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Chapter List 1269 First Battle
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Players who started their careers in the 6th Season, Jiang BOT ao, Yu Feng, Xu Bin and Lu Boyuan were selected for All Stars this season. Except for Yu Feng, the other three are certainly not top leaders in their respective teams. This is the case at All Star level. Of course, other players are not even more important in Teams.
    A group of rookies of Fourth Season have such a resounding title as the golden generation, but this group of people of the 6th Season are called "gangs" because of this kind of coincidence, which means that their group of players are in Teams. It is the identity of the assistant.
    This is just a joke. Of course, no one really cares about this kind of thing, but now since Yu Feng went to Hundred BloBoss oms and became the first core of the team, the "gang" is naturally not so in. the right and self-confident now. The players of the 6th Season laughed that Yu Feng gave them a face.
    This is naturally a joke.
    What if Yu Feng has become the first core of Team?
    Jiang BOT ao and Lu Boyuan are still members of the "gang", but they stand beside Zhou Zekai and form an extremely powerful Team Samsara. "Bang Gang Group" helped out the Glory Alliance two back to back Champions.
    But Yu Feng doesn't envy them at all.
    champion? He had won it before them, and what he wanted to pursue was not to win the championship as a "gang".

    Of course, this is his personal obsession, and he is not denying the value of the "gangs".
    "Didn't bother you?" Jiang BOT ao continued to talk to him. This sociable player will not be bad in popularity wherever he goes. Even though the two sides are opponent who are about to die, I live, the old players are very professional, and they meet off the court without the slightest anger.
    "It's okay, you guys are busy, we won't bother you." Yu Feng said.
    Although everyone can handle the relationship between the two parties professionally, just before such a life-and-death battle, the tense atmosphere prevented the two parties from rejoicing.
    "Walk slowly, don't send it off." Jiang BOT ao said, watching Yu Feng and Zou Yuan leave the stage together. The Samsara players didn't take this encounter too seriously, and everyone soon started their hot field work.
    8 o'clock in the evening. The scene is full of seats. Playoffs, the key to the game, naturally attract higher attention than the regular season. There is still an away game seat reserved for away game fans. The iron fans of Team Samsara have hung up their slogans here. Two back to back Champions are the main vocabulary. Three time back to back Champions has not yet been taken. But it is not good to make a slogan. If you shout as a blessing slogan, you will shout for the whole event.
    The players of the two teams finally started to enter the field at this time.

    The admission ceremony is not much different from that in the regular season. As the Hundred BloBoss oms home game, it is naturally more popular for Hundred BloBoss oms, and the noise at the scene is also much louder. Samsara, even though it is now the most popular back to back Champions Team, it is the home game of Playoffs Team. There is only annihilation. To be able to join the Playoffs Team, the popularity must also be very basic.
    Of course, you will not miss any of the Playoffs during the live TV broadcast. The commentator is naturally the signature combination of Pan Lin and Li Yibo. Originally, the program team also wanted to invite a third guest to commentator as it did when Happy to compete with Tiny Herb. That time, another commentator was invited, and Playoffs had a lot of hands-offs without a game to play. The broadcast party wanted to invite famous players to come to the commentator.
    In this scene, the program team thought of a wonderful character.
    Sun Zheping!
    Former Hundred BloBoss oms player, it is naturally very interesting to be an away in this field.
    As a result, the invitation from the program group to Sun Zheping was rejected without even thinking about it. Come up to be refused entrance. The morale of the show crew was slumped. For a time, no other suitable candidates were researched. Playoffs' first game. In the end, it was the cross talk between Pan Lin and Li Yibo.
    After introducing the players from both sides, the competition has not yet started, so it is natural to find a few words on the topic.

    "The two teams just met in the final round of the regular season, and they met again after a week." Pan Lin said.
    "For many consecutive games, the two teams will have a deeper understanding of each other. In this situation, there is no secret to each other. It depends on the execution and changes of their respective Tactic." Li Yibo said.
    "Actually, judging from the match record of the two teams in the regular season, Team Hundred BloBoss oms has a small score of 11 to 9; however, the internet voting conducted before the game shows that the gamers of Team Samsara are optimistic about 81%!" Pan Lin said.
    "It seems that Samsara's outstanding performance in Season has helped them gain a lot of support and confidence!" Li Yibo said.
    "What will happen to this game?" Pan Lin looked forward to it.
    "Hey hey! Don't you watch the game?"
    Team Happy, Chen Guo was watching the TV in the meeting room. Seeing that the game was about to start, no one came over. Strangely rushed to the training room, but saw everyone staying in their own focus. In front of the computer.
    "Look, but not now." Ye Xiu said.
    "When do you watch?" Chen Guo was confused.
    "Look back at the video format." Ye Xiu said.

