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Chapter List 1173 Too High Level Is Also A Flaw
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Too messy!" Steamed Bun sent a sighing Expression, as if the teacher was teaching students, and then Steamed Bun Invasion directly faced the attack of Cloudy Mountain Upheaval.
    Turn around and break your feet!
    Cloudy Mountain Upheaval flew up, seemingly a flying foot stepped on the Steamed Bun Invasion. But everyone knows that Grappler's career is full of all kinds of grabbing skills. This turning and folding the foot, it is really not terrible to get a kick in this way, it is terribly that the foot smashes the target after the kick, it is a grasping judgment, and the target can be turned directly to the ground.
    Steamed Bun also seemed to know that this trick was powerful. It didn't make the activating skills come into contact with it, rushed up aggressively, and then flashed to the side aggressively.
    Lu Boyuan is staring at the displacement of the Steamed Bun Invasion, and if the range is not too large, this round of turning and utilising will give you a chance to hook the target. I don't think the Steamed Bun Invasion flash is three steps in a row, Cloudy Mountain Upheaval's legs are not so long, this blow is considered to be a complete flash. But Lu Boyuan still controlled Cloudy Mountain Upheaval to fold his legs in mid-air. Although it missed any target, the stature immediately stopped in the air.
    A brick raised by Steamed Bun Invasion, a prediction error, wiped it from Cloudy Mountain Upheaval.

    "Yo! Two things!" Steamed Bun praised opponent, but Steamed Bun Invasion slipped forward at this time, trying to grab Cloudy Mountain Upheaval and launch an attack when a Tiger Flipping Mountain slammed into it.
    Lu Boyuan could see clearly, wordless and silent, the character was about to land, and the moment the Steamed Bun Invasion's arms were about to hit him, Cloudy Mountain Upheaval suddenly lifted his legs, and it was actually twisted to Steamed Bun Invasion's arms Above.
    Aerial Twist!
    Cloudy Mountain Upheaval twisted his body in midair, exerting force on his legs. Wringing the Steamed Bun Invasion's arms, he suddenly threw him to the ground.
    This grabbing technique. It turned out to be the effect of the Block Counter technique played by Lu Boyuan. Being able to strangle the arm attacked by Tiger Flipping Mountain, this vision, this precise utilize is quite remarkable.
    At the scene, the Samsara fan corps suddenly boiled. Although it only hit an Ability nothing more, the performance was really wonderful.
    However, the attack is not over yet.
    Cloudy Mountain Upheaval twisted the arm of the Steamed Bun Invasion and turned it up, but did not twist him directly and fell to the ground. Midway, Cloudy Mountain Upheaval had already let go and landed first. Stepping forward, sticking out with one hand, he directly tore the Steamed Bun Invasion that was still spinning in the air.
    Whisk on your head!

    Another grabbing technique was displayed, and the Steamed Bun Invasion was held by Cloudy Mountain Upheaval with one arm and threw it directly to the ground. The loud rumbling noise, just listen to the sound, you know how heavy the fall is. However, it is not over yet.
    Whisk on the ground!
    Just dropped the Steamed Bun Invasion to the ground with one hand. The other hand has been rushed out, and the opening(s), which does not give the Steamed Bun Invasion Roll to evade, have already caught it, lifted it up, and the Steamed Bun Invasion was thrown back into the air.
    Cloudy Mountain Upheaval followed and jumped high, this time it was hands holding the Steamed Bun Invasion in the air. And then: air slam dunk!
    With extremely strong force, he threw the Steamed Bun Invasion from high in the air. The power of this Ultimate Skill is even more extraordinary. The Steamed Bun Invasion smashed a pit directly on the ground, arching into it, as if the lumbar spine had been broken.
    A set of short and powerful Grappler combo. One-fifth of the HP of Steamed Bun Invasion was immediately taken away. At this time, it is less than ten seconds before the two people characters meet. Lu Boyuan make a move is very efficient. Let people gasp in amazement. The Samsara fans at the scene were completely crazy. Happy supporters can't help but break out into a cold sweat for Steamed Bun.
    Lu Boyuan was not immersed in the wave of attacks he just had. Cloudy Mountain Upheaval landed after a dunk in the air and immediately swooped towards the Steamed Bun Invasion.

