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Chapter List 1160 Not Focused Enough
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The corners of Liu Hao's eyes twitched a few times, and even some of the old audience of Team Excellent Era on the scene had a sense of immediate sight at this moment.
    Ye Xiu and Liu Hao, the former teammates have been fighting on their own, but their conversations in the Public chat box are similar to those they had when they were in the Excellent Era team.
    Liu Hao will never forget Ye Xiu's coldness and dislike for his kind praise.
    Applauding for the beautiful performance of his teammates is also a way to boost morale. Liu Hao thinks so, but Ye Xiu thinks that his praise is too much.
    Praise, that is, encouragement, would anyone think that this kind of thing is too much? What's more, I don't have any time, but I have never set aside any opening(s) just because I have to type words and praise?
    But even so, Ye Xiu still pointed out that he was not focused enough.
    Yes, not enough Focus, this is what Ye Xiu has always pointed out to him. From the time he became a member of Team Excellent Era, he became the Vice-Captain of Excellent Era.
    "With this effort, isn't it good to utilize the character?"
    Liu Hao was angry when he saw this. I didn't delay to utilize by typing these words at all. What do you want me to do?

    Liu Hao immediately violent, SunleBoss Dark pounced on Lord Grim more fiercely than everyone else. He is a person who can control his emotions, but everyone has some unbearable scales in his heart. Ye Xiu's words can be regarded as poking Liu Hao's scars for many years. In the past, he could only have emotions secretly, but now, he can finally use actions to speak on the front battlefield. He just wants to tell Ye Xiu: Utilize or not utilize the character, it is not the key at all!
    Wave Splitting Sword!
    SunleBoss Dark swept out with a sword, and directly smashed the stall in front of him, clearing a path for himself, and SunleBoss Dark rushed up on these wrecks.
    Three Hits and Doubtful Demon, Wind Howl's two strongest characters, followed SunleBoss Dark and rushed from the wreckage.
    Once, they were called a criminal combination, but now, this name is probably about to become history. In the league's ranking of partners for Best Coordination, these two characters who have worked side by side for many years are not even listed together. The so-called partner is not just that everyone is in the same team, otherwise, shouldn't the best Coordination team of five people participate in the election together?

    The alliance has not given a clear definition of partner, but judging from the selection of several years, the so-called partner is usually the pair of core members with the most coordination in a team. The cooperation between them should be more conspicuous. some.
    Today's Wind Howl, the Three Hits core remains the same, and the prominence remains the same, but Doubtful Demon's position in the team is getting weaker day by day. Brawler and Thief are no longer the axis of Team Wind Howl's operation. At this time, who is the biggest helper standing next to Three Hits?
    Firewave Sword!
    SunleBoss Dark rolled out another sword, directly clearing all obstacles in front of him. With consecutive moves, SunleBoss Dark's movement slowed down, and Three Hits passed him, stepped on the Firewave Sword's wave of flames, and rushed forward.
    Very beautiful cover.
    No matter it is, everyone has to admit this.
    Firewave Sword’s make a move is perfectly matched with Three Hits’s movement impact, and the flame’s package gives Three Hits a temporary protective layer. At this time, anyone who wants to damage him personally is bound to be Be attacked by Firewave Sword first.
    But what if it is remote...
    Boom boom boom!
    With three cannon sounds, Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain came out to entangle again.

    When the lighter of the Heat-seeking MiBoss ile was dropped, everyone in Wind Howl had already roughly judged her location, but the distance was far away, which was obviously not suitable as an attack breakthrough point, so everyone continued to bite Lord Grim. As for Su Mucheng's continued harassment and obstruction, Wind Howl can be said and foreseeable. When the roar of guns sounded, the magic staff of Zhao Yuzhe Prominence Change had also pointed out, and an Ice Wall instantly stood beside Firewave Sword.
    The ice and fire complement each other, and the Three Hits’ Charge has been fully covered. The Anti-Tank MiBoss ile shot by Dancing Rain is on top of the Ice Wall. This low-level skill damage cannot directly crush the Ice Wall, Su Mucheng After Ability, the Charge of Three Hits has been completed.
    Together with the wave of flames of Firewave Sword, Three Hits rushed not far in front of Lord Grim, which was the attack distance Brawler could control.
    Sand Toss!
    Three Hits waved out.
    Lord Grim is also unambiguous, holding an umbrella to block.
    Shield blind warfare!
    As soon as Lord Grim opened Thousand Chance Umbrella now, everyone would think of this when they went to Awareness. Thousand Chance Umbrella This Umbrella Shield is really big and foul. The shield blind warfare, let alone cover your own attack, can attack by hiding someone directly behind it.

    Tang Hao of course saw that there was no one around Lord Grim at this time, but he did not dare to just rush forward, move horizontally, pull the angle, and Tang Hao left the room for Liu Hao to rush forward.
    Liu Hao can also understand the intention very well. SunleBoss Dark arrived a few steps later and just faced the Umbrella Shield supported by Lord Grim, not saying anything further, directly facing the Umbrella Shield with an ice creation Wave Sword. He can maintain the middle distance, so he is less worried about Ye Xiu's tricks behind the umbrella.
    Lin Feng's Doubtful Demon had already turned on the stealth state at this time, and knocked the sap after walking around. Even combat oriented Thief does not mean that Thief will completely abandon those sneak attacks.
    What about Zhao Yuzhe? At this time, I have spotted a cargo box, and I am using Prominence Change to jump to the top, live high and look down, the line of sight is more open, and the range of attack control can also be greater.
    As a result, he had just jumped halfway, and the line of sight had just opened up a little bit. Behind a pile of cargo sack doors at that end, a Ghostblade, Tachi in his hand was already full of the power of the devil.
    "Be careful, there is Phantom Demon!" Zhao Yuzhe shouted, and a Thunder and Lightning Piercer blasted past Prominence Change.
    But at this time, Qiao Yifan One Inch Ash’s Ghost Formation chanting was over, and the Ice Formation magic circle fell down instantly, putting Lord Grim in protection. Of the three characters that Wind Howl rushed to, two of them are already in the scope of Ice Formation.

