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Chapter List 1192 Another To Be Studied
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    An Wenyi startled when he was about to say something, Zhang Xinjie had already walked past him and shook hands with Happy’s next player.
    It seems to be a casual sentence, but since it comes from Zhang Xinjie, it cannot be a purely polite compliment to the rigorous Tyranny Vice-Captain. If you say this, there will be enough according to
    In fact, everyone in Team Happy gave him support and trusted An Wenyi. He was moved and worked hard, but there was always a trace of uncertainty in his heart. He always doubted himself
    He is so sensible that Team’s care cannot completely shake off the haze in his heart
    But Zhang Xinjie, the player he admires most and is known for his rigor, said what he needed most when he needed it most.
    The haze in my heart is so easily opened by negate. This may be the so-called opportunity
    I can do it, because even Zhang Xinjie feels that way, then there really is nothing wrong with it!
    An Wenyi’s heart was full of such a voice at this time. He raised his head, facing each of Tyranny’s players, smiling at them and shaking hands with them.

    Happy vs. Tyranny lost 2 to 8 in the end. The TV broadcast of the game did not leave too many moments worth remembering. The broadcast party was a bit regretful because of another Blue Rain home game vs. Samsara. The game was very exciting. In the end Blue Rain won 7-3. After losing to Hundred BloBoss oms, Samsara added another round of defeats and the gap between them leading the second place on the points list was also narrowed. Within 20 points, Team Samsara’s unbeatable strong impression, after another defeat, finally loosened up again.
    Although this game was very exciting, the most unexpected game of this round was the Thunderclap home game against 301. The result was 9. Thunderclap lost terribly. More importantly, their group was as strong as Samsara. , Actually lost again
    the reason?
    301 Yang Cong, Life-Risking Strike again!, took away Xiao Shiqin’s Life Extinguisher directly
    From Happy to Tyranny, to Thunderclap, this is Yang Cong's use of Life-Risking Strike for three times! Successfully took away the key players from the opposing team and helped his team win the victory.
    Yang Cong, who was not originally this type of Assassin, used Life-Risking Strike three times in five rounds after his transformation. What’s more terrifying is that he succeeded all three times with such a utilization rate. The efficiency of such success is terrible. make people suffocate

    It is also worth noting that in addition to the assassination of Happy Little Cold Hands in the 19th round, which is Yang Cong’s solo show, the 21st round is against Zhang Xinjie’s Immovable Rock, and this round is against Xiao Shiqin Life Extinguisher’s Assassin and Bai Shu Have played a crucial role in it
    What kind of style is this player, and how does it work with Team 301 players so harmoniously? There is no intelligence about this person in the league. Teams have already inquired into the English Super League and are investigating the strength of this Bai Shu. Everyone feels that the 301 is now on the rise, regardless of whether it is currently on the points list or on the points list. Ninth, but in recent rounds, 301 has always beaten the strong team in increase. Like Team Wind Howl, these rounds are all playing the middle and lower teams. This seems to be advance singing loudly all the way. This requires a strong team’s soft feet. There are strong chasers like 301 behind him, and being thrown out of the top eight is probably a matter of two or three rounds.
    Team 301 ……

    Suddenly became an unknown rival in the eyes of Teams. All the teams are studying. There is also Happy. However, with Happy’s current ability, it is really difficult to get the information of the English Super League. Searching on the Internet is also pitiful. Finally, there are thousands of searches. Searching, breaking the wall and breaking out of prison, this (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty climbed directly on the video website in England, and finally collected quite a lot of English Super League named "sprout" where Bai Shu was in the past. Team's match data
    However, looking at the team’s game video again, it’s really scary.
    Bai Shu used a character named "bough" Knight on that team. In addition to his Knight, this team had two Assassin characters. In the Group game, the two Assassin were super at the same time instead of However, the team match used here is a little different from the Glory ProfeBoss ional Alliance. The Team Match of the English Super League is carried out in a six-to-six format.

    This strategy that sproutTeam is passionate about is what 301 is particularly keen to use at present: Assassin Life-Risking Strike! An important responsibility that Bai Shu’s bough has to assume in this Team is to cover the two Assassins and ensure their Life-Risking Strike ! Can be successful. After watching several game videos, you can also see that this Bai Shu is not just a cover expert. When Assassin performs Life-Risking Strike!, he will also control the target as needed. Sometimes, Life-Risking Strike! failed to explode the HP of the target. At this time, Bai Shu would become a finishing blow again. He was not dead after being hit by Life-Risking Strike! Goal to complete the final assassination
    His Awareness, his technique, his habit, all of this can’t be summed up in a short time, and it takes a lot of time to study the team’s heart. It’s called a depressing season. Isn’t it enough to understand from scratch?
    Ye Xiu’s Unspecialized Lord Grim, Fang Rui’s wretched Qi Master, and now, 301 has also joined in the fun, and has brought an expert that everyone doesn’t understand.

