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Chapter List 1415 Videos For Everyone
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Of course, Chen Guo's attention immediately shifted to Tang Rou's computer screen. This should be something Ye Xiu got out overnight to help Tang Rou improve, right?
    "How is it?" Ye Xiu walked behind Tang Rou and asked while watching together.
    Tang Rou didn't answer, just watched carefully. Chen Guo is also actively thinking, but... even her level can see that this video is not like the ordinary post-match video that Ye Xiu made to analyze the game. The angle of view, distance, and rhythm are not very similar.
    Tang Rou Here, the brows have been slightly twisted, and they seem to be the same as Chen Guo, a little puzzled, and a little unclear.
    "Don't listen to the sound? The effect is better!" Ye Xiu said cordially at this time.
    Oh! Did you record the voice directly? It turned out to be like this, but it hasn't been done before! Chen Guo suddenly, although curious, of course she didn’t grab this one. She just watched Tang Rou take the earphones and put on them. Then, Expression became more and more weird. Then, she stopped watching the video and turned her head. Look at Ye Xiu.
    "How about the soundtrack I chose? You are a music student, do you think?" Ye Xiu became exhilarated said.
    "not bad."

    "Music?" Chen Guo was puzzled. Tang Rou took the headset off and handed it to Chen Guo. Chen Guo put it on quickly, and the bloody music burst into his ears, and then watch the video...
    The video is more exciting, but it also illustrates a problem. This is really not the analysis game video used to analyze the problem after the game. Is this a promotional video showing the style?
    "Not bad?" Ye Xiu came to ask Chen Guo again.
    "Is this what you did last night?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Yeah!" Ye Xiu nodded.
    "Very exciting, right?"
    "Fine...color." Chen Guo reluctantly nodded, she hoped to hear Ye Xiu's more intentional explanation, but...
    "Haha." Ye Xiu smiled and left like this.
    "Hey hey!" Chen Guo couldn't bear it any more and rushed forward.
    Chen Guo pulled Ye Xiu to the corner and lowered his voice: "Why do you want to make such a video without going to bed in the middle of the night?"
    "Show it to everyone!" Ye Xiu said.
    "What's the intention?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Just look." Ye Xiu looked at Chen Guo's Expression and began to wonder.
    "Just watch. Nothing else?"

    Ye Xiu thought for a while: "I added a soundtrack and can still listen to..."
    "Do you... want everyone to watch such a video to boost morale!" Chen Guo said.
    "It's better than reviewing those post-match comments? Did you review another night yesterday?" Ye Xiu said.
    Chen Guo just wants to deny it, her habit is well known, and the two panda eyes are also here!
    "Be positive and optimistic!" Ye Xiu said to her.
    "..." Chen Guo was speechless.
    "Every game is a new possibility. Success or failure in the past doesn't mean anything. Crowd Control training can't reverse much in two or three days, but it may mess up the original rhythm. Instead of this , It’s better to let everyone strengthen their confidence, we can only move forward.” Ye Xiu's tone is more serious.
    "Why don't you tell everyone this kind of thing?" Chen Guo said.
    "Because..." Ye Xiu looked back. "People are not there yet."
    "I'm annoying you." Chen Guo was angry, and walked away, ignoring Ye Xiu. Returning to the position, looking at Tang Rou beside him, at this moment, I put on the headphones and watched the video again from a purely appreciative point of view.
    "How?" Chen Guo asked.
    "It looks pretty cool." Tang Rou smiled.

    after that. Everyone of Happy arrived in the training room one after another. Everyone received a solo album video. Those who participated in the last round were the content of the previous round. Before the last round, the content was all like Those propaganda or self-assuming on the video site can do whatever they want to pretend to be.
    "Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!" Fang Rui yelled at his performance, "The level is very high! So you still have this talent."
    "Average." Ye Xiu is humble.
    "I have to post it online." Fang Rui started to utilize. Only for a moment, Chen Guo discovered that Fang Rui had sent the video made for him to Glory's hottest video circle. But there are mostly gamers' shows, This person, a great God, also squeezed into here to fight for popularity with others.
    In the end, does that need to be said?
    The title "Golden Right-handed Domineering Wushuang Supreme Qi Master BoundleBoss Sea" has already gained some attention. Wait for everyone to click in and take a look. It is indeed BoundleBoss Sea, but this is not new. It's a game that has been played. Anyone can make a video, but just look at the account that posted the video. Exploded. Fang Rui, who has the certification mark, is undoubtedly himself!
    So it doesn't matter what the content of the video is, it's the point that Fang Rui posted this video and it became popular.

