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Chapter List 1126 None Of Them
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The New Year’s bell has rang, and the Pro Alliance’s major Team’s pros players simultaneously gather in q city. This All Stars weekend will be held here. The league seems to have considered that Tyranny's several veterans who have been shining in the pro scene have run out of time, and handed over the hosting of this All Stars weekend to Team Tyranny's home game. But... it seems that the gamers who voted didn't realize this thought. It's a shame that the two veterans Zhang Jiale and Lin Jingyan of Team Tyranny were not selected.
    On the evening of January 3, the Tyranny home game in Q City, the All Stars weekend of the Glory Pro League 10th Season finally began. With the blessing of the New Year, the selected 24 All Stars characters appeared with Holographic projection.
    Since the Holographic projection was put into use, Glory's opening Player and Character introduction has reached the point of a bloodline spray. All Stars is a 24-bit character, which symbolizes the pinnacle of Glory character. On this occasion, hosting a Team will rack its brains to make it exciting.
    Usually, it is to arrange the demonstration action after each character comes on the stage, or single practice, or sparring. This time, hosted by Tyranny, the theme of combination was highlighted in the character demo.
    Cloud Piercer and One Autumn Leaf by Samsara;
    Troubling Rain and Swoksaar of Blue Rain;
    Tiny Herb's size two Witch;
    Void’s twin Ghosts;
    Bloody Flower Garden Scenery of Hundred BloBoss oms;

    Then to Lord Grim of Happy, and Dancing Rain;
    In the process of the combination appearance one by one, another theme of the demonstration was also pointed out: Remembrance!
    The electronic screens on the scene began to show the classic images of these combined years of cooperative battles. Many old Glory gamers found many familiar classic images from these flashing clips.
    In Glory's ten years, the players are passing on, the characters are passing on, and this kind of inter-professional organization is also passing on in one team after another.
    The screen paused, and a question was suddenly raised.
    Is there a pair of combinations that lasted ten years. Since Glory's first Season, has it been fighting side by side and continuing to this day?
    Everyone was startled, and then cast their sights on these classic combinations on the court, and count them one by one.
    Cloud Piercer and One Autumn Leaf? This season has just started their side by side;
    Troubling Rain and Swoksaar? Swoksaar is the inheritance from the first generation of Blue Rain, but Troubling Rain. It was when Huang ShaOT ian, a player of the Fourth Season golden generation, boarded the professional competition field. Appeared together
    Tiny Herb’s dual magic path began to operate after Season Gao Yingjie became the main force;

    Void’s twin Ghosts came out when Wu Yuce Fifth Season joined Void and forced the use of ghost Swordsman ClaBoss;
    The Bloody Flower Garden Scenery of Hundred BloBoss oms. Established in the Second Season, but when the Fifth Season Sun Zheping retired from injury, the combination was interrupted and was not rebuilt until Yu Feng transferred to Hundred BloBoss oms;
    As for Happy's... it's also very fresh.
    None of these combinations turned out to be, so what is it?
    Many people have not yet turned their minds. There was already a loud shout on the scene. This is Tyranny's home game. Of course, most of the audience who can come to the scene are local Glory fans. Tyranny fans, of course, are the most massive part of it. At this time, Tyranny fans are the only ones who can set off such a momentum on the scene.
    As a result, the answer was revealed amidst bursts of shouts.
    Desert Dust, Immovable Rock.
    Yes it is. The All Stars characters that have been fighting side by side since the first generation of the alliance are these two, Tyranny’s Striker Desert Dust and Cleric Immovable Rock.
    Home team combination. After all, it was the climax of the finale.
    The King of Fighting, Desert Dust, which advance courageously never flinches, has not changed for ten years, and Immovable Rock, which has always been by its side, is constantly calling for the audience. Appeared in the field.
    ten years……

    The related images of this pair of combinations play much longer than any other pair of combinations. From the first generation of the league to the present, these two characters have been the symbol of Team Tyranny. No team has such a pair of combinations and always stands at the pinnacle. Even the former Excellent Era, with the most brilliant record, did not!
    Many of the old Glory fan silks who have followed Team Tyranny for ten years can no longer suppress their emotions.
    Fuck! What are you doing, sensational? This shouldn't be our Tyranny style, why should we make us want to cry? Tyranny's heroes shouldn't shed tears, that kind of dirty face that has been dazzled by tears is really embarrassing and ugly!
    "Tossed about by the wind and rain, a ten-year combination; the character can stay forever, but the players will always leave. However, in Tyranny, there is one, it is him, who brought Da Yan Gu Yan into this stage. It’s him who has led us Tyranny forward for ten years. From the first Season, the second Season, and the Third Season to today, the 10th Season! Standing here forever, standing on this pinnacle, this person, no one, Who is he???"