    No way, no matter how annoying it is, these tasks are still to be done, but Team Happy has the best luck here. Their next encounter with Team 301 will be the 38th round, which is the end of the regular season of this season. They have the longest time to study Bai Shu in a game, and the team 301 after Bai Shu joined Yang Cong's transformation.
    At this time, for Happy, it is even more headache for them. Perhaps it is Heal's problem. After losing to Tyranny in the 23rd round, the criticism of An Wenyi continues. Even Chang Xian, who has always been very Happy, expressed concern.
    He is capable. We believe that his statements like this one by one are obviously unable to play a role. What people want to see is the most substantial performance, which is to make a move
    But in round 24, the opponent challenged by Happy away game is Parade Team
    With Happy’s current strength, Parade, a lower-ranking team, people don’t think that this team can be regarded as a test of An Wenyi like a 10-0 sweep of Radiant. The attacking power can cover up the defense. Insufficiency of Heal
    As a result, in the Team Match of this game, Happy ran into trouble
    "Think you can beat us as easily as you can beat Grandma? Don't consider everyone else beneath one too much" Parade Captain, Grappler player Wu Shuai shouted in the Public chat box, show off one's military strength

    About eight minutes into the game, the Parade Team lineup remained intact. However, Team Happy and Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash have been sent out for Super Happy. They are temporarily at a disadvantage of one less person. Parade launched an aggressive attack at this time, trying to reach the Happy 6th Member. Before the battle, play more with less and then waste Happy alone
    Blame that guy!
    There is no live TV broadcast of this game. Gamers are mainly single players before watching online. Happy lost 1 point in the IndivID ual Competition, leading 4 to 1, but Team Match, the opening seems extremely passive Parade unsurely pinch With Happy’s soft threat: Little Cold Hands is attacking
    Tactic career map pick, all made wonderful arrangements. In the end, Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash was desperately defending Little Cold Hands and was killed by Parade Team when he saw this scene, a supporter of Happy There is really a fire in our hearts
    If it weren't for him, would the whole team need to be so terribly busy and passive?
    If it weren't for him, Qiao Yifan's Ghost Formation would definitely be more perfect!
    If it weren't for him, Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash would lose a lot of HP?
    It's all him, all it's him
    "I'm better than him!" Many gamers slapped the keyboard angrily, apparently angry at this time, and now, after killing One Inch Ash, Parade has mobilized firepower to initiate an encirclement and suppression against Fang Rui's BoundleBoss Sea

    "Fuck, this Cleric is like nothing!" On the web page of the observation video, the comments from various gamers continued to flash.
    Happy people can’t see these. They only know that the current situation is very unfavorable to them. They also know that if this game is lost, the last fig leaf that stood in front of An Wenyi will be completely gone. Even though Team can treat An Wenyi just Trust as in the past, but what about himself? After failing again and again, the confidence in him has been combo and this time, if the Parade Team also loses because of his mistake, it is probably an Ultimate Skill Critical Attack in the combo. He can still Can't stand up
    "An Juju! We are about to attack your BoundleBoss Sea, add it or not." In the Group channel, the Martial Commander Parade Captain continued to spray trash talk, not afraid to expose their attacking intentions. Stored
    "Don't mess, it's not as exaggerated as he said" Ye Xiu said in the Group channel
    "Understand" the result, he received a response from An Wenyi
    Ye Xiu startled
    This is just a simple statement, but An Wenyi can still type in at this time, indicating that he is not nervous at a loss to know what to do. He remains calm, watching this super team waiting for the moment when he is needed. When he doesn’t need to make a move, he can certainly make a move to give Ye Xiu a response

    "Very good!" Based on this conjecture, Ye Xiu responded to An Wenyi's simple statement
    The audience felt that An Wenyi was dragging down the team again, but in the eyes of Ye Xiu, An Wenyi did not have too many loopholes in this game and really made mistakes. It was Qiao Yifan who was too nervous to cover Little Cold Hands and put himself Makes it messy, the performance has been a little out of touch with the whole team
    "BoundleBoss Sea's HP, do I need to add it?" Ye Xiu countered Provoke in the Public chat box and rushed
    First brush daily~
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