    So it didn't take a moment to stop the video circle. Major game websites were reposted everywhere, and press releases appeared in some places, and there were all kinds of opinions. It's more common to figure out that Fang Rui didn't do a good review after losing the game, and he turned some shots of his game into videos and posted them to bragging online. What kind of mentality is this?
    What mentality?
    Chen Guo doesn't know either!
    But just look at Fang Rui's proud look, and then Wei Chen couldn't hold back immediately, and sent him too. But he didn't play in the last round. Many of the video clips are previous content. The topicality is not as good as Fang Rui, and the reputation is much less. So what he posted, although it also attracted attention, is far from being able to discuss two disparate things together with Fang Rui.
    Happy What do you want to do?
    Although most of Wei Chen's content is before, but when the video is released, it follows Fang Rui, which is very subtle.
    Then, Steamed Bun, is there any excitement that will not get together? Wei Chen said hello, and immediately the video went up.
    Steamed Bun was the 6th Member of Team Match yesterday. When he played, the overall situation was settled. He didn't make any god-level performance of upend heaven and earth, but just that, he cut out a gorgeous video.
    "One more after another..."

    I was amazed again in the circle, and then I felt that I had gotten the idea of Happy. Then everyone must come to a video like this?
    However, the rest of Happy is not such an out-of-the-way character who is blindly joined in the excitement. While watching the excitement, it's all right, and then my own videos are carefully collected. Based on their understanding of their teammates, they did not serve themselves, but did not dare to rule out the possibility of being served by those three.
    As a result, when Luo Ji Awareness reached this point, it was too late.
    "I'll post it for you!" Steamed Bun devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, it is necessary to put the video of Luo Ji Concealed Light on it.
    "Don't!" Luo Ji hurriedly stopped.
    But he and Steamed Bun's three-dimensional force is really not comparable.
    "What are you polite with me?" Steamed Bun took it down with one hand, and worked hard to release the Concealed Light video with the other hand.
    Wait until the fourth Happy video in the circle.
    "Bao Rongxing again?" Everyone was a little puzzled, but when looking at the content, it was Luo Ji's Concealed Light.
    Luo Ji didn't play in the last round, but he was a star in the first round, making the league a bit tangled. I don't know if the best player of Team Match should be given to him.

    Give it to him, he didn't actually have a particularly eye-catching performance on the frontal battlefield; but don't give it to him, the match point of that game was really made by him. In the end, the best player in that Team Match in the end still is awarded to Luo Ji. Without him, Happy would not have had such a victory. The official in the end is based on this as a reason.
    And the video posted at this time is exactly what Luo Ji made in that Team Match.
    Deep in the dense forest, there are no other characters. Concealed Light walks around, Lash and Mark, directing the Summoned Beasts to bury oneself in work, surrounded by a scene of in full swing, and the background music is a symphony directly.
    "It's amazing!" In the comments below the video, gamers exclaimed one after another. This is undoubtedly a very precise job, and there is no room for omissions. Under the radiance of the symphony, the work of the Summoned Beasts looks extremely rhythmic.
    There have been four videos in succession, and the gamers are still unfinished. The traffic in the video circle has soared, and countless people gather to watch Happy's next video.
    But there was no more.
    Others had already collected their videos at this time, and resolutely rejected the kindness of Fang Rui Wei Chen and Steamed Bun. The public release of the video will end here after four paragraphs.

    This is what I worked hard all night? Seeing Fang Rui and the others still clamoring with Qiao Yifan An Wenyi to release the video, Chen Guo continued to be speechless.
    But at least she may be clearly aware that the sense of loss and loss after losing yesterday's game is no longer in the team, and everyone is very spiritually focused on these videos.
    Then, Ye Xiu actually said that after everyone was gathered, Chen Guo asked him why he didn't say something. Just added another sentence after "We can only go all the way forward".
    "Let's take a look at today's game tonight."
    That night was the second round of the match between Samsara and Tiny Herb. The winner of the in the end of the two teams will be the in the end opponent of the Finals. But when he arrived to watch the game, Chen Guo was stunned. Ye Xiu said he wanted to watch this game, but he didn't say he was watching it with Team Tyranny...
    Don't you feel awkward that the two groups who are about to fight to the death will get together like this now?
    Chen Guo feels a little uncomfortable. He speaks cautious and solemn. Looking at Happy, the rookies are a little unnatural, and Ye Xiu and the others are experienced and calm, especially Fang Rui, and his old partner. Lin Jingyan had a very happy chat.
    Why should I watch it with Tyranny? Chen Guo wondered, she thinks this should have some meaning, but it is not convenient to ask Ye Xiu right now.

    The game is about to start.
    "I bet on Samsara to win, does anyone on Tyranny dare to pick it up?" Wei Chen asked high and mighty.
    "We are equally optimistic about Samsara." Zhang Xinjie replied.
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