    "Han Wenqing!!!" The voice of the audience was almost roaring. Yes, Han Wenqing, the Glory player who can get such a reputation, looking at the entire league, there is only Han Wenqing. Originally his old opponent Ye Xiu can be regarded as one, but unfortunately, Ye Xiu's eighth season halfway retirement, there is a gap of one and a half years. and so……
    Only Han Wenqing, no one.
    He has not only persisted in this season for ten years, but what is even more rare is that he has always maintained top strength for ten years. Time can erode his utilize and his reaction, but he can never degenerate his will, on the contrary, it makes him more tenacious. This is Han Wenqing, the controller of Desert Dust for ten years, and the Captain of Team Tyranny for ten years.
    In wordless and silent, Han Wenqing has already stood on the stage, and the character projection of Desert Dust is right beside him. The scene gradually calmed down, and everyone was looking forward to what Han Wenqing, a fighter of this decade, could say.
    Han Wenqing declined the microphone handed over by the Master of Ceremonies. He didn't say anything, but looked back at him and the Holographic projection beside him, the Desert Dust Holographic projection.

    Utilizing a character that has been used for ten years, standing next to him in this truth is an experience that Han Wenqing seldom would have. He just watched like that and stretched out to make a move, and even took a picture of the illusory projection. shoulder. Then, he raised this right hand, clenched his fist, and waved it very firmly towards all the audience and players in the audience, not very hard.
    No need to say anything at all.
    I'm still standing here, still clenching my fist, everything is enough!
    There was another lively noise at the scene in response to Han Wenqing's actions. Zhang Xinjie also stepped onto the stage at this time and walked accurately to Han Wenqing's side at the pace he had calculated.
    He is not the first-generation controller of Immovable Rock, but he has also been fighting next to Han Wenqing for almost seven years. Players cannot always fight like a character. From this point of view, every player is an inheritor. From the distant past, to the present, to the distant future, their Spirit and will are included in the character. Among them, pass on forever.
    The two contestants shook hands and hugged tightly under the gaze of tens of thousands of spectators.
    There was applause at the scene.

    No one thinks that Tyranny's All Stars arrangement highlights their player, Han Wenqing, who is the most qualified person to be the protagonist at this Glory's tenth anniversary celebration. He is the only player who has personally experienced this ten-year heritage. At this moment, he is above Team Tyranny.
    With prolonged applause, Tyranny finally did not really arrange this as a Han Wenqing special, but then other people did not arrange such a grand debut. Naturally, the other 22 players stepped onto the stage one after another, drumming. With the palm, Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie are clustered in the middle, which is enough to give Tyranny the face of this arrangement.
    The lively opening finally ended, and the players stepped down and returned to their team. All Stars weekend is a party, so everything is very casual. Many players rushed around, got into the seats of other Teams, and chatted with players they knew well. On the live stage, the first part of the All Stars weekend is being prepared, and the rookie Challenge Tournament is always the same.
    The first to appear is a rookie player from Parade Team.
    Many of the audience yawned. Compared with the climax instigated by Han Wenqing, the gap was a bit too severe.
    Li Jiu?
    Who is that?

    The attention of small and medium teams is limited in itself, not to mention rookie, who has very few opportunities to appear in these teams. Li Jiu is really a very strange name to the audience. Such a rookie Challenge Tournament is not worth seeing! The audience sighed, if it were not for the exciting star show on the first day of All Stars weekend, the audience on the first day would be very limited. These rookie names not found in the classics, to be honest, not much Interest and attention. Speaking of last year, especially the year before, the rookie Challenge Tournament was very good. Many rookies were top-notch people. But this year... a lot of people are searching in their minds, Glory ten years, looks like a yellow does not reach green year! There seems to be no rookie that looks so powerful at the moment?
    Tang Rou?
    Many people think of this question, but such a name pops out of their minds.
    Bah baah baah!
    Many people vomited, and in their hearts this is a woman who knows no height and is shameless and shameless. Think where is this place? Do you really think that beautiful women have some privileges and can be easily forgiven by everyone? get out!
    This is how many people feel about Tang Rou now. Even among the supporters of Team Happy, many people are very sad when they think that there is such a person in the team, and they feel very tangled.

    No rookie, this Season, there is really no special rookie! So, what about second-year students? Everyone is thinking. Sophomores can also take part in the rookie challenge. However, more powerful sophomores, such as Lu Hanwen, participated last year. The rookie Challenge Tournament does not seem to support repeated participation, right?
    Poor Li Jiu has been completely ignored by the audience, all wondering if he will be able to watch him a little bit later. Until then Li Jiu's voice came out: "I want to challenge Senior Ye Xiu from Team Happy."
    The end of the month seems to be coming again...
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