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Chapter List 1132 Hot-blooded Dodgeball
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    be as good as one's word? Once we say throw a game, we must throw a game?
    There was a boo if not unexpected at the scene, but Song Qiying's expression at this time was a little subtle. His reaction was quick, his eyes turned involuntarily, and he glanced at the seats of the players in the off-stage Team and Happy. .
    If you want to say be as good as one's word, Happy, there seems to be the biggest joke in history, right?
    Happy's Tang Rou, after failing to fulfill his vow of 1 vs 3, did not keep his promise and quit Glory!
    However, Ye Xiu said that he wanted to be as good as one's word, but he also said that if he wanted to throw a game, he wanted to throw a game...throw a game, it’s really not a beautiful thing, even in the All Stars competition. On the field, there are too many, which means that they have not done their best. It is rare for Ye Xiu to put it so clearly and so openly that even "gg" comes out.
    Be as good as one's word, but doing something like throw a game, Ye Xiu's words are ironic, right?

    Except for Song Qiying, it seems that there is not much interest in Tang Rou. The Tyranny fans at the scene are very stable with Ye Xiu's aggro. At this time, the rookie Challenge Tournament is all over, and they are focusing their firepower to "farewell" Ye Xiu to the end. The opening of the first day of the All Stars weekend looks like it was specially set for Tyranny fans. First, they commemorated their Tyranny Captain Han Wenqing's ten years of wind and rain, which made Tyranny fans burst into tears, and then, they became Tyranny's most hated player Ye Xiu. The rookies lined up. The ground rushed up to challenge.
    Although Ye Xiu produced unprecedented scenes such as "gg" and "1 vs 2", it has to be said that the first day of this All Stars weekend was still lively enough.
    All Stars weekend will not arrange a serious press conference. The reporters stationed by the major media have dedicated press seats. However, only cooperative media units can enter the arena to directly contact Team players. For example, the e-sports channel of marketing TV broadcast, such as the most authoritative E-Sports Home. However, most of them in the arena are mainly looking, and when there is a suitable time, they will talk to the players for a few words. A serious interview is definitely not to be seen on this occasion, and they have not entered to touch the mold.

    What about today? Of course, the reporter collects the opinions of Teams players, the opinions of Han Wenqing in ten years, and the opinions of Ye Xiu, who was called by rookie and even "gg".
    The content is of course not too serious, and everything on the All Stars competition field is all about Tu Yile. Even if it's "gg", "throw a game" or something, if you really want to take this thing to be true, then your brain is flooded. To be honest, as far as reporters are concerned, they welcome these unexpected scenes by Ye Xiu. The rookie challenge scene of respecting the old and loving the young, they are really tired of writing.
    After some performance programs arranged by the organizer, the first day of the All Stars weekend was completely over. A pair of mortal enemies, Han Wenqing and Ye Xiu have become today's two main protagonists. Han Wenqing's ten years of persistence left behind a classic touch, and Ye Xiu's acceptance of the seven rookie challenge left behind a farce.
    Some older Glory players can't help but recall that they were challenged by rookie. In fact, Ye Xiu had had this treatment a long time ago, and it seemed that it was also seven rookie.
    It's just that Ye Xiu sincerely played seven games with the rookies at that time, which is not as serious as today.
    Ginger is old and spicy, this kind of thing has been shown extreme saturation only when Ye Xiu entered.

    "You're really quite something ......" Event ended, the exit channel of Pro-player, and many players who knew Ye Xiu came to complain.
    Being stuck in these piles, Chen Guo really feels dazzled and fascinated. Once all these were set up on high, but now, they are crowded around her. Everyone is ordinary, just look at it like this. , I can't imagine how vigorous these characters are in Glory.
    Li Xun of Team VoID who likes One Hit Kill the most, is complaining to Tian Sen of Team Royal Style about his toothache. Tian Sen seemed to give him a call, as if he was recommending a dentist.
    Team Misty Rain’s Captain, the hero Chu Yunxiu, is accusing Zhang Xinjie, the landlord of City x, that the hot and sour rice noodles at the snack street he recommended last time are not delicious at all.
    "Too sour!" Chu Yunxiu grinned his teeth, as if the smell is still there.
    "You are too jealous!" Zhang Xinjie said sincerely.
    "How much should I adjust?" Chu Yunxiu asked.
    "Seven tenths of the spoon, just use the small plastic spoon from him." Zhang Xinjie said.
    Spoon? Do I use a spoon if I add vinegar? Seven out of ten?
    Chu Yunxiu barked his teeth again, and directly abandoned Zhang Xinjie, and came to talk to Su Mucheng, who had a good relationship.

