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Chapter List 1385 The Transfer Of Style And Temperament
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Team match map pick, Mochizuki Forest.
    As soon as the name of the picture came out, commentator Pan Lin and Li Yibo immediately started the introduction.
    Mochizuki Forest is named after the forest, but in fact the forest is the border of this picture. The actual scene of this picture is a small village surrounded by forests. The village is rich in content, but the layout is relatively simple, not as great streets and small alleys as the town map. There are four major housing scenes in the entire village.
    There is a blacksmith shop in the southwest corner, a grocery store in the northeast, a warehouse in the southeast, there is a tower in the southeast, and a residential area in the northwest. There are many houses built on trees. The trees are connected by suspension bridges from time to time.
    Outside of the house scene, there is a pond in the south, and the area is not too large; in the north is the village altar, which is the most empty place in the whole village. In addition, some large shady trees are distributed in the village. Although they are not forested, they have also become many shelters and obstacles.
    Generally speaking, this is not a map of head-to-head fights. In a big scene like Playoffs, there are very few teams that choose simple maps. Everyone wants to maximize the advantages of the map. They are all trying their best to choose a team that suits their own team. The map of the elements.

    After Pan Lin and Li Yibo introduced the picture, it is natural to analyze which home game advantages Happy has on this picture. This topic is undoubtedly more difficult than introducing maps, and Pan Lin has become more of a questioner, leaving the right to speak to Li Yibo. Li Yibo bit the bullet to analyze, and "haha" in a few words, concealing the lack of confidence in his heart.
    The game was finished with the introduction of two people and officially started.
    Happy, spawned in the southwest corner. Surrounded by trees on three sides, vacant to the northeast, at the end of the line of sight, you can see the blacksmith shop. Team Tyranny, that is naturally the Happy diagonal, spawned in the northeast, the spawned point and the spawned point in the southwest corner are a mold, which is also surrounded by trees on three sides, and a space is left open in the southwest, where you can see the grocery store.
    The two teams set off in the only direction. Not big. A rippling lake and pond appeared on the east side of Team Happy, and on the west side of Team Tyranny, the solemn opening(s) altar appeared slowly.
    Happy home game team, the action is naturally planned. Revealed from the lake pond. There is also a choice for the next direction. Happy team in the end is the movement in the northwest direction. He went to the residential area.
    Team Tyranny. With the optional direction, the overall movement slowed down immediately.

    As the visiting team, not as familiar with map as the home team. Slowing down is normal. But as Team Tyranny, in this case, it is so slow and cautious and timid, it is very rare.
    On the one hand, it can be seen that Team Tyranny really attaches great importance to Happy; on the other hand, it can also be seen that Tyranny is not just Han Wenqing making adjustments, but their entire team, all under the leadership of their core Captain, changing what they have always been Rhythm.
    Li Yibo was born in Tyranny, and he was keenly aware of this adjustment, and he also talked about it confidently. As for the home game advantage that Happy can take advantage of in this picture, and the intention of choosing Luo Ji to play in this game, let’s just expose it for now...
    The two teams had their own movement, each did not meet each other, all kinds of Blizzard rain prelude. Team Happy acted resolutely. Many of them went to the residential areas and concealed them without ambiguity. In the end, they only saved Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. They did not go into the residence, but followed the road and cut towards the altar. Past.
    Everyone was taken aback.
    Because Tyranny was cautious, after making a few choices, in the end came towards the altar, and Li Yibo in the TV broadcast is also saying that in this case, the open altar can make Tyranny not have it for the time being. What map pressure.

    In the end, it was Tyranny, but Ye Xiu was more determined than Tyranny and came to the altar.
    So when Tyranny's whole team moved towards this side, soon Lord Grim's figure appeared in their line of sight.
    Tyranny's guns blared, and Zhang Jiale is the most active. He has already started loading the Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms.
    Han Wenqing is always the first to rush upwards at any time. At this time, facing his mortal enemy for many years, he was not a word or movement. Feidan did not rush up immediately, but stopped.
    The confrontation, with five enemies and one, was actually a confrontation state, and Tyranny didn't even rush to him immediately.
    "Tyranny behaved very cautiously and calmly." Pan Lin bit the word "quite" very hard.
    "Why, no one is coming?" When Tyranny didn't move, he was also very familiar with Team Tyranny, so Provoke was on immediately.
    But with Tyranny, a veteran team, coupled with the familiarity of Ye Xiu's temperament, Provoke is not taken care of at all, and the five Tyranny do their own things. The two guns of Zhang Jiale and Qin Muyun have been dispersed to the left and right wings, while expanding the line of sight detection to both sides, while also forming an attack corner against Lord Grim. Han Wenqing, Lin Jingyan, Zhang Xinjie, the three characters are in an inverted triangle, Desert Dust and Terrifying Dark Cold are in the front, and Zhang Xinjie’s Immovable Rock is behind, slowly moving forward.

