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Chapter List 1245 Hundred Flowers By The Cliff
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Happy vs Wind Howl, 1 to 0.
    The on-site electronic scoreboard clearly showed the scores of the two teams after the first game.
    Ye Xiu's winning streak continues. Pan Lin and Li Yibo only mentioned one thing in the live TV broadcast of this topic. They were still a little disgusted, and they were really tired of it. Regarding this game, Li Yibo feels deeply that he has been face smacking again. He didn't dare to do too much analysis and prediction before the game. He only said that this picture is more suitable for Spellblade play, which was carefully selected by Liu Hao. This kind of obvious at a glance thing, he thinks it can't be wrong anyway!
    But as a result, is this picture suitable for Spellblade? If this weren't for the picture, if you just look at the live performance, you would regretfully give Li Yibo a "haha".
    During the live play, I really couldn't see how Liu Hao's SunleBoss Dark could use the map for combat play. But is Coach Li so easy to deal with?
    "Ye Xiu played very well!" Li Yibo said, "From the very beginning, it was clear that the map was not good for him, so the opponent was introduced into his design step by step. After a wave of control, the game was immediately settled."
    "Yes, yeah, what kind of article does Liu Hao want to use this picture to make? We have no chance to see it!" Pan Lin also echoed Li Yibo's thinking.

    "This matchup between the old teammates did not spark the spark we expected. Ye Xiu won easily." Li Yibo said.
    "Yes, Ye Xiu won easily. Now Happy is leading 1-0. The Wind Howl fans at the scene look a bit lost!" Pan Lin said.
    "Probably not expected at the outset for such a scene! Speaking of the players who play the lead, usually choose the tougher style! This type of player can drive the atmosphere, even if it loses, it will not be too disappointing. Liu Hao should be a computational player. If it doesn't work, it would be ugly to lose." Li Yibo said.
    "Well... this time he seems to be a little inaction." Pan Lin said.
    In the discussion of two people, both players have already begun to end. Liu Hao complexion walks ugly on the road. I heard some boos in my ears. Obviously, many Wind Howl fans were dissatisfied with his performance in the first game. But overall, the Wind Howl audience is quite tolerant of Liu Hao.
    "Let's get ready to enjoy the second round of the matchup between the two sides!" Pan Lin said, and the camera was also delivered to the large electronic screen. The names of the players who played IndivID ual Match number for the second round of the two sides will soon be displayed on the screen.
    Happy, Mo Fan, Deception.
    Wind Howl. Guo Yang, Qi Breaker.

    "Another former Excellent Era player." Li Yibo said.
    "Happy sent Mo Fan instead of Luo Ji or Wei Chen, who have been playing regularly recently. It seems that the situation is so tense that Happy finally dare not continue to let Luo Ji and Wei Chen look for status." Pan Lin said.
    "Haha. At this time, if you lose points again, there is no chance to get it back." Li Yibo said.
    Yes it is. The last two rounds. Any point is extremely precious, and it is this point that is likely to be lacking in the end.
    Team Wind Howl lost one point, but they ranked seventh on the points list, they still have a little classification advantage over eighth and ninth. At this time, more points are needed than Wind Howl, Team Hundred BloBoss oms, ranked eighth on the points list. But also lost a point in the first match of the IndivID ual Competition.
    Song Qiying, Tyranny's teenager played first, and in the end defeated Hundred BloBoss oms veteran Zhang Wei and scored a point for Tyranny.
    Then Tyranny, the second player in the battle, immediately caused the Hundred BloBoss oms to boo.
    Zhang Jiale can only be Zhang Jiale. Every time he returns to the Hundred BloBoss oms home game, he is greeted with such courtesy.
    It has been three years since Hundred BloBoss oms retirement.
    It has been nearly two years since joining Tyranny.

    Hundred BloBoss oms’ response to him seems to have never been less. Even if there are a lot of Hundred BloBoss oms fans who understand him, their voices cannot completely prevail. On the contrary, the presence of fans who hate Zhang Jiale is always stronger.
    In the Hundred BloBoss oms player selection event organized by Hundred BloBoss oms fans in the middle of this season, the most grateful Hundred BloBoss oms fans and the most disgusting players actually took Zhang Jiale first.
    Zhang Jiale in Hundred BloBoss oms is a combination of angels and demons.
    Some people even miss his contributions for so many years, and some people hate his betrayal at the last moment.
    Love and hate are so entangled, the argument seems to never end. At this time he was on the court, there was applause, but more boos. After all, at this moment, Hundred BloBoss oms is in desperate need of victory, but Zhang Jiale has become an obstacle in front of them. This is obviously more hatred than gratitude.
    As for Hundred BloBoss oms, after the names of the players who played this round, the scene was suddenly shocked.
    Zou Yuan, Many Flower Resembling Brocade.
    It's just such a coincidence that Hundred BloBoss oms, the old and new generations of Spitfire, stood on the field oppose each other with equal harshness, and the air seemed to freeze.
    Zhang Jiale's expression is very calm.

