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Chapter List 1183 Pastor Happy
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Arena Match finally ended with Samsara's victory. Duel event in the end The two sides fought 3-2, and there is no possibility of a 10-0 score anymore. This made the fans of both sides unable to find a comfortable slogan for a while. They have always shouted 10 to 0 as the best.
    Samsara, as a follow-up follower, had a better morale after taking the Arena Match. Their fans were much more active than when the IndivID ual Competition ended. Where is Happy? Arena Match in the end was a little disappointed, but Tang Rou's final performance still exceeded their psychological expectations by a lot, and lost 2 points, but there was no decadence. And Happy players, the mentality is not as simple as the fans audience, they can feel the pressure from Team Samsara.
    There was a long break between duel and Team Match. Players of the two teams gathered together to discuss the matters of Team Match. According to the rules, this rest period allows Team to return to the preparation room to rest, but usually Team will find it troublesome, and no team will return to the preparation room at this time.
    "In the duel event, the two sides will win each other. The in the end direction of this game is really unpredictable. What do you think of Coach Li?" During the break, TV broadcast can only rely on commentator and Excellent Era in addition to commercials. Two people chat to kill time.

    "Yes, it is very difficult to predict." Li Yibo seriously agreed with this judgment. "Samsara's lineup may still look stronger on paper, but Happy has the home game advantage."
    "Then what do you think will be the key to victory?" Pan Lin asked.
    Li Yibo is painful. He just doesn't want to make this kind of accurate prediction, but he also knows that if he avoids all this kind of problems, his guest is worthless. Therefore, even if he was hesitant, he had to bite the bullet.
    "Uh. I think... it will still be on Heal. Happy's treatment is a shortcoming. This is no secret. There have been many teams that have focused on it before, but so far, it is accurate to do this. It’s Team 301. We can also see that even if Happy’s Heal player is not at the top level, when he is missing, Happy’s Group will not function properly and will lose the game. This round. I think Samsara’s main attack I will still focus on Happy's treatment."
    "Will they also let Assassin go to Life-Risking Strike!?" Pan Lin said.
    "Maybe..." Li Yibo hesitated, "One Hit Kill, storm, or squeeze with Tactic like Thunderclap. I think it's possible, depending on how Samsara chooses."

    "Haha, compared to others, I am more curious about how Happy will arrange their Cleric for Samsara in this scene. Many of the Tactic arrangements they have made around this shortcoming are very interesting." Pan Lin said.
    "Haha." Li Yibo smiled. "Obviously it is an obvious hole in the lineup, but Happy has never tried to fill it. With their current results, it is not difficult to find another Cleric player in the winter transfer window, right? But Happy does not seem to have any This means, sometimes I think, Happy Cleric. In our opinion, it is a loophole, but in Happy’s design, perhaps. He is a trap, a trap of beat sb at their own game.
    "Ah!" Pan Lin was a little shocked by Li Yibo's analysis, "Your opinion is quite clever!"
    "With such a loophole, Happy can predict the direction of opponent's attack. Then there is Ye Xiu, an experienced and skilled guy with Tactic. What kind of strategy those teams will use may be as early as their preparations." Li Yibo Say.
    "It makes sense!" Pan Lin exclaimed. One side is a little unaccustomed to this rhythm. This Li Yibo has not been so bold in discussing the Tactic strategy of other Teams for a long time.

    "So in this case, how will they design to target Samsara? Just like you, I am also very curious." Li Yibo finished speaking and let out a long sigh of relief. He is also considered a bachelor, or he doesn't say it. When he speaks it, he speaks thoroughly. Pan Lin on the side has already agreed with his view, and he has begun to discuss this view with him in a more in-depth manner.
    The two people spent half of the break in the form of a talk show, and finally talked about the two players starting to play Team Match.
    Happy: Ye Xiu, Fang Rui, Su Mucheng, Qiao Yifan, An Wenming, 6th Member Tang Rou.
    Samsara: Zhou Zekai, Jiang BOT ao, Sun Xiang, Lu Boyuan, Fang Minghua, 6th Member Wu Qi.
    The lineup was revealed, and the two immediately began to comment on the lineup.
    "Coach Li, I found that the two teams actually have one thing in common today." Pan Lin said.
    "The two teams actually didn't make any targeted adjustments based on opponent. Their lineup for this round is the lineup with the highest usage rate in the league." Pan Lin said.
    "Well, the mentality of the two teams is relatively peaceful. They didn't value this game as much as the outside public opinion hyped, but just played it as one of the 38 rounds." Li Yibo said.
    "Yes, but the game went very well."

