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Chapter List 1123 Signed Album
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Chen Guo's originally planned Christmas Eve rhythm has been completely abandoned, and after Fang Rui, Qiao Yifan, An Wenyi and others came over, Chen Guo had already taken the initiative to ask them to pick gifts. In the end, the messy gift combination became a big laugh. Everyone in the training room was laughing and joking, and Chen Guo's original unhappiness quickly disappeared. Why are you giving gifts? Isn’t it just Tuyile? What's wrong with making everyone so happy now? It seems that this "surprise" selected at random is indeed quite interesting!
    The gifts Chen Guo prepared were not just for Team players. The online game department and the mechanical skill department are also an important part of Happy. Chen Guo prepares everyone's share according to their heads. However, the people in these departments are not working in the training room, but Chen Guo simply greeted them. .
    Wu Chen and others came over, took the gift, unpacked it or something, it was inevitable that it would be a lot of fun. It was Guan Rongfei who was more disappointed. He was forcibly dragged over to pick out gifts, and he looked reluctant. Feng Fenghuo rushed over, dragged one from the Christmas tree and left, disappearing from the training room within ten seconds.
    In the end, everyone finished picking, holding their own suitable or inappropriate gifts, and everyone's eyes fell on Chen Guo and the last two gifts hanging on the Christmas tree.
    "Huh?" Chen Guo was a little surprised.

    "Who hasn't come yet?" She asked. The gifts are counted by the heads. She hasn't picked them yet. There should be only one gift left in the end, but in the impression, the members of Happy have already come! Including Guan Rongfei who only existed for ten seconds, Chen Guo also clearly saw that he was carrying things out.
    "If you don't have to choose in the end, wouldn't it be boring?" Ye Xiu said.
    "Oh?" Chen Guo heard something famous, and then looked at the Christmas tree. Two gifts, one familiar, undoubtedly, it was one of her preparations, the other...
    "Did you put it up?" Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.
    "Now is the time for you to choose." Ye Xiu said.
    Chen Guo was startled. She really didn't think that in the end, there would be such small details for herself. To choose, of course, I choose the one I don’t know, but...this isn’t Ye Xiu’s reason to make a fuss, right? For example, you can pack your half pack of cigarettes at will. Chen Guo thinks Ye Xiu can easily do it.
    But... Chen Guo who walked forward took a look and found that the gift that was unfamiliar to her was packaged in the same meticulous manner. It seemed that it was definitely not casual, but it was also carefully prepared?

    Chen Guo was a little touched. She did not hesitate any longer and took the gift specially prepared for her from the Christmas tree.
    "What is it?" Chen Guo was wrapped in a mood of wanting to see but not daring to see.
    "Just take it apart." Ye Xiu smiled, "It's what you want very much."
    "What do I really want?" Chen Guo was at a loss. For a while, she didn't know what she wanted, and she didn't even know how Ye Xiu would know.
    The gift was very light. When Chen Guo took it down, he really suspected it was half a pack of cigarettes or something. But now I heard Ye Xiu say this. Chen Guo thinks this should not be a prank. Open the package, take out the carton inside, and open it. There is a card hidden inside, a Christmas card.
    Is this what I really want?
    Chen Guo was puzzled, and there was a little disappointment in her heart. She took out the card and opened it. It was not too beautiful font. It says: What you have always wanted, as you wish.
    Then, two signatures.
    Ye Qiu.
    Su Mucheng.

    Chen Guo was stunned, and his thoughts went back a few years ago. At that time, she was just an ordinary fan. Together with many Excellent Era fans, she enthusiastically supported Excellent Era and liked Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng, the two Gods. The signatures of the Great Gods, of course, are what they all want. And then. That snowy night. A stranger came to Happy Internet Cafe and killed an opponent in an Arena with Chen Guo's account in more than 40 seconds. Then invite(s) became a Manager.
    At that time Chen Guo thought this was an unknown person who was eliminated by Team and had nowhere to go. She took him in, encouraged her, and jokingly asked him to return to the pro scene. After that, she helped get the signatures of Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng. .
    This is just a joke, Chen Guo didn't take it seriously, but two years later, she received this Christmas gift.

    The signature itself does not mean anything. At this time, Chen Guo wants a Ye Xiu or Su Mucheng signature. Isn’t it just a sentence? But it was precisely this that reminded her that now she is no longer the ordinary member who can only silently support idols at the remote end. She stood with the people she once loved very much. They were friends and they worked side by side. This time she was no longer a bystander, but a participant. Team Happy, Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, her, and everyone. This is the meaning covered by these two signatures. Chen Guo understood it instantly. She felt that her eye sockets were a little wet, but it was too embarrassing to cry when so many people watched it.
    Chen Guo quickly turned his face away and wiped it off, squeezed his mood fiercely, shook the card and said, "This, it's...really..."
    Chen Guo wanted to say a joke, wanted to say "this is really too distracting", but she really can't say it because she understands the weight of this card. She wanted to pretend that she didn't understand, but she couldn't bear it.