    Guo Shao of Team Mystical, and Song Qiying of Team Tyranny, these two young people somehow get together. Among the many predecessors, the two are very low-key whispering, but from time to time, their eyes will flash to Happy and pause for a moment on Ye Xiu. It seems that the two are studying how to overthrow the mountain of Ye Xiu.
    Chen Guo found that the topics that still focus on Glory are mostly these rookies. What the old players talked about was all very popular things.
    Yang Cong of 301 and Wang Jiexi of Tiny Herb talked about the nearest housing market.
    Jiang BOT ao and Xu Bin talked about European football.
    Tang Hao complained to Zou Yuan about the weather in city n. He was originally in Team Hundred BloBoss oms. K city is also his hometown. After moving to Wind Howl, he went to N city where Team Wind Howl is located. It has been almost two years. It seems that he still doesn't like the new city too much.
    The topic was so ordinary that Chen Guo vividly felt that these... are a group of real, living creatures.
    In the long passage, the contestants did not rest anymore and walked directly out of the field. After that, they said goodbye naturally, boarding their respective Team’s vehicles and drove to their respective hotels. Among them, some players who lived in the same hotel suddenly began to hitchhiking, continuing the topic that was not finished before.

    Compared with the previous encounters in the competition, the players really have to be much easier, and Chen Guo can also clearly feel this.
    All Stars weekend is really a good event! Chen Guo, who was in it, smiled and thought.
    All Stars weekend soon ushered in the second day. Compared with the first day, the content of the second day is more substantial, and there is a certain degree of interaction with the scene. Some live audiences and players on the field will be selected to participate in the Event.
    The first thing to do is to use Glory characters to conduct some interesting confrontations. These touches that are specially set by the Glory game party during the All Stars weekend every year will often introduce the Glory online game later to enrich the content of the game.
    And what is this interesting confrontation? All Stars weekend’s propaganda had a notice long ago, and the first thing to do was dodge the ball!
    It is said to be dodgeball, but in fact it is not strictly in accordance with the dodgeball game system. Judging from the content disclosed in the propaganda, this is probably more like a sandbag throwing game played by the people.
    The rule is that the teams participating in the Event will enter the field three times, and then the two teams will attack and defend each round, and then the time to complete the game will determine the winner. Event plans to organize eight teams, five of which are pro team, and the other three are composed of spectators drawn from the scene.

    The five Pro Team players quickly assembled on the court, and they were Samsara, Thunderclap, Tiny Herb, Magic, and Team Happy.
    These five teams are more knowledgeable. Samsara is the leader of Yiqi Juechen, and Thunderclap has an unexpectedly outstanding group. Tiny Herb has triumph in every battle in Arena Match, Happy and Magic, two new players that have just entered the league. The team, but they all performed unexpectedly. This is obviously the five teams that have focus.
    It's just a player from the fifth team.
    Samsara is Vice-Captain Jiang BOT ao with Assassin player Wu Qi and Blade Master player Du Ming.
    Thunderclap, Captain Xiao Shiqin personally played, brought Elementalist player Dai Yanqi and SharpshoOT er player Lu Yining who transferred from Team Misty Rain.
    Team Tiny Herb is Gao Yingjie, Liu Xiaobie and Zhou Huabai.
    Team Mystical, Shen Jian, Guo Shao, and Battle Mage player Jia Xing.
    As for Happy, it is Wei Chen, Steamed Bun, and...have not played in the league so far. The first show was given to Luo Ji, a fun competitive player in All Stars.
    Facing such a big stage for the first time, Luo Ji was obviously a little apprehensive. Even though he knew it was just a game, he couldn't help but feel nervous, standing on the court without knowing where to put his hands and feet.
    "Be calm, I have the boss!" Steamed Bun said to Luo Ji, patting his chest.

    Being around really made Luo Ji feel nervous. It was the first time that Luo Ji felt that it was good to have Steamed Bun around him.
    There are not many All Star level players participating in the Event. This is also a deliberately low-key arrangement. On the one hand, it also gives other Pro-players a chance to participate happily. On the other hand, it also saves All Stars, the highest level of the other show, completely in the end day of the All Stars game.
    Five teams of players came to the stage, and then the audience was drawn. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eighty-nine, nine lucky spectators were drawn in succession. Everyone who came up would have to ask some questions about which Team you support and which player you like. For the first type of problem, it took a lot of time after the nine-entry toss. Fortunately, there was no soy sauce audience who didn't know Glory at all.
    Then the nine lucky viewers were randomly divided into three groups, and the opponent was randomly arranged at the scene.
    Even if it is a play style that has never appeared in Glory, Pro-player has the foundation and foundation, and it is difficult to be defeated by ordinary players. Teams lined up with lucky audiences can be said to have a victory. However, there is only one more Pro Team, and with such a random arrangement, there may not be three Pro Teams drawn to the lucky spectator team.
    Sure enough, there were two lucky spectator teams drawn together in the end, Tiny Herb drew the only other lucky spectator team left, and the other four professional teams collided in twos.

    "Hehe, Samsara's winning streak is about to end when you see it." During the interview of the live host, Happy's Wei Chen, looking at the extracted opponent, said confidently.
    Happy opponent, Team Samsara.
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