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Chapter List 1401 Lin Jingyan Is Not Smart
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Yes, it's chosen for you. Literature Museum." Lin Jingyan replied on the channel, Terrifying Dark Cold, rush!
    "It was Lin Jingyan who initiated the attack!" Pan Lin exclaimed immediately, with a slight surprise in his tone. Strong front, no one has created obstacles for Ye Xiu and his Lord Grim so far. It was surprising that Tyranny chose a picture that could only be strong frontal to fight the arena. After the reappearance, Lin Jingyan actually took the lead in launching the attack.
    "Has Tyranny found any way to restrain Unspecialized playing fast?" Pan Lin continued to shout.
    But after that, the Terrifying Dark Cold in the screen had already flown out.
    "This..." Pan Lin dumbstruck, it's not like finding a way to restrain Unspecialized.
    Lord Grim caught up, and now Ye Xiu took advantage of the situation to start a counterattack. Pan Lin continued with various passionate commentators, but Li Yibo on the side remained silent.
    He carefully watched the match between Lin Jingyan and Ye Xiu. He also wondered if Tyranny had found a way to restrain Ye Xiu Unspecialized. After all, the players with the richest experience in Glory, except for Ye Xiu, are Tyranny. The Unspecialized strategy is exactly what needs to be supported by incomparable experience. To find a way to crack it, maybe it really can only be Tyranny.
    However, there are only three abilities...

    The three Ability Terrifying Dark Cold were shocked by Lord Grim. Li Yibo did not see what Lin Jingyan had to crack, but saw that the veteran Lin Jingyan was less capable than desirable before the Unspecialized high-tempo Ability changes.
    Ye Xiu counterattacked, but Lin Jingyan's resistance was still so tough.
    Don't run around, don't evade, and don't have some nasty styles when you partnered with Fang Rui in the past. Lin Jingyan is completely trying to distinguish the outcome with Ye Xiu.
    Use your own shortcomings to attack the enemy's strengths. It seems to be a matter of volition at all times. But how can an experienced player like Lin Jingyan make such a low level mistake?
    What does Tyranny want to do? Li Yibo is looking for the answer, and many people are looking for the answer.
    Bang bang bang...
    It was another fierce exchange of numbers and capabilities, and the character of two people bounced off again.
    "So sharp?" Ye Xiu smiled on the channel.
    "Yes!" Lin Jingyan replied, Terrifying Dark Cold, then rushed!

    Not dominant, Lin Jingyan is obviously not dominant. After a set of collisions, Terrifying Dark Cold's HP has gone by more than one-fifth, but Lord Grim's HP consumption has not accounted for one-tenth. But Lin Jingyan did not adjust. There is no change, the rhythm is still the same, and it still seems impossible to beat Ye Xiu's move combo, and it will be strong.
    Lord Grim stepped forward and changed direction. Retreat...
    Countless gamers who know how to watch are puzzled.
    There is nothing wrong with Ye Xiu's approach, and there is no flaw in it. But this kind of processing attitude, this kind of processing direction, this is... avoidance!
    Ye Xiu is avoiding Lin Jingyan's frontal attack. Is Lin Jingyan's attack threatening?
    Of course, for ordinary players watching the game, Lin Jingyan's strong attack is enough to blow any of them. but. To watch the game, of course, it is necessary to substitute for the pro level. Lin Jingyan’s powerful attack said that he would create trouble for Ye Xiu. Is this trouble very limited? The last round of the contest can be clearly seen. Ye Xiu still has the upper hand in a strong matchup.
    However, he clearly has the upper hand, but makes a more passive avoidance strategy?

    Did not give everyone too much time to think. Because Lin Jingyan is set one's heart on sth today, Terrifying Dark Cold has turned sharply. Follow the direction Lord Grim avoided and attack again.
    Lord Grim yields one more step, Terrifying Dark Cold continues to press... Then, then there is no retreat. Lin Jingyan is also an experienced man, so you can't just let you dodge, he will also think of ways and strategies. Come to block opponent completely. If the terrain is richer and the space is larger, then there are bound to be more options to avoid. But right now, Arena Field is square, just so big, without any obstruction. The only reliable thing to dodge is the character's own pathing and actions, and the pathing is still very limited. The Arena Field is so big!
    So after two dodges, Ye Xiu was forced to dodge.
    So, fight back!
    The cold light interlaced, and there were occasional collisions of weapons. The weapon of Terrifying Dark Cold is also the most commonly used "claw" type of Brawler. It is also a sharp blade. In the cold light, there are blood flowers cut by the sharp blade. Soon, the offensive and defensive actions of the two characters are very fast. This is a face-to-face confrontation of fighting hand speed and fighting reaction. People just look at the actions of the two characters, and can no longer see who takes advantage and who loses each move. You must also look at the character's HP. Only through the loss of HP can you truly distinguish.

