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Chapter List 1135 Close Shot
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    A purple light flashed from Death's Hand, several waves in the air, but it still rushed toward the sandbag in mid-air extremely quickly. ..
    Du Ming was shocked, where he dared to wait for the sandbags to float, and hurriedly utilized MistleBoss Crescent to step forward. Even if you can't get it for a while, you must never let Happy people pick it up.
    But no matter how much character movement, it can’t compare to Ability. Du Ming saw Sunder’s castration and had already prepared the prediction. MistleBoss Crescent flew straight in the direction where Sunder sprang, but Sunder’s light was actually wiping the sandbag. .
    The sandbags withdrawn by the sword aura of Revolving Wind Form did not move fast. With the professionalBoss ional level, it is not difficult to hit this movement target. But this Sunder of Windward Formation was actually missed. Was it a mistake, or...intentional?
    "Oh wow, this mouse is out of order, right?" Du Ming heard a complaint from Wei Chen and hurriedly utilized MistleBoss Crescent and turned again. As a result, a black shadow was already stepping into his air jump, and the sandbag was like this Along with the shadows disappeared from mid-air.
    Du Ming used MistleBoss Crescent angrily and cut out with a single sword. When he missed, the black shadow's movements were really very agile and agile. After grabbing the sandbag, he landed and dashed. Happy's Summoner Concealed Light crouched forward and took the sandbag from the mouth of Summoned Beast [Spirit Cat].

    From the system prompt, everyone saw that this access was also considered valid, and Happy got another chance to be hit.
    Du Ming, who was confounded by the play, was ashamed and angry. MistleBoss Crescent raised his sword and was about to rush towards Windward Formation.
    "Calm down, it's nothing more than a game." Jiang BOT ao called.
    Yes, this is just a game, originally just play it casually, it's just a happy one. But Wei Chen's confident manner after drew Samsara was really uncomfortable. The three of Samsara still wanted to slap the old guy in the face. But now it seems that in this game, the old guy's skill is deeper than them. Who said that young people must be more receptive to new things? At this time, it was obvious that the old guy, relying on his own experience, quickly figured out the trick to playing this game after watching two rounds of duel.
    "Du Ming, you attack directly and leave the sandbags to me and Wu Qi." Jiang BOT ao made a decision. From the point of view of the game, it seemed very difficult to deal with. He decided to use Samsara's combat power, attack control, and sandbag lore.
    "Okay!" Du Ming obviously welcomed this decision and promised very simply.

    The Concealed Light of Luo Ji over there was thrown out after holding the sandbag for three seconds. Naturally, it was the most inconvenient place for the three Samsara to pick up, and then the three Happy had already begun pathing to meet the next wave of attacks. However, Samsara has apparently calmed down this time. Jiang BOT ao and Du Ming two people’s character angle positions have suppressed, but they are not eager to attack. After Wu Qi’s ABoss aBoss in ran to pick up the sandbags, Samsara didn’t start. Look for opportunities quickly.
    "Fraud Windward Formation!" Jiang BOT ao suddenly gave instructions. Team Samsara's executive power was also very strong, but the voice did not fall. Du Ming's MistleBoss Crescent was intercepted by Triple Slash towards Windward Formation, and MercileBoss Silence, holding a sandbag, turned towards Windward Formation. The flanks rounded up. The execution of the two people was quite steady. Du Ming's MistleBoss Crescent rushed up, but did not attack, but kept a stable position, a stance that did not allow Windward Formation to move forward.
    Limiting the space also limits dodge and forced breakthroughs. In this game environment, it is really not a wise move. The sandbags to attack are the big killers of direct instant kill. You can fight directly, and the defender can't fight it anyway.
    Sure enough, Wei Chen didn't do such an unwise move. He saw MistleBoss Crescent cut ahead aggressively and immediately turned. MercileBoss Silence had touched it from his side, but he didn't seem to see it.

    Make a move in the yin* sandbag again? Jiang BOT ao observes the pathing changes of the Happy trio. His Empty Waves are also shrinking inward, forming a response to MercileBoss Silence, and continuing to put pressure on Windward Formation.
    However, this is just an illusion. From the very beginning, Jiang BOT ao pointed out that this is just a fraud and is a pavement for the next attack target. As for what the real goal is, Jiang BOT ao is still making a decision, perhaps Windward Formation. It all depends on how Happy will respond after such pressure.
    "Force!" Jiang BOT ao gave instructions again, Du Ming's Blade Master MistleBoss Crescent stood up and directly attacked Windward Formation. Unsurprisingly, as the defender, he is unwilling to entangle with the attacker in this way. Windward Formation then return.
    "A few little guys, what are you doing chasing the old man like this chip away at a task and not abandon it!" Wei Chen used Windward Formation to avoid it while spraying trash talk.
    "It's all because the threat from seniors is too great!" Jiang BOT ao said.
    "You doll is really good at talking, hahaha!" Wei Chen once again praised Jiang BOT ao in this regard. But last time, the praised Jiang BOT ao attacked make a move without hesitation. What about this time? This time he didn't. Jiang BOT ao's Empty Waves suddenly had an oblique insertion. The Empty Waves that originally tried to block Windward Formation's retreat, this oblique insertion suddenly changed the whole intention.