    Tang Hao’s reaction rate, Three Hits jumped out of Ice Formation directly with a Powerful Knee Strike, but Lin Feng was embarrassed. His Doubtful Demon drove stealth and the movement was slow. As soon as Ice Formation came out, he was immediately frozen into a big one. Ice cubes.
    One Inch Ash succeeded in releasing Ice Formation, but it was too late to dodge the Thunder and Lightning Piercer sent by Prominence Change.
    The thunder and lightning caused the damage. At the same time, it also pointed out the Phantom Demon to Wind Howl. Zhao Yuzhe was preparing to make another attack, but the gunfire had already attacked. Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain had already grabbed a high. Point, start Interrupt his attack.
    In Team Match, you control me and I control you, so there are very few opportunities to complete a set of combo with just one hit like IndivID ual Competition. Zhao Yuzhe obviously can't continue to kill One Inch Ash, and launcher is also a disadvantage to Elementalist like this. His Ability has to chant, but Launcher doesn't need it!
    Prominence Change's offensive was interrupted, but Tang Hao's Three Hits had already rushed towards the hiding place of One Inch Ash. Liu Hao’s SunleBoss Dark continued to swipe his attack towards Lord Grim.

    In terms of location, SunleBoss Dark is closer to One Inch Ash and Three Hits is farther away. But at this time, Lord Grim is under the cover of Ice Formation. Although Brawler has a mid-range attack method, his control is still slightly insufficient when he is restricted and unable to close his body. It is not as good as Spellblade, a professional mid-range combat expert, so Tang Hao Leaving the distance, attacking One Inch Ash, leaving Lord Grim to Liu Hao temporarily.
    Doubtful Demon was frozen, Three Hits went to grab the hidden One Inch Ash, Prominence Change was suppressed by the fire of Dancing Rain, looking at Lord Grim not far in front of him, Liu Hao suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart. He smelled a hint of Blizzard's upcoming rain!
    Thousand Chance Umbrella...It sank slightly.
    Are you coming!
    Liu Hao's eyes widened. Regardless of what Lord Grim's attack was, a Wave Sword swept over it, but after that, a blood arrow flew out of SunleBoss Dark's neck, and SunleBoss Dark was followed by it. Picked it up, then threw it into the Ice Formation.
    Fling, grabbing technology, can not use Quick Recover utilize to prevent falling to the ground. SunleBoss Dark fell into the Ice Formation and was instantly slowed down. The angle of view was raised again, and he was seeing Lord Grim appearing behind him.
    Shadow Clone Technique?

    Liu Hao has already arrived at Awareness at this time, but Shadow Clone Technique also needs a hand seal. Lord Grim has been holding Thousand Chance Umbrella in front of him just now. How did he make the hand seal movement?
    Only for a moment of doubt, Liu Hao immediately thought of Thousand Chance Umbrella's slight sinking at that moment.
    This was not a hand seal action, but Lord Grim temporarily released Thousand Chance Umbrella at that moment, and quickly completed the hand seal and took Thousand Chance Umbrella again...
    Being able to figure this out immediately afterwards, Liu Hao’s is considered quite capable, and Ye Xiu also immediately praised: "Your ability to read the game is very good, but you can’t devote 100% of your attention to the game. Among them, there are too many things you care about..."
    These clichés again!
    Liu Hao was annoyed, but he really didn't have much time to type words to fight with Ye Xiu when he was in crisis. Spellblade’s spiritual resistance is obviously stronger than Thief, so even though his dark world entered Ice Formation, he was only Slow, not immediately frozen to death like Doubtful Demon. He also wanted a way to get out of the battle quickly, but here it is. Under Lord Grim's glare like a tiger watching his prey, will I have this chance?
    As a result, Lord Grim suddenly turned his head.
    Liu Hao was startled.

    His Awareness is here, Cleric, their Cleric! They came up to launch an assault, and then Happy ambushed here with a hammer and a stick, distracting each of them. Cleric, they completely forgot to protect their Cleric.
    But... what about others?
    Liu Hao was startled again. Ruan Yongbin’s Healing Spirit should have been not far behind them, why is there no one in sight at this time?
    Is it hidden? This guy is really a ghost!
    Liu Hao said with emotion, this Wind Howl is worthy of being a play dirty master team, and his style affects everyone. Except for these players who changed their blood. Ruan Yongbin, even though he is only a Cleric player, obviously has a nasty style. It's just that the Wretched Master that affects everyone in Wind Howl is in the Happy array at this time! What about Fang Rui? What about BoundleBoss Sea?
    Suddenly Liu Hao discovered that this man had never appeared again except for a trash talk.
    Just thinking about it, Wind Howl’s Group channel had already jumped out of their Cleric help signal...
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