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Chapter List 1400 Ordinary People Chasing The Footsteps Of Genius
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Tyranny's home game fans are not very friendly to Happy, especially Ye Xiu. As a result, Ye Xiu was still very uninterested. After shaking hands with the Tyranny player, he waved to the Tyranny fans, and suddenly there was a boo overwhelmed. Even impulsive fans thought that the last round of defeat was not very angry, and the UFO was thrown over immediately and was quickly taken out by the stadium security.
    "Hahaha." Ye Xiu was still smiling, not in the least concerned. After the introduction, the players of the two teams went to their own player stands. Everyone looked at it again. Ye Xiu didn't go down, and they were still standing on the stage!
    What do you mean?
    Arena Match is starting!
    But the problem is not the Happy home game, it's Tyranny's, and he went to that station so daringly. The happy fans who came with the team were quite excited, but were soon overwhelmed by the boos of Tyranny fans.
    Come out, wave your hand just now, and then stay on the court without leaving any suspense. Before the match was played, the climax of boos had come three times, all directed at Ye Xiu.
    "You are really capable!" Ye Xiu heard someone say next to him. Looking back, Lin Jingyan didn't end up, but actually stayed on the court.
    "Haha." Ye Xiu laughed, "I can tell, this is hush you, hush you are not creative."

    As soon as the voice fell, those boos on the scene suddenly gradually turned into Huālāla’s applause, and it became the background sound for Lin Jingyan when he walked over to look for Ye Xiu to speak. Who is this boo for and who is the applause for? Both appear as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly.
    "Thank you, thank you for the applause." Ye Xiu turned around and waved vigorously in the direction of the applause. Tyranny fans suddenly at a loss to know what to do. Is this Ye Xiu or Lin Jingyan applauding? The rhythm is really hard to master.
    Lin Jingyan is also not to know whether to laugh or cry on the sidelines, this kind of thing can never be done by himself. But why secretly envy this guy's shamelessness in my heart?
    Seeing that Tyranny fans finally became more than one can bear, and changed the applause to boos and sent them to Ye Xiu, and Ye Xiu immediately took a calm look of "This is definitely not against me", Lin Jingyan couldn't bear it. Live and laugh again.
    Don't look at whether this is hate or love. But the mutual relationship between the two parties is really quite coordination. This kind of excitement, when Ye Xiu really isn't standing on this stage one day, I'm afraid Tyranny fans will miss it the other way around, right? What about Ye Xiu? Does Ye Xiu also know that one day he will stay away from this kind of hustle and bustle, so he is here to molest the Tyranny fans endlessly?
    In fact, what I envy is not Ye Xiu's shamelessness. It's the lively relationship between him and the Glory fan silk, friends and enemies, right?

    And what about yourself?
    In fact, I also have a group of fans that I know the most, but are they looking at me now?
    Lin Jingyan was still melancholy by this carelessness, until Ye Xiu had tossed over there, and turned around and greeted him: "Tyranny sent you to die first?"
    "Hahaha." Lin Jingyan laughed dryly, and if he changed to Han Wenqing or Zhang Jiale, he would probably say "It's not always certain who dies"! But Lin Jingyan won't. In fact, from the very beginning, he was different from Ye Xiu Han Wenqing Zhang Jiale. They are all geniuses. A true genius. Let people know at a glance that they are destined to stand on top of Glory. And what about yourself? Lin Jingyan is very clear. He has never been one of the geniuses, he is just one of the many who are chasing the geniuses. Fortunately, he is very close to these geniuses in the end. But it is also very sad, I have been working hard. In the end, is it just realized that you haven't been thrown away by these guys' footsteps?
    There is no way...because there is no rule that a genius will definitely not work hard. The geniuses in front of him are at the same level of effort as his own. These guys have never thought of leaving others room for surpassing.
    "It has been so hard to be with you guys for so many years!" Lin Jingyan said suddenly.

    "Huh?" Ye Xiu was stunned. This thoughtless sentence made him a little overwhelmed.
    "It's a pity, I also have the ambition to not allow myself to compromise!" Lin Jingyan said.
    "Hey, today you are particularly fighting spirit!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Yes, I want to win!" Lin Jingyan said.
    "Try it." Ye Xiu laughed.
    "See you at the game."
    "See you at the game."
    The two people shook hands, turned around, and walked to their respective players' seats. The opponent, the chief of the two Arena Match teams, was also formally played on the big electronic screen at the scene.
    Happy, Ye Xiu, Lord Grim.
    Tyranny, Lin Jingyan, Terrifying Dark Cold.
    When the time is up, the game will officially start under the referee's confirmation.
    Who is the starting player? This suspense has been revealed. Then the most curious thing for everyone is map, the map pick of Tyranny home game. What will it be?
    Is it...Arena Field?
    Everyone was shocked.
    Team Tyranny, on an important stage like Playoffs, the selected map is actually the map with the highest usage rate of internet duel, Arena Field!
    This picture has the highest usage rate, precisely because it is the smallest, easiest, and most direct...

    This style is indeed in line with the temperament of Team Tyranny, but pro team map pick is not the pursuit of joy and trouble. Map pick is equivalent to giving the home team the first move; map pick is the first sword the home team shows to the opponent; map pick may be the basis for the trend of the entire game.
    But now, Tyranny has chosen an Arena Field, which has no terrain available, and it is no different from giving up the advantage of a home game. What's more, Happy Ye Xiu likes to use Arena Field the most. He played in the IndivID ual Competition in the regular season, but he would choose this style of map for all home game battles. Tyranny actually chose this map. Is this spy mixed into the Team?
    "Coach Li, what does this map pick mean?" Pan Lin guided Li Yibo to speak in the broadcast.
    "This will certainly not be a whim, especially now that Tyranny's strategy is completely guided by Zhang Xinjie. There must be many reasons for choosing this map." Li Yibo said. This time Li Yibo didn't just talk about the scene, he really had some ideas in it. But the hateful thing is that Pan Lin misunderstood and thought that Li Yibo was playing haha again, so he also used his best at "let us wipe one's eyes and wait" to directly return the topic and replace the topic, leaving Li Yibo to dry it. .

    "I..." Li Yibo hesitated to speak, because the game had already started. Arena Field, this picture is too simple to be simple, the scene is no scene, such a map loading is simply a petty use, without giving Li Yibo more time, the starting characters of the Happy and Tyranny teams have already appeared in the center of the field. Up.
    Lord Grim, Terrifying Dark Cold.
    "Is this picture...selected specifically for me?" Ye Xiu asked on the channel.
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