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Chapter List 1233 Suitable For Ghosts
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Although the consumables of the pseudo-Silver Equipment are huge, because they do not pursue top-notch Element, the required materials are suddenly not so higher level. Only the Element of Orange Equipment, even rare materials are rarely needed, which solves the biggest trouble. After all, the output of rare materials is limited, regardless of the higher level, and the value is still high. But now, if rare materials are only in small demand, other materials can provide a large part with Happy's current Guild operation. If it is not enough, it is not difficult to purchase with a little money.
    16 pieces.
    This is the answer Ye Xiu got when he came to inquire this time. Pseudo Silver Equipment, 16 pieces have been produced. From scratch, this progress can be regarded as quite terrifying. So Happy simply did not change clothes. This requires twice every three days to add equipment, players repeatedly adapt to the new element, and the rhythm must be muddled and completely collapsing. So they decided to accumulate equipment first, wait until the regular season is over, or when the overall situation is finalized, replace them on a large scale, and then adapt, giving Playoffs' opponent a surprise.
    On May 1, the thirty-third round of the Pro League finally started. Although Void has become a hot topic recently with an article on "Rhythm of Counterattack", this kind of analysis that contains the diligent hope of fans is more expected. In the thirty-third round of the match, it was obviously the direct dialogue between Thunderclap and Wind Howl among the five teams that was the most important, so it was naturally selected for live TV.

    Not many fans who came to the scene paid attention to this. Banners and slogans are almost covered with Void’s home game. For Team VoID, this is the Finals that arrived early. In this loss, Season ends here, if you win, you still have a chance.
    Amid the noise, the entry of the players from both sides began, and the characters of the players projected light and shadow in the center of the competition field one by one. To Happy. The fans of the Void home game are not very friendly. One is the key to the game. Second, the last time they played against Happy, they played Void 10 to 0.
    10 to 0 and 9 to 1, although the difference is only one point, the meaning is different. 10 to 0 is a complete victory, a real sweep, equivalent to a PK hit. The winning side will feel very Glory, and the disastrously defeated side will be ashamed. Don't hate each other even after being humiliated, no fan is so innocent.
    Everyone of Team Happy. Sit down amidst the various shrill noises of the home game pink line. However, I have experienced more than 30 games and more than a dozen away games. Happy players will not be intimidated by such a scene. No matter how terrible, can Tyranny be terrible? They even went to the Tyranny home game.
    The pre-match preparations are over, and soon the game time is up. Team Happy. Ye Xiu appeared on the stage without any suspense at all. What about Team VoID? The fans in the audience were also curious about who their family would send to face Ye Xiu, who had won 31 consecutive rounds. result……
    Li Xuan!

    When the name was turned out on the big electronic screen, the audience burst into flames. What's going on here? Is this Captain challenge Ye Xiu very popular recently?
    Tang Hao of Wind Howl, Tian Sen of Royal Style, they have done this before, and now they are Captain of Void. The first Phantom Demon Li Xuan also stood up.
    "Captain try harder!" The audience screamed.
    Captain came out, showing Void's courage and confidence. But if you lose the battle, you will lose a lot of morale. And Li Xuan’s Sobbing Ghost is Phantom Demon, which is more of a group occupation. But this moment. He still stood up.
    The two sides entered the game bench, loaded into the character, and the game started soon.
    Phantom Demon's map pick, of course, will no longer be an advantage Ye Xiu. This is a map of the town. There are many streets and lanes interspersed, which is suitable for the range control and killing of Phantom Demon Ghost Formation.
    Ye Xiu took a look at the picture. Naturally, he fully understood the intention of Li Xuan's plan. Lord Grim, it is rare that he didn't go straight to the center, but he also chose Tactic pathing.
    For a double character, one goes on the left and the other goes on the right. When I reached the center and looked out, no one could find anyone.
    "Hey, how did you change the strategy today?" Li Xuan said in the public chat box. Ye Xiu's duel has always been very arrogant, cutting straight to the middle, and then hitting the target.

    "You have chosen too much map! Leave a little opening(s), am I like this?" Ye Xiu replied.
    Li Xuan was startled. After thinking about it carefully, I found that Ye Xiu is not purely complaining. Look at him choosing this picture. Even the space in the middle of the map is the area just covered by Sobbing Ghost and a Ghost Formation. It really doesn't give opponent any space. In such a situation, of course the other party can't be so generous, and insignificant has almost become the only choice.
    "Hahaha, next time, next time." Li Xuan tugged on this side, already paying more attention to his back. The map he chose, of course, is very familiar, and the analysis of how many routes can be detoured from behind was completed in an instant. Duel map nothing more, limited by area, complexity also has a limit.
    Where will the other party be? Li Xuan was thinking about it. He listened to the blast and saw that a character on the opposite side flew up. Who else could it be besides Lord Grim? People were unwilling to be in a daze on the street and jumped directly into the room.
    This strategy, Li Xuan is not too surprised. The street space is relatively small, and when it reaches the roof, it seems flat land one could gallop straight across.

