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Chapter List 1419 Break The Face With A Point
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Before the audience had time to see clearly, Desert Dust had fallen, stepped on it with one foot, and the magma splashed like a splash of water. Everyone could see clearly that one place was stepped on exactly.
    The character did not sink, and the lava at the foot of the foot opened like a splash of water. This time everyone could see clearly that there was a stone tip for foot.
    Lava Roll, Hot Air Roll, how Han Qing discovered that there was a foothold here, everyone didn't know, only that with this foothold, Desert Dust could immediately push the ground again.
    Soaring Tiger!
    With one step hard, the force spread, pushing the magma straight toward the rolling, Desert Dust soared into the sky like this.
    Soaring Tiger is not an air-to-air skill, but it has a powerful Jump Power. At this time, Han Qing adjusted the angle. Desert Dust is like an artillery shell, hitting the Lord Grim with Mechanical ROT or Wing straight in the air. go with. Where will it fall after the collision? I am afraid that even Han Qing himself is not distinctly clear. There is only one thing he can be sure of. Whether he goes to the water or the fire next, he will definitely drag Lord Grim together!
    Not good!
    Ye Xiu had a hunch when he saw Desert Dust jump towards the magma. He wouldn't think that the old opponent was so discouraged that he would commit suicide.

    Before the first jump, Ye Xiu had already determined where he would fall. Although he didn't see where there was a place to stay, Ye Xiu was sure that Han Qing had found a place where he could make another effort.
    Soaring Tiger!
    Ye Xiu's judgment is almost synchronized with Han Qing's utilize. When Awareness arrives at Han Qing's activating skills, Desert Dust has already stepped on that foothold, Soaring Tiger rushed towards Lord Grim in midair.
    But just such an Awareness synchronized with opponent can already make Ye Xiu respond a little bit to the competition stage. Life and death is such a slight difference.
    Lord Grim sank downward.
    unexpected response. Before and after, even flying high, the audience helped Ye Xiu imagine it, but no one expected the response to Xiang Shizi. In everyone's judgment of Awareness, Xiang Shizi was in the middle of opponent's arms.
    Perhaps because of this, this is an unexpected choice for opponent? Some people think oneself clever, such as Pan Lin, he almost tells his opinion. But the scene changed so fast that it was too late for him to interrupt.
    Boom boom boom!
    There was a sudden explosion in the air.
    The Lord Grim that sank down unexpectedly put away the Mechanical ROT or Wing, Thousand Chance Umbrella reached in front of him, and the Desert Dust that jumped towards the Soaring Tiger was an Anti-Tank MiBoss ile.

    The Desert Dust root in midair couldn't escape the shelling at such close range. But Soaring Tiger's Ability judgment is still open, and Desert Dust at this time will not be lifted by the impact of the explosion.
    But although he was not blasted away, Lord Grim had already flown away.
    With the recoil of this Anti-Tank MiBoss ile, Lord Grim plummeted diagonally downward.
    The place of landing seems to be still in the magma, but Lord Grim's Ability has many tricks, and it has the means to toss in the air a few times. Send yourself directly to the shore.
    What about Desert Dust? This shot failed, he didn't have any means to sway in the air, and then he could only watch him fall into the magma.
    Han Qing's actions are still too risky!
    Countless people sighed like this at this time. But the two played against each other on the court. But I didn't think it was over.
    Han Qing did not give up, and Ye Xiu did not think that he had escaped safely.
    In the flames of the explosion, Desert Dust crashed at that speed. It is much faster than Lord Grim, which uses artillery shell recoil to make movement.
    Thousands of pounds!
    What Han Qing used was this Ability, but he wanted to create it. It was just this high-speed fall. After rushing to the level of Lord Grim, the Ability of the fall was cancelled.
    Flying feet!
    Desert Dust turned sideways in midair, kicking out with one leg.

