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Chapter List 1121 Keep It Up
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Thunderclap's last Team Match mistake was in the ninth round of the away game against Royal Style. ////89 After reading the net, he won six consecutive rounds. As a result, the golden body broke again in the sixteenth round. Opponent, it was Happy who defeated Xiao Shiqin once in the Challenge Tournament finals last year.
    In that final, many of Happy's Tactic designs for Excellent Era were very exciting, and Glory circles also generally believed that as Master Tacticians, Ye Xiu was still more sophisticated than Xiao Shiqin. However, Xiao Shiqin seems to have sorted out some experience after his defeat in that battle. He returned to Thunderclap and embarked on a new journey with Thunderclap, who has not changed except for the Cleric player Zhang Jiaxing, who came from Excellent Era. Achieved a surprising record of make people.
    It is impossible for Xiao Shiqin to say that there is no sense of pride in his heart. Such an outstanding record, a bit of high spirits, is also human nature. Xiao Shiqin was more confident than before, but this time, he fell flat in front of the opponent he had just lost before.
    When shaking hands with Ye Xiu after the game, Xiao Shiqin's eyes were complicated, and he still felt a little frustrated. He believes that the hard work in Excellent Era in the past year must not be considered wasteful. In such a fall, he learned a lot and grew a lot. However, after growing up and progressing, he found that he still couldn't beat the person in front of him. This kind of mood really couldn't make people feel happy.

    "Continue to work hard next time!" Ye Xiu patted him on the shoulder, saying as if to encourage some rookie.
    Xiao Shiqin smiled bitterly. Of course, he is not a rookie. He is a person with great reputation and status in this circle, but the one in front of him, who is more qualified and has more honors than him, defeated him twice in succession. When saying this, what did Xiao Shiqin respond to?
    He could only smile so bitterly, watching the other person walk away steadily, and then held him with another hand, then patted him on the shoulder and said, "Continue working hard next time."
    Xiao Shiqin not to know whether to laugh or cry, this Su Mucheng, when Excellent Era was a teammate, I didn’t see her so weird! After following Ye Xiu, my mood is very different, right?
    Before he could say anything, Su Mucheng had already flashed, and finally held him with one hand, patted him on the shoulder and said, "Keep working hard!"
    Fang Rui! Counted by age, I am still the predecessor of this kid! Actually put out the score too. Xiao Shiqin stared at Fang Rui, but Fang Rui decisively ignored him and left with high and mighty.
    "The young man has to work hard!" Then, a more showy voice encouraged him again, and the handshake was omitted, and people came up and slapped him on his shoulder.
    "We are not the little rascal of Blue Rain." The visitor said.

    Blue Rain little rascal...Blue Rain has a little rascal, but Xiao Shiqin knows that in front of this person, Blue Rain little rascal is not just referring to Lu Hanwen. Yu Wenzhou and Huang ShaOTian, two big figures in the alliance like the sun at noon, may really be little rascal in front of this one.
    Former Captain of Blue Rain, Wei Chen. The person most qualified to call the Blue Rain player a little rascal, Xiao Shiqin have nothing to say.
    After four consecutive encouragements, Xiao Shiqin couldn't bear this red Provoke.
    Do you want to come again?
    Xiao Shiqin pushed his glasses, ready to be a bit murderous, but the boy who walked in front of him this time spoke respectfully: "Thank you for your advice."
    "Ah?" This sudden style change made Xiao Shiqin a little unbearable. This one is the 6th Member of Happy in this field, Qiao Yifan.
    "Rude..." With such respect, couldn't Xiao Shiqin still put some Provoke?
    The last one, An Wenyi, Xiao Shiqin's eyes on Happy's shortcomings, and the Tactic design of Team Thunderclap in this field, are almost all aimed at him. This, Aggro is probably very tall, right? Xiao Shiqin thought to himself that he was ready to parry. A rookie nothing more, can no longer lose momentum.
    As a result, when An Wenyi walked past him, he just stretched out his hand, shook hands, and nodded in greeting. He did not reveal any strange Expression, and then left.

    This is the end of the mutual greetings between the players of the two teams after the game. Happy closed the team and celebrated the victory. Xiao Shiqin was stunned on the field, watching his hand being held repeatedly, in the end also patted his shoulder: "More Work harder Xiao Shiqin!"
    At the press conference after the game, watching the impatient expressions overflowing from the audience, Xiao Shiqin knew that today's situation would not be too good.
    This season along the way, has received too many praises, this kind of embarrassing situation, will you no longer face it?
    Have to work hard! Xiao Shiqin kicked up Spirit, sat upright, and greeted the media.
    The results of the ten events in the sixteenth round came out one after another, and those who like to do statistics quickly uncovered a phenomenon. In the ninth round, when Thunderclap lost Team Match, there were five sturdy scores of 10 to 0. This time, in the sixteenth round, when Thunderclap made another Team Match mistake, there was another round of competition. 4 10 to 0.
    Is Thunderclap's Team Match a weather vane for a 10 to 0 explosion? The boring person gave Thunderclap Team Match such a title.

