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Chapter List 1391 Just One Step Short Of Success
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    In a short moment, the game has gone through a few changes, and those with a slower reaction level may not know what kind of turn the players on the field have experienced at this moment.
    With the Sacred Fire from An Wenyi Little Cold Hands, Lord Grim from Ye Xiu and Dancing Rain from Su Mucheng finally stood together successfully. But it's not over yet. The two people have just re-established their contact now. It's too early to say to get rid of Tyranny!
    Desert Dust, which was blown away by the Sacred Fire, has now recovered. Once again, the shortest route and the fastest speed rushed straight towards the character of the two people. In the process, the two guns of Tyranny did not hesitate to use their ammunition. Lin Jingyan's Terrifying Dark Cold is also pathing not a word or movement, preparing to defend around the front and continue to keep the two behind.
    The scene still seems to be more favorable to Tyranny, but Zhang Xinjie dare not "sigh a sigh of relief" this time. With such a magical touch as Little Cold Hands Sacred Fire, once, there may be a second time.
    But this time, Little Cold Hands' actions have been closely watched, and he can hardly even find a chance for Heal. The two guns were always taken care of by Zhang Xinjie.
    However, Happy has others.

    What about Fang Rui? This Wretched Master, even if there is Lin Jingyan who is very familiar with him to mark, it can't be reassuring. Furthermore, it is the Summoner Concealed Light of Happy Luo Ji that has not appeared so far.
    What is Concealed Light doing?
    Finally, Zhang Xinjie is not the only one who cares about this problem. Pan Lin and Li Yibo also started to talk about this in the broadcast. The director also quickly found an opportunity to cut a shot for Luo Ji's Concealed Light.
    Concealed Light is moving.
    The information that people get from the camera is just like this. He couldn't see exactly how he wanted to act for a while, and the broadcast couldn't completely hand over the shots to him, after all, the situation there was still very tense. What's more, Luo Ji, a rookie who made his debut at Playoffs, is honestly more worried than expected.
    broadcast in the end left a small window for Concealed Light, but it didn't take long. The face painting in the small window switched immediately.
    BoundleBoss Sea!
    Fang Rui’s BoundleBoss Sea was placed in the small window, and the director found that Fang Rui’s actions at this time were more likely to be a turning point in form. Luo Ji and his Concealed Light? Wait a minute!
    BoundleBoss Sea lowered its stature and leaned against the row of grasses next to it. His speed is not fast, but he is very determined. The angle of view is tightly locked to the front end, obviously there is a clear plan.

    The camera turns along the perspective of BoundleBoss Sea, and it happens to be Lord Grim and Dancing Rain.
    Tyranny's two gun players brilliantly limit their actions. Zhang Jiale used his Hundred BloBoss oms Fighting Style obstruction to keep the eyes of the duo, while Qin Muyun used his excellent position selection ability. The prediction attack blocked the best retreat route for the two. Moreover, the angle of attack of the two people is very wide, coupled with a more synchronized rhythm, so that even if Lord Grim has a shield, it does not simultaneously cover to almost synchronized attacks from the diagonal.
    "Heal, be careful!" Ye Xiu himself was in a dire situation, but he still had to remind An Wenyi.
    Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms, while pathing and Qin Muyun's minus nine degrees expansion angle. One side was approaching towards Little Cold Hands. This is not just a marking, but an intentional attack.
    Although An Wenyi lacks experience, he never lacks calmness and rationality on the court. Before Ye Xiu reminded him, he had actually observed Zhang Jiale Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms behavior. However, even though Ye Xiu was broken at this time, he still didn't move.

    "What is this guy doing!!!" Many Happy fans on the scene suddenly became dissatisfied. Although An Wenming has just made a brilliant touch, as Team Happy has always been regarded as the main player of the short board. There are still a lot of Happy fans who care more about him, and I am particularly worried about his mistakes on the court. At this moment, Ye Xiu didn't forget to remind him during his busy schedule, this guy is not moving?
    "What's the matter with An Wenming? Too Focus and didn't notice the Team channel? Shouldn't it? Isn't he too nervous? Uh..." Pan Lin said that he had said something wrong. tension? Does the rookie of Team Happy have such emotions?
    Tang Rou, Bao Rongxing, Mo Fan, and this An Wenyi...
    They are all rookie who came to the pro scene for the first time. They will have some strangeness that doesn't adapt to the professional rhythm, but nervous?
    Happy rookie. In terms of psychological quality, it sometimes seems to be tougher than some mature Pro-players.
    An Wenming wasn't nervous, so what made him ignore Ye Xiu's prompt?

