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Chapter List 1331 Refrain From Sneak Attacks
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    A tall and dense big locust tree, under the tree, Drifting Cloud hands holding the Greatsword Shadow Flame, facing the big locust tree, did not move. BoundleBoss Sea, his back clung to the body of the big locust tree, and did not move.
    The scene freezes at such a moment, and no one knows how it will develop next.
    The distance between the two parties is very close. If the character is breathing, the other party may be able to hear it in this quiet jungle.
    BoundleBoss Sea leaned back against the big locust tree, gently, gently, squatting down.
    At this time, let alone a sneak attack, it is very difficult even to get out of the tree and face the opponent. The opponent Lu Hanwen reacted extremely fast, making a move extremely fast, and had already defended these two positions. Stretch your head, decapitate your head; stretch your hand, chop your hand; stretch your foot, chop your foot.
    The scene did not move, but the thinking of the two people did not stop.
    Fang Rui's angle of view has been flashing, observing everything in front of him, looking for a way to get away quietly with the help of a big tree.
    It's a bit difficult. Fang Rui thinks, but right now, there is no better choice. This level of difficulty is always more advantageous than rushing directly from the left or from the right. If you charge like that, you will definitely fall into the passivity of being preempted by the opponent.
    So Fang Rui started to act.
    In the first step, BoundleBoss Sea crouched down.

    Then, gently turned around one hundred and eighty degrees, and then, step by step, slowly backed away.
    Fang Rui didn't choose Roll, which might be faster. At this time, he didn't dare to deflect his perspective a little bit. He wanted to closely monitor his eyes.
    There was no movement on the left or right.
    What is the other party waiting for?
    Fang Rui didn't know, but he had already made a good decision, so he naturally had to implement it firmly. BoundleBoss Sea continues to retreat.
    As a result, at this moment, a figure finally appeared behind the locust tree, and it kept showing up.
    Drifting Cloud rushed out six at once.
    Shadow Steps!
    It can only be Shadow Steps.
    Lu Hanwen controls the six sword shadows very well, and Fang Rui can't tell the true body of them for a while.
    Can't retreat, just fight head-on. Fortunately, Fang Rui asked BoundleBoss Sea to back away. His perspective has been locked in this direction, and he is not in a hurry.
    BoundleBoss Sea slapped his palms to the ground, and all six sword shadows would be affected by his blow, and he wanted to find out his true body.
    As a result, the six sword shadows jumped up simultaneously, avoiding the mind attack from the earth's crust.
    Falling Light Blade!
    The six swords, as if woven into a sword formation, were killed simultaneously, and the silver light burst forth.

    BoundleBoss Sea didn't hide, moved towards one of them, and bumped into it.
    "Did he see it?" Pan Lin yelled.
    "I'm afraid not!" Li Yibo replied, he wanted to say a few more words, but there was no time at all. The six swords of the six Drifting Clouds all changed their directions at this time, and at the same time they pointed to the BoundleBoss Sea that they knocked out.
    Of the six swords, five are fake, but if BoundleBoss Sea still rushes in such a brutal way, he will surely return the six swords, then it doesn't matter which one is true, it will definitely be.
    Falling Light Blade, that is also judged by knock-down. Although Quick Recover utilize can be used to negate, it is not difficult to continue the offensive with Lu Hanwen's reaction and utilize.
    Air wave shield!
    BoundleBoss Sea waved his palm, and an air wave shield flashing with thought energy ripples was pushed out.
    "This..." Pan Lin couldn't understand it anymore. The Qi Wave Shield was not a Nen Guard, so it couldn't defend the attack in all directions. At this time, six Greatswords were hit, this air wave shield could hold two swords at most nothing more.
    "Gao Ming!" Li Yibo understood at this time and called out.
    But the tense battle situation still didn't give him a chance to explain. in!

    The shock wave of the Falling Light Blade attack spreads, and even the phantom attack of the sword shadow will also create such a phantom effect. But BoundleBoss Sea's body has turned out to one side, and it is obvious that he was hit by the sword of the real body in the end.
    But the BoundleBoss Sea that was turned out immediately took a palm.
    Qi Bullet, hit the front door of one of the Drifting Clouds.
    Real body?
    real body!
    After BoundleBoss Sea took this blow, he immediately judged which of the six Drifting Cloud sword shadows was the real body from the direction of his force.
    "Six sword shadows. Randomly bump into one. The probability of hitting the real body is not high. However, Lu Hanwen immediately turned all the sword shadows and changed the offensive. It can be seen that the one that BoundleBoss Sea hit before is not the real body."
    "After that, although the Qi Wave Shield can only block two swords, these two swords are two swords that Fang Rui felt would be difficult to deal with if there was a physical attack."
    "The truth is that these two swords are not real attacks, so there are only three possible comings from the real body. There are three more difficult to deal with. Fang Rui has forcibly negated. These three attacks are psychologically accurate. So in the end, the situation was broken by him like this one house after another."
    Li Yibo also slapped his lips, seizing the time to explain Fang Rui's response ideas at this moment.

    "It's amazing!" Pan Lin exclaimed. In such a moment, but with such detailed logical thinking, it is worthy of being Glory's top expert, and the level of Glory is high.
    Through such a series of responses, Fang Rui finally let the character become passive.
    Qi Edge!
    BoundleBoss Sea secretly rubbed a Qi Edge out.
    It's just that in the fog, the Ability's flight path became clear, which made Fang Rui a little annoyed.
    "Senior, I have said that, my eyes are very good." Lu Hanwen could see clearly, easily utilize Drifting Cloud to get away and continue to attack.
    "Okay, I will remember." Fang Rui returned, and BoundleBoss Sea took a few steps back.
    In the past, Fang Rui must use the surrounding trees to hide behind, and then make a surprise attack from the left or right.
    But now, Lu Hanwen's eyesight and reaction are really great. Fang Rui has experienced how embarrassed he hides behind a tree. This strategy of challenging opponent eyesight and reaction is useless for Lu Hanwen.
    The situation is not good for him right now, Fang Rui knows very well.
    In such a picture, Lu Hanwen's eyesight and reaction are very sharp weapons, and these two weapons are also the most advantageous for dealing with sneak attacks.

