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Chapter List 1384 Meet Again In Ten Years
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Haha, Xiao Han, you are still too green."
    The last message Wei Chen left in this Arena Match Public chat box was enough to make all Glory gamers cough up blood.
    Han Wenqing If still too green, would anyone in Glory dare to call it mature? This brag is really not logical at all!
    But here is Happy’s home game. As a Happy fan, you can laugh at this time.
    Tyranny fans are upset, they will not be afraid to lose, but losing to such a guy is really disgusting. In particular, it was their most respected Captain Han Wenqing who lost the battle.
    No one will blame Han Wenqing for this defeat. They have seen from Captain his courage and courage to just as in the past. Only blame this opponent for being too despicable, too cunning, and too unrestricted...
    Perhaps in a sense, this kind of guy is exactly the bane of Han Wenqing's straightforward strategy!
    Arena Match has all ended, and the two players walked out of the match stand at the same time. Wei Chen was naturally full of spring breeze. He waved his hands and walked around the field shamelessly. When passing by the visiting team auditorium, the crazy booing could not suppress his smile. He even smiled happily and addressed the visiting team audience. The compliment is more serious.

    The security personnel at the scene are like a big enemy, they are Tyranny fans. Provoke them to death, isn't it? Hurriedly sent people to guard against the unexpected here, and sent someone over to persuade Wei Chen to celebrate rationally.
    Wei Chen listened to persuasion and quickly completed his tour and returned to the Happy players' stand. Happy people have already stood up to welcome the hero who took down the Decisive Game.
    "Sit all sit down." Wei Chen waved at everyone with an aura.
    Everyone laughed. At this time, no one made any complaints. Because they all know how important and difficult this victory is to Wei Chen.
    "I will leave it to you next." Wei Chen said afterwards. Next is Team Match, he is not on the playing list.
    "Relax." Ye Xiu slight nod.
    "Huh..." Wei Chen let out a sigh of relief. Looking back at the electronic big screen.
    Everything he has done and the victories he has won are clearly recorded above. This may not be the most brilliant victory he has ever achieved. But it was the victory that made him most satisfied. Time can't let him stay in this moment, but he believes that he will never forget everything in front of him.

    Arena Match is over and Happy has a 1 point advantage. Victory is obvious for improving morale, but from a practical perspective, the impact of 1 point on Team Match has always been considered a tiny bit.
    Neither team returned to the preparation room, and started the deployment of Team Match directly off the court.
    The game has just begun!
    The tone of the mobilization of the two teams is surprisingly consistent, but for Happy, this is to remind everyone not to relax because of the victory of Arena Match. For Tyranny. This naturally encourages everyone not to be affected by the failure of Arena Match. The core idea of the two teams saying this is: 1 point advantage is nothing.
    The atmosphere of the two teams is quite solemn. Wei Chen brag about his victory for a while. Soon, he closed his mouth wittily, and seriously analyzed the countermeasures of Team Match with everyone.
    Time flies quickly, and the referee has come to wander off the court. Keep looking at the watch, ready to remind the players of both sides to start playing.
    Team Tyranny lost one point on Arena Match. Get up first and walk on the court without asking the referee to greet him.
    Han Wenqing, Lin Jingyan, Zhang Jiale, Qin Muyun, Zhang Xinjie, and 6th Member Bai Yanfei.

    This is the lineup that the Season Team Tyranny rushed all the way to the championship, and it is also the main lineup of Team Tyranny in people's minds. It's just that the season Han Wenqing Lin Jingyan Zhang Jiale three players began to rotate, coupled with the emergence of young player Song Qiying, their lineup appeared quite limited, not even in the first round of Playoffs.
    But now, facing Happy, the first round away game, Tyranny finally ranked the lineup they used to compete in Season.
    Tyranny die-hard fans immediately began to applaud and scream, cheering for their Team try harder.
    Where is Happy? Captain Ye Xiu just glanced over there when the cheers sounded, and then turned back to say what he was going to say.
    But the time is indeed about the same, Ye Xiu in a few words has also been finished.
    "Come on!" At his greeting, Team Happy players also stood up.
    Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Fang Rui, Tang Rou, An Wenyi are all players who are not surprising. However, the one who stood up last...
    "Who is this?" Pan Lin in the broadcast was puzzled in a tone that he didn't dare to confirm.
    "Luo Ji? Happy sent Luo Ji?" Pan Lin called.