    He is falling straight, Lord Grim is falling diagonally, and the two sides have moved a little apart. But Han Qing's response was super fast. When Lord Grim Anti-Tank MiBoss ile was released, he had already expected Lord Grim's sloping downwards. At that time, he had already utilized the Ability of the Great Fall.
    One flies diagonally, one falls straight, and the two characters are just a little bit behind each other. But the straight fall made by Qianjinchan is faster, and it can catch up in the blink of an eye. Flying sideways, trying to stretch out in the air, completely brought Lord Grim into the attack range, and knocked off his head. Even though Unspecialized has richer aerial adjustment capabilities, Han Qing responded in a timely manner, Desert Dust chased it fast enough, and Ye Xiu was too late to make further Ability utilize!
    In an instant, Ye Xiu could only utilize Lord Grim to greet Thousand Chance Umbrella upwards. No matter what, he had to attack parry. In this way, he could use his strength to control the stability and be swept directly by Desert Dust. You can only let the other sender control the direction of your stature.
    In the air, the attacks of the two people met.
    Ye Xiu saw the coming of this blow, and the angle that Lord Grim Thousand Chance Umbrella was approaching, was already preparing to use his strength to accelerate.
    But I don't want Desert Dust's flying kick, but it is actually also borrowing. With the flying foot up, Lord Grim borrowed the force and was accelerating the diagonal fall. Desert Dust actually twisted his body in mid-air, and Whirlwind Kick turned the other foot around!

    Under the condition of such an empty Move in, Han Qing actually utilized Desert Dust to complete a two-stage combo, flying with Thousand Chance Umbrella, Roundhouse Kick swept out, and falling continuously, but the Stature had another horizontal movement in the air. ...
    Everyone was dumbfounded. What kind of scale must be used to utilise to make such a Roundhouse Kick by attacking parry in midair?
    This time, there was finally a sound in the air, the sound of fists and feet.
    Tyranny The audience is very excited, but wait and see...
    Lord Grim suddenly waved a hand at this moment, still holding half of Thousand Chance Umbrella in his palm. He was whipping on the Whirlwind Kick swept by Desert Dust, and it turned out to be attacking Parry.
    this is?
    The audience didn't even see what kind of Ability Lord Grim used for a while. If it is a normal attack, it is impossible. Normal attack meets Whirlwind Kick's judgment, Lord Grim is probably about to be swept away at this time.
    Papa papa papa...
    The sound that I didn't give everyone careful consideration, this kind of punch to the flesh, in unbroken succession, spread to everyone's ears.
    Desert Dust takes the initiative?
    Not really!

    At this time, it wasn't just Desert Dust, Lord Grim, Unspecialized. In this almost zero-distance close-fitting situation, the Unspecialized available Fighter-claBoss Ability was also displayed, and Desert Dust fisted.
    Absolutely short-weaponed soldiery fight one another, short-weaponed soldiery fight one another too short.
    Nearly zero-distance close-knit shorts, not to mention swords, even dagger may make a little too long, only fists can be used freely in this space.
    Tyranny The audience was overjoyed.
    In this way, wouldn't their Captain have the advantage? Unspecialized does have Fighter-claBoss Ability, but how can it be compared with a decent Striker. What's more, Han Qing has been immersed in this profession for a full ten years. If he recognizes the second in such close-knit shorts, who would dare to say that he is the first?
    Even Ye Xiu didn't dare!
    This time, the judgment of the general audience was finally correct. Ye Xiu is proficient in all professions. But in this skill, it is indeed inferior to Han Qing's ten-year training. Moreover, the occupation and character are also inferior. Profession, Desert Dust is more specialized, character, Desert Dust equipment, is dedicated to buff this battle mode. What about Lord Grim? Although it is also full of Silver Equipment, there are too many aspects to take into account.
    That's it!
    Major pro players watching the game. At this moment, the eyes suddenly lit up.