    Ice Creation Wave Sword!
    The Ability that the opponent can't ignore was once again wrapped in a wave of killing intent and rolled out, the target, Concealed Light.
    "Good boy, it turned out to be threaten the east and strike to the west!" Wei Chen cried, Windward Formation turned around to come and rescued, but Du Ming's MistleBoss Crescent flashed to the spot. Don't attack, just cut off the correspondence between Windward Formation and Concealed Light.
    MercileBoss Silence speeded up suddenly, Shining Cut sent a section, Swift Run swiftly, and instantly the distance between him and Concealed Light was greatly shortened, and then, Shadow Clone Technique!
    This Ninja low-level skill, which can be used as Teleportation, is learned by almost every profession in Nightwalker-claBoss. In the final stage of the sprint, MercileBoss Silence suddenly took out this Ability, and in an instant, he had flashed in front of Concealed Light. This sudden increase in speed made Luo Ji no time to deal with it last time. This time, he was still in a hurry. He had just avoided the Ice Creation Wave Sword of Empty Waves. He didn't expect that Assassin holding a sandbag would rush to him in a blink of an eye. How to hide this sandbag thrown from almost zero distance? Can't hide!

    The sandbag thrown by MercileBoss Silence was thrown on Concealed Light, obliterating their chance of being hit not long ago. The sandbag fell to the ground, Luo Ji wanted Concealed Light to run away quickly, but this time, Jiang BOT ao understood his intentions early. In the game of throwing sandbags, whether the sandbag is caught by the opponent or hits the opponent, it is an offensive interruption for the attacker, so you can't just think about a hit. Apart from a hit, it is necessary to consider how to quickly transition to the next offensive. So at this time, Samsara adopted such a simple and straightforward method, MercileBoss Silence, which was almost a zero-distance sandbag. After hitting Concealed Light, the sandbag was too late to land, and he had picked it up again. The Concealed Light that wanted to run was blocked by Empty Waves as a pathing, and then it was too late to change direction. MercileBoss Silence was another near-zero sandbag make a move. Concealed Light felt like a combo. The next one was sent off the stage with a net profit.
    Fast, everything happened too fast. Wei Chen and Steamed Bun didn't have time to make a specific response. Concealed Light had already eaten sandbag two combo and was sent out. Just such a game, you can also see how terrifying the sudden explosiveness of the championship team Samsara is.

    However, the offensive never stopped. The second zero-distance sandbag made a move, so the second time before the sandbag landed, it was already taken over by MercileBoss Silence. Du Ming's MistleBoss Crescent has already rushed out, and towards Windward Formation, Wei Chen's Awareness reached what they wanted in an instant. But in the face of such a charge, the defender seemed so weak. He couldn't stop and have a PK-like contest with the opponent. All he could do was dodge, just hide.
    Windward Formation retreats quickly, but MistleBoss Crescent chased faster, Triple Slash opened the way to stick, and then the sandbags flying out of MercileBoss Silence passed to MistleBoss Crescent, and then, Shadow Steps!
    MistleBoss Crescent did not throw out the sandbags immediately, but instead used Shadow Steps. In an instant, five MistleBoss Crescents flashed out. Everyone held a sandbag in their hands. There was no pause, and no time for Wei Chen to distinguish the true from the false. Five MistleBoss Crescent simultaneously make a move, five sandbags fly out.
    "This is too ridiculous!!" Wei Chen cried out in grief, five sandbags flying over, sealing up all the spaces that Windward Formation can dodge. Four of the five are fake, but Wei Chen is completely out of it. Time to tell, he can only try his luck.
    Windward Formation took a step, and a sandbag hit his chest and disappeared.

    Wei Chen heaved a sigh of relief, but he was not over yet. When he was paying attention to the authenticity of the sandbag that hit him, MistleBoss Crescent made a move again, and the sword light spilled out, but it was a Sword Draw make a move, chasing Holding the sandbags just thrown out before.
    Of course, Du Ming knows which sandbag is real. Sword Draw’s sword aura is smeared with sandbags. Instead of shredding the sandbags, they cut them onto Windward Formation's body with the sandbags.
    "Boy...very cunning!" Wei Chen sighed with emotion. The sandbag touched his body, and the fortune-telling was also made, and Windward Formation was out.
    The interlocking attacks sent away Happy's two people in an instant, and the audience dumbstruck, even the Steamed Bun on the field could not accept it for a while.
    "What's the matter? Suddenly it's all gone?" Steamed Bun looked at Windward Formation and Concealed Light who had been sent to the sidelines in wonder.
    "Opportunity!" Jiang BOT ao cried, Du Ming's MistleBoss Crescent had already stepped forward, picked up the sandbags, twisted his body along the way, and threw the sandbags to the Steamed Bun Invasion who was looking out of the field like a meteor.
    The meteor-like sandbag stopped in the air, hit a brick head-on, and was shot down. Du Ming dumbstruck, I didn't expect this Steamed Bun to suddenly come back to his senses, and then raised his hand to throw a brick, and he took a photo of such a handsome meteor sandbag that he had thrown out.

    "I don't think this is very interesting!" Steamed Bun said, "Why don't we fight with real swords, real spears?"
    It is said that Du Ming’s character name is wrong, I’ll change it~ (to be continued.
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