forcing An Wenyi to make mistakes.
    Happy hasn't been defeated yet, thanks to Ye Xiu from Ye Xiu and Lord Grim from Ye Xiu. Unspecialized Heal has limited means, but after all, it can make a difference. However, it's just one point, occasionally emergency rescue is possible, and it is impossible to rely on Lord Grim for support.
    How to do?
    Happy's home game, of course, there are more people who are anxious for Happy; but Thunderclap is not too relaxed on one side. It is not easy to keep this high-frequency battle rhythm without errors.
    "The rhythm is good, keep it!" Xiao Shiqin also sends out this encouraging message from time to time on the court to cheer up his teammates.

    Thunderclap's offensive has indeed been maintained very well. There is no Tactic, if there is no execution, then the subtle Tactic is no use. In terms of such execution power alone, the quality of Team Thunderclap's players can be called count as number one. This team has always been relying on Tactic to run around with other Teams. The players in the team have extremely high Tactic literacy, especially in the face of Xiao Shiqin's command and intentions. They all understand it extremely fast and execute extremely smoothly.
    "Happy is in big trouble." Li Yibo was already announcing.
    "Let's see if they can do anything!" Pan Lin said.
    "Thunderclap is also very good at using map features. I can't figure out which map was chosen." Li Yibo laughed.
    "Uh...Happy's choice of this picture should have a certain purpose." Pan Lin's words are really conservative, because he has a hunch that once he shows one's colors to Happy's bad news, he will definitely be faced. smacking.

    Li Yibo felt Pan Lin's caution and smiled. How can Happy break this kind of game? No matter which point you rush, you can’t get rid of the fight. Thunderclap doesn’t necessarily want you to besieged here. It just keeps pestering you. If your treatment is not in place, this kind of entanglement will It will be a damage, if accumulated, the victory is certain! Moreover, the command of Thunderclap is Xiao Shiqin. With him overseeing, what Tactic intentions can be concealed from him?
    "Cheng, the triangle pathing is suppressed!"
    "Dai, turn 30 degrees to attack."
    "Fang to recycle."
    The instructions continued. Happy didn't let An Wenyi take the pressure without doing anything. However, Xiao Shiqin's intentions were repeatedly seen through by Xiao Shiqin and his timely command made Happy never change the situation.
    "Damn, bullying rookie, what a skill!" Fang Rui was angry and roared in the Public chat box.
    "Pay attention to the suppression and lean on my side." Xiao Shiqin was unmoved. On the competition stage, there was no trash talk purely for complaining. The text of the jump is always a kind of information. Look in your eyes and in your head. It will be interpreted naturally, so that it will distract energy and cause mood swings under Awareness, which is even more terrible. Xiao Shiqin would not be affected by these. Fang Rui let go. His immediate idea was that the opponent should take action and immediately command his teammates to prevent it.

    Sky Blast Cannon!
    After Fang Rui roared, BoundleBoss Sea really pushed out his palms, swept across the grass with vigor, and rushed straight to Life Extinguisher, looking like catharsis.
    Laser Rifle!
    Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain also immediately responded to the BoundleBoss Sea's attack, and a Laser Rifle shot out with Sky Blast Cannon.
    However, this cooperation is still a bit abrupt. Without cooperation, the effect is not good. Xiao Shiqin cāo as a Life Extinguisher easily avoided it, but the angle of view did not leave there for a moment.
    ChaOT ic Rain!
    At this time, the sky suddenly fell into the blue and purple raindrops, it was Warlock's ChaOT ic Rain from Summon of the Devildom.
    "Well, is it to cover and release this Ability, and then use ChaOT ic Rain's range to launch an offensive? In this case, we need to..." Xiao Shiqin thought, and was about to give instructions.
    and many more……
    one two three four……
    Happy, why is there one less person!
    Less, Lord Grim?
    "Where is Lord Grim?" Xiao Shiqin asked hurriedly on the channel. A character just disappeared from the angle of view. Was it just the moment when he avoided the attack? If you didn't see it, someone should have seen it too, right?
    "Ah?" The channel was filled with words of surprise from teammates.

    Didn't see?
    Xiao Shiqin didn't ask too much, everyone said "Ah" already.
    Did the five people have blind spots just now?
    Did it happen unintentionally, or... only under the guidance of opponent's attack?
    Xiao Shiqin is thinking about such a problem at this time. If it is the latter, then there is no doubt that Happy's plan is already unfolding. Ye Xiu's Lord Grim is lying in the grass. What is this going to do?
    "Cheng, search close to the range; Fang, cooperate." Xiao Shiqin hurriedly instructed. (To be continued)
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