    At this point, he will no longer have any other emotions. All the past has been buried deep in my heart. He will remember, but definitely not this time. Maybe the score doesn't matter to Tyranny right now, but Zhang Jiale will never sell it to Hundred BloBoss oms. He hopes to get the understanding and support of Hundred BloBoss oms gamers, but it is absolutely impossible to use this method.
    He will play this game seriously, an unnerving victory against Tyranny, but it is his greatest respect for himself and Hundred BloBoss oms.
    The two Spitfires have already fought together.
    These are probably the two best Spitfires in Glory at present, they are both from Team Hundred BloBoss oms, and they also control the Spitfire character named after the flower.
    Who is stronger? Who is weaker?
    This does not seem to be a problem that can be explained by one game. There is only victory or defeat for a game.
    Zou Yuan's strategy is a great inheritance from Zhang Jiale, but after that, he also incorporated many of his personal styles. The strategy of two people seems to be the same, but in fact they are different.
    This has nothing to do with pros and cons, but each demonstrates their abilities to the limit.
    Amid the roar, the ammunition bloomed like flowers. At this moment, everyone has forgotten all the entanglements, and everyone's nerves are only affected by everything on the court.

    Winning and losing, only winning and losing, no matter who, what kind of profession, what kind of strategy, what kind of entanglement, on the field, in the end showed only victory and loss
    Those who lose fall down, and those who stand win the game, but there will be no second result. And when this end comes...
    These two characters flashed on the big electronic screen, and the Holographic projection game screen also slowed down the speed at the moment of the final blow.
    In the flames of ammunition blooming like flowers, Many Flower Resembling Brocade fell, and Zou Yuan still failed to defeat his predecessors. And Zhang Jiale, he knows very well that his victory may only be on brocade, add flowers to Tyranny, but it may be fatal to Hundred BloBoss oms. But he did not hesitate, did not back down, resolutely let Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms fire the last shot.
    And what kind of consequences this will bring to Team Hundred BloBoss oms, this is no longer a matter for him to consider.
    The core player of Team Hundred BloBoss oms, trump card character, is all past.
    2 to 0!
    Tyranny away game challenged Hundred BloBoss oms. When his team didn't need to care too much about the outcome, he took the lead and pushed Hundred BloBoss oms to the edge of the cliff.
    And the messages from other sessions made Hundred BloBoss oms feel flustered.

    Only 1 point away from Team 301, this round of opponent is the number one Seaside count down. At this point, they have already scored three consecutive cities, and the instant points list has squeezed them out of the top eight.
    The Thunderclap home game against Samsara also ended two rounds at this time. Thunderclap actually led Samsara 2-0 in the IndivID ual Competition, which they were not good at.
    Wind Howl had a two-round battle against Happy and IndivID ual Competition, and it was 1 to 1 at this time. The direct competition opponent scored this alternate increase score, which is the most uncomfortable for other opponents. It is more prone to overtaking opening(s) if the score is behind.
    Not a good message.
    Team Hundred BloBoss oms in the ninth place temporarily, there is no way back.
    Victory, they need victory! If they can't score this round, then their Season will probably end here. The next round of Hundred BloBoss oms is an away game against Samsara. It is really difficult to transfer hope to the next round.
    "You must win!"
    It is Team Hundred BloBoss oms’ Summoner Player Zhu Xiaoping who carries all the expectations and trust of Hundred BloBoss oms people on the field, and what he has to face is the not a word or movement of Team Tyranny, who demonstrates his strength by virtue of his pathing position. Qin Muyun.
    Zhu Xiaoping knew that this scene was very important, but it was so difficult!

    His Summoned Beast was completely unable to complete the encirclement of Qin Muyun's minus nine degrees. The precise pathing allowed him to shuttle freely in the Summoned Beast army, and then his bullets were sent to Zhu Xiaoping’s Opressive Wind one after another. .
    The Summoned Beast with encirclement is not enough, Zhu Xiaoping has no spare capacity to leave Summoned Beast to protect himself. He no room to advance or to retreat, in the end, unfortunately lost this crucial third game.
    0 to 3!
    Hundred BloBoss oms was already 0 to 3 behind, and Tyranny made a cut when the situation was so bad that it couldn't be worse.
    Zhu Xiaoping looked miserable when he left the game. He did not realize the whole team and the audience's sustenance. He knew what this defeat meant.
    The scene was deadly silent, no matter how dissatisfied with the performance of Hundred BloBoss oms, the audience at this time was in no mood to boo or boo.
    To win!
    There is only one voice in everyone's heart: Win!

    "We can't lose any more points. We have to get all the next 7 points. Now is the most important moment of our season. Everyone must focus on Spirit! Victory, we must win, except for this, all other ideas in our minds Throw it away. Don’t expect Team Tyranny to slack off, no, that team never will. We can only take out everything we have and put it all in this game. This is our own opportunity, and we can only rely on ourselves to go. Hold on. Win, keep winning!” During the short break after the IndivID ual Competition, Yu Feng was desperately cheering for the Hundred BloBoss oms team.
    "Go, don't let the opponent look down, don't let the fans down! Take them down." Yu Feng shouted.
    The first daily brush on the 25th...
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