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Chapter List 1215 Decisive
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Is that the end?
    Gao Yingjie, whose angle of view was plunged into darkness, thought a little bit dejectedly in her heart.
    Do not!
    A voice in my heart increased, because he seemed to have heard that sentence in his ears again.
    Take on Tiny Herb's future!
    It's not over yet.
    Dark Formation, there is no damage, it just loses the perspective nothing more. The stature when landing, the direction of the character...
    Kind Tree stood up suddenly, turned slightly, faced the center of Ghost Formation, and rushed out!
    Everyone turned pale with fright, repeatedly confirming whether the Dark Formation had disappeared.
    No, the Dark Formation is still there. The blindness effect cannot be resolved so quickly. In other words, Gao Yingjie's viewing angle is still pitch black at this time, but he can still make such an accurate utilization? Is it all done with memory? What a great intuition and feel!
    Kind Tree flew into the air, and he pulled out the morning dew of Broom under him.
    At this time, it is impossible for him to make a precise attack to utilize, he can only use the Ability that sweeps everything to disrupt the opponent.
    Broom Tornado!

    The morning dew waved, Kind Tree spun around and rolled out the strong wind... To win this game, he tried his best, even if he was trapped in the army of silence by Silence Ability and lost his perspective in Dark Formation, he still didn’t. give up.
    But the audience couldn't bear to watch.
    They couldn't bear to see Gao Yingjie working so hard, but in the end he couldn't achieve any expectations at all.
    Dancing Rain's muzzle had already been raised, aimed at the Kind Tree in the air, and a laser shot immediately.
    The Kind Tree in the air was suddenly sent out by this Laser Rifle.
    Is it still not working?
    Gao Yingjie sighed... the opponent is still far from inferior to the point where he can close his eyes and fight blindly!
    The moment when Kind Tree flew out of the range of Dark Formation magic circle. The viewing angle was restored, and Gao Yingjie quickly adjusted the stature, and then saw that the Cordyceps was in the middle of the Ghost Formation. Several Ghost Formations overlapped each other. Various states and damages covered the whole body of the Cordyceps. The light and shadow were intertwined and the colors were all flashes. black.
    Tachi in the hands of One Inch Ash was held high at this moment, the Ghost Formation all over the floor, as if he heard some call. The power of the Ghosts became restless.
    Ghost Feast!

    All the power of Ghosts exploded at this moment! The power of Ghosts ran wildly, looking for targets within the Ghost Formation. Team Tiny Herb players, how dare to step forward at this time? But right in the center, on top of all Ghost Formation overlaps, Tiny Herb Cleric Cordyceps, is being swallowed by the power of all Ghosts.
    Another Satellite Beam drop from the sky, together with the Ghosts power of these bare fangs and brandish claws, completely swallowed the Cordyceps so that even a corner of the clothing was left...
    Tiny Herb Cleric fell.
    At this moment. The outcome has been determined in the hearts of countless people. Team Tiny Herb's home game was silent, only the away game stands. The loyal Happy fans who came with the team are singing and dancing at this time, welcoming this crazy victory that is coming.
    "Really...too inconceivable." This adjective appeared frequently in the broadcast commentator of the game today. And this time, after seeing Happy kill Tiny Herb's Cleric, Pan Lin once again used this word to describe it.
    Even after Happy killed Wang Jiexi before, Tiny Herb's morale was low and a little flustered, but the absolute disadvantage of one less person still made everyone more optimistic about Tiny Herb. Ruan Cheng gnashing one's teeth on the side. Just wait for Tiny Herb to get rid of Happy, and he will take a good look at the problem Happy committed today.
    But now, it seems unnecessary.

    Tiny Herb Cleric was killed. This blow was too decisive. From now on, there shouldn't be any heaven-defying miracles, right?
    Not anymore.
    Enough shocking things have happened to make people today.
    After this, Tiny Herb's four attackers tried to forcefully kill Little Cold Hands, but One Inch Ash's Ghost Formation. Soon Little Cold Hands was given the best protection. When An Wenyi can stand on Heal safely, Lord Grim fighting in the forefront is so arbitrary of the consequences.
    No reversal, no comeback, the game ends. Happy defeated Tiny Herb in the away game with a total score of 8 to 2.
    There are too many things to digest, making the scene seem a bit quiet. The players of both sides walked out of the competition stage one after another, and came to the center of the competition stage just like before the start of Team Match, but at this time, they separated the winner and the loser, one side can laugh as much as possible while the other side has to taste bitterness.
    Wang Jiexi, the first person to be beaten out of the match, calmly looked at the This team player in front of him.
    Ye Xiu ...... This must be counted from the moment when he entered the league, the two sides also competed together for a complete seven Seasons. In terms of results, Ye Xiu, who has not appeared on the Finals battlefield since the Fourth Season, seems to be inferior to Wang Jiexi, who won two championships in made it to Finals three times.

