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Chapter List 1326 Chongwei
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Always be cautious to pass through. In many cases, when everyone feels that it is possible to continue the offensive, they will retreat and then find a chance to attack Mo Fan, who started attacking again. At this time, the opponent is in front of his Deception, surrounded by spirit oversees. Under the circumstances, but resolutely rushed up. "Are you hitting head-on? But the situation this time is completely different from the last time." Pan Lin called.
    The so-called last time, of course, refers to the round showdown between Happy and Blue Rain. Li Yuan released all the Summoned Beast out for investigation, leaving only one [Demon World's Flower], and then Mo Fan utilize Deception beautifully evaded all searches, cut to the side of the eight-note, one move for the second [Demon World's Flower], and then strong Hit the eight-note.
    And this time? Deception only killed two spirits just now, and did not relieve his trapped crisis at all. And when Li Yuan utilizes the eight notes to come over and prepares to personally utilize Summoned Beast, all the big spirits have already been concentrated towards this end.
    "There is no way, there is no choice." The situation was tense, and Li Yibo didn't have time to make a long discussion. He quickly used only eight words to summarize the reason why Mo Fan chose such a choice.
    Strong fight!

    Deception rush upwards. Mo Fan, who is habitually silent, is firm when he makes any determination. As a freed from expert, he is more conscious of the trapped situation than others. Without such judgment, it would be impossible for him to find what he wanted in the various chaotic PK battlefields of Heavenly Domain and retreat.
    At present, he has learned about the other party's Tactic. In the context of this picture, this is indeed an arrangement you can't guard against it. Under such conditions, human observation is not as accurate as the system judgment of spirit in any case. Therefore, he touched the spirit placed by the opponent again and again, and once encountered it was a very close distance, it was very difficult to get rid of.
    So he started fighting with the spirits. He knew that the obstacles he encountered today were inexhaustible, and that he could only completely destroy them without being hindered.
    As a result, just after killing two, the master has already appeared.
    Mo Fan is not surprised in this situation. Spirits can kill so easily because they are fighting autonomously. Mo Fan didn't naively think that Li Yuan would let him make a way out like this. He would definitely show up and personally utilize these spirits to fight Deception.
    Even Summoned Beast and Summoner play together? That is Tang Rou's style.

    Mo Fan from picking up scraps has a clear purpose. Pursue the goal, as long as the target is locked, then only this one is what he is determined to get, and the others can be saved. Never waste too much time.
    So, the eight-note appears, and Deception rushes forward.
    Mo Fan's actions seem to be very different from the usual fighting style, but in fact it is still his habitual choice.
    Flurry of Shuriken!
    During the sprint, Deception raised his hand and swished several Shuriken together. Yuan's eight-note in the mist quickly became clear with his rapid sprint. Seeing the eight-note hand waving the magic wand, he was already singing the moment he appeared, and at this time a Summon array was already in front of him. The soil in Summon's formation had suddenly changed color, and suddenly opened. A [Demon World's Flower] vine swaying it has come out.
    Puff puff puff!
    Several Shuriken were immediately stopped by [Demon World's Flower], [Demon World's Flower] trembled, and a vine was pulled up from the ground.
    Deception had jumped in the air at this time, and the vines that had emerged from the ground rushed to chase him. But he waved to him, and another Shuriken released. Cut the vine accurately and snap it back to the ground.

    "Wonderful!" Pan Lin yelled. Such a precise and beautiful utilize shows the power of Mo Fan. He just doesn't understand. Why does Mo Fan insist on his firework-style guerrilla strategy because he clearly possesses such a powerful utilize mechanical skill!
    hand seal!
    The Deception in the air quickly hand-sealed, and the hands flew dazzlingly. Ordinary viewers could not even see the changes in his hand shape. It was just from the complexity of the hand-seal that this was an Ultimate Skill.
    What is it?
    Ninjutsu? Blazing Flame Dragon!
    Level 75 Ultimate Skill, last time Mo Fan used an instant kill [Demon World's Flower] Ultimate Skill. And this time [Demon World's Flower] was attacked by Flurry of Shuriken, this Explosive Dragon will be more relaxed in seconds, and behind it, there is the eight-note note, the Explosive Dragon’s attack range is not small, this blow is enough to be an instant kill [Demon World's Flower] After that, even the eight-note notes were rolled together.
    The fire dragon rolled out surgingly spouted from the triangular gesture formed by the Deception hands. At this moment, the same flame rushed out from the slanting side, and crossed in front of the blasting dragon.
    This group of flames is far from the surging momentum of the Explosive Flame Dragon, but it is equally tenaciously beating.
    fire element great spirit!
    First, [Demon World's Flower] acted as a shield, this time facing the attack of the Explosive Dragon, the fire element great spirit rushed out of protection.