    The Steamed Bun Invasion jumped up from the pit with a bullet body, and it was just a brick shot. Make a move is also considered abrupt. However, after Season, Steamed Bun's love for the ability of the bricks, often regardless of reasonable or unreasonable, will be forced to be practical once Cooldown has become his distinctive label. Where does the Pro-player fall under his baffling brick again and again, again and again.
    Cloudy Mountain Upheaval leaned slightly, and had already avoided the brick and continued to move forward.
    Sand Toss, Inject Poison, gasoline bottle...
    The Steamed Bun looked panicked at this time, and threw out these flying item abilities. An innocent offensive, where it is rare to live in Lu Boyuan, Cloudy Mountain Upheaval continued to approach firmly.
    See the bricks again!
    After a few Ability rounds, the Brick Cooldown was over and was immediately displayed by Steamed Bun without hesitation.
    Lu Boyuan not to know whether to laugh or cry, this guy, was he stupid by himself? What is this all about everything in disorder?

    "Bao Rongxing is all messed up?" commentator Pan Lin dumbstruck said during the live broadcast. This altogether Ability is littered, and I can't see the slightest mechanical skill. The resistance to littering things looks so weak. This kind of scenes in movies are often made by the weak who are forced to the end. But here is the Glory ProfeBoss ional Alliance. They say that there are no weak people in the pro scene. The performance of everything in disorder is really unsightly!
    Li Yibo also believed it in his heart, but he resisted and did not speak. This Bao Rongxing is known as the most surprising player. It's not good to just make any assertions. Look again, maybe this is what he is cramping, and he will start to rise again after a while?
    Li Yibo thought so, and Lu Boyuan on the court did not dare to be careless. They have also studied the Steamed Bun game video specially, except that they love to use slabs to find out the rules. This kind of opponent has no way to prepare lessons in advance and can only play on the spot. Focus! Focus is very important, because this guy will make moths abruptly. Sometimes it's very smart, sometimes it's very lacking. If you don't concentrate on it, you can go around if you want to. There are quite a few players planted in the hands of this rookie so far. And after the loss, I was full of anger, dragging reporters to complain about the rhythm of three days and three nights.

    Lu Boyuan didn't want to meet with unexpected failure, so even if he saw Steamed Bun playing a bit of a gaffe, he still did not take it lightly. Cloudy Mountain Upheaval once again forced itself in front of the Steamed Bun Invasion, Lu Boyuan was not aggressive, and utilized Cloudy Mountain Upheaval to display a low-level Fling, which turned out to be a new round of attacks with a bit of temptation.
    Lu Boyuan stared at the Steamed Bun Invasion, and Cloudy Mountain Upheaval had already reached out and grabbed it. As a result, the Steamed Bun Invasion suddenly sank on the bottom plate, raised his right knee and kicked the ground with his left foot.
    Powerful Knee Strike!
    The Ability name flashed in Lu Boyuan's mind for an instant, and whether Fling or this Powerful Knee Strike would be faster, he had a clear judgment instantly.
    Powerful Knee Strike will be faster, but it can be remedied by utilize. The stature of Cloudy Mountain Upheaval was also sinking downwards at this time, but the hands were poking upwards. This is to avoid the Knee Strike of Powerful Knee Strike, and then use Fling to pull the opponent from the air. Lu Boyuan, once again demonstrated his precise judgment, but this time, Cloudy Mountain Upheaval was just an empty frame, and there was no powerful Knee Strike as imagined.
    All the audience, what they see at this moment will be more clear.

