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Chapter List 1140 Those Who Want To Win Can't Win
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Beautiful Life-Risking Strike!, wonderful One Hit Kill! What's more commendable is that this is by Yang Cong's hands. This is really rare. Thank you Yang Cong for his wonderful performance!!" The live host shouted In the TV broadcast, Pan Lin and Li Yibo also discussed this topic.
    Yang Cong, who can become an All Stars player, is by no means an ordinary player. But on this shining star stage, he is more like a passer-by. He has not left too many traces in the league, and there is not much time for him now.
    The Life-Risking Strike! on All Stars this time, may be an unforgettable flash of make people in his career.
    "Okay, now team B is one to zero, and is temporarily ahead!" the host announced, and the electronic screen on the scene has also revealed the score.
    "Let's invite the second player of the two teams." The host announced, and the audience moved around to see which player stood up on either side.
    "First is Team A, this is oh, and another player from Samsara is their Vice-Captain, Jiang BOT ao!"
    Jiang BOT ao stepped onto the field, and the player from team b has already played, it is Zou Yuan of Team Hundred BloBoss oms.

    "This is a duel between Vice-Captain!" The live host made these duels more topical elements. It’s a pity that the two Vice-Captains didn’t communicate much after they came on the field. Two people, you came to me directly. Jiang BOT ao, who participated in the previous blood evasion competition, has shown that he is not particularly concerned about the All Stars competition field. Playing more relaxed. Zou Yuan is different. Although this is the third time he has been selected for All Stars, it is the first time he has been recognized by his performance, not for any reason. He doesn't want to disappoint the supporters who voted for him, so even if it's just a show game, he doesn't want to lose!
    It's a pity that everything is so impermanent. Zou Yuan, who didn't want to lose, lost in the end; Jiang BOT ao, who didn't care about the outcome and was relaxed, won.
    "Team A gets back one point!" the host announced in a loud voice, and the scoreboard of Team A also scored a point. Zou Yuan returned to the court a little disappointed? His expression shocked everyone who scored b.
    "What's the matter? Do you and Jiang BOT ao have any grudges?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "No!" Zou Yuan was blank.
    "Then what do you look anxious for?" Ye Xiu puzzled.
    "I... I lost!" Zou Yuan said.
    "It's not the first time." Ye Xiu said.
    Everyone is crazy, is this comfort? Isn't this comfort?

    As Zou Yuan's teammate, Yu Feng knew his mentality well, so he hurried over to take Zou Yuan aside to comfort him? Everyone cast contemptuous glances at Ye Xiu.
    "Who should be on the field?" Ye Xiu ignored him, calling the players to play.
    "It's me." Team B, Team Misty Rain's Li Hua player came out.
    On the side of Team A, the one who got up was now Team Wind Howl's Vice-Captain Liu Hao.
    "Haha, it's another Vice-Captain duel." The host said, boosing in the venue, and the host was bored. Is this all All Stars? In the team, it is almost either a positive Captain or a Vice-Captain, so it’s not uncommon for a matchup between Vice-Captain, Captain, or Vice-Captain. , This host really has nothing to say, right and again, take this as a topic again and again.
    This idea is really correct, the host really has nothing to say.
    Liu Hao, Li Hua? This?????? is another pair of collisions that can't find the intersection, and even one thread and one hair can't be found. Whether from the past of the players, or the Team where the two people have been? Or the two people have played against the Team. Even Team Match, these two people have never met for reasons such as rotation, just like two parallel lines that never intersect????`?

    At this point? I have to say that Pan Lin and Li Yibo, who live on TV, are indeed the leaders in this industry. The live host couldn’t find the topic. When they were booed by the audience, the two said “Oh wow, these two players will meet again on the official competition field for the first time!”
    From this it can be seen that when looking at things from another angle, you can immediately find out the different points of view.
    Liu Hao and Li Hua, who played against each other for the first time, felt a little strange to each other. Liu Hao is not only unfamiliar with Li Hua, but also unfamiliar with the stage of All Stars. This is the first time he has squeezed on this stage. This is something he has been looking forward to for a long time. After the results came, he discovered that he could only compete in the match. Such a small face appeared in the IndivID ual Competition.
    Liu Hao really wants to express himself, but...on this stage where many stars gather, he really can't grab a more important part of the scene. Team Match is undoubtedly the biggest attraction. Compared with the Ye Xiu Wang Jiexi Chu Yunxiu on the B team, these people are lazy and want to drill into the IndivID ual Competition? Liu Hao is eager to become a member of Team Match! Because he knows that the in the end assembly of Team Match will represent the strongest combat power, and may be the more celebrity in All Stars. How much he hopes he has such an identity!
    Unfortunately, he didn't...
    Even if you count six people according to the votes of All Stars, you can't count him if you throw him in team a or team b.