    It is really appropriate to use the fire element big spirit to withstand this blow. The fire element attack is not a problem of low damage to the fire element big spirit, but is completely ineffective. It was invalid. After the explosion of the flame dragon, the stature of the fire element great spirit seemed to expand a lot in an instant, and the beating flame became even more crazy.
    Burning Blade!
    The fire element big spirit seemed to wave his arms, and his arm was also Burn's flames. So I saw such a curved fire dragon lifted the sky and waved Deception.
    Deception suddenly caught fire all over his body, and instantly became a mass of fragmented images.
    Shadow Clone Technique!
    With this fast utilize, Mo Fan avoided this blazing blade, and his real body also rose directly behind the eight-note note at this moment.
    "Yes!!" Pan Lin shouted.
    The high confrontation between the two sides was really wonderful, and Deception finally succeeded in sticking behind the eight note. Although I don’t know what he can do with such a spirit, at least, even in this short moment, he grabbed it. First move?
    However, no!

    Almost as soon as Deception appeared from behind the eight-note, a strong thorn rose under the underground. Mo Fan couldn't respond at all. Deception jumped into the air like a needle stabbing his butt.
    Summoned Beast’s Knock-up technique was also completed in the form of Summon. But the eight-note strike. It seems that Deception will flash behind him. Li Yuan seems to have known from the beginning that the fire element of the big spirit is not enough to intercept Deception.
    There was a crisp sound.
    The octave turned around and waved the magic wand in his hand. At this moment, the magic wand seemed to grow out of something like Summon. It stretched for a while, whipping onto Deception's body, and immediately sent him out of Knock-up. One piece.
    Originally Summoned Beast whipping Summoned Beast's ability to enhance their combat effectiveness, but it can also be used as an offensive ability to the enemy.
    Deception's Body Substitution Technique was useful when getting rid of spirit before. At this time, it was still in Cooldown, and this Lash could not be avoided.
    Boom boom boom!

    The fire element big spirit's attack finally arrived at this time, a string of lightning, splitting the head and covering the face, was drawn to Deception. In the mist, one spirit after another keeps appearing. Keep gathering here. Instead, the eight-note note stepped aside, be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time, commanding his spirit legion and attacking Deception.
    He doesn't have a Summon spirit king yet, and it takes four big spirits to combine to make Summon out. At the moment, if you want to control Deception, it is more effective to rely on the number. If you rush to focus on the four major spirits to exchange more for less, it may give Mo Fan a chance to escape.
    Li Yuan is very calm. Very calm. Before Blue Rain's plan was unsuccessful, and the scene was unsightly, he was not very qualified as the current Team Blue Rain. It was just a player who played for one year longer than Lu Hanwen, but he calmly supported the game like a strong strength.
    Deception's HP was consumed by the siege of the spirits, and his eight-note. So far it is not hurt at all. Continue this perfect control, continue this complete rhythm. This is likely to be a "" game.
    In the IndivID ual Competition, the victory of "" has nothing more substantial than a narrow victory besides praise and morale improvement. But in Arena Match, a complete victory of "" is really a perfect result, and it will have a perfect manifestation of value.

    "Could it be a complete victory?" Looking at the scene, Pan Lin also had such doubts. Deception’s blood has dropped to only 42% at this time, but the eight-note spirit has already been counted into the array. They have relaxed the Deception encirclement. Under Li Yuan’s personal command and deployment, there is The rhythm is running and attacking.
    Everything looks perfect, but Li Yibo's eyes lit up at this moment: "Opportunity!"
    "Opportunity?" Pan Lin didn't understand, but Mo Fan's Deception suddenly moved.
    Body Substitution Technique!
    Deception, who was under attack, suddenly used this escape technique. A avatar was instantly broken during the siege, and Deception's real body had flashed to another location.
    Such a sudden displacement inevitably caused some confusion in Li Yuan's Summoned Beast encirclement, so he followed: Ninjutsu? Shadow Dance!
    Numerous Deceptions appeared. The self-attack Summoned Beast suddenly fell into chaos. Li Yuan utilizes, but he can’t instantly tell which Deception of Heart of Shadow Dance is. Even if it does, it’s useless. Heart of Shadow Dance can be transferred at any time. of.
    Zi Zi Zi Zi...

    In an instant, several spirits with low HP were cleaned up. Mo Fan's observational power is really amazing. With so many spirits, he is fully aware of where the blood is low. This kind of eye-catching eyes, don't ask, is also practiced by picking up scraps.
    "Are you going to fight back!" Pan Lin yelled with excitement. If he was just beaten up by Li Yuan like this, it would be wonderful, but there would be less twists and turns. It would be better if there were twists and turns in the game!
    "Probably get out!" Li Yibo said. He saw the opportunity before. Obviously he knew Mo Fan's expectations at this time, but the scene was tense and it was too late for him to analyze it carefully. I saw a bunch of Deception messing up the situation, and one of them suddenly withdrew from the battle group and retreated.
    Heart of Shadow Dance!
    Everyone thinks this way, but Li Yuan can't use this as the key to encircle that one, so Heart of Shadow Dance will soon return to a certain part of this side.
    After running this one, and then there was a second one, Deception pulled away one by one, in different directions, making Li Yuan completely unable to control the situation.
    "It's going to run!" Pan Lin just yelled like this. Who would think that Deception who got out of the battle group and tried to get out, but at this moment, made a "pop" and turned into a big block of ice. (To be continued) 8
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