    Ye Xiu is comprehensive. After using Unspecialized Lord Grim this time, comeback from retirement has brought his Glory Encyclopedia to the extreme. Everyone has a headache when facing him, because no one can keep up with Unspecialized's changing mindset. Therefore, I often fall into passiveness.
    And now, Han Qing, the ten-year old opponent of Ye Xiu, is now abruptly suppressing Ye Xiu. Because he didn't compare everything with Ye Xiu. Not to follow the idea of Unspecialized changes. He took the opportunity to pull Ye Xiu into his field of expertise.
    After being restricted to short shorts, Ye Xiu is all-round. But there are too many Ability roots that can't be used under this condition. He can only compete with Han Qing in the same way. Even though he has extraordinary personal short skills, there is no way to compare with Han Qing.
    Countless players immediately began to think about how they could hold Ye Xiu in their field of expertise. As a result, most of the players were immediately tragic.
    In terms of what they are good at, they are not enough to have overwhelming superiority to Ye Xiu. It seems that only a guy like Han Qing who has ten years of knowledge in a certain aspect can produce such a destructive effect.
    The onlookers had their own ideas, but the game continued.

    Everyone thinks that this kind of strategy Han Qing can dominate, but forgets that this kind of strategy can't be sustained because the character of two people is in the air.
    Lord Grim's previous movement trajectory has been completely cut off by Desert Dust, and the two people are now hitting in the air while falling towards the magma below.
    Han Qing didn't seem to notice this, and didn't care at all, Desert Dust's attack still showed no flaws. Ye Xiu is very helpless here, he wants to get away with the means, but just like this, he can only use the same method to attack the opponent. Ability in other professions? Don't even think about it, those abilities used in this space will only be interrupted mercilessly by Han Qing because they are too slow.
    As a result, at the moment when the two characters were about to fall into the magma, Desert Dust suddenly shook his arms.
    Reinforced Iron Bones!
    In this section, I actually used such an Ability. Do I want to strengthen the Defense immediately after falling into the magma and use Super Armor to seize the opportunity?
    When everyone thought this way, Desert Dust stretched out his leg and made a high kick!
    The high kick has a knock-up effect. This is the Ability that Han Qing has not used before. He knows that he must use this kind of Ability that can create displacement. Ye Xiu absolutely takes a hard hit and takes advantage of the trend. But at this time, he suddenly came such a kick.
    What do you mean?

    Even Ye Xiu would inevitably hesitate for a moment. This kick, I must have eaten it early, but in terms of this point, it is a conspiracy no matter how you look at it.
    Ye Xiu questioned Han Qing’s character. He didn’t insist on this seemingly intriguing kick. He threw a fist and put it on the shelf, but unexpectedly the kick suddenly changed direction. He took the initiative to kick and sank immediately. Desert Dust's entire upper body sinks with this foot, which actually means to be pulled up.
    This is...Eagle Stamp!
    The weird way of making moves, so that Ye Xiu hesitated for a while before judging that he could only make Lord Grim swing his arms upwards in a hurry.
    With fists and arms, Desert Dust took advantage of this stepping force to pull up the whole, but Lord Grim under this stepping, with a grunt, the lower body has fallen into the magma.
    Lord Grim immediately burst into flames, and the magma gave Lord Grim flame damage without hesitation.
    At the same time, bang bang bang...
    The Eagle Stamp can step on five feet in a row after it reaches the full rank. Desert Dust only made one foot before. At this time, it's two, three, four, five, and it's going on!

    "Han Qing, you don't pay attention to it!!" Ye Xiu actually still has the time to talk about trash talk when it comes to life and death. Lord Grim has been mostly planted in magma, and the flame damage caused his HP to continue to decline. What about Desert Dust? The Eagle Stamp bounced on the Lord Grim, but it was still floating in the air!
    With this Eagle Stamp, can Desert Dust jump back to land? Can't! But in this way, the two people characters fall into the magma have a priority, Lord Grim bears such a magma damage for a while, so that Desert Dust will have the HP advantage. The heroic Han Qing, facing Ye Xiu in order to win, also made such a small calculation.
    Almost written till dawn. . . While the sky is still dark, congratulations to the three friends of ag bacteria, tzwm, and Falling Flower. You are the winners of the seventh day of the picture album lottery. You will receive a set of beautiful postcards!
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