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Chapter List 1270 Prepare For Each
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    At the end of the first game of Playoffs, comments on hiding the sky and covering the earth praised Samsara's championship performance. As for Hundred BloBoss oms, there are not too many loopholes to be criticized in the game, but because of this, Samsara appears to be strong.
    In a blink of an eye it is the second day, the first battle has not yet been fully digested, and the second playoffs of Playoffs is coming. Team 301's home game will usher in Team Tyranny. Tyranny, who deliberately paid attention during the regular season, came to Playoffs, what kind of explosion will there be?
    This game is undoubtedly more worthy of Happy's attention. Because according to the league’s Playoffs schedule, if Happy eliminates Blue Rain entering the Top 4, opponent will be the winner between the Tyranny and 301 teams. These two teams must meet one of them, if all goes well.
    As a result, that night, Team Happy still did not watch the game, did not watch this game, and did not go to take the video file to review the previous game.
    The next day will be Happy's game. This whole day of Happy's training will be adjusted. After dinner, you will be free to Event directly. Everyone can use their favorite way to relieve the pressure before the battle of life and death.
    In the conference room, Chen Guo set up the projection screen again to prepare to watch the game. It was Wu Chen and Guan Rongfei who came back as usual.
    After the players played the game and the game was about to begin, Chen Guo was a little absent-minded.
    What are the others doing?

    Chen Guo really wants to know. After dinner, everyone broke up and didn't tell each other what they were going to do. Chen Guo was curious, but in the end still is not disturbing everyone.
    "Has it started?" At this moment, Ye Xiu's voice suddenly sounded.
    "Huh?" Chen Guo turned his head to look, but saw Ye Xiu walk in from outside the door.
    "You want to see?" Chen Guo was surprised.
    "Yeah, there's nothing to do, take a look." Ye Xiu said, just looking for a place and sitting down.
    Chen Guo glanced at Ye Xiu and thought to himself, yeah! This guy, where else is there any way to relieve the pressure before the game? For him, all this is like eating and sleeping, right? Live as you should.
    "It will start soon." Chen Guo said.
    "These guys still know how to stay. I want to see what they can do." Ye Xiu muttered.
    "Hmm..." Chen Guo answered. Of course he knew who Ye Xiu's so-called "gang of guys" were referring to.
    Game start.
    Tyranny is the first player to play. Lin Jingyan; Li Yihui will play on the 301 side.
    The same is a duel of the professional department. The winner in the end is Li Yihui, who has a relatively weak advantage.

    Then Tyranny went to the second place by their rookie player Song Qiying. After eliminating Li Yihui, who was still in blood, he defeated Gao Jie, who came second in the 301st pick.
    "This kid will have a future." Ye Xiu commented on Song Qiying. Although he lost to Tang Rou in the Best Rookie selection. But in a team like Tyranny, rookie rookie cannot have as many game opportunities as Tang Rou. Had it not been for Tyranny this season's three veterans to rotate, Song Qiying might have fewer chances to play.
    If Song Qiying has an opportunity like Tang Rou, or it is used by Tyranny like Lu Hanwen in Season. Perhaps he will pose a big threat to Tang Rou in Best Rookie's selection. He has a personality that resembles Zhang Xinjie. Although he is young, his performance on the court gives people a very reliable feeling.
    However, after defeating Gao Jie, Song Qiying was quickly sent off by Qian Wenju, the third player in 301. Then Tyranny Zhang Jiale took the stage, scoring Qian Wenju, and then 301 Yang Cong took the stage. In the end, he was also defeated in the splendid Hundred BloBoss oms light and shadow of Zhang Jiale.

    "This guy is in good shape today!" Ye Xiu said. Zhang Jiale's Qian Wenju HP was quite a lot, and then he defeated Yang Cong full health's Scene Killer, which was almost 1 vs 2. But then, the 301 defender Bai Shu came on the field. At this time, Tyranny has three more people, and his advantage is obvious. Zhang Jiale also played very relaxed, the final 1 vs 3 feat was not completed, but the marketing arbitrarily left Bai Shu to the next player. Tyranny is the fourth pick, and their Captain Han Wenqing is impressive. In the end Bai Shu's Tide fell under the hammer of Desert Dust.
    "Everyone has Spirit!" After seeing that Tyranny had a 5-3 lead in Arena Match. Ye Xiu called.
    After the Team Match, Team Tyranny finally revealed their rhythm different from the regular season. Regular season. Even if the rotation in the end has stopped, several veterans have gathered to play as they are now, but that is entirely for the purpose of restoring the state of Playoffs, worrying that the rotation will not allow three people to play at the same time, and it is unfamiliar to cooperate.
    Facts have proved that this kind of worry is a bit too cautious for such a veteran. These guys with rich experience are like learning to ride a bicycle. No matter how long they haven't been riding, they can still master them quickly when they get started.

