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Chapter List 1208 Rationality
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Dancing Rain fell down.
    Wang Jiexi is such a person. He has never lost the chain at a critical moment. He will also lose, but it never makes people lose confidence in him. So even if he has to face more than one opponent now, even if he had to face nearly three opponent last time against Happy, Tiny Herb's players and Tiny Herb's fans will still have confidence in him.
    That time, it was Happy's home game.
    And this time, it was at Tiny Herb.
    The moment Dancing Rain fell, Chen Guo could only see Wei Chen's mouth moving. It is estimated that he is still cursing something, but what about the content? Maybe he can't even hear it.
    And this is just knock-down. The HP in front of me has only 21% of opponent nothing more left, and Tiny Herb's audience has drowned out all the sounds on the scene. To really win this Team Match victory, what kind of excitement should these Tiny Herb audiences look like?
    Chen Guo really hopes that there will be a basin of cold water for these guys to cool down. At this time, Tang Rou's Soft Mist spawned is in a game.
    Consuming 8% of Vaccaria's HP, Wang Jiexi defeated Su Mucheng. Compared to his strong strength, this 8% loss may be ignored by too many people. 100% Soft Mist and 92% Vaccaria stand together. Almost everyone is optimistic about the latter.

    "Wang Jiexi, really worthy of Wang Jiexi!!!" Su Mucheng defeated Liu Xiaobie and Ye Fei and his whole body was not good. Ruan Cheng was excited again at this time. The mood was not much worse than that of the Tiny Herb fans at the scene, Pan Lin Looking at him with Li Yibo, I really wonder if This person would just pounce on the screen and lick it if it wasn't for the show.
    "As long as Wang Jiexi is there, Tiny Herb's ring is really hard to lose." Ruan Cheng continued to sigh with emotion, like the tone of Xianglin's wife saying "I'm so stupid, really".
    Pan Lin and Li Yibo can't pick up his stubbornness at all. They are a serious commentator game, and there is no way to communicate with a Fangirl.
    Fortunately, on the competition stage. Soft Mist and Vaccaria have already met.
    "Okay! Let's pay attention to the game." Pan Lin Spirit gave a start.
    "Dragon Breaks the Ranks!" Ruan Cheng called.
    Pan Lin and Li Yibo are in a daze, where did Dragon Breaks the Ranks come from?
    "Hahaha, don't you actually use Dragon Breaks the Ranks?" Ruan Cheng sneered.
    Pan Lin and Li Yibo continue to be in a daze. Tang Rou really likes to start with Dragon Breaks the Ranks, but this is a serious game. Here is a serious live broadcast. Is your expression too problematic?

    But the two people didn't have the time to say anything, Tang Rou's direct style, and the use of Dragon Breaks the Ranks really doesn't affect this. Pan Lin and Li Yibo listened to Ruan Cheng working in vain there. These two people fought together, the details are actually in a trance...
    The commentator ran out of time, and the two people gave Ruan Cheng a little annoyed look. Ruan Cheng can see Focus. And with an excited look, the two characters fought into a ball. You come and go, but from the perspective of offensive and defensive conversion, Wang Jiexi takes the initiative.
    "As expected of Wang Jiexi!" Ruan Cheng praised again.
    Spit out!
    Pan Lin and Li Yibo have begun to think that Ruan Cheng is for Wang Jiexi to pull aggro, but he will be amazed at this moment. The more the two people watched Vaccaria on the field, the more disgusting.
    However, it is true that Wang Jiexi has the upper hand.
    Improved again.
    After half a season, after Wang Jiexi and Tang Rou met again, this was his first feeling.
    Especially in terms of rationality.
    Tang Rou is very competitive, and she is victorious in her battle. There are defeats, but there are never compromises and concessions. But sometimes, compromise and concession are the better choices. But when it comes to Tang Rou, no, she will continue to choose a way and continue to move forward. This choice is sometimes unexpected. But sometimes it has the opposite effect.

    But what about Tang Rou who played against this time?
    While admiring her progress, Wang Jiexi had to smile wryly.
    The reason why her choice became more reasonable was not because of compromise and concessions in her choice. But just because she was moving forward. The selected method is more accurate.
    She has a more thorough understanding of Ability, she has accumulated more experience, and she uses all possible means to buff her advanced courageously strategy.
    This girl, even the way to improve herself, is advanced courageously, and Wang Jiexi has to express her admiration.
    not enough!
    While Wang Jiexi was amazed by Tang Rou's progress, Tang Rou once again felt the gap in strength. This may be part of the reason for equipment, but Tang Rou will not regard these as reasons.
    She just wants to win, she doesn't want to lose.
    The difference in strength does not mean victory or defeat. The game is played, not compared.
    But Wang Jiexi knows this truth better than her. He is not a person who can relax when he sees the opponent.
    When Soft Mist was waving the Dancing Fire Spreading Flame, he caught up with Vaccaria and threw out a lava bottle.
    With a crisp sound, lava splashed in the bottle.