    In the regular season, 14 matches were played against each other.
    7th Season Playoffs, the two teams met in the first round, Tiny Herb sent Excellent Era led by Ye Xiu out of Playoffs. After that battle, people screamed frantically, thinking that Ye Qiu's Era was completely over. But for some reason, Wang Jiexi always feels that he has not really defeated this opponent. This is not only because of the achievements and trophies achieved by both sides, but also the feeling of presence. At that time, the combat effectiveness of Excellent Era in Playoffs was so scattered that even the opponent Wang Jiexi couldn't stand it.
    That battle became the last time the two people played against each other. In the eighth season of the regular season, before Tiny Herb and Excellent Era met, Ye Qiu announced his retirement.
    At first hearing this message, Wang Jiexi couldn't understand it at all.
    Although the outside world has such and that, but as an opponent on the field, he only knows one thing, Ye Xiu's competitive state at that time is far from needing retirement, Excellent Era is a problem with Team...
    But all of this is not important with Ye Qiu's retirement. His duty is to lead Tiny Herb to continuous victory.
    And now, this guy is back, Ye Qiu has become Ye Xiu, I don't know what he is doing, anyway, it doesn't matter. It took him a year and a half to get such a team of people in front of him. Then he defeated himself again in the game.

    When was the last time I lost to this guy?
    Wang Jiexi can't remember clearly, he can recall the details clearly, and he has to go back to the Third Season where he won Best Rookie. The so-called Rookie King is really vulnerable in front of Ye Qiu Great God! A magic strategy called like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies by the outside world, in front of Ye Qiu, there is nothing magical about it. One Autumn Leaf waved the very important and famous Silver Weapon Evil Annihilation, and used the Battle Mage strategy that is everywhere in the gamers guide, knocking his Witch to tears. The Excellent Era carried by him is really invincible in that Era.
    This time, are you going to carry such a team again?
    "Congratulations." Wang Jiexi extended his right hand to Ye Xiu who came to him.
    "Thank you." Ye Xiu stretched out his right hand and held it.
    "Next time we will win." Wang Jiexi said.
    "Oh? Are you guys?" Ye Xiu smiled. Looked at Tiny Herb and the group listed in front of him. After losing the game, of course his emotions were not high. Gao Yingjie was especially painful and unwilling. With his head buried deeply, one could clearly see teardrops falling one by one.
    "If they treat you as a role model, not a backer." Ye Xiu said, the person has walked away and held Xu Bin next to Wang Jiexi.

    Wang Jiexi was so stunned that Fang Rui walked up to him and stretched out his hand without any response. It was not until Xu Bin reminded him that he quickly shook hands with Fang Rui.
    Do you mean that you have been trying too hard all the time? But when you were in Excellent Era, didn't you also do your best to carry Team on your shoulders? Wang Jiexi looked at the silhouette of Ye Xiu who had moved away. He was seen walking to Gao Yingjie at the end of the team.
    Gao Yingjie still hung his head, seeing someone approaching him, but did not lift up, just stretched out his right hand.
    "You did a good job." Ye Xiu took the initiative to speak to him. "It's just awareness and determination, but it's not enough. Who doesn't have that kind of thing?"
    Ye Xiu walked away after speaking, Gao Yingjie looked up at him in surprise. After Ye Xiu, the Happy players walked past him one by one, shaking hands until the last of Team Happy, Qiao Yifan.
    In more than a year, many teenagers of their age can become many, no matter how they look. Or in nature.
    The two people are taller, and the childishness on their faces has faded more. Gao Yingjie's face was still dazzled. At this moment, he saw an old friend, and then he realized. He raised his hand in a panic and wiped it.
    Qiao Yifan didn't laugh at him, but took out a box of tissues from his pocket and handed it to Gao Yingjie.

    Gao Yingjie took it, but didn't wipe her tears again.
    "Yifan, you are so good now." Gao Yingjie said.
    "You are also very good. You are still such a genius. You can still play in Dark Formation." Qiao Yifan said.
    "What's the use of that, we still lost." Gao Yingjie said at this moment, still sad.
    "Continue to try harder!" Qiao Yifan said.
    "Well, I must win next time." Gao Yingjie said.
    "Okay." Qiao Yifan smiled, completely ignoring the implied meaning of "you will lose" in the other party's "I must win" statement.
    The game comes to the end of a phase. At the press conference after the game, both sides gave high evaluations to opponent's performance. At Tiny Herb's reception, Captain Wang Jiexi showed thoughtful expression many times when answering questions, and their genius Gao Yingjie, after this defeat, showed strength and determination never before.

    Happy’s press conference, meticulously prepared Ruan Cheng, who was publicly sarcasm after Happy lost the game, did not attend the press conference in the end. But soon the e-sports channel of the TV station received numerous calls from viewers. Everyone expressed their hope that what they would hear in the broadcast of the game is a commentator that is at least reliable, even if the level is not high enough, instead of Ruan Cheng's incomprehensibility with a clear personal preference.
    The twenty-seventh round of the game came to an end. It was surprising that Happy away game beat Tiny Herb. But in addition to this, Team Wind Howl, after a lot of soft feet, suddenly went hard in this round of home game, 8-2, defeating Team Blue Rain.
    The match with Tiny Herb was finally over, and the daily owed was finally cleared. Have a popping bean during the day and brush today's daily routine at night. How about the rhythm?
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