    "If the players perform well, they will naturally be able to play high-quality games." Li Yibo said.
    After a few words, the players of the two teams on the field finished greeting each other and entered the competition stand. Team Match is about to begin. Holographic projection will begin to show the characters of the two teams that will be playing. The away team is in front and the home team is behind. One side will be on the field at the same time, alternately, and the data introduction of each character will change on the electronic screen.
    When Samsara's One Autumn Leaf and Happy's Dancing Rain stood together on the court, the atmosphere suddenly became a bit different. Many of the Glory fans who came to Xiaoshan Stadium were supporters of Excellent Era in the past. One Autumn Leaf, Dancing Rain, these two characters have stood side by side for six years, carrying them too much. Now, they are standing together again, but it is no longer the Best Coordination, but the opponent. This feeling is quite tearing to the Excellent Era fans who are used to seeing them fighting side by side. At this moment, the applause on the scene is all There is some dryness.
    Fortunately, the character introduction will not be too long. After these two, there were two more characters, and then heal of the two teams.
    Samsara, Freely Laughing Song; Happy, Little Cold Hands.
    "Huh?" Little Cold Hands had just been projected on the court, and someone immediately saw that it was wrong.

    "Is this Little Cold Hands?" Someone said in surprise. The shape of this equipment is very different from the Little Cold Hands they watched half a Season!
    Commentator Pan Lin and guest Li Yibo also immediately discovered this situation.
    "Little Cold Hands seems to have replaced equipment." Pan Lin said.
    Li Yibo slight nod, I already went to see the data introduction on the electronic screen, swept it up, and suddenly took a breath of air-conditioning.
    "1810 Intelligence?" Li Yibo blinked vigorously. Yes, he was right. Among the elements around Little Cold Hands, Intelligence, 1810.
    "1810?" Pan Lin was dumbfounded when he heard this data. He does this work, of course, he also has a considerable Glory knowledge reserve. Of course, he can't remember all the elements of all professional characters, but he memorizes some extreme data.
    "Isn't it? Tyranny Zhang Xinjie's Immovable Rock, Intelligence is only 1570!" Pan Lin suspected that Li Yibo was wrong, so he quickly paid attention to Little Cold Hands' data. Yes, Intelligence Element is indeed 1810.
    At this time, Li Yibo had already noticed other things.

    "A full set of Silver Equipment!" Li Yibo continued to breathe. At the same time, there was a bit of bitterness in my heart. Damn, I was finally smacking by Happy face! This just said that they did not pay attention to buff heal and deliberately released a loophole to create a trap, but in a blink of an eye, people did not change the Cleric player, but they made the Cleric character a peak improvement. Intelligence Element smashed Glory Number One Cleric 240 points straight, is this a bit too much!
    Li Yibo was a little distracted at this time, but Pan Lin continued to look over there, but found some more.
    "This surrounding... is something wrong, Coach Li?" Pan Lin called.
    Li Yibo recovered and looked again quickly.
    "Uh...this..." Li Yibo's basic level is still very solid. A look at the in the end distribution of Little Cold Hands is inevitable.
    "Extreme stack Intelligence, no wonder the Intelligence is so high." Li Yibo said.
    "Now...Is anyone else going to do this?" Pan Lin wondered.

    "No." Li Yibo shook his head affirmatively. Professional character In order to cooperate with the players to maximize their combat power, it is necessary to balance. Like this limit stack Intelligence, in the online game can be more. These Cleric Heals are powerful and can reduce the difficulty of dungeon in battles such as dungeon. However, Pro League is a pure PvP field. Heal's strong ability is good, but Heal's other abilities should also be considered. The upgrade Element given by the system is the same for everyone, and no one is more or less than anyone. Therefore, the surrounding character of the final character is adjusted by equipment. The element content on the equipment is limited, so there must be a trade-off. Intelligence is the priority Element, but it does not mean that all resources should be used for unlimited improvement.
    But Little Cold Hands in front of me did just that.
    Take a closer look, Critical Attack...
    "This...this is exactly a PvE Cleric!" Li Yibo couldn't help but exclaimed.
    "The frost resistance and shadow resistance stack up very high." Pan Lin said.
    "I attach importance to anti-control, but his Spirit Element is also average, and he hasn't been particularly piled up." Li Yibo said. Cleric ClaBoss, the first growth element is actually Spirit, followed by Intelligence.
    "Intelligence and Critical Attack are the two elements that are extremely buff...Only in terms of healing quantity, this is probably Glory Number One Cleric." Li Yibo said.

    "No..." As soon as he finished speaking, Li Yibo suddenly rejected it. Speed, Ability, Cooldown and other factors, what will happen to Heal's performance in time, it’s hard to say without calculation."
    "What did Happy want to do with such a Cleric?" Pan Lin said in surprise. At this time, the two Cleric characters have been replaced, and the characters displayed on the competition field are the characters of the two teams of 6th Member.
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