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Chapter List 1383 Wretched Acting
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Jump! Jump!
    Both characters were jumping on the wall of the castle, Windward Formation did not put Ability to obstruct the pursuit, and Desert Dust did not use means to harass.
    But just this jump climb is enough to dumbstruck gamers.
    The map comes from the scene in the game, and there is also the battle map in the online game Arena. The base of gamers is so huge, there are gamers who have come to this manor castle in the game, and of course there are gamers who like to use this map in Arena.
    However, the side of this castle just jumped to the top, which is obviously beyond the knowledge of gamers.
    After this game, the Glory players who prefer this picture will probably start to pay attention to this technique of jumping from the side of the castle to the top of the castle again. This is how professional games lead the trend of Glory.
    At this time, the two people on the field, Wei Chen is more familiar with the map, Han Wenqing veteran of a hundred battles is extremely adaptable, and the two people's utility has no flaws.
    But the wheel speed is still a few points faster than Han Wenqing's Desert Dust. This is not because Wei Chen utilizes insufficient skills, but it is the difference between two people's characters. Striker's skill is undoubtedly much more flexible than Warlock, and its movement power and jump power are even better.
    But, can't you catch up?

    Looking at the distance between the two characters, if the goal is to climb to the top, Desert Dust still doesn't seem to be enough to catch up with Windward Formation. So when Windward Formation reaches the top, it must be attacking Desert Dust without any fear of the consequences, right?
    Wei Chen didn't disappoint. He liked things like falling into the stone the most.
    "Xiao Han go on!"
    With this successful summit, the previous panic was gone. trash talk is also on Ressurection in the channel with joy.
    Han Wenqing is nothing, Tyranny's iron fan is already nervous at this time.
    This Wei Chen clearly has limited strength, but when he seizes a certain advantage, it makes people extremely uneasy. That kind of undisguised meanness is really annoying and scary.
    Whoosh whoosh...
    Windward Formation stood on a high place in Death's Hand and flicked, a Curse Arrow came, and it was also divided into scattering. The Curse Arrow was utilized by him as if it was ChaOT ic Rain, and it fell into chaos. The bullying is the limited foothold on the wall. There is no room for dodge at all.
    So I saw Desert Dust's arms shake Reinforced Iron Bones!
    The Super Armor state was turned on, and then Han Wenqing directly ignored the damage of Curse Arrow and continued to take the shortest path at the fastest speed.
    Wei Chen smiled slightly. Windward Formation continued to sway Cane.

    Hexagram Prison!
    Suddenly. Six beams of light emerged in the sky. Straight down!
    The release of Ability’s prediction is so mean. Wei Chen has determined Han Wenqing’s route choice, and prediction has set the foothold of Desert Dust. However, the release of Ability was not to this place, but to jump in ambush in the air.
    This is naturally harder to hit than locking the foothold, but it will also make the opponent harder to dodge.
    Wei Chen's reaction and hand speed are not fast enough, but this allows him to release Ability calmly, and he is confident in accuracy.
    The beam of light fell, and the Desert Dust in mid-air seemed to have no way to dodge, but when it was about to hit, the Desert Dust stature plummeted.
    Thousands of pounds!
    Han Wenqing used the ability to utilize the character impressively. Desert Dust plummeted faster than the beam of light fell. It opened the space instantaneously, but he stepped on a foothold.
    The Qianjin pendant is an offensive Ability, the point where the foot is raised is suddenly broken by the foot, and the Huālāla falls to the ground. But Desert Dust managed to borrow the force and jumped sideways.
    Six beams of light fell from his side one after another, and Desert Dust successfully avoided the blow and continued to move upward without hesitation.
Who can be more crafty than me, the fox tells 9 tales?

    "Zé Zé Zé, have you started to dismantle it again? Be careful to pit yourself!" Wei Chen channel scribbled. A foothold was crushed, which is indeed a bit disadvantageous for Han Wenqing, who has not yet reached the top.
    Death's Hand flicked again.
    Soul Strike!
    A black light came out.
    Warlock Ability has many annoying effects, and this Ability is no exception. Soul Strike, as the name suggests, hits the soul of the target directly, leaving the target in a trance state for an instant. The performance in the game is: utilize is invalid.
    Although the effect of this Ability is short-lived, it is undoubtedly a powerful Interrupt hit, and what can be Interrupt is not only to chant Ability, but to Interrupt any action.
    Taking the current situation as an example, jump requires a very precise utilization. The jump power used for jumping three body positions is definitely different from the Jump Power used for jumping the distance of four body positions. And this needs to rely on the player's utilize strength to react.
    At this time, if you want to perform a four-person jump, you are using the force, and Soul Strike is on the way, then it is likely that the strength has just been utilized to the level of the two-person personality, and the next strength will be invalid. Then... four squares jump into two squares, doesn't it just fall off?

