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Chapter List 1122 Christmas Gifts
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Chapter 1241 Christmas Gifts
    Eight-game winning streak, Christmas again, Happy is full of joyous atmosphere, Ye Xiu did not choose this time to make everyone happy, at least after the holiday, remind everyone to be cautious and calm!
    The rough handmade Christmas tree was moved out by Chen Guo again, but this time it was moved to the training room of Happy Internet Cafe instead of being placed in the Internet Cafe lobby. After placing it in a corner, it was carefully decorated. 9
    Looking at this Christmas tree, Ye Xiu couldn't help but froze. This is the third time he has seen this Christmas tree. See you for the first time, it was two years ago. It was less than a month after I left Excellent Era. Two years later, I actually formed a team in this Internet Cafe, got back to the league, and rushed to the fifth place on the points list...
    Looking back now, Ye Xiu himself feels a bit inconceivable. This kind of thing is actually done, and it is pretty good.
    "What are you in a daze? Come and help!" Chen Guo's yelling Interrupt interrupted Ye Xiu's thoughts.
    Chen Guo is hanging gifts on the Christmas tree. These are what she prepared for everyone in Happy. Each of them is carefully packaged. You can't see what's inside from the gift box.

    "Which one is mine?" Ye Xiu asked casually while helping her hang on the Christmas tree.
    "I don't know, you can pick it yourself when the time comes. Whichever one you choose is whichever you choose, it will be interesting." Chen Guo said.
    "What about yourself?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "Of course there is one." Chen Guo said.
    "It's so fun to prepare gifts for yourself?" Ye Xiu laughed.
    "What do you mean by yourself! This is a gift from Happy to every member of Happy, am I not a member of Happy?" Chen Guo in the right and self-confident said.
    "Of course." Ye Xiu nodded quickly.
    "Very good, so be it!" Chen Guo hung up the last gift and carefully confirmed it again. After the confirmation, he was satisfied with the slight nod.
    "Are there any other interesting things besides smoking gifts?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "For you, isn't it the most interesting thing to hit Glory casually here?" Chen Guo said.
    Ye Xiu was startled, and smiled bitterly: "I don't mind playing with other things occasionally."
    "Oh?" Chen Guo thought for a while, "playing Galaxy Clash online?" Galaxy Climbing is the most popular real-time strategy game at the moment.
    "It seems that you can't think of anything else you can do besides playing games." Ye Xiu said.

    "Yes, too." Chen Guo bit the word "also" very hard. She didn't think Ye Xiu would have any good ideas. After all, it was not the first time that they were together on an enmity day.
    "Wait for everyone to come!" Ye Xiu sat on the sofa.
    "Is collecting opinions is of wide benefit?" Chen Guo also sat over.
    The two people sat like this, looking at the ceiling together. One is Happy’s Captain, and the other is Happy’s Owner. In this matter, they are all very clueless people. Perhaps it is because they have lived too many lonely days without their relatives.
    The door of the training room was pushed open and Steamed Bun walked in with Steamed Bun in his hand.
    "Yo, Boss!" Steamed Bun waved Steamed Bun and Ye Xiu to say hello, and was about to greet Chen Guo again, but saw the Christmas tree in the corner of the room: "Yo, Christmas tree!" So the next steamed Bun's greeting was skipped decisively I gave Chen Guo and gave it to the Christmas tree.
    "Yes, Christmas tree." Chen Guo didn't mind Steamed Bun skipping her. She was quite satisfied with Steamed Bun's reaction to seeing the Christmas tree.
    "There are gifts hanging on the tree, and one person will pick one at that time." Chen Guo introduced.
    "Okay, thank you Owner." Steamed Bun nodded, then picked one and took it off.
    What seems to be wrong? Chen Guo was taken aback.

    "What is it?" Steamed Bun has already begun to tear down.
    "You guy! It's time, I said it's time, didn't you hear it?" Chen Guo jumped up.
    "By the time? By what time?" Steamed Bun asked back.
    "At Christmas time!" Chen Guo said.
    "Isn't it today?" Steamed Bun wondered.
    "Tomorrow is only, today is the 24th, Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, understand!" Chen Guo said angrily.
    "Oh, then I will take it apart tomorrow." Steamed Bun is slight nod, and finally stopped opening the gift. Chen Guo wanted to take it back, but... Steamed Bun's hand had already left fingerprints on the package, and his hand had just grabbed the real Steamed Bun. Chen Guo is so depressed, how can I do this, can I repackage it again? As I was thinking, someone came in again, and there was a "Huh" when they came in, and the Christmas tree had already been discovered.
    "It's a Christmas tree." Steamed Bun introduced it eagerly. "There are gifts hanging on top. Pick one by yourself, but you can't open it right away. I have to wait for Christmas tomorrow." Steamed Bun finished the introduction and turned to Chen Guo. "You're welcome" Expression.
    "Hahaha, kid, how can there be so many things!" The person who came was taking large steps. He didn't wait for Chen Guo to stop him. He walked up to the front, picked up the largest packing box, and took it down. Has been torn apart.