    Tyranny's veteran played together about three-quarters of the game, but after adjusting his state, he quickly found the coordination, and he didn't need to spend any more time to break in.
    They continued to suppress their excitement, saving their energy, and letting Playoffs release it.
    And now, here it is.
    After forbearing a Season and hearing more rumors about "These guys are completely dead", Tyranny finally stopped staying when he entered Playoffs, and gave a strong counterattack to such and such voices. Of course, they definitely didn't make a move for these. This is the rhythm that Tyranny had prepared from the beginning of Season.
    6 to 2.
    The score in the end Team Match is overwhelming. 301 This has been practiced for half of Season’s Tactic. After losing the freshness of in the end, in front of the team with the richest experience in the league, it was not a good thing.
    With a total score of 11 to 5, the difference between winning and losing is a bit big, and this is still a 301 home game......
    Hundred BloBoss oms, 301, they suffered untold hardships, (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty before they advanced into Playoffs, and they lost their home game in the first round.
    Some people are happy and some cry. The game is destined to be the result.

    "Tyranny seems to be winning." Ye Xiu said, 11 to 5, this score has a great advantage. 301 wants to go to the Tyranny home game to make a comeback, I am afraid that there are not many people who are optimistic about them.
    "Okay, go back and rest!" Ye Xiu stood up and announced, as if he was about to go to the battlefield. Probably in his mind, the rest tonight is a very important part of tomorrow's game.
    Several people walked out of the meeting room one after another. They found that there was a light inside the door of the training room. Ye Xiu pushed the door open and saw that it was Mo Fan who was still in the training room.
    "What are you doing?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "Video." Mo Fan finally won't completely ignore what others say to him now, it's a question, and will answer it after all.
    "Oh?" Ye Xiu stepped forward. At this time Chen Guo had already joined in. The two people stepped forward together to beg onlookers, and then they saw...
    "It's all Blue Rain player videos!" Ye Xiu saw it. What Mo Fan was watching was all Blue Rain players' performance in Arena Match. Of course, the video data of these games are available in Happy, and they have also been sorted out. The particularly valuable games are selected from the conference and summarized as the in the end study of Blue Rain. What Mo Fan is looking at is the performance of Team Blue Rain in many duel fields in the regular season.

    But tomorrow...Mo Fan will not be on the stage! Ye Xiu doesn't have the habit of keeping the lineup in the end and just said it before the game, and usually said it the day before the game.
    The Blue Rain lineup has been announced this morning, and Mo Fan will not play in this round. But even so, he still stubbornly studied the information of Team Blue Rain.
    "Take a rest early!" Chen Guo was moved and reminded heartily.
    "No." As a result, Mo Fan returned two words coldly. Chen Guo was startled, but then he also understood the meaning of Mo Fan. Mo Fan will not play the game tomorrow, so there is no need to enter the pre-match rhythm, as usual. It's just the way this guy said those two words, which really makes people think that he is venting his dissatisfaction with his failure to appear. Fortunately, everyone knows that Mo Fan usually speaks in such a tone.
    "Then you shouldn't be too late." After Chen Guo cared again, everyone left just like that.
    Downstairs, the game is over, the broadcast of Happy Internet Cafe should have ended, but at this time it seems to be more lively than it was during the game. Ye Xiu and the others live high and look down on the stairs. Looking down, it turns out that it’s theirs. Three players, Qiao Yifan, Luo Ji and An Wenyi were encirclemented enthusiastically.
    "What's the matter?" Chen Guo hurried down and asked Manager.

    It turns out that these three young people secretly enjoyed and discussed the game together among these gamers, but they were accidentally spotted and recognized when they left the game. For the gamers of Happy Internet Cafe, what kind of attitude will they have towards Team Happy? Resolute encirclement, sent blessings to the three young players.
    "Hey hey!!!" Chen Guo rushed into the front desk and opened the Internet Cafe and shouted.
    "Quickly let our players go back to rest!" Chen Guo shouted.
    "Ye Xiu!!!" As a result, everyone yelled louder than Chen Guo. Ye Xiu didn't walk through the back door, but came up directly from the stairs of the Internet Cafe. Chen Guo's shout attracted attention and immediately made everyone discover something more exciting.
    "Calm down!" Ye Xiu rushed into the front desk decisively and snatched the broadcast from Chen Guo.
    "Calm down everyone! If you want to try harder, you are welcome to come to the scene tomorrow!" Ye Xiu shouted.
    "Try harder! try harder!" everyone shouted excitedly. In fact, everyone's impulse is very restrained, because everyone knows that tomorrow is the Happy game, and how dare you to be too disturbed at this time. There are really difficult guys, gamers will first refuse to agree and then kill the people. So Ye Xiu simply yelled twice, and everyone suppressed their enthusiasm with special understanding. After the three young men got out of trouble and thanked everyone for their support, they left with Ye Xiu.

    Halfway back to the residence, a few people saw two familiar silhouettes squatting on the road teeth. Cigarettes curl on one side, and the other is playing with something that looks like a bicycle chain.
    Several people walked up quietly and heard Wei Chen and Steamed Bun talk about his years.
    "Old man back then, that was the backbone of Team Blue Rain, an indispensable figure!" Wei Chen said with an unbearable look back.
    The second one is coming with dawn!
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