    Ye Xiu, Ye Xiu is still dominant.
    On the front, Lin Jingyan's Brawler is not Ye Xiu Unspecialized's opponent. At this point, it seems that there is no suspense.
    However, Lin Jingyan did not retreat and refused. He insisted on determining the outcome in this way.
    Applause broke out at the scene.
    Brawler is a profession that can be near and far, with crowd control methods and explosive damage. It is a very flexible and changeable profession. Fang Rui is the most important and reliable partner in Lin Jingyan's career. With this partner, Lin Jingyan adjusted his style, and at that time, it was the second half of his career. Before that, Lin Jingyan, that was also a strong horn from the front.
    Three Hits!
    Just listen to the name Brawler he used in the past, where is it like a cringe and wretched trick?
    Lin Jingyan at that time, but chasing the footsteps of geniuses and fighting them, Lin Jingyan didn't want to show the slightest cowardice and uselessness. Even if he lost, he would stand up straight and rush, stand straight and fall down.
    Now think about it, the number of times I have fallen is really enough.
    However, I have never flinched!

    Even if there is an adjustment style later, and it is no longer as strong, it is definitely not an escape. He also has ambitions, for the yearn for sth even in one's dreams champion, he can give everything. Fight as wild as the original Three Hits, he can do it!
    Tiger Flipping Mountain!
    Double crescent!
    The pain of scars!
    An extremely bright blood flower "Peng" was in full bloom, Lord Grim jumped away, blood still flowing freely from his right shoulder.
    "Oh, Three's been a long time." Ye Xiu said.
    "Are you afraid?" Lin Jingyan said like Ye Xiu, Terrifying Dark Cold, come on again!
    The Three Hits here does not refer to the Team Wind Howl's Brawler character used by Tang Hao today, but a Brawler Ability three strikes technique commonly used by Lin Jingyan in the past. Because it happened to be three paragraphs, the word "three" in the name character Three Hits he used at the time was met, so Team just used it as a gimmick, and said his three-stage technique together with the name contact of Three Hits.

    But later Glory developed further, level improved, and professional abilities became richer. Lin Jingyan's three-stage skills gradually became a bit outdated. Up to the present, it is rarely used, and it will not be a sign. This is Ye Xiu. If you are a younger generation player, I am afraid that you can't see that the three Ability attacks of Terrifying Dark Cold just now are actually a craft.
    "Hehe, I've never been afraid, you know." Ye Xiu said, and Lord Grim greeted him again.
    Lin Jingyan suddenly came such a move, a bit abrupt, Ye Xiu was unprepared and hit the move. But as for this technique, he was really not afraid when Lin Jingyan first used it, not to mention that it seems a bit outdated and outdated to use it now.
    "Try it again!" Lin Jingyan was still yelling.
    "Do you really dare to use it?" Ye Xiu not to accept as correct.
    "You are ready!" Lin Jingyan was not ready to use it anymore. Obviously he is also very aware that using this technique suddenly as a surprise soldier may still gain a little effect, and it would be ridiculous to use it as a magic weapon as a secret weapon to greet him. The thing that will be eliminated is because it has no value. But he didn't mind bluffing.

    "Ready, if you dare to use it, I will dare to kill you!" Ye Xiu said. He is not bluffing, it is Threat directly, and it is very real Threat. In these days, Lin Jingyan's skills are reused. It can be said to be a flaw. When a flaw occurs, it is a right to be exercised in the game. Peaceful Justice.
    So Lin Jingyan was really useless anymore, and the two people continued to confront each other, fighting fiercely. And the applause continued. Lin Jingyan's strategy may be somewhat unwise. Today, he can play smarter, so maybe he can run around with Ye Xiu.
    However, this is Tyranny's home game, and it is Tyranny's fans who support him. Lin Jingyan's strategy is not smart, but it is what they like. Some people may say that being smart can win the game, but I am sorry, what Tyranny's people like is to use simple and rude Strength to win the game. This is what they expect, but also hope that Team can prove it.
    Maybe Team Tyranny is changing now, this is beyond their control, but now Lin Jingyan's fighting style, they like it from the bottom of their hearts, they like Tyranny because of it.
    "Try harder!"
    "Down with Ye Xiu!!!"

    The scene is not that Lin Jingyan dominates, but Tyranny's fans don't care, their tone, their aura, it's as if Lin Jingyan is beating Ye Xiu to death.
    "Tyranny's intention, can you see it?" Huang ShaOT ian, who followed the game all the way and ran to the Tyranny scene, then sent a message to Yu Wenzhou.
    "It's consumption." Yu Wenzhou replied.
    Huang ShaOT ian is no stranger to consumption, and it will have a bit of tingling words.
    In the game against Happy, this is also their strategic intention: in Arena Match, Ye Xiu is consumed. But as a result, they were counter-consumed by Ye Xiu.
    And the current Team Tyranny, in fact, has exactly the same strategic intention as them: to consume Ye Xiu.
    It's just that they use different methods. They chose the most concise picture, and then use the most concise way, which belongs to their Tyranny way to consume.
    Facing offensive consumption.
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