    And Wei Chen caught it at this moment. At this moment, black light flashed in front of Desert Dust, who had just fallen by the force, but the figure flickered...
    Desert Dust and Black Light are staggered, and this Soul Strike was dodged by Han Wenqing.
    "Oh oh oh!" The Tyranny fans who breathed a sigh of relief were delighted. Wei Chen didn't have the mood to complain on the channel this time, and his expression became very solemn.
    This is Soul Strike, if you do not succeed in the power of Interrupt Desert Dust, maybe is bad luck. However, there was no hit at all, how could this happen?
    Regarding the accuracy of prediction and utilize, Wei Chen is very confident. He counts this Ability very well, but it is actually slow?
    Wei Chen quickly started the next Ability chant.
    Bind Spell!
    Another light flashed, but it didn't hit it!
    With this advantage, two consecutive Ability misses?
    Happy fans lamented bad luck, but Wei Chen knew that this was definitely not the case.
    Once he did not move, the second time, he predicted and utilized more carefully. The shorting this time should no longer be a problem for itself.
    "Han Wenqing adjusted the rhythm." Ye Xiu on the sidelines already saw the problem.
    "The adjustment is very subtle..." Fang Rui said.

    The seemingly unusual adjustment happened to Han Wenqing. But it's a bit unusual. Han Wenqing, who has always been a big fan, can actually adjust the music in such a small way, so that it is not easy to detect such not a word or movement.
    "Has this person become so interesting now?" Ye Xiu sighed.
    Windward Formation continued to chant.
    Another spell, and once again hit empty.
    "Hahahaha." The Tyranny fan on the scene burst into laughter. The wretched guy, the wretched misses repeatedly, this is really a delightful thing.
    "Old Wei haven't noticed it yet?" Fang Rui frowned.
    Although the experience Wei Chen in the professional competition may not be as good as them, he has not left Glory for so many years, and his vision should be very vicious. Han Wenqing's adjustments are subtle, but Wei Chen can't be aware of it, right?
    Just talking. The fourth spell is also empty.
    "Broken!" Fang Rui shouted, clapping his legs.
    The spell hits nothing. But the key is that this fourth spell was obviously a little irritable compared to before, and he didn't have the patience to wait for the best time. Instead, he chanted it immediately after the third spell failed, and released it as soon as it was done.
    The panic when climbing the wall reappeared. Ability missed consecutively. Wei Chen felt very anxious. The fourth spell missed the queen. He hurriedly started chanting the fifth one.

    At this time, Desert Dust is about to reach the top. This Ability will probably be Windward Formation's last sniper opportunity. If it fails again, Wei Chen will lose this geographical advantage.
    This time Wei Chen seemed to be more anxious, using a faster Ability.
    The black light flashed out like a knife light, rushing towards Desert Dust fiercely.
    But players with experience sighed just watching the moment of make a move.
    "It's early..."
    So lamented, Huang ShaOT ian also sent a text message to Yu Wenzhou, while editing a new lament: "BoBoss Wei is a bit too nervous..."
    As a result, when he buried his head in text messages, something unexpected happened on the court.
    Sunder missed, Desert Dust stepped in the end, and he was about to jump to the top of the fort. Who wants the character to suddenly fall...
    To everyone's surprise, the director of the TV broadcast reacted quickly enough to quickly cut out a small shot for playback.
    The moment Desert Dust landed, the bump on the landing site was directly broken off, so he fell straight down...
    "Xiao Han go on!"
    The vigorous trash talk floated on the channel again.
    Everyone dumbstruck, including Happy Wei Chen's teammates.

    Fuck! Fang Rui is slapping his legs again. He is also a master of wretchedness. Regarding Wei Chen's scheming, he instantly figured out the result when he saw the result.
    It’s all installed!
    I'm afraid this guy has also noticed Han Wenqing's subtle adjustments in rhythm, but this kind of fine-tuning is full of changes, and even if you see it, it is difficult to grasp.
    As a result, Wei Chen pretended to grasp, and failed to hit Ability one after another, and also adjusted the rhythm, adjusting to a flustered and eager rhythm.
    Even Fang Rui, the Wretched Master, has been deceived. How exquisite is this rhythmic acting?
    So the ultimate move of in the end turned out to be the last place to stay.
    Why can't it be stepped on? Needless to say, Wei Chen has done tricks!
    Desert Dust fell, but Han Wenqing continued very resolutely. The angle of view was pulled downward, and he could see the next footing clearly, but...
    A black light faded.
    Sunder, just cut off that foothold.
    Sunder, who missed, had to attack without Desert Dust. Wei Chen did a great job.
    At this time, the power of spells released on Death's Hand gathered into a group of **ChaOT ic Rain.

    Ability Cooldown was finally over and was released by Windward Formation again, and this time, Desert Dust had no way to evade it.
    ChaOT ic Rain showered, with chaos, Desert Dust continued to fall downward.
    There may be a foothold below, but in the chaotic state, how can it be accurately found...
    At the bottom end, the ground was filled with gusts of wind, like an alien space.
    Ultimate Skill, the ghost entwined, has been set up to welcome Desert Dust...
    Huang ShaOT ian, who was typing a text message to Yu Wenzhou and sighed, dumbstruck closed the cell phone.
    The overall situation has been set, and being controlled by Warlock as such a target, there is no longer a possibility of getting out.
    Arena Match Decisive Game, Wei Chen wins.
    Arena Match, Happy wins!
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