    Let's look at four more 10 to 0 games, which were won by Samsara, Tyranny, Blue Rain and Wind Howl. Among them, Blue Rain and Wind Howl are both teams that have continued to perform poorly in the recent past. This round of 10 to 0 has completely responded to some doubts. And Samsara, after harvesting this 10-0 game, finally took a step ahead in the 10-0 competition with Happy. At present, they have been 10-0 six times, one more time than Happy.
    Among other things, Hundred BloBoss oms, Void, Misty Rain, Tiny Herb, and Magic all won in this round. This round of competition was also a big victory for the home team. Ten games turned out to be the home team's victory, and the outcome was in the eyes of the gamers. The paper strength of understanding is very close, and there is no surprise and unpopularity: if Happy's victory over Thunderclap is not a surprise.
    At this point, Happy once again ranked on the points list, 107 rushed to fifth. The opponent Thunderclap, which they defeated, was the only team among the top ten teams on the points list this round to lose. The scores of the other nine Teams were not low. Thunderclap fell two places at a time, falling from fourth to sixth, accumulating 105 points. The fourth place is Blue Rain, who won 10-0 this round. Tyranny and Tiny Herb had the same points after this round. Tyranny had the advantage of winning the game and came second, and Tiny Herb was third.

    The controversy about whether Tyranny is no longer good seems to have not been over, they have quietly climbed to second place. Samsara is too strong this season. Leading alone almost makes people ignore their existence. The competition that people focus on is already a team other than Samsara. As a result, people stumbled upon the impression of Team Tyranny, the domineering and domineering Team Tyranny, but when Season was about halfway through, it returned to the second place after Samsara?
    How did Tyranny catch up all the way? It seems that at certain moments, everyone is still worried about whether they can win a playoff spot this time, but now they are ranked second on the points list.
    What is Tyranny's performance?
    Everyone finds that there is a blank in their minds. The impression of Tyranny seems to remain at the stage where they started to rotate and their grades stumbled. When did they start to steadily win points, has anyone noticed? Not a word or movement, it has quietly climbed to the second place. This kind of calmness makes many people suddenly feel cold behind their backs. These veterans of Tyranny are not enough to be ignored!

    Although the top eight rankings fluctuate, the overall list has not changed. Wind Howl and Hundred BloBoss oms secured the seventh and eighth positions. Team VoID chased after, but it was 5 points behind the eighth Team Hundred BloBoss oms. Misty Rain and 301, 82 points and 81 points, were both in double digits from the Playoffs area.
    In the lower half after the top ten, what is more surprising is Team Mystical. After sixteen rounds, this team ranked 13th. For a team that has just entered the league, this kind of performance is quite outstanding. On Season's highly anticipated Team Heavenly Sword, the results during the same period were not even amazing. Everyone praised Team Mystical, but they seem to have forgotten that another new team of this season is squatting in the Playoffs area! It can be seen that people have completely ignored Happy as a new team in Awareness. There are Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Fang Rui and other well-known All Star level players, and Happy is the new team. This setting is really unacceptable.
    This round of competition has ended at the end of the year. Christmas Event, New Year Event, and All Stars weekend, the first weekend of the New Year, are all around the corner. The summer game Event is officially called a carnival, but in fact, for the entire Glory circle, the two weeks of the new year are the genuine carnival. Regardless of gamers or players, they are.

    The Christmas event that distributes gifts every year will still be held in the online game. This Event Ye Xiu has participated in two consecutive years, and it has been a big harvest. But this year is different. Christmas is on Wednesday, and on Friday there is still the 17th round of the ProfessionalBoss ional League. In the online game’s Event, Guild led by Wu Chen was mainly involved. If the Pro-player is interested, it’s okay to play sID eline supporter, but if you put too much effort into it, you may mess up your game.
    Competitive state, this does not only exist in Glory Competitiveness. Players of any kind of event have a competitive state.
    The competitive state usually changes periodically. In any event, there are practices that rely on training to artificially adjust and maintain the player's state. Different events, different players, and changes in competitive status may be different. Some people may only have the peak of their competitive state once a year, while others may appear twice or three times. This requires professional Group science to systematically help everyone adjust and control. With a competition system like Glory, the champion team should undoubtedly detonate the best state of the players at Playoffs.

    Ye Xiu is Glory Encyclopedia, but it refers to the skills and Tactic level of Glory's various professions. The competitive state, which depends on everyone's level, personality, occupation, and even the ability to regulate the nervous system, he really can't control it in detail. Such talents, let alone Happy, are lacking in the entire Glory circle. After all, the Glory Alliance is only a ten-year-old event. How to adjust the status of the players in the Glory competition is also being explored and studied by each team.
    Happy temporarily has such a high-end department unconditionally, but Ye Xiu can only rely on years of experience to judge. And Happy's recent strength makes him a little beyond expectation. They... are they entering the state too fast, too early? (To be continued.
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