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Chapter List 1131 No Sooner Said Than Done
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The development of the situation did not surprise Song Qiying. After Zeng Xinran used Powerful Knee Strike erratically to break his balance, he had already foreseen such a scene. Sure enough, Ye Xiu took advantage of Song Qiying's Striker to hurry and smashed Delilo. At this time, he had already retreated.
    Zeng Xinran's face was red and his ears were red, even for the Great God, it was too much to be fooled by a Shadow Clone Technique so easily. I am a little too excited, please calm down! Zeng Xinran takes a deep breath.
    Zeng Xinran calmed down at this moment, but his partner Song Qiying, who had been persuading him not to be too eager, seemed to lose his composure. Long River Setting Sun rushed to Lord Grim desperately.
    "Hey, take your time!" This time, it was Zeng Xinran's turn to remind Song Qiying.
    Song Qiying is really not to know whether to laugh or cry. Now, then! Fast or slow is nothing more than a change in rhythm. There is no reason to say that any time needs to be slow or fast. It is the most suitable rhythm based on the time and the situation. Your own Striker has got the closest chance to Lord Grim since the opening (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty. Slow down at this time. Isn't it just letting the chance slip away? How can it be slow at this time? On the contrary, you should get up quickly and cooperate with the impact. Your Brawler is still within attack range!

    It's a pity that Zeng Xinran is calming himself. He calmly watched Lord Grim retreat. He calmly watched the Long River Setting Sun rush upwards and calmly reminded Song Qiying to calm down.
    "Seize the opportunity!!" Song Qiying really didn't know what to say, should we give this guy a detailed explanation of what we should do at this time?
    Oh my god! It's so easy to say that it's also a Pro-player. Why is Glory's IQ so low? The ability to read the game is too bad, right?
    In Song Qiying's cry, Zeng Xinran finally reacted. This is indeed not the time to stop the attack! Long River Setting Sun (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty is approaching. This is the closest moment between the character of two people and Lord Grim. How come I... paused at this moment?
    Delilo quickly restarted. Although he has fallen behind Long River Setting Sun, he has a mid-range attack method. A brick in his hand has already flown out. The position is accurate, but Ye Xiu is not dead, Lord Grim is sideways. , Avoided.
    Fuhu Xiangteng!
    Song Qiying thanked Zeng Xinran for finally reacting. This blow came a bit late, but it finally came. While Lord Grim evaded, the Long River Setting Sun flew up. The 60-level Ultimate Skill was also activated very quickly. The Long River Setting Sun flying up and stepped on the Lord Grim with both feet, and in a blink of an eye it was already in front of Lord Grim.

    This is an Ultimate Skill, an Ultimate Skill that Lord Grim has mastered for the low-level skills that are difficult to contend with. Coming so fast, so fiercely, as Lord Grim escaped the gap between the tiles, Song Qiying's timing was quite precise.
    It's a pity that this trick was long overdue in the end. Since Zeng Xinran calmed himself down, the two of them had already missed the best time. At this time, mend the pen after sheep are lost, but the effect was not perfect. Lord Grim evaded the bricks and gave another pass. This Ji Fuhu Xiangteng was also passed.
    But Long River Setting Sun can be regarded as intercepting Lord Grim. But here is not just a hutong street with two roads. When you turn around 360 degrees, which side is not straight ahead? Lord Grim didn't hit Long River Setting Sun, turned around, and continued to leave.
    Still want to go?
    Although Long River Setting Sun's Fuhu Xiangtian missed, he finally got close to Lord Grim, and finally could reach Lord Grim within reach. How could Song Qiying easily let Lord Grim get away again?
    Long River Setting Sun hands took a look and buckled towards Lord Grim. Lord Grim hurriedly backwards leap, Long River Setting Sun slammed, but he bent his elbow slightly, stepped forward and punched out!
    Dashing Jab!
    The punch behind Fling had already hit Lord Grim's exposed chest, but...
    Sword Draw!

    Lord Grim didn't even dodge, but directly drew his sword to fight back.
    Sword Draw or Dashing Jab, which is faster? At this moment, no one could see clearly, only that Lord Grim's chest was stamped by Long River Setting Sun's fist. On Long River Setting Sun's chest, there was also a blood arrow flying into the air along with the blade that passed.
    Long River Setting Sun staggered backwards, the impact of Sword Draw is still a little bit. But what about Lord Grim? The sword has been retracted, Thousand Chance Umbrella flat end on the chest. With the help of Dashing Jab, and then using Aerial Cannon Ability, Lord Grim seems to be able to draw a big distance this time. Is Song Qiying miscalculating? Shouldn't he utilize Long River Setting Sun to use this Dashing Jab?
    No, not really.
    If it is 1 v 1, his choice of attack is undoubtedly to push the target close to (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty far away, but now, it is not 1 v 1, and Lord Grim, who is pushed away, will go with the opportunity. But Zeng Xinran’s Delilo has arrived, and he is not so stupid that he can’t see what to do at this time. Delilo rushed forward and blocked Lord Grim’s retreat. His hands came out, and he used Fling to buckle Lord Grim To go.
    Falling Light Blade.
    Ye Xiu suddenly came with such a hand, Lord Grim in the little Knock-up forcibly reversed the direction, Delilo sounded the air with both hands, and was about to make up the attack quickly, Lord Grim had already turned around and hit Delilo's with a Knee Attack. waist.