    "I..." Chen Guo really wanted to wail at this moment.
    "Look at what it is!" Wei Chen has completely removed the packaging. This largest gift is a...hip-hop monkey pillow.
    Wei Chen, who stood up with a sorrowful face at the end of the year, held this pillow for a while at a loss to know what to do, and looked completely at a loss to know what to do.
    "Is it for me?" Wei Chen kind of not to know whether to laugh or cry, this gift really doesn't match him at all!
    "You choose it yourself." Chen Guo's voice sounded rather cold. The gift is said to be optional, but in fact she also prepared a little hint. As a result, before her show started, the selection was over and Chen Guo was heartbroken.
    "This...this...can you re-select?" Wei Chen looked down, "The packaging is not bad, Steamed Bun, go find some scotch tape, and repack it."
    "Yes, I can't take it down now, I have to wait for tomorrow, Christmas!" Steamed Bun said, really looking for tape.
    "There are no doors, this is yours!" Chen Guo was willing to indulge them again, took a few steps forward, took the pillow from Wei Chen's hand, and slammed it into his arms. Seeing Wei Chen's innocent uncle's face, coupled with this hip-hop monkey, Chen Guo is very angry and funny.

    "That's it! Don't change it anymore." So she emphasized again fiercely, this guy made his mess, let him embarrass the hip-hop monkey!
    But Chen Guo still underestimated Wei Chen's affordability.
    "Okay!" Seeing Chen Guo's determination, Wei Chen smiled easily, resting on the pillow with one hand, like Tota Li Tianwang, and when he sat on the sofa, the pillow was really tucked behind his back. Lean on it.
    "What is yours?" Wei Chen asked Ye Xiu on the side.
    "I don't know, I haven't picked it yet." Ye Xiu said.
    "Of noble character and unquestionable integrity?" Wei Chen said contemptuously.
    Ye Xiu was silent. He wanted to laugh, but Chen Guo was staring at him fiercely.
    "Or, should I pick it first?" Ye Xiu tentatively.
    "Choose it!" Chen Guo was helpless, and it seemed that there was no point in insisting on it.
    So Ye Xiu also went over and picked one.
    "Look at what it is." Wei Chen said.
    Ye Xiu looked at Chen Guo. It seemed that there was no murder, and he was probably desperate, so he decisively opened the package. Looking at the Steamed Bun over there, the bosses are all demolished, so you have to keep up with the rhythm! He quickly dismantled his own hands.

    Su Mucheng and Tang Rou came to the training room together. The girls always need to be closer. Wei Chen and Steamed Bun did not know about preparing Christmas gifts, but the girls knew about it when they were tired of being together. Just come in at this time, Ye Xiu, Steamed Bun are already busy opening gifts, seems to be different from Chen Guo's plan!
    "This is?" The two people were puzzled.
    "Don't mention it, you two should choose too!" Chen Guo was depressed.
    At this time Ye Xiu's gift has been opened, and he got the contents inside, haha and happy: "Haha, this can be there."
    "The old man will change with you." Wei Chen said quickly without hesitation for a second.
    "Hehe." Ye Xiu rejected him with a laugh. What he got apart was a lighter. Happy smokers were him and Wei Chen nothing more. Obviously, this gift was for both of them. Ye Xiu smoked it right.
    "What did Old Wei get?" Su Mucheng and Tang Rou who had just arrived curiously asked.
    Wei Chen moved his body and showed the hip-hop monkey behind him who was squashed by him to two people.
    "Hahaha..." The two people laughed decisively. This gift, and Wei Chen, are really a combination that can't laugh!

    "I'm really picky!" Su Mucheng said. Seeing that Wei Chen got this, she was out of Chen Guo's control over this matter. No wonder Chen Guo was a little depressed when she came here. However, the most important thing about gifting is the intention. Su Mucheng doesn't care much about the process and the result. The only thing that matters is the atmosphere, isn't it?
    "Will you carry it everywhere in the future?" Su Mucheng asked Wei Chen with a smile.
    "Hurry up and pick, then pick a lighter and I will change with you." Wei Chen said.
    "Don't think about it, you won't change anything if you pick it up." Su Mucheng said, and went to the Christmas tree to remove one, and took a look after it was opened. "Oh wow, how did I get this?"
    "What is it?" Wei Chen leaned over with his hip-hop monkey pillow, ready to trade at any time.
    "This... it should be for that one!" Su Mucheng's hand was a recording pen, and Mo Fan was walking into the training room alone where her eyes were pointing.
    Voice recorder, Mo Fan who doesn't speak... This is really a very delicate combination.
    "It's a pity, it's mine." Su Mucheng put the gift away.
    Wei Chen doesn't seem to have much interest in this recorder.
    "What is Little Tang?" He moved to Tang Rou's side.

    Unpacking, the gift Tang Rou picked is relatively popular, a beautiful music box, nothing more.
    "Do you have anything to compare to the men?" Wei Chen shouted.
    "Are you talking about me?" Steamed Bun turned around, wearing a Glove on his right hand. Ordinary people may not be able to see anything famous for a while, but those present at the scene can see at a glance that this is Qi Master's Glove weapon in Glory, and it is a Glory peripheral. The intention of this gift is also very obvious. For Fang Rui, who has transformed into Qi Master, this gift is quite meaningful, but it is a pity that now...
    "Steamed Bun, have you washed your hands?" Chen Guo said with a calm face. .
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