    Luo Ji...he called this name a bit uncomfortably, because he hardly had the chance to call this name on the show many times.
    During the regular season, Happy sent Luo Ji to play at very few moments. It was not until the end of Season that Luo Ji got more chances to play.
    But Luo Ji is different from Wei Chen. Wei Chen suddenly started to play at the end of Season. Everyone would think that this is in a state of adjustment, and Playoffs is going to exert its strength. But what about Luo Ji? Luo Ji is a rookie, a young player, his appearance, people naturally think of more games to accumulate experience when the situation permits.
    From the limited opportunity to play, everyone can also see that Luo Ji has some characteristics, but the level is not particularly good.
    This may be a promising player, but for now, it still needs to grow.
    People generally think so.
    But now, Luo Ji has appeared in the second round of Playoffs, Happy vs. Tyranny home game in the Team Match list.
    "Is it a mistake?" Pan Lin still doesn't believe this possibility. Maybe Luo Ji just happened to stand up?
    But it is not.

    The large electronic screen on the scene has already played out the roster of the two teams. Luo Ji's name is not Dan, and it is still among the first five. Happy arranged for Tang Rou to play 6th Member.
    Playoffs is not a place to accumulate experience for rookie. In this battlefield, every team can't wait to take out all their weapons.
    So, Luo Ji, is Happy in this home game ready to deal with Tyranny's weapon?
    There were discussions spiritedly at the scene, and there were discussions everywhere on the Internet. Pan Lin asked Li Yibo to talk about his views on this. Li Yibo hummed for a long time, which was equivalent to introducing Luo Ji’s style. As for the intention of sending him on stage, Li Yibo passed away in a daze.
    The two sides lined up to meet on the field.
    The first to shake hands is naturally the Captain of the two teams.
    In ten years of opponent, only on this Playoffs battlefield, the two teams have met four times. It is also on this battlefield that they have forged an enmity that cannot be knotted.
    After the fifth, sixth, and 7th Seasons, the two teams never met again. Excellent Era's record began to decline. Han Wenqing also gradually showed his old state. Everything seems to tell people that the Era of these two has passed. Glory Alliance It is already a world of young people.

    After the eighth Season Ye Xiu retirement, to bid farewell to this stage, Han Wenqing became the only first-generation player who was still free to fight on this stage.
    For Season, Team Tyranny Playoffs was eliminated very quickly, and people sighed, as if they saw an Era come to an end.
    Whoever wants the Ninth Season, Team Tyranny picked up a few veterans and finally regained the highest stage of the Glory battlefield.
    Then in the 10th Season, Ye Xiu led a new army built by himself and returned to the Alliance from the Challenge Tournament.
    Until now, the two people are shaking hands again on the court where the enmity is formed...
    Is that Era back again?
    Watching this scene, some old Glory fans felt a little trance. This two people showdown was once a memory of Era! Everyone thought that Era was over, but how come these two ran into here again?
    "I have made progress!" Ye Xiu said while holding Han Wenqing's hand. Although it is an opponent, he may be the one who knows the person in front of him best. In order to defeat him, he also racked his brains and worked hard. He is familiar with Han Wenqing's Awareness, utilize, and technique. A slight change can be noticed by him at a glance.

    "Your Unspecialized is also good." Han Wenqing said. He has changed, but when it comes to changes, how can he have this guy in front of him become thorough. Later in his career, he actually gave up the original Battle Mage, which he was best at, and took on such a weird job Unspecialized. But Han Wenqing is more certain than anyone else that Unspecialized is perhaps a very suitable career for Ye Xiu. Because just as Ye Xiu knew him, he was also familiar with how terrible Ye Xiu was.
    Glory Encyclopedia, this nickname is not an exaggeration at all, it will only be stronger than imagined.
    "Now I know I'm afraid it's still too late." Ye Xiu said.
    "Are you talking to me?" Han Wenqing coldly saID, afraid? When did this word appear in his dictionary?
    Ye Xiu smiled and said nothing more, and shook hands with Tyranny's other players one by one. Zhang Xinjie, Zhang Jiale, Lin Jingyan...These are all old opponents he is very familiar with. The so-called "Era" could not have been made by two people. Countless people may have left this competition field, but who knows if they are still in a certain angle of the world, watching them who are still fighting on the court?

    Turning around, the players of the two teams walked towards their game seats together, and the characters began to load one by one. Of these characters, some people have already what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail, while others only started revealing outstanding talents this season. Perhaps compared to the players, these characters are more capable of carrying Glory's history. When one day, Ye Xiu, Han Wenqing, Zhang Jiale and others are not on the court at all, the characters they have used will always record everything they have left on this scene.
    Playoffs second round, Happy home game vs. Tyranny, Team Match, start!
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