    It is very rare to detect a sneak attack until the attack hits. In most cases, a sneak attack is to attack the enemy a no time to deal with it. But after all, the Glory game is not a big matchup, especially in duel, where everyone controls their own character is everything. If this can be dealt with quickly during a sneak attack, the effect of the sneak attack will be meaningless.
    But Fang Rui was thinking too much about sneak attacks at this time. Right now Lu Hanwen is sticking to him very tightly, and the two sides are already in the rhythm of a frontal strong fight. This is not the style of the play dirty master Fang Rui, in other words, this is not the strategy he is good at.
    As for Lu Hanwen, regardless of his underage, he is a tough player in Team Blue Rain. He is a first-class front-line expert. In addition, his character is positive and optimistic. This kind of frontal confrontation makes him the most exciting.
    "Senior Watch my sword!"
    When Lu Hanwen's sword was cut down, there was still a message shouting in the channel. At the beginning, some people were a little worried. If this rhythm continues, this child won't become Huang ShaOT ian, beating and chattering, right?
    But after two years, everyone understood that this child sometimes yelled a few words, it was purely energetic and nowhere to vent, and the hand speed was uncomfortable, so it was put on typing.

    This also seems to be a phenomenon of uncomfortable retraction, but this child seems to have endless energy, such a wasteful use, but there has been no problem, and after a long time, everyone will not care about this problem.
    Shadow Flame's dull sword wind rang, and the mist was all driven by it. As the sword's power turned over the Roll, it changed from time to time when it was thick and light.
    Fang Rui was gradually suppressed. This kind of strategy, he really does not have the advantage. The terrain conditions he used to use were inconvenient to use because of Lu Hanwen's eyesight and reaction.
    "Little rascal, don't be too arrogant!" Fang Rui was still stubborn.
    "Predecessors give me a lot of advice." Lu Hanwen's words, I don't know whether they are sincere, or they are mocking.
    "Good boy, I must teach you a lesson." Fang Rui called. BoundleBoss Sea suddenly statured and threw a punch.
    Ether Helix!
    The distance is too close, Lu Hanwen really did not dodge this move, but the problem is that Fang Rui, for this blow, his BoundleBoss Sea did not flash Drifting Cloud's A Blade Slash Against Wind.
    BoundleBoss Sea is overflowing with blood, and Drifting Cloud is full of strength.
    Audience dumbstruck.
    This is the lesson Fang Rui teaches Lu Hanwen?
    what is this?
    Isn't this just head-to-head?

    There is no shortage of exchanges in the ProfeBoss ional League, but everyone exchanges in careful calculations. This exchange is not only HP, but more importantly, it creates better attack opportunities through exchange.
    But what about BoundleBoss Sea's head-on?
    That is purely you punched me, and I exchanged a palm with you. Then the situation didn't change. How to fight before, then continue to fight like that.
    There is no mechanical skill content, and it will be awkward! The scene booed a lot.
    The Drifting Cloud that was rushed by Ether Helix has rushed up again. What about BoundleBoss Sea? Because I got A Blade Slash Against Wind, stun has a certain period of time, but I can't respond immediately.
    This is why everyone thinks that his exchange has very little mechanical skill content. If the two sides can really take advantage of this blow, and then BoundleBoss Sea runs away to start Fang Rui's insignificant, then it would be considered a meaningful exchange. But now, after a record of A Blade Slash Against Wind, the possible meaning of this exchange has been cut off.
    Triple Slash!
    Drifting Cloud uses Ability here to speed up the approach.
    Greatsword's Triple Slash is a powerful sword. Fang Rui’s BoundleBoss Sea, it was almost in the end before recovering from stun.
    BoundleBoss Sea immediately made a somersault on the ground, avoiding Triple Slash's Triple Slash hit.

    Falling Petal Form!
    Lu Hanwen's offensive was extremely fast, Drifting Cloud followed the sword and pressed down towards the somersault BoundleBoss Sea.
    Fall to the ground!
    The Falling Petal Form's compulsory fall decision was extremely strong, and BoundleBoss Sea immediately lay flat.
    Falling Phoenix Slash!
    This Ability, which is often connected to the Rising Dragon, is used by Lu Hanwen on the ground, and Drifting Cloud is a chic twisted body, the sword tip touches the ground and draws an arc, rolls through the air, and falls...
    A surging vigor directly hit the door of Drifting Cloud.
    Surging Dragon Chant!
    The surging energy directly pushed Drifting Cloud up, and in the end, it slammed into a big tree behind him.
    how come?
    Lu Hanwen was surprised. Because Falling Petal Form is a forced fall to the ground, it is impossible to use Quick Recover utilize to negate, so it is impossible for BoundleBoss Sea to complete a Surging Dragon Chant chant so quickly. Could it be...
    The Falling Petal Form just missed?
    Lu Hanwen recalled the feel of utilize at that moment, recalling the HP that BoundleBoss Sea should have before...
    But more people, such as Pan Lin and Li Yibo in the broadcast, have already seen it.
    "It's so despicable... I actually lie down and pretend to be recruited. I have never seen such a thing..." There was a discussion and condemnation on the spot.
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