    So Chen Guo understood. Ye Xiu, they see, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s not about being fun. It’s about getting information from Playoffs games, so this kind of TV broadcast is certainly not as comfortable as using its own video format.
    Everyone didn't look at it, Chen Guo felt bored all by himself. Speaking of the wonderful moments of Playoffs, is it true that the team that I support, as a Glory fan, can always pay attention with keen interest. But now Chen Guo is no longer a pure Glory fan. She has given priority to many things from the perspective of Happy. So after listening to Ye Xiu's words, she suddenly felt that it was no longer a wonderful performance, but precious information, so she also felt that it would be better to watch the video after the game.
    From time to time, there were bursts of shouts on the first floor of the Internet Cafe. The custom of the Happy Internet Cafe broadcast game has not been lost, and the Playoffs is naturally not going down. Chen Guo gently closed the door of the training room, letting Ye Xiu and the others continue to do their thing in peace.
    As soon as I closed the door, I heard a sound behind me. Looking back, it was Wu Chen from Guild's department.
    He glanced in the direction of the conference room. In the unclosed door, you can see the game that is about to start on the hanging projection screen, but there seems to be no one in the room, and Chen Guo is gently closing the training room. Door.
    "Don't everyone watch the game?" Wu Chen said.

    "They will watch the video later." Chen Guo said.
    "Oh!" Wu Chen, who had a professional background, was immediately stunned.
    "Everyone is really hardworking!" Wu Chen said with emotion.
    "Yeah!" Chen Guo nodded. At this moment, there was another shout from downstairs, and Chen Guo couldn't help but glance at the conference room.
    "Owner, don't you watch it either?" Wu Chen asked.
    "I... look!" Chen Guo slight nod. She is still a little curious after all. Samsara, Hundred BloBoss oms, who will win, and who will become the possible opponent of Happy in the future? If you want Winning a Championship to be a bit less difficult, it is a good thing for Samsara to be eliminated early!
    Chen Guo and Wu Chen came to the conference room together. At this time, the players from both sides had already played. The climax before the game was over. The downstairs was also quiet. Pan Lin and Li Yibo were chatting endlessly on the show. Can't afford any climax, until the game finally officially begins.
    Chen Guo heard a sound from behind, and looked back, Guan Rongfei, this guy touched in silently for some time, and sat down after finding a spot.
    Are you watching the game with these two today? Chen Guo smiled, as if he had never had such an experience yet!
    The game finally started. Chen Guo, Wu Chen and Guan Rongfei watched the game silently together.

    "Who's winning?"
    Everyone in Team Happy is doing well now, and it is even more impossible for Playoffs to destroy it at such a critical moment. At about ten o'clock, everyone came out of the training room and saw that the game in the conference room seemed to be over not long, and then they came over and asked at will.
    "Samsara." Chen Guo said helplessly. She is looking forward to the Hundred BloBoss oms victory. With this psychological expectation, the game looks naturally more worrying. As a result, the Hundred BloBoss oms in the home game battle, in the end arena and Team Match all lost to Samsara. .
    "What about the score?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "11 to 7." Chen Guo said.
    The Playoffs competition system is based on heads. Both the Samsara ring and the Group won, naturally a perfect score of 11. Hundred BloBoss oms went to the final round of the ring, and finally got 4 head points. Before Team Match lost, they killed the three of Team Samsara and scored 7 points in the end.
    "Hmm." Ye Xiu slight nod.
    The score was four points away, but from the perspective of Glory's game format, it was not overwhelming. A fight in the end is evenly matched. Team Match loses three or four heads, which is usually an offensive and defensive match.
    "Let's analyze this game tomorrow!" Ye Xiu said.
    Hundred BloBoss oms home game.

    The audience has retreated, the press conference after the game has ended, and only some cleaning staff are left in the arena.
    Yu Feng, once again returned to the stadium, back to the stage.
    I lost...
    I tried my best and finally lost.
    Samsara, who was so strong in the regular season, became so calm at Playoffs, so calm that people can't feel that they are such an aggressive Team.
    Two Winning a Championship troops, this team has been thoroughly tempered and formed. Away game combat, Playoffs is so exciting and nervous in the competition field, they play so peacefully. Hundred BloBoss oms chose to attack this round, and they hope to show their momentum in the home game. But in the face of Samsara's steady performance, their strong attack is like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, so wordless and uncommunicative by opponent to negate.
    But it’s not a pity to lose, there is no indignation, it it should be by rights.
    This mood frightened Yu Feng.
    Is the fighting spirit already consumed in one game? Is this in the hidden Awareness that Hundred BloBoss oms really cannot defeat Samsara?
    Yu Feng clenched his fist and couldn't shake it. At this time, absolutely can't shake it!
    The first one is here, there is one more!
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