    "Damn, just two signatures, this is too foolish! Super shameleBoss!" As a result, she did not say, but was rushed to say. What is the gift? This is something that everyone is curious about, and others are honestly waiting for it to be announced, but how could Wei Chen be so dutiful? I have come together to take a look. When he saw the two signatures above, he didn't think of that much, and immediately regarded it as a prank by Ye Xiu's cheating people, and strongly condemned it.
    "So are you." After Wei Chen despised Ye Xiu, he trained Su Mucheng again, "Just follow Old Ye shameleBoss. It's not easy for us Owner. It's not easy to have a Christmas. You two signed the two as a gift and sent it away. Huh? Even if you want to get an autograph, everyone should sign it! BoBoss don't cry, come here, and I'll sign one for you."
    "Sign, sign, everyone sign!" Chen Guo cried, but he had already stuffed the card, and decisively returned to the Christmas tree to take down the last gift that no one had chosen.
    "Just sign it here!" The gift of be of no interest to anyone was taken apart, and it turned out to be a picture album. Chen Guo prepared all the gifts, and she knew which one was what. This album is a peripheral made by Happy himself, and inside is a character map drawn by a special person to take the character image of Team Happy. In this regard, it really makes sense for everyone to sign.

    "Huh, the picture album has been printed out?" Wei Chen took it and looked at it. Of course everyone knows that Happy wants to publish such a thing, but they don't know that it has already come out, so Chen Guo took the first printed copy as a gift this time.
    "Well, it's okay." Wei Chen quickly turned to his Windward Formation page, and was quite satisfied with the image of Warlock who was casting a spell in the picture.
    "Look at me, look at me." The others in Happy have also gotten closer. Even Mo Fan, an unsocial fellow, was a little curious at this time. He left his seat, but was two meters away from the crowd. It seems that he is still thinking about whether to get in there.
    "Hahaha, Mo Fan is really awkward, Shen Yun!" As a result, the Lord hasn't come yet. Everyone has started to comment on the Deception page, and then I went to Mo Fan and saw that he was still two meters away. Kind of hesitation.
    "Come and take a look." Su Mucheng greeted him, and Mo Fan finally stepped forward after hesitating for a while.
    On the screen, a masked Ninja walk quietly on tiptoe Walk looks a bit weird indeed.
    This is myself?
    Mo Fan really doesn't think he should look like this, but looking at everyone around him, it seems that they all agree with this picture.
    "Sign your name!" Chen Guo handed him the pen, ready for Mo Fan to be the first to write his name on the album.

    Mo Fan took the pen in a daze. When everyone was watching, his writing hand was a little trembling, and the characters that were not good at first became even more skewed.
    "This word is really bad!" Fang Rui said next to him, "Come and let you see Brother's golden right hand."
    After speaking, I took the pen from Mo Fan, turned to the page of Qi Master BoundleBoss Sea, and signed Fang Rui smartly.
    "How about it, a hundred times better?" Fang Rui even deliberately turned to the Deception page to compare the two names. There are indeed a lot stronger, so people who want to help Mo Fan can't speak.
    "You can write the third word and see." Ye Xiu spoke.
    "Boom." Fang Rui has thrown the pen quickly. Everyone was startled, and suddenly understood. Fang Rui is also a Glory star. It’s certainly not unfamiliar to sign. No matter if you have deliberately practiced it or not, if you sign more, you will always be familiar with some good looks, but other than these two words, then It is questionable.
    The album continued to pass. Everyone signed their name on their character page, and finally handed it to Chen Guo. Chen Guo looked through it page by page and said after a moment of silence: "If you have time, let's practice signing! "

    The signatures of this one, except Fang Rui and Su Mucheng are often signed out, Tang Rou's is quite eye-catching. None of the others are on the table. Even Ye Xiu's, Fang Rui took a look and fell off: "You also said me, your third word is not that good!"
    Everyone looked at the page of Lord Grim, Ye Xiu, how awkward they looked, and how they separated. Chen Guo was stunned for a long time, then touched the card to take a look, compare it, and react.
    Ye Xiu, the word "Ye Qiu" is very proficient in signing. Although he does not appear in public, he will often sign some peripheral products at Team, which is also a regular sign of Su Mucheng and Fang Rui. But now, he changed his sign to Ye Xiu, and the "Ye" still looks like that, but "Xiu" can't keep up with the rhythm at all. The two characters are put together, which is uglier than the equipment that was mixed on Lord Grim.
    Ye Xiu's "repair" is unfortunately his third word.
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