    On the side of Team A, the six people who decided to play in Team Match in the end are Zhou Zekai, Sun Xiang, Yu Wenzhou, Huang ShaOT ian, Tang Hao, Xiao Shiqin...
    Of the six people, except Yu Wenzhou, who ranked 11th, the others were the top ten. They competed with them for the qualifications of Team Match, and Liu Hao couldn't find any excuses at all. ,
    Reluctantly, I had to accept the IndivID ual Competition arrangement in the end. And now, facing Li Hua, Liu Hao's brain is blank. What kind of coincidence is this? Two teams, there will be at least two rounds of each other in a league. Li Hua entered the league in the seventh game, and there have been several so far. It's been a year, but haven't seen each other?
    Liu Hao thought this was a bit weird. It was not that he was standing on the court at this time. He didn't even have Awareness to have such weird things happen to him.
    He felt weird, and Li Hua did the same, so the two people looked very cautious and solemn. After meeting, they tried and fumbled, and recalled together what his team had researched on the opponent in front of him. Then, Li Hua's Ninja Dark Forest disappeared.

    Ninja's concealment operation began, and Li Hua seemed to have found the rhythm of the battle. Soon, when Dark Forest reappeared, the offensive was launched and the pace was extremely fast. What about Liu Hao? He has been in camp and wandering all these years, and his thoughts have been spent too much in other places. He is also thinking hard, but he can't think of any available information. It can be summed up in one sentence: when books are used, they hate less.
    Liu Hao hate it!
    As the first to appear on the All Stars stage, he is also like Zou Yuan. He is not as relaxed as others. He wants to win but also wants to win beautiful and wonderful, just like Yang Cong in the first game. Remember Life-Risking Strike! What a light it is when you make a move.
    But... why did you meet this Li Hua yourself?
    This Ninja player, who is good at hiding, is also hiding in his professional life. At this moment, he quietly revealed that it was the moment when he first appeared on the All Stars stage. Will his first show leave the mark of failure?
    No...??? It's not just a failure, it's a shame! His Spellblade was forced into various embarrassments by Li Hua's Ninja, as if it were not a heavyweight contest. At this moment, Liu Hao seemed to have seen countless people whispering in the audience, countless people at dumbstruck, everyone was thinking: Liu Hao is so bad, is it just such a level?

    This...??? It's so painful! What is Li Hua doing! All Stars competition field nothing more, why do you play so hard? Liu Hao suddenly ignored that he was very concerned about the outcome of the game, and began to feel unhappy with Li Hua's Focus on the game.
    It can't be that way!
    Liu Hao shouted in his heart for his Spellblade, swinging the sword, his killing intent was shocking, the direction the wave rolled out, but there was nothing. The ghostly silhouette of Dark Forest had already flashed to the diagonal side of his character.
    One piece of Dark Forest Shadow Image, successively attacking Liu Hao's Spellblade, Liu Hao continued to be unable to find the north.
    The two swords that were barely swung out were only the phantom images left in the air after the Dark Forest passed.
    "Why did Li Hua play so seriously..." Liu Hao smiled reluctantly, trying to relax his tone as much as possible.
    "Ah?" Li Hua was startled, "I...not too serious, am I?"
    Liu Hao is furious!
    Can you say it without serious competition? More importantly, you didn't play seriously, and you beat me like this, damn you!

    Liu Hao’s small universe had burned to the point where he had no idea, but the problem was that he had accumulated energy, but found that he had no special skills. Random attacks will only feel that he is more powerless and embarrassed, and he cannot calm down to observe and think carefully. This was the opportunity he waited for many years. As a result, he ruined a guy who had always been transparent in his career. Calm down? No way!
    Liu Hao finally lost. The more he wanted to win, the more he couldn't. The last round was team b, but this time it was team a again. Liu Hao came off the field in embarrassment. He felt that all kinds of contemptuous targets were definitely facing him at this time. When he returned to team A, he even looked up without a face. I want to explain something, but I know that all the people around me are Glory's top experts. I want to find some mechanical skill for flickering, so let's save money in front of these people!
    The IndivID ual Competition ended in this way, and team b took a decisive lead in 2t1. However, when the first two games were 1-1, everyone already knew that the outcome could only be decided by Team Match. Arena Match is no longer necessary. This is not a league. It has to be counted as points.

    Arena Match is also a mode in which players play one by one. The first player of team a is Blue Rain teenager Lu Hanwen, team b is Tiny Herb Xu Bin, Lu Hanwen is young and energetic and fearless. Xu Bin has the nickname of Grind King, and the rhythm is always slow like an old man. In this interesting matchup, Xu Bin was still better than Lu Hanwen in the end. Team A then played first Phantom Demon Li Xuan and defeated Xu Bin, then Team B sent their young Gao Yingjie to send away Li Xuan. The last guard of Team A was Wu Yuce, another ghost of Void twin Ghosts. Gao Yingjie was not given a chance to continue performing, and he hit him.
    At this point, the lineup of Team A team can be seen by the elimination method. What about team b? Who is the expert in marketing? The host looked in the direction of team b, and the audience looked in the direction of team b, and then everyone rubbed their eyes.
    Who is that person standing up?
    Is that... Zhang Xinjie?
    Is he going to the bathroom? To prepare for Team Match. Wait, what's going on, he walked toward the field? what's the situation? The defending general of team b, is Cleric? ? ? ?
    It's already eight changes?????? To be honest, I am totally unconscious! Am I numb to the situation at the end of the month?
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