    If Lava Flask hits the target directly, the lava that is exploded would be more damage. Wang Jiexi turned out to use a Lava Flask as a way to attack parry.
    The lava flew up, and Stardust Extermination waved down.
    Attacking parry, Soft Mist's Dancing Fire Spreading Flame resisted Stardust Extermination, but the lava splashing on Soft Mist quickly caused her damage.
    Sure enough.
    Attacks have indeed become more reasonable, more coherent and more powerful, but what about defense?
    There are many ways to stay offensive in defense. Directly attacking damage is indeed very bold and aggressive, but the requirements for selection are reasonable and the most effective, rather than blindly pursuing a specific direction.
    Excessive use of the damage method may result in selling too much blood like Liang Fang, and eventually failing to make money and losing points!
    If she could have a duel with Yu Wenzhou duel once, she would probably have a clearer awareness of this point, but this kind of opportunity might be very rare. But there is no need, Ye Xiu will definitely see this.

    Tang Rou, there is no need to exercise too much attacking, she should practice defensively now. Maybe her character makes her dislike defensiveness and don't like to spend more time there. But the problem now is that the more she improves on the offensive end, the more unbalanced it will be on the defensive end.
    No matter how powerful. It is impossible to dominate the offense 100%, there will always be times when opponent is forced to defend. When the advantage is great, the brutal way of hard-eat damage may be overwhelmed, but when the advantage is not great, or even at a disadvantage? Unreasonable choices will be fatal.
    Like now!
    A star card was suddenly thrown up, and it was at the same angle as Soft Mist's perspective. Tang Rou hurriedly utilized Soft Mist to dodge slightly, and continued to step forward to attack.
    But it was this step that moved forward and narrowed the distance with the star card. The moment the star card bloomed into a Star Ray, the light filled half of Tang Rou's screen.
    Soft Mist was not hit by Star Ray. But the next attack, she hit...
    Because the attack came from that half of the screen, and that half of the screen was not visible to Tang Rou. It was all the light of Star Ray. Although it was only a moment, even a moment that the audience needed to watch the slow playback to understand, but at this moment, Vaccaria's attack came. Hit, continued...
    Soft Mist falls.

    Tang Rou lost again, losing to Wang Jiexi.
    Losing to the top Great God in this league seems to be nothing too surprising. But Tang Rou was unwilling, she lost to any opponent, she was very unwilling.
    And to Wang Jiexi. She lost more than once. To put it simply, I have never won.
    "Hahaha, Wang Jiexi. As expected, it is Wang Jiexi, this one is too subtle!" The broadcast is full of Ruan Cheng's voice, and this guy looks like he can't wait to jump on the table and have a live dance. Especially when he saw Tang Rou stepping out of the game stand, he was regretful and disappointed. Ruan Cheng became more excited.
    "Tang Rou still has a long way to go before the first-tier Great God in the league! I wonder if the audience friends still remember her 1 vs 3 vow? I wonder if she has such a plan now!" Ruan Cheng commentator excitedly.
    "Ah. It's a wonderful game." Pan Lin really can't let this guy keep saying this.
    "Tang Rou's performance today is also good, but after all, Wang Jiexi is more veteran." Li Yibo said.
    "Yes, Arena Match Tiny Herb finally recovered two points. Once again, Wang Jiexi did not disappoint his teammates, as well as the expectations of all Tiny Herb supporters on the field and even in front of the TV." Pan Lin was sensational.

    "Hurray!!" The Tiny Herb audience at the scene even shouted out such words, and their worship of Wang Jiexi has really reached a certain level. Wang Jiexi did not end immediately like Tang Rou. This is Tiny Herb's home game, and the time away from Team Match is longer. He stayed on the court for a while and waved to the audience from all directions.
    Tang Rou returned to Happy's player stand, smiled at the teammates who comforted her, and sat a little lonely.
    "The attack did a good job." Ye Xiu turned his head and said to her.
    "Not bad?" Tang Rou smiled bitterly. If it's not bad, why can't I suppress the opponent?
    "But a game can't be all your attacks. The opponent can't even throw out an Ability, right?" Ye Xiu said.
    "Yeah." Tang Rou knew Ye Xiu had something to say.
    "In this game, how many offensives have you been blocked by the Ability thrown by Wang Jiexi?" Ye Xiu said.
    Looking at the playback on the electronic screen, Tang Rou happened to have such a depressed moment from time to time.
    "How to maintain the continuity of the attack at this time, you have to be very, very, very concerned, otherwise your offensive will always be blocked, and after a few times, you will find that you don't have much blood." Ye Xiu said.

    Tang Rou continued to watch the playback. At that moment, it appeared again and again.
    "From the end of the game, you come to play the No. 1 pick." Ye Xiu said, "More opportunities for actual combat practice."
    "Okay." Tang Rou is slight nod, he understands the reason for Ye Xiu's arrangement. The No. 3 pick, although they are responsible for the defense, sometimes the front two players perform well. By the time the No. 3 pick, there is not much content. Only the No. 1 pick of Arena Match has the most substantial duel on the field. Of real combat opportunities.
    "Are you okay?" Ye Xiu looked at Tang Rou and had no objection, and then asked Fang Rui here.
    "Of course not." Fang Rui said.
    Ye Xiu looked helpless: "I originally wanted you to be more practical in the 1st position to run in and transition. She paid more attention to defense in the 3rd position. Toss up until now, I still have to practice in the 1st position.
    "Haha, this is the way that suits her!" Fang Rui smiled, "Position 1 can actually practice defense, if she still thinks about 1 vs 3."
    "Unfortunately, there is only one No. 1." Ye Xiu sighed.
    Its daybreak!
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