    This is the Ability of the Brawler profession, but now it has been applied to Brawler Delilo. Zeng Xinran is really aggrieved, but he did not give him a chance to react. Lord Grim Knee Attack finished Fling, but instead picked him up and threw him. Out, smashed towards Long River Setting Sun.
    Zeng Xinran seemed to be bullied again, but his quest was finally completed. Lord Grim, who was about to retreat from Aerial Cannon, was blocked by him, and Long River Setting Sun had already rushed forward. Passed by Delilo who was thrown over, punched and hit.
    Dragon Tiger Flurry!
    Song Qiying unexpectedly rushed to open the Ultimate Skill at this time, and the Long River Setting Sun fisted and brought out a shadow image, and relentlessly blasted the fight towards Lord Grim.
    But as soon as the figure flickered in the line of sight, Lord Grim disappeared in an instant.
    How come?
    Song Qiying was shocked. In the next second, Long River Setting Sun’s waist was held, lifted by someone in the air, and folded backward. It was interrupted.
    Song Qiying was at a loss. Lord Grim, why did he suddenly run behind?
    Shadow Clone Technique? There is no Shadow Clone!

    Teleportation? It doesn't seem to be the case. The swaying figure seems to have been circumvented by some movement ability pathing. However, among the 24 professional abilities, there is no one that can instantly pathing behind him!
    Yes, there is no such Ability, so at that moment, Lord Grim actually displayed two Ability.
    Charge, Shining Cut.
    The low-level skills from Knight and Assassin, which are often used as movement skills, are actually offensive Ability. However, many, many people, even after playing that moment of slow motion on the electronic screen, did they fully see that it was these two abilities.
    Because everything happened too fast. These two abilities were used by Ye Xiu to move Lord Grim, but the removal was actually only two steps.
    One step to the side, one step to the back.
    In such a small space, two abilities are used to achieve this pathing. How accurate is it to utilize and how to handle it quickly?
    The audience dumbstruck, even the players of the major Teams, were stunned faces everywhere.
    What is the apm at that moment?

    Many people are very professionally concerned about this issue. However, there was no display, and the electronic screen on the scene did not show it to everyone as usual. Is it fast enough to exceed the logic that the system can calculate?
    There were more surprised faces, and at this time Lord Grim had already withdrawn, and no one cared anymore. Everyone is still looking up at the electronic screen and watching the replays above. At that moment, Lord Grim used the Charge and Shining Cut abilities to complete the two-step change.
    Really, like a ghost...
    The scene fell into silence, and Tyranny fans who were upset with Ye Xiu were unable to boo at this moment.
    "What is this?" In the Pro-player pile, discussions began after a while, from rookie to Great God, exchanging opinions.
    "Actually, it is Z Shake nothing more." said Team Blue Rain, Huang ShaOTian.
    "Nothing more?" Yu Wenzhou smiled.
    Huang ShaOT ian stopped talking.
    Of course not nothing more. In a two-step space, utilize has two abilities like this, if it is one's own...

    "Don't forget, the utility among him is not just releasing two abilities and changing directions." Yu Wenzhou seems to know that Huang ShaOT ian is comparing himself to remind him, "There is also a utility that changes the shape of Thousand Chance Umbrella."
    Yes, one is Knight Charge, Priest-claBoss; the other is Shining Cut of Assassin, Nightwalker-claBoss. Without replacing the weapon, the two abilities cannot be used in succession.
    Huang ShaOT ian’s complexion suddenly became a bit unnatural. Can I do it myself? He suddenly didn't want to pursue this answer.
    "Z Shake..." Team Tiny Herb and Wang Jiexi also saw the essence of this utilize.
    "After all, the most earthy strategy!" Wang Jiexi sighed. The other Tiny Herb players beside him were all looking at each other in dismay.
    Z Shake, a very basic movement changing technique, but in such a small space, using such two abilities to perform, this... is really a mechanical skill that even supernaturally fine craft can't describe.
    Pro-players have confirmed in their hearts whether such things can be done by themselves.
    What about the game?
    In a game where not many people care about the outcome, who else will pay attention to the result at this time? What everyone is more looking forward to is whether Ye Xiu will make any more amazing utility.

    The ones who will pay attention to the results are probably those Tyranny dead fans who are upset about Ye Xiu. They are still looking forward to Ye Xiu, who has announced that he will lose 1 vs.
    The result was as they wished. Song Qiying and Zeng Xinran 2 v 1 in the end really won.
    Booed, but very faint. Because many people can see that Ye Xiu obviously didn't try his best in the second half of the game, which made Song Qiying and Zeng Xinran late-comer lives above finally win.
    Yes, late-comer lives above, which means that in the first half, Ye Xiu has the upper hand with one enemy and two.
    What will happen if it keeps that way? Everyone knows it well, including Song Qiying and Zeng Xinran on the court.
    Of course they have nothing to be proud of in such a victory.
    "Predecessors actually throw a game." Song Qiying even pointed out directly, seeming to have some opinions about it.
    "Pro-player, you must be as good as one's word, and if you want to throw a game, you must throw a game!" Ye Xiu said.
    April second to last day, good morning, why is there no 31st in April? I am angry! (To be continued.
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