    "Does he have any other ideas?" Li Yibo said at this time, Happy's rookie, still don't use common sense to guess. Generally, the rookie of Team, for Captain or the predecessor's instructions, I am afraid they will resolutely complete without hesitation. But Happy, a group of people who don't know what nervousness is when they first entered the pro scene, have their own ideas and ideas on the court. It doesn't seem to be something incomprehensible, right?
    More importantly, the message sent by Ye Xiu is not an instruction, but a reminder. How to deal with this afterwards. Isn't it just relying on An Wenming to make his own decisions?
    The game shots were handed over to An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands. Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms has moved faster. The rest of the Tyranny team can also notice this optional attack point, and the formation has begun to shift here intentionally. They are all veteran of a hundred battles. This kind of coordination is easy to find, and there is no need for anyone to give any instructions. Having maintained this possibility, they only need to confirm in the end which offensive will be more advantageous.
    it is good!

    Zhang Jiale called out a "good" in his heart. His Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms was finally about to enter the distance he expected. He did cautious and solemn, and acted as natural as possible, not allowing opponent Awareness to be a change. . And Little Cold Hands did not make some embarrassing moves, which made him very pleased. It's no big deal to hide from such a rookie, the rare thing is that Ye Xiu is in the opponent's line, and this guy didn't even notice it.
    This opportunity is great! Maybe there should be some adjustments next. I am afraid that this situation will not be maintained for a long time, Ye Xiu will definitely be Awareness sooner or later.
    Zhang Jiale was thinking about it, and in another pathing attack, he took the final and most critical step towards the attack position against Little Cold Hands.
    As a result, Little Cold Hands moved at this moment!
    Just when Zhang Jiale thought he was done with his flying across the sea, Little Cold Hands also took a step, and suddenly Zhang Jiale's plan was one step worse.
    One step is nothing more, how many people don’t even notice it at all, and how many of those who notice can see the connotation of this step?
    "An Wenming finally did something!" commentator Pan Lin just yelled, he was completely unaware. The step An Wenyi made Little Cold Hands take was only after standing on the edge of the cliff. step.

    Li Yibo didn't catch the blind this time, because he had been watching Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms closely, watching Tyranny's overall shift. Just one second before Pan Lin yelled this sentence, he almost called out that Little Cold Hands was going to be bad. As a result, this step occurred. Li Yibo swallowed it back when he reached his lips, and was shocked when he finished.
    Is this step a coincidence?
    Or is there Awareness to move?
    If it is Awareness, An Wenyi's observation and judgment are really too strong, and he dares to get stuck at the last minute to take this step. This kind of confidence and courage is also commendable.
    Happy rookie is really a monster! Even this guy who is obviously not strong enough in mechanical skill is so strong in Spirit.
    Due to the shock, Li Yibo said all this in his heart, forgetting that he should comment out loud, so the audience off the court still didn't know what happened in this second. On the court, Zhang Jiale is undoubtedly the person most sensitive to this step.
    Coincidentally, there is still Awareness?
    For the first time, Zhang Jiale had the same idea as Li Yibo, and then he had to practice to test this conclusion, so his Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms took another step.
    Little Cold Hands took two steps.
    It is intentional, he wants to transfer!

    Just one step away, it is the difference between reasonable and unreasonable. At this time, if you launch a full offensive against Little Cold Hands, whether it is individual control or teamwork, the effect will be much worse. It is not as good as continuing to attack Lord Grim and Dancing Rain.
    But even if it continues to attack Lord Grim and Dancing Rain, because of the small adjustments that have been made, there are certain sacrifices on the offensive...
    not good!
    Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms is a new step used to test Little Cold Hands Awareness. This step is not so logical. This step is a bit eager to know the answer.
    The same is just a tiny bit step, but Tyranny reveals a little opening(s) to Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng's siege.
    Ye Xiu, are you waiting for this opportunity?
    Zhang Jiale was right, and Ye Xiu really caught this opportunity.
    Boom boom boom!
    Dancing Rain’s gunfire attack was triggered in close proximity under the cover of Lord Grim, and it was instantly like Hundred BloBoss oms. The character of two people, grabbing the slight loopholes in Tyranny’s attack situation, rushed out at once. . Tyranny can intercept only Lin Jingyan's Terrifying Dark Cold. But at this time, BoundleBoss Sea, whose small screen in the broadcast has been locked, also took action. He locked Terrifying Dark Cold and rushed out.

    Lin Jingyan knows Fang Rui, why doesn't Fang Rui often know Lin Jingyan? Between such opponents, they can only constantly seize the opportunity with each other. Now, Fang Rui has succeeded in seizing the opportunity, but in the end it is to completely connect Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng two people, completely breaking through Team Tyranny's encirclement and suppression.
    The audience looked dumbfounded. Up to this point, they still didn't know that this amazing change was all caused by An Wenyi's initial inaction and then stepped back on the edge of the cliff.
    Just one step away from ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful, Zhang Jiale only feels disgusting. This kind of failure, he has a rich experience...
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