    Instead of rushing forward with the momentum of opening the mountain and cracking the stone as before, but slowly spreading out to show the tenacity of dripping water penetrates the stone. Tyranny became, really a little unrecognizable.
    Ye Xiu did not go on to say trash talk, Lord Grim stepped back.
    He can't help but retreat.
    Tyranny spreads out and looks like just a few simple pathing shifts, but with Ye Xiu's eyes, it can be seen at a glance that Tyranny's formation can affect a large area at both ends of the offensive, and it shrinks freely and can be concentrated in an instant. In the middle, Tyranny played the strongest frontal punch that Tyranny is best at.
    Just a few pathings, Ye Xiu left a compliment. It was only because he could see that this battle was finally able to give full play to Zhang Xinjie's talents. He has always been somewhat inconsistent with Tyranny's temperament style. After a series of adjustments by Tyranny, he began to blend in perfectly.
    Zhang Xinjie, one of the four Master Tacticians.
    Zhang Xinjie, who won the championship as a main force when he first joined the league.
    His abilities are far from being fully developed!
    Ye Xiu retreated.
    Without making any attempts, he chose to let Lord Grim retreat.
    Resolute, simply, but left the hesitation to Tyranny.

    Lord Grim greeted him alone. Of course, he couldn't be a one-to-five one. Naturally, Happy had some plans. Anyone could want this.
    Tyranny is not familiar with maps, so he can't just judge what kind of ambush situation Happy can design. The characters of Zhang Jiale and Qin Muyun investigated the two wings and confirmed that there was no possibility of flanking from left to right. Tyranny has just walked the back road. Based on the time from the start to the present, it is impossible to circumvent the back.
    In this way, Ye Xiu's single spear and horse's appearance must be behind him. Now that he retreats decisively, Tyranny is going to ambush. However, if you continue to drag the stalemate like this, it will give Happy time to complete the stalemate.
    The topography Zhang Jiale and Qin Muyun on the left and right have been confirmed. On the altar deliberately flat land one could gallop straight across, but around the altar, there are many ambush places. The altar is not very large, and it is also very threatening to use the surrounding cover to form an ambush.
    If Tyranny doesn't move, will Happy take advantage of the situation to complete such an encirclement?
    No one can really get a glimpse of the true minds of the two teams. Everyone just knows what they are seeing.
    Tyranny didn't move, and Happy's side didn't move either.
    Tyranny didn't chase, so Ye Xiu didn't let Lord Grim continue to retreat. The Happy four-person character who was lying in the residential area over there was also not moving.

    When the pair of opponents met for ten years, they did not immediately spark a fierce spark as everyone thought, and the two sides were actually testing each other carefully in this way. You know, based on their mutual understanding, there is no need for such a temptation. Both parties already know the bottom line.
    Only now, Ye Xiu has a brand new team, Han Wenqing has been tough for several years, but he has also begun to lead the team to try to be more flexible.
    Two late players in their careers, two opponents competing for ten years, at this final stage, they are still looking for breakthroughs diligent and never slacking.
    Because of this, they appear so cautious at this time. They all want to see through each other first, instead of presenting themselves rashly.
    Ye Xiu didn't retreat, Han Wenqing didn't enter, and after a standoff for about half a minute, suddenly Tyranny's team cut diagonally in the direction of ten o'clock in front of them.
    This movement is really as fast as a gale, and Tyranny's aggressive style covers all at one glance at this moment. When they adjusted themselves, they didn't let go of the fiercest weapon they had previously relied on.
    But the most fierce weapon Ye Xiu is used to seeing them. He didn't even move his eyebrows. Instead, he watched them pounce on fiercely and smiled slightly.
    "What are you rushing? No encirclement." Ye Xiu said in the channel.

    How could he fail to see Tyranny's intentions. The confrontation was to deliberately free up time for Happy to deploy, and then suddenly broke out halfway through, and when the Happy encirclement was about to fail, they were broken one by one.
    "Yes, you won't be blind to it." Zhang Xinjie replied on the channel.
    "Then what are you thinking?" Ye Xiu said.
    "Select a seat." Zhang Xinjie replied.
    Ye Xiu stunned slightly, then look at the position of Tyranny's team at this time. They are already outside the altar, with a wide road behind them, which can enter and retreat, and there are woods on the left and right to protect each other. This is much stronger than being naked in the middle of the altar Up.
    The same is true of Li Yibo's analysis. After listening to it, many people feel a little disinterested.
    Is it just that?
    Everyone thought about it.
    Is it necessary to make such a heavy atmosphere with just such a selection? Tyranny had just moved here casually before, could it be that Ye Xiu's Lord Grim alone could rush to stop it?
    Everyone would think so, but Ye Xiu would not.
    This is indeed a simple choice, but among the simple choices, what remains is the style of Tyranny.

    If the previous Team Tyranny was based on Han Wenqing’s Captain’s style as the center of spreading the team, then, in their tenth year, Team Tyranny’s style and temperament finally began to move in the direction of their Vice-Captain Zhang Xinjie Transferred.
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