    Steamed Bun Invasion did lift his right knee and kick the ground with his left foot, but he did not fly out. This strike was not a Powerful Knee Strike, but just an ordinary Knee Attack. But the problem is the attack distance of Knee Attack. This attack was released too early, and Cloudy Mountain Upheaval hadn't caught up to it at all, which was equivalent to being released to the air.
    The fact is exactly the same, Steamed Bun Invasion raised his knee to himself without hitting the target at all. However, it didn't hit the target, but it seemed to have the effect of hitting a cow across the mountain. The Cloudy Mountain Upheaval, two steps in front of the Steamed Bun Invasion, seemed to have been reached by this Knee Strike. The body sank and bends, arms raised high, and put on a surrendering frame.
    Everyone dumbstruck, just for this weird moment.
    And when Lu Boyuan jumped over from the top with the unexpectedly Powerful Knee Strike, it was known within seconds, and when he hurriedly adjusted the stability of Cloudy Mountain Upheaval, Ka!
    An incomparably crisp sound, like the sound of broken bones, was transmitted to everyone's ears incomparably clear. Steamed Bun Invasion, after an empty Knee Attack, suddenly came another Powerful Knee Strike. The stature of Cloudy Mountain Upheaval is still sinking there, and just about to be adjusted back, this Powerful Knee Strike quasi-precisely tops the front door of Cloudy Mountain Upheaval.

    This crisp sound made everyone feel chilly, as if they could feel the pain of the blow. Cloudy Mountain Upheaval fell on his back, and Lu Boyuan hurriedly Quick Recover utilize. As a result, Steamed Bun Invasion, the Powerful Knee Strike, flew extremely short. After hitting Cloudy Mountain Upheaval, it fell to the ground and turned back directly to Tyrannical Chain Punch. It was a mess to knock down Cloudy Mountain Upheaval.
    Lu Boyuan is depressed in his heart!
    Focus, Focus, I'm already so focused, but I still know what I'm talking about. At that time, it was not Powerful Knee Strike, so it was Knee Attack. At that time, a Knee Attack was simply baffling, non-aggressive, and no defensive effect. If Cloudy Mountain Upheaval does not avoid it, he will continue to step forward and properly Fling will catch him. But the problem is that at that moment in Lu Boyuan's brain, no brain cell really thought that it was a Knee Attack. Is this a trap to lure oneself into a fool?
    Lu Boyuan couldn't help thinking about it when he was smashed by the Steamed Bun Invasion. If it was a trap, it would be bold enough. This is that I am high enough and I can react at that moment. If it is not myself, I can pull an ordinary player in the online game. Lu Boyuan believes that the result must be the Steamed Bun Invasion being thrown to the ground by Fling.
    Is it a flaw if you are too high?
    This situation makes Lu Boyuan really unacceptable.

    Tyrannical Chain Punch was also finished at this time, and Steamed Bun Invasion closed and jumped. Lu Boyuan came back to his senses and quickly utilized Cloudy Mountain Upheaval Roll to get up. As soon as the angle of view was raised, he saw Steamed Bun Invasion's knees raised again.
    Powerful Knee Strike!
    Lu Boyuan hurriedly asked Cloudy Mountain Upheaval to flash aside. As a result, the Steamed Bun Invasion did not fly, and it was an empty Knee Attack. Lu Boyuan just remembered that Powerful Knee Strike had just used it. This is not a low-level skill, and Cooldown is not that fast.
    "Are you nervous!!!" Lu Boyuan couldn't calm down. At such a long distance, Knee Attack was also put there. There was really no explanation except nerves. As soon as the words came out, Steamed Bun Invasion raised his hand and flew in.
    "It's a brick again, is there any novelty!" Lu Boyuan called, while utilizing Cloudy Mountain Upheaval to evade. In fact, he is not a person who likes to talk too much in the game, but the opponent in front of him, Lu Boyuan feels that he is really going to be suffocated if he doesn't rant a few words to vent.
    Alas, the early morning codeword works best...
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