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Chapter List 1382 Must Be Done
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Desert Dust's body was immediately entangled with several ghostly ghosts.
    The ghost is entangled, and the damage lasts for a period of time, increasing the damage of the cast spell’s attack on the target, and when the Ability ends, 33% of the ghost’s damage will be converted into the cast spell’s HP.
    An Ability that combines damage, buff, and recovery into one, was exclaimed as a heaven-defying magical skill when it first came out. But after using it, I also know that Ability is good, but heaven-defying is not enough, because the three effects are more restrained.
    Even so, this is the Ability that any Warlock is absolutely unwilling to give up. Knowing that the attack must be hit, Wei Chen is the first to play this Ability, and then continue to chant.
    ChaOT ic Rain continues, Han Wenqing still seems to have no choice.
    Is it just being played around like a trapped beast?
    Tyranny die-hard fans at the scene were all angry. Their Captain, how could they have experienced such a shame.
    That's what everyone feels in their hearts.
    What about being confused? Anyway, it's a terrible result, but getting trampled on in this corner is too frustrated. Based on what everyone knows about Han Wenqing, it is also believed that Han Wenqing will definitely not stay here willingly under such circumstances.
    As a result, Desert Dust did not move...
    Shadow Flame!

    Another Ability of Windward Formation, a purple flame, began to linger on Desert Dust. Burn damage for 6 seconds, not only the HP of Desert Dust, but also the heart of every Tyranny iron powder.
    Why not jump?
    Everyone can't understand.
    The Desert Dust in front of them gradually couldn't overlap with the Desert Dust in their minds.
    "Really tolerable!" Happy here. Fang Rui was sighing.
    "Yeah." Ye Xiu slight nod.
    Han Wenqing not only began to choose to give in, but also became more persevering. His style has really changed a lot, and it has become somewhat unrecognizable to those who are familiar with him, especially in the competition field of Playoffs, where his performance is more obvious.
    "What a surprise, I thought you would jump out!" Wei Chen on the field now mentions the pot that doesn't boil.
    Han Wenqing remained silent, and Windward Formation started the third Ability chant at this time.
    In ChaOT ic Rain's duration, this will also be the third Ability he has released without fear. The light of incantation tears the space grandily like this.
    Windward Formation actually directly summoned Summon's level 70 Gate of Death!
    Countless people cried in their hearts.

    kill to the last one is really impeccable. Wei Chen's methods are really not reserved. It means spare no pains or effort to do opponent.
    Void tears. The Gate of Death appeared magnificently in mid-air, but ChaOT ic Rain stopped at this moment.
    A Real Taoist shadow flew out of that step immediately.
    Desert Dust, it can only be Desert Dust. After being driven by ChaOT ic Rain to the only place that can be covered. I ate two Ability in a row. Desert Dust looks particularly helpless. But after ChaOT ic Rain's last one slipped from his side, he immediately jumped out.
    The Gate of Death beside me? As if Han Wenqing hadn't seen it at all, Desert Dust jumped up straight. Windward Formation on that end!
    Resolute, decisive, without the slightest hesitation, at this moment, the familiar Han Wenqing seemed to come back all at once. Tyranny die-hard fans couldn't help but let out a shout before they could change their mood.
    The tentacles condensed by the black qi had already protruded from the Gate of Death, but unexpectedly, the target on the side rushed out. The bare fangs and brandish claws of the black qi were immediately chased towards Desert Dust.

    Han Wenqing ignored it. Desert Dust, who jumped out, stepped on the wall in the middle of the way and borrowed his strength again. Whatever happened to the black tentacles of Gate of Death behind him, he was almost chasing after him.
    Many Tyranny fans at the scene could not help but stand up. Many of them immediately forgot that they were still upset about getting trampled on when Desert Dust stopped on the small platform just a few seconds ago.
    Desert Dust, who was still in the air, had already thrown his fist.
    What about Windward Formation?
    Windward Formation has not had time to leave. In order to attack Desert Dust, he descended from his original position and approached a little here. It was these Xu that made the offensive launched by Han Wenqing at this time. This decisive bravery was obviously beyond Wei Chen's expectations. He had calculated that Gate of Death could sing at the end of ChaOT ic Rain, he thought it was enough. But now he found out that he was wrong. He thought it was enough. In the face of Han Wenqing's courage, it was far from enough.
    The black-handed tentacles are just a little short, but Desert Dust's fist has already reached him.
    This punch made a solid hit.
    But the stature brought by the fist stopped, but the black air tentacles that were chasing finally caught up with Desert Dust and quickly entangled.