    Lord Grim turned his perspective on the roof, and Li Xuan didn't show up. Really want to fight hard, he can't carry that sturdy Unspecialized with a Phantom Demon! So this time he must play Tactic, he must find the opportunity to control Lord Grim once, so that he has no chance to play, from start to finish, take away in a wave.
    Therefore, First strike is very important. This strike is likely to determine the outcome. Without 100% certainty, Li Xuan will not make a move. But if you just wait like this, the opportunity won't hit the door by itself. After Li Xuan thought about it a bit, Sobbing Ghost appeared.
    "I saw you!" The message jumped out, the flames flashed, Lord Grim had already attacked here, Anti-Tank MiBoss ile, three artillery shell shots.
    There was no threat, Li Xuan easily let Sobbing Ghost rush out and avoid it, but he forced it towards Lord Grim.
    Ye Xiu, of course, was not afraid of close combat. When the opponent took the initiative to attack, Lord Grim didn't go down the streets and only greeted him on the roof movement.
    Bang, bang...

    For the time being, Lord Grim can attack. While flying away from high places, he lifts his umbrella and shoots at Sobbing Ghost. These attacks don't hurt, doesn't tickle, Sobbing Ghost doesn't matter if it doesn't flash. The characters of the two sides, after their respective Tactic pathing sneaked into the middle, suddenly appeared one after another, rushing towards each other carelessly. Follow this rhythm. The initial Tactic pathing seems to be a lot.
    Finally, the distance between the two sides has crossed to the middle distance, Lord Grim has a richer attack means, Sobbing Ghost's Ghost Formation, can already take care of the opponent. But so positive, it is impossible to put Ghost Formation. Ghost Formation has to chant. If you don't master the distance, you will definitely be interrupted. Sobbing Ghost seems to be closer to Lord Grim at this time, as if there is no chance for Summon Ghost Formation. The result is at this moment. Sobbing Ghost turned to the side and suddenly entered the blind spot of Lord Grim.
    But Ye Xiu experience is so rich, just looking at this half, you can basically guess what the terrain in the blind spot looks like. Sobbing Ghost took advantage of the circuitous route of blind spot and quickly took shape in his live high and look down line of sight. However, the speed of the opponent's movement cannot be grasped.

    If you can't grasp the speed, you can't judge the opponent trend. Even if there is a possible movement route for the other party, Ye Xiu can't make a prediction at all. He is really not very familiar with this picture, otherwise, he can judge the opponent's possible attack position based on his experience. At this time, Ye Xiu can only rely on what he sees before his eyes. Fuzzy judgment.
    Will it be there?
    Ye Xiu glanced at one place, immediately utilized Lord Grim and rushed away, still walking on the roof without getting down to the ground. Encountered something that can be skipped. Skip directly, if you can't jump, jump down and then climb...
    While advancing, adjust the angle of view from time to time. Pay attention to the trail of Sobbing Ghost.
    A silhouette suddenly flashed from the angle of view, and Ye Xiu immediately stopped Lord Grim's movement. That position, the direction of the movement, is different from Ye Xiu prediction. Where does the opponent want to get closer?
    I haven't judged this clearly yet, suddenly, another silhouette flickered in the angle of view.
    Are you here again?
    Ye Xiu turned his angle of view, observing the position where Sobbing Ghost appeared twice, and suddenly, he couldn't see the other party's intention.

    Just do more pathing to cover up your movement route? Ye Xiu always feels that it's not that simple, it's more like a trap, a trap that tempts him to explore further. Therefore, the Ye Xiu movement followed Lord Grim, cautious and solemn, after seeing the surrounding terrain clearly, stopped moving.
    Li Xuan utilizes Sobbing Ghost to run and ran, showing a small face, then a little bubble, tossing and tossing, but found that the tossing made the opponent stop.
    Sobbing Ghost once again walked out of the blind spot of Lord Grim's line of sight, and walked away very clearly, and then looked at it, the other party just turned the angle of view, still without movement.
    "Okay, stop playing, I won't go there." Ye Xiu simply stated on the channel.
    "You can't come, how do you fight this?" Li Xuan saw that the opponent was too old to be a giant slippery, running around, people just watched as a monkey show, not moved at all, so he became a bachelor.
    "You come here to fight." Ye Xiu said.
    "No, I can't play in your position." Li Xuan replied.
    "Then you say a place that can be hit, let's go." Ye Xiu said.
    "It's fine for me now."
    "That's impossible."
    "Why don't we shake some, shake out two, when the coordinates, we go over." Li Xuan made an idea.
    "Okay, you shake it first!" Ye Xiu said.

    "Yeah." Li Xuan responded. In the channel, there was a bit of shaking and shaking.
    Li Xuan clicked it out.
    "It's you." He messaged.
    So Lord Grim was shaking again in the Public chat box.
    "34, 41. That's it." Li Xuan said.
    "I had already left when I came out. Didn't you find that I disappeared?" Ye Xiu replied.
    "I found you disappeared for a long time." Li Xuan said.
    "Because I guessed you would shake 34." Ye Xiu said.
    "I guessed that you would have guessed it." Li Xuan said.
    "Really, guess where I am now?" Ye Xiu asked.
    Li Xuan said nothing, because he wanted to focus all his attention on utilize instead of the chat box. He knew that Lord Grim was already very close to his Sobbing Ghost.
    With 1900 votes, the pop beans continued to chase fiercely.
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