    Is this punch just a little venting?
    Everyone is thinking about it, but for Tyranny fans, even if it's just to vent their anger, this punch is cool enough. They always value the process more than the result.
    But Han Wenqing didn't think it would be so simple.
    After the punch, Desert Dust took advantage of the situation.
    He had picked up Windward Formation, but the black air tentacles had also caught him, and also pulled back.
    Two Real Taoist shadows flew out together.
    Desert Dust was holding Windward Formation, Gate of Death, and finally captured Desert Dust.
    The two Real Taoist shadows flew together like this, flying towards the Gate of Death that appeared in mid-air, bursting out a cloud of light and shadow.
    The Gate of Death completed his mission and disappeared, and two Real Taoist shadows fell from the air.
    One up, one down.
    One slower, one faster.
    The fastest is Windward Formation. Although he is completely immune to the attack of Gate of Death, the backdrop is not controlled by Gate of Death and can be interrupted.
    Desert Dust still completed the Backdrop, hit the air and folded the Windward Formation. The acceleration of Windward Formation is naturally more, and it falls faster.

    Desert Dust, however, fell free after eating the in the end damage of the Gate of Death.
    In mid-air, he has already put on a posture of hunting and killing.
    Wei Chen was helpless.
    Windward Formation is not dropped casually, but dropped by Backdrop. After being caught, the body stun will not disappear until it touches the ground or the effect of time expires.
    He can only watch Desert Dust raise his leg, Eagle Stamp! It really flew like a goshawk prey, and stepped towards him. He can't do anything to utilize.
    Wei Chen sighed softly in his heart.
    slow. Still slow.
    If you react fast enough. If utilize is fast enough, maybe the punch will not be hit, or the backdrop after a punch can be avoided. In short, it won't be the situation now!
    Grab stun. I can only watch this Eagle Stamp fall. Can you complete the utilize dodge attack at the moment the effect is lifted?
    Wei Chen's heart trembled. My fingers felt a little stiff.
    This is to fight for reaction again, fight for utilize. Fight hand speed! This is what I fear most now, and this is what I am weakest.
    However, the only thing that can relieve the current crisis is this!

    If Han Wenqing is stepped on by this Eagle Stamp and let Han Wenqing finish his body, his Warlock's life will probably end.
    Focus on Spirit, let's try it!
    Wei Chen gritted his teeth. He stopped looking at Desert Dust. He just felt the state of his character carefully. He started to utilize immediately when stun was released.
    The thousands of thoughts in my heart and everything that happened on the court were only a moment. Wei Chen felt the release of the stun state. At this moment, his mind was blank. He forgot that it was a game and what he was doing. There was only one thought in his mind: complete it, complete this utilize.
    The hands of Windward Formation quickly mentioned before him...
    The Eagle Stamp of Desert Dust is about to step on the chest of Windward Formation.
    "Oh!!..." The Tyranny fans on the scene cheered, but just after a grunting sound it stops.
    The Windward Formation that was stepped on, like a shattered shadow, spread out in the air. The Desert Dust stature continued to fall, straight...
    Han Wenqing asked him to turn his perspective at this moment.
    Windward Formation stood back on the side wall of the old castle again.
    Shadow Clone Technique!

    Wei Chen's heart is still beating wildly, and the aftermath of the catastrophe made him feel a little bit weak. It is just such a utility of the first-level Ability, but because of the mobilization of too many Spirits, he has some collapse after success. feel.
    But it's far from over! This showdown can even be said to have just begun.
    Wei Chen hurriedly continued to utilize, Windward Formation climbed on the wall and began to sing again.
    A black light shot out.
    At this distance, in this situation, Wei Chen didn't want to use any Ultimate Skill to lay out, just taking advantage of Desert Dust's inconvenience to dodge in the air, it would be a bit of damage.
    Sunder made a judgment and accurately cut to the footsteps of Desert Dust, but the ability of Eagle Stamp was not a thing.
    Han Wenqing turned his perspective to see Windward Formation singing, and immediately utilized Eagle Stamp.
    Desert Dust stomped on the air three times again, and no target hits, but with the air vibration of these three steps, it slightly slowed down the character's falling speed.
    But... still hit.
    Wei Chen many rigorous schemes and deep foresight! This trick is really not enough to avoid his prediction attack.

    However, apart from damage, this Sunder did not cause Han Wenqing too much trouble. Desert Dust landed, turned back and bounced, and immediately ran towards the roots of the castle wall. What about Windward Formation? But he climbed up to the top in a panic.
    Wouldn't the process just be repeated again?
    Many people have already begun to have a hunch in their hearts.
    "No." Li Yibo dispelled everyone's doubts on the TV broadcast.
    "Ability Cooldown is still not good, how could it be done again so soon." Li Yibo said.
    "The Ability I just used is cold, but maybe it's the same technique again?" Pan Lin said.
    "Uh..." Li Yibo studied Warlock's Ability carefully. It should be gone, right? He thought with some uncertainty, but he didn't dare to speak and just judged.
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